Law Suit Seeks to End CT Schools Mask Mandates

November 5, 2020 — The CT Freedom Alliance LLC (CTFA) has filed a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut Department of Education, seeking to strike down its unconstitutional mandate that all schoolchildren wear masks, with almost no exceptions.  The CTFA is joined by several parents who object to their children being forced to wear masks in school, on the grounds that their children will suffer long-term psychological and/or physical harm.

The plaintiffs were seeking an emergency injunction to halt the mask mandate while the lawsuit proceeds.  A hearing on that emergency motion was held on 10/30/20 at 9 a.m. EST.  The judge did not grant the injunction, and now CTFA has a few days left to file an appeal.

If the lawsuit is successful in getting the state’s mask mandate nullified the effects could be far-reaching.  Millions of freedom-loving people living in deep blue prison-states would suddenly have hope again.  Without funding, however, the lawsuit is likely to be short-lived.  The CTFA is footing the bill for the entire lawsuit, and having already spent $20,000 in legal expenses, is facing another $20,000 bill in the near term. If you support a child’s right to breathe freely, if you support a child’s right to smile at his friend or teacher, if you support a child’s right to be free from harm, please consider a donation today:  

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