The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Doors open at 2pm

If you can’t come to The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate, you can watch it streaming live on December 15, 2019, starting at 3pm.

The Harlem Vaccine Forum is being followed up by The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15, 2019. The event is organized by Curtis Cost and will be featuring:

Del Bigtree

Dr. Larry Palevsky

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Rita Palma

and many more…

Curtis Cost is a crucial Health Freedom activist in NYC. The way his last event was attacked by the Mainstream Media is a clear indication he is headed in the right direction to bring Medical Freedom back to New York

I have interviewed Curtis Cost, Del Bigtree, Virstyne Henry and a mother named Danielle about The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate, and much more. Read those interviews at the following links:

Del Bigtree Interview

Curtis Cost Interview

Virstyne Henry & Danielle Interview

New Jersey on Path to Medical Tyranny Just Like New York

December 13, 2019 – To all my friends in New Jersey it is all but certain that you will lose the right to not vaccinate your child if you send them to school. If you have about 50 people willing to perform civil disobedience that leads to arrest maybe – maybe – you can turn the tide.

But even that is unlikely to work.

You need to start doing the work New Yorkers have been doing for the past 6 months now – home school planning, activist organizing and – most importantly – political planning to vote out the Democratic majority in New Jersey.

Please come to THE GREAT HARLEM VACCINE DEBATE on Sunday, December 15th, organized by Curtis Cost as it is one of the few efforts that The Powers That Be (TPTB) are clearly afraid of gaining momentum. They are scared to death of African Americans and other minority groups waking up to the dangers of vaccine mandates, something Virstyne Henry calls the “Once black people find out about it it’s over for them” theory.

Below is an article from my friend John Gilmore who sums up the New Jersey situation perfectly:


Democrats fix vote in NJ to assure religious exemption will be repealed

by John Gilmore

December 12, 2019 — If there was any doubt, it can no longer be denied that the dominant group within the Democratic Party of the United States is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the drug industry. Their dependence on pharmaceutical cash, combined with a growing and extremely ugly contempt for religion and religious people, led the New Jersey Senate Health Committee…to eliminate the longstanding right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. New Jersey almost certainly will join California, Maine and New York as states under complete Democratic control that have eliminated a precious human right to appease drug companies.

     The passage was engineered by Senate President Steven Sweeney who in a blatant exercise of power and disregard for any semblance of process, scheduled the vote when two Republicans members, and known “no” votes, were not going to be present, but then, to assure victory for the drug companies, Health Committee Chair Joe Vitale switched out three known Democratic “no” votes and replaced them with safe “yes” votes.

     In New Jersey today, physicians and lobbyist for the vaccine industry were allowed to testify, but ordinary New Jersey citizens, who cannot sign fat checks to Senate President Sweeney and Chairman Vitale, were not allowed to speak. There are no plagues sweeping through New Jersey, there is no outbreak of a minor infection marked by a rash that provided the pretext for the Democrats in New York and California to eliminate religious exemptions.

New Jersey has a greater drug company presence than any other state and is the home state of Merck, the biggest producer of vaccines in the US, and the second largest drug company, and probably the drug company with the highest body count due to the minimum of 60,000 deaths caused by Vioxx.

     This travesty in New Jersey follows the farce in New York last spring when the Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie forced our Assembly Health Committee to re-do a vote on a bill to repeal our religious exemption. The measure lost initially on a 13 to 13 vote, so Heastie ordered a them to vote again, and ordered the junior Democrat on the Committee to change his vote. Just like Sweeney and Vitale, Heastie did this in plain sight, you can watch him do it on video here at 40 minutes:

     After Heastie did his dirty work, the New York Senate didn’t even bother to have a Committee meeting on the bill, just sending it directly to the Senate Chambers for a floor vote behind locked doors.

     The Democratic party is no longer “Liberal.” A “liberal” in the classic use believes in the fundamental human rights of the individual enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Inalienable rights and freedoms given to us by our creator not the state.  The first freedom in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of religion, closely followed by the right to free speech, freedom of the press and the right petition the Government for a redress of grievances. All rights we saw denied by the puppets of the drug companies in Trenton. A liberal believes that limits must be placed on the scope and power of Government otherwise there will be no limit to the power government will take for itself from ordinary people.

     In New York there are still a few liberal Democrats, but they are old men and women who grew up in the fifties and sixties of the last century. In the younger legislators, liberalism has been replaced by a combination of nihilistic careerism, and “progressivism,” at least among those who aren’t overt socialists, with “progressivism” understood as the using government to achieve political goals as determined by an enlightened elite who know what the masses need whether the masses see it that way or not.

     Repeal bills are moving in Connecticut, which also has a Democratic trifecta, and Massachusetts, which is the most Democratic State in America, but oddly almost always has a Republican Governor, so perhaps Gov. Charlie Baker may put the brakes on the pharma shills. We shall see.  

     The New Jersey bill passed sometime ago in the New Jersey Assembly, and will be passed on Senate floor sometime next week. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has already said he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk, which appears to be a sure thing.

     Tonight thousands of families across New Jersey will be wondering, like the refugees from California, Maine and New York before them, where they can go (South Carolina? Texas?)  where they, and not corrupt politicians on drug company payrolls, can make decisions about what is injected into their children’s bodies. Others will be pondering how they can manage homeschooling their children. Some will spend the night staring at the ceiling wondering if an aggrieved spouse will demand compliance with the new law and get it from a judge. Or how they can educate their vaccine-injured children with IEPS. Or whether their already vaccine-injured children will get lucky and not suffer from a couple dozen more shots.

     And while these parents are losing sleep, Merck’s lobbyists, and Sanofi’s and Pfizer’s and Glaxo’s, the influence peddlers for the biggest four drug and vaccine companies in the world, who  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. describes as “serial felons,” having paid more than $35 billion since 2000 in fines, penalties and settlements for a host of crimes, will be congratulating themselves for a job well done,  and delivering the quo for the quid received.  

Women in The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

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Danielle, mother: “This is not a white thing, this is not a black thing; it is a human race thing, not anything else. We need to stick together. I feel like racism is all about keeping the people weak.

Virstyne, Health Freedom Activist: “I call it the ‘Once black people find out about it it’s over for them” theory.


December 12, 2019 — I interviewed two of the women who will be on the Health Freedom side of The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on Sunday, December 15th. One is a mother and the other is a Health Freedom Advocate. One is black the other is white. They come from different backgrounds and life experiences but both have a passion for exposing the truth as they have come to know it regarding vaccination.

They will be participating in The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate pairing up against counterparts who believe they’re Health Freedom information is wrong; it will likely be mom vs. mom and Health Freedom Advocate vs. Pro-vaccine Advocate.

“I had a mini-debate against two of the people who will be on the pro-vaccine side of the debate recently,” said Virsytne in our phone interview. “The vibe I got from them was that this is a white person’s problem, but it’s an every-person’s problem. They are buying into the propaganda that so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ are racists and ‘killing black people’ by not vaccinating; which is just nonsense.”

Virstyne elaborated on this point more:

“A lot of black people aren’t into science. We are brainwashed into thinking basketball and rap are the ways out of the hood…I’m from L.A; I grew up in South Central. I would get my hair done in the hood where most of the clients were pimps, gangsters and prostitutes. They were all very intelligent people. They may not have been formally educated but they are not stupid.” 

Most Black people instinctively know that the government and big corporations are not to be trusted, so, as Virstyne’s theory goes; “Once black people find out about it it’s over for them.

This is precisely why ABC News took 3 weeks to write a vicious attack on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after The Harlem Vaccine Forum; the mainstream news media (and their Big Pharma master) is scared to death of the African American community realizing the dangers and damage posed and caused by vaccination; including the fact that there is a 340% increase in incidents of Autism in African American boys when they are given the MMR vaccine at 18 months of age. That data was illegally hidden and destroyed by the CDC, and was first brought to light in the documentary movie VAXXED.

Virstyne Henry is co-founder of the website You can find her work there and at all of the following links:


Instinct is how Danielle describes her realization that vaccination was not to be trusted.

“It was just a gut feeling. It started the first year I was a teacher. I got a letter from the health department saying I had to get some sort of shot to keep working in the school. My initial reaction was “Hell no!” So I didn’t do it. Nothing came of it, and years later when I was pregnant I just naturally questioned vaccination. I eventually talked to a friend who doesn’t vaccinate her kids and she pointed me in the direction of Dr. Palvesky.”

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a pediatrician who will also be part of the Pro-Health Freedom side of The Great Vaccine Debate on Sunday, December 15. I asked Danielle about what her plans are in terms of educating her children now that the religious exemption to vaccination has been repealed here in New York.

“I already wanted to home school my children even before the religious exemption was repealed. I don’t believe that the school system provides a proper education to begin with.”

Does Danielle and her family have any plans to leave New York?

“If things continue to be corrupt, yes. Eventually they want to force home-schooled children to vaccinate as well. I don’t want to have any part of it, it’s a disgrace to humanity.”

Join Virstyne Henry, Danielle, Del Bigtree, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Curtis Cost, Rita Palma and many more at The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15 at 2pm. Purchase tickets at the following link:

First Time Ever Live Stream of a Vaccine Debate on the Internet

December 15, 2019

If you can’t come to The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate, you can watch it streaming live on December 15, 2019, starting at 3pm.

If you CAN come to the debate – it’s not too late to buy tickets: doors open at 2pm.

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The Harlem Vaccine Forum is being followed up by The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15, 2019. The event is organized by Curtis Cost and will be featuring:

Del Bigtree

Dr. Larry Palevsky

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Rita Palma

and many more…

Curtis Cost is a crucial Health Freedom activist in NYC. The way his last event was attacked by the Mainstream Media is a clear indication he is headed in the right direction to bring Medical Freedom back to New York

I have interviewed both Curtis Cost as well as Del Bigtree about The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate and much more. Read those interviews at the following links:

Del Bigtree Interview

Curtis Cost Interview

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Spread Among the Vaccinated

CFR Accidentally Points Finger at Vaccines

December 8, 2019 — Gary Null & Richard Gale recently published a report showing that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) released a study that inadvertently revealed outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases were higher in countries that had the highest vaccination rates for those same diseases. The CFR is one of the most elite political organizations on the planet. It is where world leaders come together to hash out both national and global initiatives.

In The Vaccine Deep State Null & Gale write:

Swedish television reported that in 2014 the Council of Foreign Relations accidentally released a report identifying those developed countries with the highest rates of disease outbreaks. The Council’s report found that the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases.  This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks.  The US, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan—each with the highest number of mandated vaccines—led the list of nations. The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice…analyzed the report…(and offered) several possibilities to explain the report: 1) vaccines are increasingly becoming ineffective and causing “immune dysfunction,” and 2) “vaccine antigen responses” may be reprogramming viruses while weakening the immune systems of the most vaccinated individuals. (emphasis added)


source republished by Global Research

Swedish TV source

Excellent analysis of the CFR report from the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Additional analysis from Catherine J. Frompovich

Analyze the CFR’s interactive map for yourself Just 24 hours after I published this report, the interactive map at this website has been inexplicably taken down. Now the link just takes you to the homepage.

This really isn’t all that surprising as we often see outbreaks of whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox, even vaccine-strain measles and rising cervical cancer rates in the developed world. Outbreaks of polio are now admitted to be caused by the oral polio vaccine given in the developing world. What is surprising is that this is coming from such a powerful and authoritative source that is a pro-vaccine global political organization. In fact when the CFR released this report they did so to blame outbreaks on the unvaccianted, however they failed to scrutinize their own data effectively.

Let’s now examine the open-source literature and see what evidence is generally available to support what the CFR report inadvertently exposed. Below multiple documents are presented that support the CFR’s data that vaccine preventable diseases can and do surge in countries with the highest rates of vaccination. This is hardly an exhaustive list of all the data that is available, but nevertheless it is extremely compelling, reliable, and well sourced information:


Dr. Stanley Plotkin admits DTaP vaccine can help spread whooping coughDr. Plotkin is considered “The Godfather” of the modern day vaccination program. He invented and patented the Rubella vaccine that is used in the MMR and is Paul Offit’s mentor. In this sworn deposition Plotkin admits the acellular pertussis portion of the DTaP vaccine allows those vaccinated with it to still be carriers of pertussis (whooping cough) in their lungs. The vaccinated carrier does not show any symptoms of pertussis but can still transmit it to others; a very dangerous situation especially for newborns and infants. (go to 24:30)

Fifteen Students Test Positive for Whooping Cough at Festus School The district was asked if unvaccinated students were the cause of the outbreak. The district says that’s not the case. Less than half a percent of the student population is unvaccinated. None of those who tested positive for pertussis displayed symptoms (emphasis added)

Pertussis Outbreak in New York School that has zero unvaccinated students — This letter was sent to parents in the Connetquot, NY school district on December 5, 2019, to inform them that there was a case of pertussis in their school even though every single student has received multiple vaccinations for it. No unvaccianted student has been allowed in Connetquot schools since September 20th, when Connetquot security went door-to-door to the homes of unvaccinated children to “serve them” letters that they could not come to school if they were still not vaccinated.



US NAVY admits MMR Vaccine caused Mumps Outbreak

Fully Vaccinated Naval Fleet had Mumps Outbreak – Quarantined at Sea

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated Populations

Mumps After Puberty (in fully vaccinated people)

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated College StudentsAll of these college outbreaks occurred in “highly vaccinated” student populations. It is of interest to note the scientists who developed the Mumps portion of the MMR vaccine are currently suing Merck saying the company forced them to falsify data to make it seem as though the vaccine had a far higher efficacy than it actually does. Here are 3 schools that have had recent outbreaks of Mumps:

Elon & High Point Universities —

College of Charleston —

Harvard University —



Fully Vaccinated Doctor gets MeaslesDr. McCabe said she was vaccinated twice and tested positive for presumed immunity against measles three times in the last 20 years, most recently within the past two days. (yet she still got infected with measles)

NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!? Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky makes the case as to why the NY “measles outbreak” was most likely a case of vaccine-strain measles.

38% of reported measles cases in the USA in 2015 were confirmed to be vaccine-strain Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (CDC Scientist R. J. McNall, unpublished data). This was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Clinical Microbiology)

25% of all reported measles cases in 2015 Disneyland outbreak were confirmed to be vaccine-strain — The data (stating 25% of the outbreak was vaccine-strain) was presented at the National Vaccine Advisory Committee on June 9th, 2015. Dr. Kathleen Harriman presented this data on behalf of the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch.

BROTHER-TO-SISTER TRANSMISSION OF MEASLES AFTER MEASLES, MUMPS, AND RUBELLA IMMUNISATION – The Lancet, February 4, 1989; David S. MillsonThis study published in the prestigious peer reviewed medical journal The Lancet showed how a recently vaccinated 4-year-old boy transmitted a vaccine strain of measles to his 8-month-old unvaccinated sister. (you can view a copy of the above Lancet article abstract at the following link: )

The Measles Vaccine Narrative is Collapsing — This is a fantastic summary of all the myths and lies we have been told about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine.



Chochrane study shows flu-vaccine to be 1 to 2% effective Authors’ conclusions: Healthy adults who receive inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine rather than no vaccine probably experience less influenza, from just over 2% to just under 1% (moderate-certainty evidence)

Chochrane is considered to be the most prestigious and least biased scientific organization in the world (at least up until the group expelled Dr. Peter Gøtzsche because he wasn’t a shill for Big Pharma. This happened after Bill Gates became a major financial contributors to Chochrane).

Sixty pupils hit by flu-like virus at Brisol school school has a flu-vaccination program within the school itself.



Chickenpox Vaccination has Led to a Rise in Cases of Adult ShinglesFascinating study by Dr. Gary Goldman that the CDC attempted to block from being published. Dr. Goldman sued the CDC and won and was therefore allowed to publish his findings.

Childhood Shingles Results from Chickenpox Vaccination /

Chickenpox in NY School that has No Unvaccinated StudentsThis letter was sent to parents of children in the Rocky Point School District, NY, on October 18, 2019, informing the parents that there were cases of chicken pox in the school. This came a month after all unvaccinated students were kicked out of the school district.



Oral Polio Vaccine Causes PolioToday it is an accepted fact that the oral polio vaccine strain has mutated into an infectious virus that is spreading in populations where the oral vaccine was given. This is not a debated point. The only debate is over whether or not the risk out ways the benefits of the vaccine. The oral polio vaccine is still widely given today in the developing world because it is cheaper than switching to injections.



Cervical Cancer Rates Rise in HPV-Vaccinated Age Groups – Dr. Delépine says that, in the countries he has studied where there is a high rate of HPV vaccination, official statistics show an increase in the incidence of invasive cervical cancer that is appearing three to five years after the start of the vaccination programme and is affecting only the age groups in which there was the highest vaccination rate. (emphasis added)


*** I want to thank everyone I follow and who follows me on Twitter for helping me to compile all of this critical information in one place.Fed Up Dem

Interview with Del Bigtree: The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

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BREAKING NEWS on Vaccine Injured NY Boy Ameer

Has Anyone Debated Del on Vaccines?

Del Loves New York!

Trump & Vaccines


December 6, 2019 — Del Bigtree, CEO of ICAN and producer of the movies VAXXED and VAXXED II, is coming back to New York for The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15, 2019. Buy your tickets to the debate at the following link:

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Curtis Cost helped connect me with Bigtree for a phone interview that went in many directions; from vaccine debates, to Del’s most memorable trip to New York, to a breaking news update on vaccine injured Ameer from Buffalo, to the coming “REAL ID” and mandatory adult vaccination.

Where to begin…


On November 12th here at The Fed Up Democrat we reported that a temporary restraining order was granted sending a 9-year-old vaccine injured boy named Ameer back to school. I asked Del Bigtree what were the next legal steps to be taken in this case.

“We are going to break this story on The Highwire next week,” said Del Bigtree during our phone interview. “The school board that removed Ameer from school is not going to push back. The temporary restraining order that put Ameer back in school last month is now permanent.”

This sets a firm legal precedent in New York that medical exemptions to vaccination written by doctors cannot be overridden by the Department of Health.

“Unlike other cases that went after health departments, it is actually the schools that enforce the denial of a medical exemption to vaccination. Aaron Siri made a smart tactical move by going after the school. So if in the future a New York school overrides a valid medical exemption written by a doctor lawyers can cite this case as a precedent to return a child back to school.”

Aaron Siri is the attorney who represented Ameer. Del Bigtree and his non-profit ICAN have worked with Siri on many cases, including cases against both federal and state government agencies that related to vaccination. Siri was also involved in lawsuits where Brooklyn residents were fined for refusing to be injected with the MMR vaccine back when Mayor DeBlasio declared a state of emergency forcing the vaccine on every Brooklyn resident in 4 zip codes.

“We helped fund some of the legal work where there were 100 people fined (in Brooklyn for not taking the MMR vaccine) and we were able to win over 90% of those cases,” said Bigtree.

Real Vaccine Debates?

Anyone who follows Del Bigtree knows he always wants to get into real debates over vaccines with anyone who is willing, but has anyone ever accepted the challenge to debate him and his colleagues? Here’s the response I got from Bigtree:

“I showed up for a conversation which was setup to be a debate in Atlanta, Georgia. Six doctors – including neurologists and pediatricians – were going to debate us. Chris Shaw was one of the doctors on my side, so was Dr. Toni Bark and James Lyons-Weiler. We all showed up for the debate but about a week before the event the AMA found out, contacted the other side and made them drop out. We had the debate anyway – we debated 6 empty chairs across from us. I always say yes to debates, but now I’m doubtful the other side will show up because they never do. I hope the other side shows up in Harlem this time.”

There was one time Bigtree was able to debate, unexpectedly, at the state Capitol in Oklahoma:

“I had a debate in Oklahoma once when they had a meeting at the Capitol. The head of their health department spoke to the legislators and answered questions. They asked the health department head a question and his response was not based on the science. When they came to me I said, ‘hold on, can I refute what was just said,’ they said, ‘Yes, this is what this is for.’ That was fantastic! It was the first time I had the vaccine debate in public. Even the head of the health department eventually realized he was out-manned. He said vaccines are safe and effective over and over. I think it was when we discussed the DTaP vaccine and how the pertussis component does not stop transmission, but rather creates asymptomatic carriers of pertussis that are very dangerous especially to newborns: from that moment on he seemed to tap-out of the debate. At times he would lean in to the mic as if he was going to make a statement, but would ultimately just stay quiet and not really answer.”

Even Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the so called “Godfather” of the modern vaccine movement, has admitted the acellular DTaP vaccine allows those vaccinated with it to be carriers of pertussis in their lungs. You can watch Plotkin admit this when he was legally deposed under oath at the following link: (go to 24:30)

Del Loves New York!

Bigtree has been spending a lot of time in New York lately. I asked him what was his favorite or most memorable visit to New York

“That’s hard to say, I met my wife in New York. It’s a favorite place of mine. But I think that the events in the ultra-orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland County and in Brooklyn – at the center of the measles outbreak – were very special. I feel it was historic. Over 1,000 ultra-orthodox Jews were in the room in Rockland. A rabbi said to me this isn’t something they normally do; they don’t bring in a gentile in to educate them. But they greatly appreciated the information I brought and it made them look at things from another perspective. The intensity around the issue made it really special too. What was so unique and frightening was that we were talking about a quarantine at that time. Even the law that just got passed in New York to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination was not as dangerous as that quarantine. The quarantine laws were saying you could not go to the synagogue during Passover if you hadn’t been vaccinated with the MMR.”

Remember that Rockland County Executive Ed Day had banned all unvaccinated children (healthy children!) from being in any public spaces. Thankfully that emergency order was over-turned in court.

Trump & Vaccines

I asked Bigtree what he felt about Trump and his vaccine policies, as we have seen both positive and negative acts by Trump when it comes to vaccination. Here is Bigtree’s extensive response:

“We have got to get over the idea that there is a single president or leader who can help us. This problem, and all of our problems, are because our government leaders are funded by lobbyists and industries we are supposed to be protected from…I personally believe Trump has slowed down the push for a mandated adult vaccination program. It’s clear this thing goes down party lines. Democrats for some reason have decided to make this a platform for their party, which is hard to understand how they are environmentalists on one hand but have no problem forcing known toxins to be injected into everybody.

“But to jump on the other side of this what it shows is that people should be cautious on all sides. Trump represents the possibility that anyone can win the presidency…There are a lot of Latinos, African Americans and members of the LGBT community that believe Trump does not want them in this country. Here’s what’s shocking – many of those same people will support a forced vaccination program that today would be headed by the man they don’t trust; Donald Trump!

“I want to be very clear about this: We should’ve learned from Nazi Germany that we don’t want our government injecting us with products or performing medical procedures that we do not agree with. I think we all know it’s possible that a ‘bad actor’ could become the president of this country; as I already said some think Trump is that bad actor. And it is the president that determines health policy in this country; the president picks the head of the CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA and EPA.

“Imagine a bad actor that doesn’t like a certain race or lifestyle-choice who gets into a position to target that group through medical means. The vaccine issue only opens the door to a far more insidious problem we are facing with Big Pharma having captured our regulatory agencies.”


“I think we are in a position now where we are on the precipice of losing informed consent altogether. It’s not about just the children any longer, it’s about all of humanity. The adult vaccine mandates are coming,” said Bigtree. “The ‘REAL ID’ is moving towards becoming mandatory in America by October of 2020, which will maintain all types of data about a person that could include your vaccination records. We will see in America what happened in Argentina recently, where you can’t get a drivers license, a marriage license, etc… unless you are up to date on all of your vaccines.”

Age of Autism recently reported that the European Union is planning on making a vaccine ID attached to the European passport by 2022. In New York there are behind the scenes discussions in Albany over mandatory vaccination of all teachers and educators. The world is also moving towards assigning a Universal Digital Identity (UDI) to every man, woman and child that will be needed to buy food, travel, utilize government services, see a doctor, access moneys and so on. Just like the REAL ID a UDI would have the capability of holding your entire medical history on it, including vaccination records.

I couldn’t agree more with Bigtree – the danger that is in front of us is for every American and every human being on planet earth. The battle for #HealthFreedom is about way more than whether or not our children can attend public school.


Join Del Bigtree, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Curtis Cost, Rita Palma and many more at The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15 at 2pm. Purchase tickets at the following link:

Interview with Curtis Cost "Vaccines Are Dangerous"

The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

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Was Andy Wakefield at the Harlem Vaccine Forum?

What Really Happened at The Riverside Church?

What’s the deal with Al Sharpton?

Health Freedom in New York

Trump & Vaccines

Buy Curtis Costs book, Vaccines are Dangerous


December 2, 2019 — As I spoke to Curtis Cost over the phone I could hear the energy, enthusiasm and excitement in his voice for what is happening with the Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice Movement in New York today. On the heels of the wildly successful Harlem Vaccine Forum, Cost is now planning a debate over the safety and efficacy of vaccines called The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate in Harlem, NY on December 15, 2019. I had a lot to ask Cost and he was very happy to answer all of my questions.

Controversy at the Riverside Church

I attended Cost’s October 19th event The Harlem Vaccine Forum at the Riverside Church and published two reports about it. The first report was only about the controversy at the end where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had his mic cutoff mid sentence and was forced out of the church. At that time I was told that Andrew Wakefield was set to speak after RFK Jr.

“Yes that’s correct. Andy Wakefield and Gary Null were both set to speak by Skype after Kennedy,” said Cost in our phone interview.

Cost explained that the contract they had with the Riverside Church was from 1 to 4pm with an hour to setup before the event and one hour to break down. They had assumed it would be fine to run over into their breakdown time as long as they were out of the church by 5pm – this is customary for events everywhere, including at the Riverside Church. But the church pulled the plug promptly at 4pm in a rude and entirely unprofessional manner. For all the details of how that went down read Controversy at Harlem Vaccine Forum.

“It was clear to me very powerful forces were involved. For them to shut off a mic on a Kennedy like that – somebody very powerful got to them, or several people,” said Cost. It should be noted that the video footage of RFK’s mic being cut has been viewed over 300,000 times on the internet, according to Cost. After the event one of the attorneys working with Cost reached out to the Riverside Church asking them to discuss what had happened; to clear the air and figure out precisely what broke down in their communications.

“Riverside Church said no; they refused to talk with us…Overall I am really shocked. I have never seen this type of response and level of hostility,” said Cost.

Keep in mind Cost and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) were paying customers who had contractually rented the space for the event. Why they would treat a paying customer this way remains unclear and definitely speaks to some form of intentional sabotage. If that is not the case, than why would the church refuse to meet after the fact to clear the air?

Al Sharpton

As many people know Curits Cost was the man who got Al Sharpton to agree to speak at the Harlem Vaccine Forum sharing the stage with RFK Jr. However just days before the forum Al Sharpton cancelled it. Cost has worked with Sharpton shedding light on many important issues over many decades, including the US Naval base in Vieques, Puerto Rico. RFK Jr. and Sharpton were both arrested protesting at the Naval base back in 2001. Cost had organized a protest in NYC demanding Sharpton be let out of prison at that time.

The Harlem Vaccine Forum was originally scheduled to take place at Sharpton’s National Action Network, but the plug was pulled when Sharpton was viciously attacked by the mainstream media. I told Cost when I had first published that Sharpton would be sharing the stage with RFK Jr., conservative friends of mine in media said there was no way Sharpton “would be allowed” to be involved with the event, especially since Sharpton works for MSNBC. Cost said he too has friends in media who said the exact same thing to him from early on.

Cost respects Sharpton and has held forums and events with him and his National Action Network in the past on many issues, including on vaccines. However Sharpton had never put his name and likeness to a vaccine event the way he tried to for the 2019 forum. As the attacks on Sharpton leading up to the event grew, Cost got a call from Sharpton’s office.

“They told me I had exactly 1 hour to come up with 4 doctors who will debate the pro-vaccine side…Well that was really just a way of him saying no; how was I going to find 4 doctors in 1 hour? Keep in mind this was not a debate, it was a forum…The way things happened is not what I was used to,” said Cost.

Nothing like this had ever happened to Cost when working with Sharpton and his organization before. Since the event was at the National Action Network, Cost recognized that Sharpton was “the boss” and would call the shots. The way things went down was very unexpected to Cost.

“I can tell you one thing though, when I read the report put out by ABC news attacking Sharpton it was clear to me they were scared to death over RFK and Sharpton getting together on this issue…This whole thing became far bigger than I imagined it would because of the Sharpton controversy. If they would’ve just let it play out on it’s own it would’ve never been this big. I’ve heard from people in France, Israel, and all over the world who know about this thing!”

Health Freedom New York

“I had taken a break from (vaccine activism) until June 13, 2019,” said Cost. That was the date the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed in New York State. Cost has been a Vaccine Choice activist since at least 1991, when he published the first addition of “Vaccines Are Dangerous.” I asked Cost how the face of the Vaccine Choice Movement has changed since then.

“When I started there was no movement, there was just me. Many thought I was crazy. I knew there was a huge information gap in the African American community. No one else in my community had written such a book but me, and to my knowledge I believe that’s still the case. It was just me going places, giving talks.”

Compared to today:

“I do see a massive coming together of black, white, rich, poor, all coming together on this issue. We had everyone at the Harlem Vaccine Forum; Asians and Latinos as well. They all recognize that informed consent and parental choice are critical. We can all agree on that.”

I asked Cost what he thought about the common criticism thrown at our movement – that it’s just a bunch of entitled rich white women:

“I am not rich, I’m not white and I’m not a woman – you can quote me on that – and I’ve been out there for 30 years doing this. I have been educating the Black community with this information going back to the 1990s.”

Cost has had much success with the so-called ‘Conscious Community,’ which is a diverse group of African Americans who are very mindful of what they eat, what goes into their bodies, and follow different spiritual or religious paths.

“In the Black Community the Conscious community is aware of who I am and they are very grateful to me. It’s the more general market of African Americans who need more help. They are not tuning in to the conscious radio shows or lectures; getting to them is a huge challenge. They have PhD’s in watching Oprah and Beyonce, or they can quote tons of stats on sports. That is the majority of what our people are dealing with so they are not getting this information.”

This is hardly different from what we experience in the White community.

“My job,” Cost continued, “is not finished. Other’s in the Conscious community are doing good work as well. That effort is now joining forces with White people in the Vaccine Choice movement who have the same common ground.”

As I’ve said before I believe this ‘coming together’ is what scares The Powers That Be (TPTB) more than anything, and it may be the only thing that scares them.

Trump & Vaccines

Clearly and without question the Democrats are the #1 enemy of all Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice advocates today; especially Democratic leadership. When Trump was campaigning to be president he stated vaccines can and do cause Autism in some children. He was the first presidential hopeful to ever make such a statement, and he gained tons of support from the Vaccine Choice community because of these comments. However he has not made good on any of his promises to our community, and in fact has gone in the opposite direction. Additionally Trump does not seem to have the best interests of the African American Community in mind (at least in my opinion). I asked Cost what his opinion was of this reality:

“Everyone in this movement, no matter race or background, recognizes that informed consent and parental choice is critical. We can all agree on that. Trump is the better choice, at least at this point in time. Trump was instrumental recently in passing an executive order allowing doctors to refuse to engage in procedures that go against their religious and/or philosophical beliefs. It’s believed this should have a wider impact on all of society, and eventually apply to everyone. Republicans will at least stand for parental choice.”

Cost and I agreed on this most critical fact – we are both single-issue voters. Cost understands that many African American are concerned about housing, police brutality, the economy – all valid and important issues without question. However there is no freedom unless we are free to determine what does and does not go into our bodies – especially what is directly injected into our muscle tissue (and our kids).

“Based on my research,” said Cost, “they are poisoning our kids. The greatest threat to the Black community and the entire populace are these vaccines!”


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