Nominate Dr. Kyle-Sidell for the Nobel Prize!

If you are a qualified nominator, please nominate this brave doctor!

July 2, 2020 — Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell deserves the Nobel Prize for his valiant, life-saving efforts as an Emergency Care Doctor in New York City, and for taking to social media to sound the alarm regarding what was really going on with COVID-19 in NYC hospitals. Dr. Kyle-Sidell is a brave hero and deserves the highest possible honors available on planet earth, as he has saved thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of lives.

Sidell went on-the-record on April 3rd when he took to social media and stated on camera that COVID-19 was not a respiratory disease, it was a disease of oxygen deprivation. He clearly stated that COVID patients were being intubated (placed on ventilators) too soon and too often which did more harm than good. Within 48 hours of Dr. Sidell’s video post on social media, intubations in New York hospitals plummeted and never went up again. If it wasn’t for Dr. Kyle-Sidell sounding this alarm that would have never happened!

It is not only because of Sidell that intubations in New York hospitals dropped. It was also because of a new innovative online medical education platform called “FOAMed” – where doctors shared their real world experiences surrounding treating COVID – that helped give Sidell the knowledge and courage he needed to sound the alarm.

Regardless of “FOAMed,” the fact is that it was Sidell, and no one else, who put his reputation and career on the line when he went public to do what was right and save lives. It was Sidell, and no one else, who made the decision that the public had the right to know what the medical debate surrounding COVID in New York ERs & ICUs was at that time. THAT is the type of bravery and adherence to the Hippocratic Oath that humanity desperately needs and must honor!

New York City just entered “Phase 3” of reopening. If it were not for Sidell we would still be locked down, watching thousands of deaths continue to rack up in New York hospitals. The lockdown lasted as long as it did because of the death count. We now know that 85-90% of all COVID patients placed on ventilators died. We also know that thousands of New Yorkers were placed on ventilators. Had Sidell not sounded the alarm many thousands more would have been placed on ventilators, upwards of 90% of them would have died over time, and those deaths would have forced New York to remain in lockdown.

Every New Yorker who is currently thankful for any of the freedoms you are now experiencing in Phase 3 owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell.

I do not have the standing to nominate Sidell for a Nobel Prize. If you do, or know someone who does, please assist in getting Emergency Care Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell of NYC nominated. Some people who are qualified nominators include:

  • University Professors
  • National Law Makers
  • Nobel Laureates

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***Important Disclaimer***

I do not in any way know Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell. I have never communicated with him in any format and I am fairly certain he has absolutely no clue who I am and what I do at my blog or on social media. I follow him on Twitter, he does not follow me.

I am certain if Dr. Sidell was shown my reporting he would dismiss it immediately, and I am absolutely 100% fine with that. I am not praising Dr. Sidell because I want anything, or because I wish for him to agree with anything I say or do. I am recognizing an inarguable fact that this man put his reputation and career on the line to do what was ethical; he put saving lives above all other concerns. This is the height of what the field of medicine needs to be! If we do not honor and protect doctors like Sidell we are all screwed. I am positive that if not for him many more thousands of New Yorkers would be dead right now, especially New York City residents. I am one of those residents, and I will forever consider myself indebted to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell for what his truth telling and bravery have done for all of us.

One thought on “Nominate Dr. Kyle-Sidell for the Nobel Prize!

  1. He should be nominated.
    And Dr Fauci And Hospital administrators should be locked up for not investigating Dr Kyle-Sidell’s findings. He was sounding the alarm and yet was purposefully ignored.
    No one need have died as people were being cured with vitamin C to bowel tolerance, vitamin D3 and zinc, many with only an H2O2 nebulizer and some with Glutathione, yet all of natural medicines and doctors espousing these protocols were censored by the CDC, Facebook, google, et al, and also threatened. Many MD’s were having success with HydroxyCloroquine and Zinc, yet Dr Fauci did everything to disprove it worked, leaving out crucial zinc when testing the outcomes.
    Our ‘leaders’ have, and are still, failing us miserably. Why Dr Fauci still holds his position is a question that needs to be investigated thoroughly.
    HHS’s Alex Azar made a PREP Act Declaration on March 18, 2020, which thus barred any person injured or killed on a ventilator being treated for COVID-19 between the dates of January 27, 2020 and October 21, 2024 from suing the hospital, or anyone. They knew back in March ventilators were killing people, yet still let people die knowing this. Again, why Dr Fauci hasn’t been fired is a complete mystery. It seems he was, and still is, blocking everything that could prevent serious outcomes.
    You must ask yourselves, what is his agenda? Why? Who gains? Don’t forget, he and Bill Gates will own the patents on any vaccine, (with NO liability), or drug that is fast tracked and stand to make billions. It always seems to come down to money, and the beat goes on…….
    Start calling your legislators. We deserve better.


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