Protest Mandatory COVID Vaccine for ALL New Yorkers

Saturday, June 13th, Albany, NY

Your only option is to fight!

From John Gilmore

We know that forced COVID-19 shots are on the agenda of the drug industry and their allies in government and media. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already volunteered the entire population of New York as guinea pigs for whatever product gets pushed out onto the market. And Cuomo has had dictatorial power since March 3 to do whatever he thinks is needed to deal with COVID-19.

(Don’t forget Senator Brad Hoylman is a big supporter of mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for adults – we need to Vote him out on June 23rd!)

You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can’t go to another state because this is everywhere. You can’t go to another country because the vaccine industry is global. Your only option is to fight. So join us in Albany on Saturday, June 13,the first anniversary of the repeal of the religious exemption in NY.

Bar Big Pharma

8:30 meet at 1 Elk Street in Albany, NY, HQ of the New York State Bar Association,

10:30, March to the Governors Mansion with a stop at the Capitol, and Merck’s Albany HQ at 150 State Street

11:30, Speeches and protest at the Governor’s Mansion, 138 Eagle Street, Albany, NY

Even dictators like to have the law on their side. Hitler made sure that every aspect of the Holocaust was legal according to Nazi law. Cuomo is no exception. On Saturday the New York State Bar Association will be voting to accept a report that argues forced COVID 19 shots are legal and constitutional. They want to give ultimate control of your body and your children’s bodies to the state and the politicians that run it.


Kevin Barry, Esq. First Freedoms

Rev. David Camp, Jr.,  Pastor of Agape Apostolic Church in Troy, New York

Cara Castronuovo, Golden Glove boxing Champion, Liberate New York

Mary Holland, Esq., General Counsel, Children’s Health Defense,

Jina Gentry, Constitutional Coalition

Sujata Gibson, Esq., NY Assembly candidate

John Gilmore, Autism Action Network

Brooke Jordan, Health Freedom Activist

Rev. Dr. Aaron Lewis, Pastor of Family Church, Hartford, Ct.

Sharen Medrano, advocate for parental choice and medical freedom

Jim Mermigis, Esq.

Rita Palma, New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights

Dr. Greg Wollen, DC

Bring signs, friends, family, noise makers, comfortable shoes and food and water to share.

Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks while we still can.