The People’s Movement to Stop Mandatory Vaccination

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Report on June 13th Protest and Photo Essay

Can Medical Freedom & Black Lives Matter join forces? Some powerful voices are saying, “Yes they can!”


July 13, 2020 — There is a massive movement building against mandates for a COVID-19 vaccine, and it is a genuine movement of the people in New York. The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) was scheduled on June 13th to vote on a report stating mandatory forced vaccination of all New Yorkers with a COVID-19 vaccine was legal; but they got scared, so they postponed the vote.

Why were they scared?

There were hundreds of people right outside their office in Albany, NY protesting against NYSBA and their vote, screaming loud and proud. At the very beginning of the NYSBA meeting the very first question asked was, “What’s the situation going on outside?” referring to the protest. This occurred just a few weeks after protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd by police officers began to rock the country, especially in New York. There’s no doubt in my mind that the members of NYSBA were wondering if this protest was going to turn violent.

It didn’t.

The Powers That Be (TPTB) are scared of the people right now. It is true that TPTB are busy trying to co-opt any-and-all people’s movements that they can sabotage. That’s a fact. But I want to put that aside for this report. Something is happening in America – and across the world – that has TPTB very, very afraid.

The people are on the move.

People on the right with a conservative people’s movement are on the move. And people on the left with a liberal people’s movement are on the move. What TPTB fear more than anything in the world is both of these people’s movements joining forces.

Michael Sussman, the legendary civil rights attorney, spoke at the June 13th protest and reminded everyone that the Medical Freedom Movement is a People’s Movement. He said many that were there put their faith into one party more than the other, but that neither party has done anything for the people.

I couldn’t agree more!

Sujata Gibson, a Health Freedom candidate running for office in Ithaca, NY, spoke to the crowd and told of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest she had just attend. She stated that the BLM fight against the police state is the same fight as ours. Gibson stated we are fighting against being forced to comply with unjust laws of coming forced vaccination just as BLM protesters are fighting against the unjust enforcement of laws on the populace.

That’s a powerful concept.

Again, let’s leave aside the Black Lives Matters organization itself. That organization is based in California and was founded by three African American lesbian women who openly state they are “trained Marxists.” This organization is loaded with problems and conflicts of interest – such as the $100 million it received last year from the Ford Foundation which itself has connections to the CIA and the American Deep State.

However the phraseBlack Lives Matter” is a powerful one, and has implications far beyond any organization. It does not mean “Black Lives Better,” it means “Black Lives Matter TOO.” It is a call for equality. Many Black people in America feel as though they are at war with the police. They have justified grievances that need to be addressed. That doesn’t mean we don’t need police, of course we do, but we don’t need unjust or unbalanced policing in any community in America.

What if the BLM plight of police misconduct, and our plight of medical misconduct, are actually the same plight?

What if we the people – ALL OF US – joined forces?

Unfortunately right now this is highly unlikely (but not impossible) as TPTB have been masterful in assuring both groups remain separate, act separate, speak separate and actively pursue agendas of being separate and often times are direct adversaries. However there are some powerful, strong, intelligent African Americans that are actively working to break that separation. Many of them were working fervently on such an agenda ramping up efforts in December of 2019: however just a few short months later COVID lockdowns put a major pause to those efforts, and George Floyd’s murder unfortunately emphasized separation of the people at a critical moment when that separation was beginning to mend. It didn’t have to play out that way, but TPTB made sure it did.

One of these brilliant African Americans is the great New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley, who is reaching out to the Medical Freedom Movement right now saying, “I was there for you when you needed me. I am still here for you any time you need me. Are YOU here for BLACK PEOPLE when we need you?” I’m paraphrasing Holley’s words here but I believe he would approve of the essence of my quote. Holley is, of course, the Assemblyman from New Jersey who led the fight to save the Religious Exemption to vaccination in December 2019 up into January 2020.

Another brilliant African American making a similar call is Theo E.J. Wilson who is a Health Freedom Fighter supporting Black Lives Matter. However he does not necessarily support the organization that holds that name because, according to him, “That’s a whole different topic to get into.” In an interview with Del Bigtree Wilson has clearly stated that “Vaccine Truth and Health Freedom are actually a Black Lives issue!” He goes on to say that the current politics are making sure to keep the people apart who need to come together around all of these issues.

Another unbelievable, super-human African American voice leading the charge for Medical Freedom, who was the last speaker in front of Governor Cuomo’s mansion on June 13th is the powerful Brooke Jordan. The speech she gave calling out Cuomo as “Governor Fail” was electrifying and brought chills to everyone in her presence that day. She told Cuomo, “I don’t want to hear you say Black Lives Matter unless ALL Black Lives Matter!” Jordan’s children were permanently kicked out of New York schools when Cuomo repealed New York’s Religious Exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019.

Is it possible for all Americans to finally come together against the tyranny of a 2-party system that constantly works against us? We can, and we must!


Watch Brooke Jordan’s speech HERE

Watch video of the entire protest HERE

Parents and protesters gather in front of NYSBA early morning


No caption necessary


The people begin to March towards Merck’s Albany headquarters


Keep Marching

I love the upstate folks with pickup trucks


Keep marchin’

In front of Merck Headquarters in Albany


By this point we had about 1500 people marching in the protest

Headed For Cuomo’s Home

In front of Cuomo’s home – the Governor’s Mansion

Dancing to “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT” by Twisted Sister in front of Cuomo’s home


Again, I just love the upstate folk with pickup trucks