Australia’s Medical Fascism

August 5, 2020 — A “state of disaster” was declared in the city of Melbourne, Australia when 7 senior citizens all over the ages of 70, 80, and 90, died from or with COVID. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the most Draconian measures ever implemented in response to COVID in a western democracy, including:

  • Cannot travel more than 5 km from your home
  • Can only leave home to exercise 1 hour per day
  • Only one person can go shopping per family each day
  • All shopping is to be done within 5 km
  • No visitors allowed in your home.
  • Schooling 100% remote with rare exception
  • Shutting down all businesses
  • Shutting down all services
  • Shutting down all construction
  • Shutting down all warehouses
  • Can’t leave Melbourne

This is naked Fascism.

Seven senior citizens passing away with COVID is not a “state of disaster.” It is of course sad for anyone to pass away with or without COVID. But it is clear that this is a Fascist power-grab that has nothing to do with public heatlh. Additionally it appears 5 of the 7 deaths are being investigated as possible homicides within nursing homes. The fraud and corruption seems to know no boundaries.

Melbourne’s economy is going to be devastated from these insane orders and I believe that is 100% intentional. As I have previously reported in The REAL Agenda Behind COVID Lockdowns, DEMAND DESTRUCTION, COVID lockdowns are a covert way to end over-consumption consumer capitalism and usher in something… ‘new’. While ending over-consumption certainly has its positive aspects, the manner in which it is being done is outright criminal. That’s because the elite billionaires and banking families that run the planet never allow the truth to be told regarding what they are doing and why.

As we exit the era of consumer capitalism, it appears the global elites are now executing an Orwellian 1984 landscape for us but with a twist; a public health twist. The economy must be shutdown for our own good; for the greater good of “saving lives” from the COVID health crisis. The public must now be tracked, traced and subject to rolling lockdowns and quarantines because we are now all “vectors of disease” and cannot be trusted to be free to do and move as we see fit.

Australia seems to be winning the Fascist race that western nations are currently embarking on to impress the globalist swine they recognize as their masters.

Amazing ZOOM Call detailing Australia’s growing Medical Fascism:

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  1. This is everyone’s future unless steps are taken NOW! New infections don’t = deaths. This means Herd Immunity. There are natural and medical cures. Why aren’t they being used? Why are they still being censored?


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