Digital COVID Passport Is Here

The Nazis Would Be Jealous of This Technology

July 5, 2020 — Spread this far and wide as it may be the most important story of 2020, and that’s saying a lot. Make no mistake, COVI-PASS is the digital identification slavery Bill Gates, GAVI, and all the elites at Davos have been actively implementing across the globe. Read the excellent report from ZERO HEDGE on COVI-PASS linked below, and then read my previous report from July of 2019 titled UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY: Religious Exemption and the Mark of the Beast. COVI-PASS and UDI are effectively the same thing and if they are not currently the exact same thing, one day very soon they will be — Fed Up Democrat

COVI-Pass promises to work as digital health passport, allowing users deemed uninfected to attend public gatherings among other privileges

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Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports To Be Rolled Out In 15 Countries

July 6 – CORRECTION – This report was originally published at MINT PRESS, and was republished by ZERO HEDGE. Link to original report is here: