Liz Glass Gets HUGE % of Vote!

June 23, 2020 — Liz Glass received 29.6% of in-person votes while Brad Hoylman received 58.29% in the District 27 State Senate Democratic primary in Manhattan, NYC. About 11.58% of the ballots were blank, with a very small fraction of the votes reported void or spoiled. With absentee voting being estimated at over 700,000 ballots citywide, these are only preliminary numbers that reflect in-person votes.

IN-PERSON Vote Count — Hoylman: 9729 Glass: 4940 Blank: 1933

But rest assured, Brad Hoylman is not sleeping well tonight!

From out of nowhere, with hardly any funding, fighting censorship and suppression on social media platforms, Liz Glass came and stole 30% of the vote from Brad! That’s a wound – and not just a flesh wound, it’s a deep, serious wound. Liz Glass is receiving private congratulations from multiple NYC political insiders who know that this is a HUGE accomplishment!

The 11.58% “blank” ballots are interesting. This means those voters either didn’t want Glass or Hoylman, or they never had the opportunity to vote for either. The ballot was on two separate pages today in NYC. One was the national presidential primary (Biden, Sanders, etc…) and the other had the local elections. Multiple reports were posted on Twitter today of voters receiving only the presidential ballot.

Marni Halasa tweeted that a friend of hers who is a Chelsea resident was not given the second ballot of local elections when she voted in District 27 – Glass & Hoylman’s district. (see tweet below)

Also in Brooklyn Paperboy Prince who is running for Congress in the 23rd Senate District had the exact same problem when he went to vote for himself in his district. (see tweet below)

Stay tuned, more is coming; this is just the beginning…