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BREAKING NEWS on Vaccine Injured NY Boy Ameer

Has Anyone Debated Del on Vaccines?

Del Loves New York!

Trump & Vaccines


December 6, 2019 — Del Bigtree, CEO of ICAN and producer of the movies VAXXED and VAXXED II, is coming back to New York for The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15, 2019. Buy your tickets to the debate at the following link:

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Curtis Cost helped connect me with Bigtree for a phone interview that went in many directions; from vaccine debates, to Del’s most memorable trip to New York, to a breaking news update on vaccine injured Ameer from Buffalo, to the coming “REAL ID” and mandatory adult vaccination.

Where to begin…


On November 12th here at The Fed Up Democrat we reported that a temporary restraining order was granted sending a 9-year-old vaccine injured boy named Ameer back to school. I asked Del Bigtree what were the next legal steps to be taken in this case.

“We are going to break this story on The Highwire next week,” said Del Bigtree during our phone interview. “The school board that removed Ameer from school is not going to push back. The temporary restraining order that put Ameer back in school last month is now permanent.”

This sets a firm legal precedent in New York that medical exemptions to vaccination written by doctors cannot be overridden by the Department of Health.

“Unlike other cases that went after health departments, it is actually the schools that enforce the denial of a medical exemption to vaccination. Aaron Siri made a smart tactical move by going after the school. So if in the future a New York school overrides a valid medical exemption written by a doctor lawyers can cite this case as a precedent to return a child back to school.”

Aaron Siri is the attorney who represented Ameer. Del Bigtree and his non-profit ICAN have worked with Siri on many cases, including cases against both federal and state government agencies that related to vaccination. Siri was also involved in lawsuits where Brooklyn residents were fined for refusing to be injected with the MMR vaccine back when Mayor DeBlasio declared a state of emergency forcing the vaccine on every Brooklyn resident in 4 zip codes.

“We helped fund some of the legal work where there were 100 people fined (in Brooklyn for not taking the MMR vaccine) and we were able to win over 90% of those cases,” said Bigtree.

Real Vaccine Debates?

Anyone who follows Del Bigtree knows he always wants to get into real debates over vaccines with anyone who is willing, but has anyone ever accepted the challenge to debate him and his colleagues? Here’s the response I got from Bigtree:

“I showed up for a conversation which was setup to be a debate in Atlanta, Georgia. Six doctors – including neurologists and pediatricians – were going to debate us. Chris Shaw was one of the doctors on my side, so was Dr. Toni Bark and James Lyons-Weiler. We all showed up for the debate but about a week before the event the AMA found out, contacted the other side and made them drop out. We had the debate anyway – we debated 6 empty chairs across from us. I always say yes to debates, but now I’m doubtful the other side will show up because they never do. I hope the other side shows up in Harlem this time.”

There was one time Bigtree was able to debate, unexpectedly, at the state Capitol in Oklahoma:

“I had a debate in Oklahoma once when they had a meeting at the Capitol. The head of their health department spoke to the legislators and answered questions. They asked the health department head a question and his response was not based on the science. When they came to me I said, ‘hold on, can I refute what was just said,’ they said, ‘Yes, this is what this is for.’ That was fantastic! It was the first time I had the vaccine debate in public. Even the head of the health department eventually realized he was out-manned. He said vaccines are safe and effective over and over. I think it was when we discussed the DTaP vaccine and how the pertussis component does not stop transmission, but rather creates asymptomatic carriers of pertussis that are very dangerous especially to newborns: from that moment on he seemed to tap-out of the debate. At times he would lean in to the mic as if he was going to make a statement, but would ultimately just stay quiet and not really answer.”

Even Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the so called “Godfather” of the modern vaccine movement, has admitted the acellular DTaP vaccine allows those vaccinated with it to be carriers of pertussis in their lungs. You can watch Plotkin admit this when he was legally deposed under oath at the following link: (go to 24:30)

Del Loves New York!

Bigtree has been spending a lot of time in New York lately. I asked him what was his favorite or most memorable visit to New York

“That’s hard to say, I met my wife in New York. It’s a favorite place of mine. But I think that the events in the ultra-orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland County and in Brooklyn – at the center of the measles outbreak – were very special. I feel it was historic. Over 1,000 ultra-orthodox Jews were in the room in Rockland. A rabbi said to me this isn’t something they normally do; they don’t bring in a gentile in to educate them. But they greatly appreciated the information I brought and it made them look at things from another perspective. The intensity around the issue made it really special too. What was so unique and frightening was that we were talking about a quarantine at that time. Even the law that just got passed in New York to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination was not as dangerous as that quarantine. The quarantine laws were saying you could not go to the synagogue during Passover if you hadn’t been vaccinated with the MMR.”

Remember that Rockland County Executive Ed Day had banned all unvaccinated children (healthy children!) from being in any public spaces. Thankfully that emergency order was over-turned in court.

Trump & Vaccines

I asked Bigtree what he felt about Trump and his vaccine policies, as we have seen both positive and negative acts by Trump when it comes to vaccination. Here is Bigtree’s extensive response:

“We have got to get over the idea that there is a single president or leader who can help us. This problem, and all of our problems, are because our government leaders are funded by lobbyists and industries we are supposed to be protected from…I personally believe Trump has slowed down the push for a mandated adult vaccination program. It’s clear this thing goes down party lines. Democrats for some reason have decided to make this a platform for their party, which is hard to understand how they are environmentalists on one hand but have no problem forcing known toxins to be injected into everybody.

“But to jump on the other side of this what it shows is that people should be cautious on all sides. Trump represents the possibility that anyone can win the presidency…There are a lot of Latinos, African Americans and members of the LGBT community that believe Trump does not want them in this country. Here’s what’s shocking – many of those same people will support a forced vaccination program that today would be headed by the man they don’t trust; Donald Trump!

“I want to be very clear about this: We should’ve learned from Nazi Germany that we don’t want our government injecting us with products or performing medical procedures that we do not agree with. I think we all know it’s possible that a ‘bad actor’ could become the president of this country; as I already said some think Trump is that bad actor. And it is the president that determines health policy in this country; the president picks the head of the CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA and EPA.

“Imagine a bad actor that doesn’t like a certain race or lifestyle-choice who gets into a position to target that group through medical means. The vaccine issue only opens the door to a far more insidious problem we are facing with Big Pharma having captured our regulatory agencies.”


“I think we are in a position now where we are on the precipice of losing informed consent altogether. It’s not about just the children any longer, it’s about all of humanity. The adult vaccine mandates are coming,” said Bigtree. “The ‘REAL ID’ is moving towards becoming mandatory in America by October of 2020, which will maintain all types of data about a person that could include your vaccination records. We will see in America what happened in Argentina recently, where you can’t get a drivers license, a marriage license, etc… unless you are up to date on all of your vaccines.”

Age of Autism recently reported that the European Union is planning on making a vaccine ID attached to the European passport by 2022. In New York there are behind the scenes discussions in Albany over mandatory vaccination of all teachers and educators. The world is also moving towards assigning a Universal Digital Identity (UDI) to every man, woman and child that will be needed to buy food, travel, utilize government services, see a doctor, access moneys and so on. Just like the REAL ID a UDI would have the capability of holding your entire medical history on it, including vaccination records.

I couldn’t agree more with Bigtree – the danger that is in front of us is for every American and every human being on planet earth. The battle for #HealthFreedom is about way more than whether or not our children can attend public school.


Join Del Bigtree, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Curtis Cost, Rita Palma and many more at The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15 at 2pm. Purchase tickets at the following link:

Tim Kennedy Runs from Father of Disabled Boy Ameer

November 23, 2019 — When Ali Hamideh came to a public event held by New York State Senator Tim Kennedy to discuss why he voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, Kennedy ran out the back door.

Tim Kennedy voted to kick disabled students out of public school on June 13, 2019. Ali Hamideh had to fight in court to get his disabled son Ameer readmitted to school with a valid medical exemption to vaccination. This was a major court victory that high-ranking New York Democrats and the medical industrial complex did not want to see happen. But it did happen.

Kennedy is a coward, plain and simple.

The Senator used to work as an Occupational Therapist. That is someone who works on fine motor skills with disabled children. He used to work with disabled children to help them learn how to improve the use of their bodies. Now he works to kick them out of school. Tim Kennedy is a disgraceful human being and I am not surprised at all that he would sneak out the back door of an event he invited the public to – like the weasel he is – rather than face the father of a vaccine injured disabled child.

Watch Ali Hamideh describe what the almost-encounter with Senator Kennedy was like.

And read my blog post from July 14th on the insincerity, the cowardice and the corruption of Senator Tim Kennedy:

Tim Kennedy Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School


I keep making this point, but I feel it is absolutely necessary to continue to bring up. There has been no mainstream news coverage of Ameer’s victory in court outside of one extremely tiny report in a local Buffalo ABC affiliate. That small report took a full week to come out, was only 356 words, contained some inaccurate information and was not picked up by any other mainstream news outlet on planet earth. When news of this story first broke in October it was national news, but once Ameer won and was put back into school all you hear is crickets…

Even Associated Press Black’s Out Ameer Vaccine Victory in NY

November 16, 2019 — The Associated Press ran the ICAN press release on November 13, 2019, through the paid PR Newswire service. The report stated that a New York court granted a temporary restraining order allowing a disabled, vaccine injured boy named Ameer back into school. Read extensive details of the court’s decision and what transpired at the following reports:

Disabled Vaccine Injured 9 Year Old Boy Back In School, and

Media Blackout For Vax Injured Disabled Child’s Court Victory

However the Associated Press (AP) did not run any reporting of their own on these facts. This is odd considering that the AP has been reporting on the Ameer case since it made national news last month.

How does the AP not realize that this is historic news of a court order by a sitting New York judge? It looks really bad upon their credibility to completely ignore a ruling in a case that garnered national media attention especially when AP had been covering the story! Every MSM outlet in the country, and on the planet, has ignored it, even the Associated Press; the oldest news organization in the United States of America;

The media blackout on Ameer winning in court and being allowed back into school in New York is fascinating, frightening and alarming. A vein in the beast was sliced with this recent victory – not quite an artery, but a vein – and the beast is temporarily hiding its wound as it plots it’s next move against the populace.

The elites are very angry that Ameer is back in school.

Media Blackout For Vax Injured Disabled Child’s Court Victory

“There’s Something Really Wrong Here”

November 15, 2019 — Ameer’s court case was a national story, until he won.

The court has granted a temporary restraining order that has placed the disabled boy back in school and the media has been completely silent that this happened. Ameer is a disabled vaccine injured child whose doctor granted him a valid medical exemption to vaccination, however the Department of Health (DOH) said the exemption was invalid so he was kicked out of school

Ameer’s parents sued the school, but the school didn’t show up!

In New York the law is clear that a medical exemption can be written by a doctor, and the doctor is the only person empowered with granting such an exemption. That exemption is then given to the school, and that is supposed to be the end of the process. However after the New York Democrats and Governor Cuomo repealed the religious exemption to vaccination, Cuomo directed his health officials to make it far more difficult to obtain a medical exemption to vaccination. He did this assuming that those who formerly had religious exemptions would make attempts to get medical exemptions (that’s a whole other story we will address at another time…)

Ameer was a fully vaccinated child, but after he had an adverse reaction to his last DTaP, his life-long neurologist wrote a valid medical exemption for him. When that was presented to the school they forwarded it to the DOH which was the agency that then denied the exemption. The DOH said it is the school’s decision, but New York schools *never* go against a DOH recommendation.

So Ameer’s parents sued the school. The school did not show up to court, and Ameer’s father, Ali Hamedi, believes the school wanted Ameer back but was too intimidated by the State and the DOH to make that decision on their own – they needed the court to order it.

As it was becoming clear that Ameer had an open and shut, slam dunk case, the judge ordered that the doctor who granted the medical exemption to vaccination sign an affidavit stating the signature on the medical exemption was actually his signature. This is an extremely bizarre request. Del Bigtree and ICAN were recording Ali Hamedi and his family throughout the court process, but at this point they decided to cut the cameras as it appeared it may have a negative impact on the court’s decision.

Ali called Ameer’s neurologist asking him to sign the affidavit and the doctor – so confused by the request – said no. Ali does not hold anything against the doctor, as it is highly likely any doctor would say no to such a bizarre request. Ali was heartbroken, however it was not long after this happened that Ali’s lawyer, Aaron Siri, received an email from the doctor with the signed affidavit attached. Now there was no reason for the court to deny Ameer access to school, and thus, Ameer is back in school today.

You can listen to Ali Hamedi recount what happened here:

After Ali was interviewed, Del Bigtree went in front of his own camera and stated the following:

I will tell you my experience today and watching how the courts were dealing with this issue; and watching the hoops having to be jumped through lawyers don’t normally see in any other case in the world. Doctor’s being forced to sign a signature to their own signature. This is just a bizarre world we are living in right now. And it’s extremely distressing that in every department of our government…nothing is acting or working the way it’s supposed to work. This is not how our system is designed. This vaccine issue is putting everything on tilt. There’s something really wrong here.

Disabled Vaccine Injured 9 Year Old Boy Back In School

New York Democrats Kicked Him Out, But Now He’s Back!

***Update 11-13-2019 — 24 hours after this historic courtroom decision, not a single news organization has picked up the story. The *only* coverage of this came from P&T® Community, who provides information to pharmacy and therapeutics committee members; however even that was quickly pulled off of the internet.

November 12, 2019 — God bless Del Bigtree and the ICAN Network! Thanks to their legal efforts a temporary restraining order has been granted sending a 9-year-old vaccine injured boy named Ameer back to school. This is important for at least 3 major reasons

  1. Ameer is a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; and he deserves an education.
  2. This proves that in New York the law is clear – only doctors can write medical exemptions to vaccination, the Department of Health cannot override the doctor’s expert opinion.
  3. This opens the doors for other medically fragile children who were kicked out of public school to have a pathway back in.

How truly disgusting is it that Governor Cuomo and the New York Democrats have become the party that kicks disabled and injured children out of school?!? I never in my lifetime thought I would see the day the Democrats – my own party – would sink so despicably low. All of the Democrats who did this to Ameer must pay by being kicked the hell out of Albany in the 2020 elections.

Thank god there is a judge in New York who brought a little bit of justice to this disabled, injured 9-year-old boy and his family. This is a much needed victory for Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice Advocates in New York. Below is the complete press release from ICAN and Del Bigtree: (below that is a youtube video of Del Bigtree and Ameer’s father)


New York Judge Re-Admits Expelled Disabled Student Missing Single Vaccination, According To Informed Consent Action Network

BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A New York State court granted a temporary restraining order today, re-admitting disabled student Ameer Hamideh to school at the CHC Learning Center here, according to Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) which supported Ameer’s case.

Nine-year old Ameer became an unwilling national story when he was expelled from school at CHC in October because he lacked a single mandatory vaccine for school attendance.

Ameer has numerous neurological impairments, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a seizure disorder. He has received all vaccinations required to attend school, with the exception of a fifth dose of a pertussis (whooping cough) Tdap vaccine.

Ameer was expelled even after his life-long treating pediatric neurologist submitted a medical exemption to the school. He was expelled because the New York State Department of Health opined that the medical exemption should be denied.

Because of Ameer’s previous severe reaction to the DTaP vaccine—most recently a grand mal seizure that sent him, uncontrollably screaming, to the hospital—his parents Ali and Orooba Hamideh followed the advice of Ameer’s physician to not give him an additional dose.

ICAN took up the family’s cause and turned its team of attorneys to the case, which pointed out—among other things—New York state law allows any doctor to provide a valid medical exemption, and does not provide the Department of Health the authority to overrule that exemption.

“This is so satisfying because of what it means for the Hamideh family,” says Del Bigtree, founder and CEO of non-profit ICAN. “The State thought they could steamroll the Hamideh family. Their bureaucratic decision regarding Ameer’s medical treatment, made without ever even talking to his doctor, could have seriously injured him.” 

Ali and Orooba Hamideh appeared on the October 24th episode of ICAN’s weekly online fact-based medical and health news show “The HighWire with Del Bigtree,” which streams Thursdays at 11am PST on, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (@HighWireTalk). 

SOURCE Informed Consent Action Network

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SOURCE Informed Consent Action Network


The below youtube video is of Del Bigtree interviewing Ameer’s father after the temporary restraining order was granted: In this video I learned for the first time that Ameer’s lawyer is the legendary Aaron Siri; the same lawyer who deposed Stanley Plotkin for 9 hours.

Tim Kennedy Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

Claims “I didn’t know” I Kicked Out Disabled Students!

July 14, 2019 — Tim Kennedy– a Democratic Senator from Western New York – voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. This resulted in children being kicked out of all public and private schools in New York immediately; including severely disabled children that have extensive educational programs.

Constituents have been trying to meet with Senator Kennedy since January, however he never once granted them a meeting! When constituents recently confronted him at a Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Concert, Senator Kennedy claimed he wasn’t aware that the bill he voted to become a law resulted in thousands of disabled children being kicked out of all New York Schools.


Rita Palma and Dr. Larry Palevsky met with Senator Kennedy’s Chief of Staff (COS) just days before the repeal bill was voted on. According to Rita Palma, Kennedy’s COS was completely inattentive as they spoke about the repeal bill and spent the majority of the time on his phone instead of listening to Palma and Palevsky.

Here is the account of what happened as written by one of Senator Kennedy’s constituents who was part of a group who confronted him:

We went to a Sen. Tim Kennedy sponsored event (also endorsed by Crystal Peoples-Stokes). There were 4 of us with 400 flyers to pass out- the venue was in an old train station in the city of Buffalo- all day music / vendor event ending with Sen. Kennedy introducing the Buffalo Philharmonic (BPO) at the end. We began talking to people outside the venue, handing out flyers. Then we went inside where we handed more out, we posted them on the bathrooms, entrances. Then we took the rest of the flyers and canvased the cars. It was 7:10pm- our inner shy selves wanted to go home, but we knew we had to go back inside to see Kennedy before he introduced the BPO.

We went right up front- we were in 15 feet of him, we waited, my heart raced. We knew we had to talk to him. We took the leap – I approached him and kindly said “Sen. Kennedy, so nice to meet you- I’m…..” he immediately engaged in friendly conversation and then I brought up that he voted in favor of S2294 (the bill that repealed the religious exemption to vaccination) – he was the ONLY WNY (Western New York) senator to vote in favor and even Crystal Peoples-Stokes voted against it.

We totally caught him off guard, he said this wasn’t the forum to discuss this and we could get a meeting. I said- we’ve been trying to get a meeting w/ you since January, we were in Albany twice. What are you going to do about the children with IEPs/ disabilities? He said- well it signed, it’s the law now. He was not aware of issues with IEPs / disabilities. (emphasis added)

Went back and forth. His community director took my card and said she would call to schedule a meeting, etc. We stood there standing and watching- he was uncomfortable- he was waiting to introduce the BPO. After his introduction- we were still there- looking- he came back up to us and said, please schedule a meeting- I’m very sympathetic and if this affects you directly- I can see what I can do. Lesson learned: don’t be fearful- got do it. We just wish we had BIG ASS signs UP FRONT. Here is a pre-jitter photo of (name withheld).

Everybody needs to confront their Albany Reps just like this – be bold, BE BRAVE! We need to hold these people accountable for what they have so thoughtlessly done.

***Update — After this terrible law was passed a disabled boy named Ameer Hamideh – whose family lives in Kennedy’s district – was kicked out of school because of Kennedy’s vote. When Ameer’s father went to speak to Kennedy about this at a public event Kennedy ran out the back door. Complete coward! Thankfully Ameer is back in school today after a major legal victory in New York court. Learn more about Ameer here.

***Find more disgraceful Albany, NY politicians who voted to kick children out of school because of their parents religious beliefs here:

My Rep Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School: