Protest Cuomo in Albany, NY

August 3rd Whistleblower Nurse Erin Marie Speaks Out Against Governor Fail

***Get all important details for protest HERE***

July 30, 2020 — Monday August 3rd hearings will be held in Albany, NY on Governor Cuomo’s debacle that forced nursing homes to accept COVID positive patients resulting in 6,000 to 12,000 deaths. We need all New Yorkers whose lives have been traumatized by any of the insanity Cuomo is responsible for to come protest with us. People need to unite, network, share our stories, learn, demonstrate and let the world know…CUOMO’S GOTTA GO!!! Please circulate this in ALL ‘Cuomo Victims’ groups.

Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski will be speaking at the protest. Nurse Erin Marie is the whistle blower who exposed the horrors that led to a 100% death rate of COVID ICU patients at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY. I wrote about Erin on June 9th. Read that report HERE.

For updates on the Albany protest, stay tuned to this blog and Rita Palma’s Facebook page:


August 3, 2020 — UPDATE BREAKING – Today at the #CuomosGottaGo Protest in Albany Rita Palma’s Facebook LIVE coverage of the speakers cut out right when Erin Marie RN started to speak. This was no accident. Facebook has long been an enemy of Medical Freedom truth tellers. Erin is an extremely dangerous whistleblower against Governor Cuomo.

Here is the video link fro Rita Palma’s Facebook LIVE:

The video recorded every speaker for 29 mins and 51 seconds. Right when Erin Marie gets up to the microphone the LIVE goes dead. This is not the first time Facebook has trolled #HealthFreedomFighters and censored them

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