NYPD Whistleblower Frank Serpico endorses Steve Lee

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June 18, 2020 — Legendary NYPD whistleblower Frank Serpico has endorsed the current NYPD whistleblower Steven Lee in his bid to unseat Assemblyman Ron Kim in Flushing Queens, District 40. Serpico recently tweeted the following in support of Steven Lee:

When you’re a good cop and expose corruption as I and Steven did in the NYPD YOU become the victim of lies, accusations and fabrication. I know it happened to me when I ran for town council. Good luck Steven. New York needs you

For those who don’t know the legendary Frank Serpico, he was the original NYPD whistleblower who exposed massive widespread corruption throughout NYC’s police force. A major motion picture titled “SERPICO” was produced about him where Al Pacino played Frank Serpico in the lead role.

Frank Serpico was despised by many in the NYPD as well as by police officers all across the country. Most rank-and-file officers viewed him as “a rat” and worked against him in any-and-every way possible. However all of Serpico’s accusations proved to be 100% true.

Frank Serpico is a New York legend and American hero!

He stood up and spoke truth to power in an age when no one came out from behind the “blue wall of silence.” Frank was a good cop. Despite what many think today there actually are good cops out there. Steven Lee is a good cop as well: that’s why he has become a whistleblower himself. But Ron Kim is a liar, trying to make Lee appear to be a corrupt cop which he clearly is not. Recently the Queens Eagle spoke to Steven Lee and quoted him as follows:

“(Ron Kim) called me a corrupt cop and racist at the peak of the riots (in NYC) and put my full address online, putting myself, my family, my pregnant wife in danger,” Lee said, referring to a now-edited Facebook post from Kim.

“It’s politics, but if this is the dirty game they want to play, then so be it,” he continued. “This is why I’m running to clean up Albany like I’m cleaning up the police department.”


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District 40, Flushing, Queens