Alexis Weik for New York Senate

On Nov 3rd, Vote for Weik in NY Senate District 3

District 3 south-central Suffolk County on Long Island, including portions of Brookhaven and Islip. and most of Brentwood.


September 17, 2020 — The FED UP DEMOCRAT endorses Alexis Weik for NY Senate in Suffolk County, NY. Weik is 100% supportive of medical freedom and choice. Weik will certainly not be supporting a forced COVID vaccine on New Yorkers. Below is a letter from Weik fully explaining her position on vaccination and medical mandates:


Dear Supporter,

My journey began when I became a mother 23 years ago. As a mother of three healthy, beautiful children their wellbeing was my priority. I was raised by a Mom who questioned anything that was “mandatory” or that seemed to be pushed upon people. When I was pregnant for the first time, I was told by my doctor to take prenatal vitamins. I took the prescription that was given to me and noticed that it made me very sick. My Mom advised me to stop taking it and just take my usual multivitamin and some Folate, she then shared some stories from the past when women were told to take medication to help dry up their breast milk, if they chose to feed their baby formula. 

Those women suffered health issues for taking medication for a process that can easily be handled with an ice pack. This started my reason for questioning. My first son never seemed to have any reaction to the vaccinations he received. My daughter however, always suffered terrible reactions to every single shot or medication she has taken. Noticing the differences, I began to experiment to see how to best care for my children individually. I took the time to experiment with the food they ate and noted the difference between feeding them Pop-Tarts vs. eggs and fruit. They, on their own, would choose the healthy food options every time. I continued on my journey and found a Chiropractor who introduced me to the information that vaccinations were not really effective but rather came along at a time the coincided with engineering advancements in our society. Those advancements may have actually been the cure for many of the illnesses that people commonly suffered. I heard about an active group of moms (Rita Palma) who not only encouraged other moms to explore holistic medicine but also organized an organic farm. I remember listening to some moms in my community call Rita’s group “nuts”. Happily, there were many others, who felt as I did and admired their courage to take their own path. It is not easy to fight the fight and go against the system. I was inspired to continue reading and exploring the pros and cons of vaccinations. I discovered many people are extremely in favor of mandatory vaccinations for fear of catching any kind of illness. My peers who stayed home with the Chicken Pox growing up were now outraged at the idea that their child not be vaccinated for Chicken Pox. An illness they knew firsthand would not kill their child was now considered to be a deadly threat in their mind because there was a vaccination for it. 

I realize that we cannot and perhaps should not change the minds of everyone but I am strongly in favor of choice. We are fortunate enough to live in a democracy which gives us the freedom of choice. The simple logic that if one person chooses to be vaccinated to protect themselves from illness should not fear a person who is not vaccinated. Their vaccination should in their minds) protect them from those who are not protected. They should have nothing to fear at all. Far too many of my friends can pinpoint the moment their healthy bundle of joy was suddenly struck with a fever and was never the same again after receiving a vaccination. 

I am running for New York State Senate because we are being mandated by our state government to not only be vaccinated but we are to also receive flu shots, booster shots and much more. The number of vaccinations we had as children has quadrupled for children today. If we all grew up just fine with the small number of shots why are children today being mandated to pump dozens of vaccinations and boosters into their bodies just to attend public school? I believe we need to have the option of choice. Medicine should not be mandatory; it is a choice

On a bigger note we need to ensure that the vaccinations being offered are not harmful. I would work with the federal government to restore liability to vaccine manufacturers for harm created by their products. The pharmaceutical companies that produce these vaccinations have no motivation to create a safe product. I think if they lose the guaranteed profit of mandatory vaccinations it might help motivate them to produce a product that the general population can get behind and support. This is a great opportunity for me, running for senate, I would be so honored to be an advocate for the very people who inspired me for decades to search out healthier options for my family. I want to be the person who can deliver good legislation for our families to benefit from for years. To possibly save the lives of our children who might be harmed from a vaccination or mandatory medication. The option of choice is a wonderful thing, it is the thing that our founding fathers marveled at and fought for in battle. It is my turn to fight the battle and restore the option of choice for all of our families. 

All my best, 

Alexis Weik

Alexis Weik Candidate New York State Senate, 3rd District 

PO Box 101, Bayport, NY 11705 

phone: 631-319-1261