Texas and MSM Lie About 85 Babies with COVID

Babies ARE NOT DYING From Coronavirus

MSM is Disgraceful

July 27, 2020 — There are not 85 babies with COVID in Corpus Christi, Texas right now as the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have you believe. Rather 85 children under the age of one have tested positive for cornoavirus over the past 5 months, which would average out to merely 17 per month.

None of those infants have died.

How many of them actually got sick? How many of them showed no signs of sickness at all? How many of them were actually false-positive tests? That info is not told to us and the MSM didn’t ask such questions; from the pathetic CNN all the way up to America’s oldest news agency, the Associated Press. Instead of doing their job, they chose to rush publication and induce fear into every American that a wave of COVID baby deaths is coming. Utter nonsense!

(note – CNN has recently changed its headline, adding the words “since March,” but that was not their original headline)

The only news organization to publish a clarification was KRIS 6 NEWS, a local NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Texas. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen a local network affiliate get a story correct while the national networks either get it wrong or refuse to publish their own affiliate’s reporting. The MSM in 2020 is a joke, with rare exception.

Dead Baby Fear Mongering

This is not the first time the MSM has tried to scare the crap out of the public with lies about babies dying from COVID.

Does anyone remember the strange illness in children “similar to toxic shock syndrome and/or Kawasaki disease” that the MSM was linking to COVID? On May 8th I published a report about that which Children’s Health Defense (CHD) referenced in their extremely comprehensive article published on May 14th covering the issue of this “strange illness” that looked almost exactly like Kawaski’s disease.

That strange illness scared the hell out of parents, but has since vanished. Why has it vanished? Because it had *nothing* to do with COVID. It has long been documented that Kawasaki’s disease can be caused from vaccinations; in fact the illness is listed as a potential adverse event on the package inserts of many vaccines that are on the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule. Many children missed their pediatrician “well visits” during the COVID lockdown and, upon seeing their doctors again, received multiple vaccinations at once because they were “off schedule” and it is very profitable for pediatricians to administer vaccines. It is highly likely the “strange illness” was happening in recently vaccinated children who were having adverse reactions to the vaccines. No one has done any investigation into this highly likely possibility.

If I am correct, that would certainly explain why the story has disappeared. The MSM never covers real medical news of adverse reactions to vaccines because they are cowards and Big Pharma sponsored prostitutes. I apologize for any harm my words may have on prostitutes, as they are far more honorable human beings than the overwhelming majority of despicable scoundrels in newsrooms today; many of whom sadly suffer from substance abuse as a way to cope with their complete lack of morals or integrity in their careers.

It was also recently reported that a 9-year-old died from the novel coronavirus in Florida. However according to a report from FOX 13 Tampa Bay the girl went to the hospital on July 11th due to a fever and stomach ache, where she was given “Tylenol and a couple of shots” (emphasis added) but was not tested for coronavirus. Six days later she was found unresponsive after a day of playing with family and friends. Family members performed CPR on her until EMS arrived. After she was pronounced dead, a coronavirus test was performed and this is the only evidence she was “COVID positive” at the time of death.

I have a lot of questions.

  • What “shots” were given 6 days earlier?
  • Was one of the shots administered a Gardasil/HPV vaccine? **
  • Did she recover from her earlier symptoms?
  • Did she have COVID symptoms on the day she passed?
  • Why was she “playing with family and friends” if she was sick with COVID?
  • What test was used to determine this girl was COVID positive?
  • What is the false-positive rate of the test used?

These seem like simple, common sense questions that should be asked before saying this girl died of COVID. The truth is we don’t know what this poor girl tragically died from. This is absolutely a tragic occurrence, but to claim this is certainly a death of COVID-19 defies logic and basic investigative questioning. Are we now to believe that children can feel well enough to be outside playing with friends and family, but then just drop dead from COVID that they didn’t show symptoms of having at the time of death? At this point in time this appears to be the picture painted in front of us. Hopefully at some point the grieving family will be able to reveal more to the public about what precisely transpired as a public service to everyone.

This girl is said to be 1 out of 5 children who died of COVID in Florida. However I have seen no details regarding the other 4 deaths. Were these also children who were tested posthumously?

Back on April 6th I reported about children in Georgia and Connecticut who were said to have died of the coronavirus but had not. Lying about children dying from COVID has been an unfortunate trend over the past 5 months. We cannot believe what we are being told on face value. Everything must be questioned and investigated – independently and thoroughly – as the MSM has lost all credibility and cannot be relied upon as the final arbiter of truth.

** Footnote: The reason I want to know if this 9-year-old girl received a Gardasil/HPV vaccine is because of her age. The CDC recommends the HPV vaccine can be given as early as the age of 9. It is possible – even though the girl had symptoms of being sick – that the hospital could have administered this vaccine which would explain why it was reported she was given “a couple of shots” implying more than 1 injection was given.

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