Did Julia Salazar Have Sex With Her Chief of Staff?

Julia Salaz with her former staffer, Boris Santos

June 16, 2020 — Is it ethical that NY State Senator Julia Salazar is chair of the Women’s Issues Committee when multiple sources in Albany say she has violated ethics standards by sleeping with her Chief of Staff (COS) Boris Santos?

Santos was running for an Assembly seat in Brooklyn but suspended his campaign back in February due to what he called “people from outside the community mounting whisper campaigns.” Democratic sources in Albany say that whisper campaign was in regard to an unethical relationship between Salazar and Santos. If the “whispers” weren’t true, then how were they powerful enough to cause Santos to end his campaign?

Salazar claims to be against sexual harassment in the workplace. However, she listed Frank Carone on her vacancy committee. Carone was the council to the Brooklyn Democratic Party under Vito Lopez during the sexual harassment scandals. Carone is also on the board of RiseBoro community partnership, the organization founded by Vito Lopez. It appears rules protecting against sexual harassment in the workplace apply to everyone but Salazar, as rumors circulate in Albany that she broke Senate ethics rules by dating her COS Boris Santos. Santos was allegedly removed from that position for cursing out Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, but many credible sources in Albany question this narrative stating the real reason for the departure was to cover for Salazar’s misconduct.