Ex-Cons may be microchipped to be employed in Michigan

November 10, 2020 — There is a bill in Michigan called the “Microchip Protection Act” which on it’s face seems like a way to protect people from being forced to insert a subdermal microchip to keep their jobs. However, buried in the weeds of the bill is a provision that could allow the very opposite to occur. It would allow an employer to require such an implant for their employee if it was ordered by a court.

One possibility is that the employer will say the position requires such an implant and will get a court to agree with them. But another far more likely and thus far completely ignored possibility is that recently released prisoners will be court ordered to have a microchip implant. Prisoners are already tracked with ankle bracelets upon release from prison: in the post-COVID world it is not such a far jump to imagine a microchip implant requirement for parolees.

FOX 2 Detroit reported on the “Microchip Protection Act” here.


If this bill becomes law in Michigan it will not, on it’s own, force those formerly incarcerated to have a microchip implanted under their skin to get a job. However to me it appears to be a step in that direction.

We need to think deeply here; connect the dots. Bills such as the “Microchip Protection Act” are not written by lawmakers; they are written by corporate front groups like ALEC and others. What is the reason for slipping in such a provision that would allow a court to order someone to be microchipped to keep their job? Who benefits?

Convicted criminals are the closest class to slave in America. The 13th amendment may have abolished slavery, but it clearly states slavery is still legal for those convicted of a crime. Their right to vote can be stripped away, as can their rights to privacy and freedom of movement. This is clearly the most vulnerable population when it comes to forcing a subdermal implant that can track them.

Many American Christians have long said a subdermal microchip implant in the hand will be the “mark of the beast” coming in the “End Times” as they believe is prophesized in the Book of Revelations. In America this presents a very big problem for those who might want to require such technology for every citizen to engage in society and the economy.

However some are now saying such technology is old, and that the new technology for tracking citizens is “hydrogel” which contains nanobots that can perform all the functions of a subdermal microchip and more. Hydrogels can be included in vaccinations, though we do not currently know of any such vaccine that contains such a gel. The hydrogel technology does not have the same problem with American Christians as does a microchip implant – as it is not specifically referenced in the Bible.

What I foresee is that subdermal microchips will not be required for the entire population, but rather for those who are the most vulnerable and least able to resist. In fact if you did a poll of Americans right now on whether they favor microchipping ex-cons to track them it would not be surprising to see a majority in agreement.