Hoylman Deflects From Real Issues Like a Child

Brad Hoylman is making ridiculous conspiracy claims because he can’t battle the facts

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June 21, 2020 — Less than 48 hours from New York’s Democratic primary election State Senator Brad Hoylman replied to an extremely valid tweet of mine with the above Gif:

Illuminati Confirmed

Why did he respond to me with such childish nonsense?

Because I used documented facts that show Hoylman trying to force every child in New York to take Merck’s HPV vaccine will financially benefit his family and their colleagues. As I have previously reported, Hoylman’s mother-in-law is colleagues with the co-inventor of Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil; the very same vaccine Hoylman wants to legally force all New York children to take to attend school

Read that report here.

I also showed that Hoylman’s mother-in-law is financially connected to Inovio which is receiving funds from Bill Gates to aid in their COVID-19 vaccine development programs. Hoylman is poised to propose legislation in Albany forcing every New York resident to inject the COVID-19 vaccine once it is fast-tracked on to the market. The New York State Bar Assocation (NYSBA) has written a report claiming such a forced vaccination policy is perfectly legal and constitutional. This is not “conspiracy theory,” this is documented fact.

I tweeted the following explanation of this clearly corrupt conflict of interest:

Here’s “the loop” @bradhoylman‘s mother-in-law’s work is funded by #BigPharma, her work is also funded by @BillGates, who also funds Dr. Lowy, who coinvented #Merck‘s #HPV vaccine, which @bradhoylman is trying to force on all #NewYork kids. See the corruption in “the loop”?

In response to this tweet – which is completely true as proven by the documentation that I provide in the original report via hyper-links – Hoylman tweets a Gif that flashes the ridiculous “Illuminati Confrimed”

This sophomoric response is a great way to distract from the fact that Brad Hoylman is a corporatist in progressive clothing. He can’t respond to the documented fact that he has conflicts of interests via ties to Big Pharma that are so glaring he does not deserve to pretend to represent the interests of his constituents.


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  1. I love it when they use key words to discredit b/c they can’t come up with viable answers. When I was in advertising, they called these ‘weasel’ words and those ignorant to their pitches bought into it. People don’t realize how easily they are being manipulated.

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