Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is Overwhelmed with COVID-19

March 26, 2020 — It is reported that 13 people have died from COVID-19 at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY in the past 24 hours.

I know this hospital. It is in Elmhurst which borders Jackson Heights. Both of these neighborhoods have large immigrant communities, predominantly Hispanic yet extremely diverse. It is also being reported that there are massive lines forming at the hospital where people – mostly immigrant men – are waiting sometimes an entire day to get tested. In some cases the men are turned away and told to come back the next day. This was even the case one day this week when it was down pouring rain all day long. So many of these men waiting to be tested because they were sick and had bad coughs were waiting in the rain all day long, and some never even got the opportunity to get tested. Elmhurst has just setup a COVID-19 testing tent.

Reports are also coming in that Elmhurst hospital is the first in NYC to be running out of ventilators, however sister-hospitals in NYC sent their ventilators to Elmhurst in the nick of time. There is even discussion about making Elmhurst hospital dedicated to COVID-19 care exclusively.

Here is some additinal reporting from the local Eye Witness News team in NYC https://abc7ny.com/6050772/

NYC Nurse Tells What Hospital is Like Right Now

Mach 21, 2020 — I have a dear friend who works at a prominent hospital in NYC. Here is what this person has been able to report:

  • The hospital is currently operating at 85% capacity
  • They are rapidly training nurses to fill-in as ICU nurses
  • It is non-stop busy – the hospital looks like something out of a movie
  • Their ventilator situation is currently ok in that one hospital
  • They are functioning ok, for now, but worry about any increase in capacity
  • This nurse advises everyone in New York to “stay in place!”

I now 100% agree with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler that social distancing is critically important at this point in time. COVID-19 is currently a serious public health risk. I don’t even care to discuss or debate causation at this point. I simply don’t want to see the hospitals get flooded as happened in China and then in Italy, but unfortunately, we may very well see just that.

COVID-19 does not seem to be a major threat to healthy people, but most New Yorkers are not healthy. Millions of New Yorkers have underlying health conditions. I do not wish to see any of them in harm’s way or facing death.

In the Health Freedom community we are seeing a healthy debate right now around the true causes of COVID-19, the tests used to detect the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2), and the controversy over whether the virus has been properly isolated at this point in time. Right now I could care less about any of those issues. I know this health crisis is being taken advantage of – but it still is a crisis! It is clear – we are standing on the brink of a public health emergency in New York – especially in New York City – and everyone needs to take it seriously.

Stay in place

Utilize social distancing

Wash your hands

Work from home if you can

Pray for New York

COVID-19 Just Isolated in March

So what have they been testing for up until now?!?

March 15, 2020 — This comes from the Facebook page of the great Dr. Larry Palevsky. This is precisely what Jon Rappoport has been writing about for months – unless the COVID-19 virus is isolated, we have no chance of knowing what is and isn’t making people sick:


(1) A test for COVID-19 can only be manufactured based first on the isolation of the COVID-19 virus. If scientists have just now isolated the COVID-19 virus, it would seem there could not yet have been an appropriate test to evaluate who has COVID-19, and who does not. For all these months, what were people getting tested for? What virus was being tested? What were these positive tests really about?

We hear about all these positive confirmed tests all over the world, but what was it people were testing positive for, in spite of what has been reported? Only now that scientists have isolated the COVID-19 virus, can an appropriate test be manufactured to realistically check who has COVID-19, and who does not……..so what have we been dealing with up to this point?

Research team has isolated the COVID-19 virus https://sunnybrook.ca/research/media/item.asp?c=2&i=2069&f=covid-19-isolated-2020&fbclid=IwAR2iC-JixDQyExwj3DbndTBuUU_CqTqD6zde_ccagAjF10UwqJdwLS5CQSU

(2) Potential False-Positive Rate Among The ‘Asymptomatic Infected Individuals’ in Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/32133832/.

In other words, current testing for Coronavirus is unreliable!

Coronavirus Man Made or Fraud?

Did secret research for a common-cold vaccine create the new coronavirus?


“Maybe China was surreptitiously doing vaccine research – that the World Health Organization thought was a bad idea – to get the jump on the market to try to get a vaccine for the common-cold. If somebody made a vaccine for SARS and it was effective, a vaccine for the common-cold is right around the corner. And that is a $100 billion market I’m sure. So there’s a race for a vaccine to the common-cold through SARS and MERS and these other related coronaviruses.” – James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, interview by Dr. Gary Null


February 19, 2020 — The new coronavirus was most likely created by a secret Chinese program that was searching for a vaccine for the common-cold, according to James Lyons-Weiler PhD in an interview with Dr. Gary Null. Listen to that interview at the following link: https://prn.fm/gary-null-show-corornavirus-02-05-20/ (interview begins at 18:00)

SARS, MERS, and the common-cold are all closely related coronaviruses. Weiler states the most likely explanation for the recent coronavirus outbreak is that a genetically modified, recombinant SARS-like coronavirus – designed in a Chinese laboratory for the purpose of creating a vaccine – has accidentally infected the general population.

The evidence for this comes from a “spike-protein” on the SARS-like coronavirus that currently has the world in an uproar. Weiler gives a very detailed, complex explanation of the precise significance of the “spike protein” – but essentially what it comes down to is that this protein could have only been created in a laboratory by genetic modification, often called “recombination” or “recombinant.”


According to Weiler, it is well known that China ran a phase-1 clinical trial of a vaccine for SARS during the “outbreak” of SARS in the 2000’s using recombinant technology. That means the SARS coronavirus used in that vaccine was genetically modified – effectively we could say it was a new or man-made virus. The Wuhan region of China – where the recent coronavirus outbreak is said to have begun – does have a laboratory that is working on SARS recombined viruses for vaccine purposes, according to Weiler. All of the deaths from the coronavirus thus far – roughly 700 – are all geographically related to mainland China or the city of Wuhan itself.

Weiler postulates that it is possible China secretly executed a large phase-2 clinical trial or, heaven forbid, an even larger phase-3 clinical trial where hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens were vaccinated. If we assume this to be true (granted, a big assumption) then the deaths may be happening primarily or exclusively in those who were part of the phase-2 or 3 clinical trial. If this is the case, these deaths would represent a secondary challenge the now-released virus is posing to those who were vaccinated for it. China may have accidentally released a virus they created for an experimental vaccine that is only deadly to those who were already vaccinated with it!

Weiler admits this is only a hypothesis, but feels the facts we currently have at hand support it enough to warrant further investigation to prove or disprove it.

Common-Cold Vaccine

A common-cold vaccine is certainly in the Big Pharma pipeline and, as Weiler states, there is definitely a race afoot to be the first to patent such a technology. If a common-cold vaccine is brought to market, this would be the biggest game-changer to the vaccine schedule ever in history. The flu vaccine is so incredibly important to Big Pharma because you have to get it annually; that’a lot more profit than a vaccine you get 2 or 3 times in your entire life. The common-cold is said to be spread the widest at the same time as the flu – say, September through April. However many people catch colds year round. A common-cold vaccine would be the first to be recommended bi-annually, or perhaps even quarterly, every year for everybody. Once a common-cold vaccine is placed into the CDC’s children’s vaccine schedule, every child would need to visit the doctor two-to-four times a year to receive their common-cold vaccine to attend school. I envision a future where vaccination is replaced by regular, quarterly “treatments,” and a common-cold vaccine is the perfect gateway to such a shift in medical paradigm. It could increase the “need” of doctor visits from once or twice a year to four times per year; again, that’s a lot of profit.


Meanwhile throughout the world mandatory medical quarantines are cracking down everywhere. The famous Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies recently stated 10% of the world’s population is currently under a medical quarantine due to the coronavirus scare. I have not verified that number at this time, nevertheless I would not be surprised if it were accurate. Recently the brilliant Jon Rappoport has reported that diagnosis of coronavirus is now being done with CT scans of the chest. He makes the obvious point that there can very easily be a misdiagnosis since many lung disorders, like pneumonia, could be conflated with the coronavirus. However as we saw with the alleged “measles outbreak” in New York in 2018/19, the public health authorities of the world never let the pesky facts stand in the way of whatever the hell their agenda may be at the time.

Coronavirus – Man Made or Fraud? – probably both…


“Maybe China was surreptitiously doing vaccine research – that the World Health Organization thought was a bad idea – to get the jump on the market to try to get a vaccine for the common-cold. If somebody made a vaccine for SARS and it was effective, a vaccine for the common-cold is right around the corner. And that is a $100 billion market I’m sure. So there’s a race for a vaccine to the common-cold through SARS and MERS and these other related coronaviruses.” – James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, interview by Dr. Gary Null

https://prn.fm/gary-null-show-corornavirus-02-05-20/ (interview with James Lyons-Weiler begins at 18:00)

Follow James Lyons-Weiler’s work at https://jameslyonsweiler.com/



Hacked on the day I Interviewed Jamel Holley

February 5, 2020 – My blog has been hacked and is preventing multiple people from accessing it. The McAfee anti-virus software on my own computer told me it was “dangerous” to go to my own blog. Multiple people throughout the day on Twitter and via email have been telling me similar stories. I just received the following email from one of my readers:

Name: *****

Email: ***************

Comment: I can’t access your blog. If I proceed past the threat detected warnings, I’m redirected to a page that is not your blog that may actually have threats. Sophisticated hacking + web censorship.

Take care,

This hack happened sometime between the evening of February 4th and the morning of February 5th. I do not believe at all that it is a coincidence that I had a long scheduled phone interview with New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley today – which was phenomenal! It is very clear to me that Holley is the real-deal when it comes to Health Freedom and Big Pharma is scared to death of him and the work he is doing.

This is good. It is a sign they are afraid. Afraid of a Dad with a blog – and all of you who follow me.

God bless you all.

Braunstein Hides From Queens Constituents on Vaccine Laws

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!


ACTION ALERT – Call his office (see bottom of post)


January 23, 2020 — Assemblyman Ed Braunstein is “on the fence” about whether to force your child to be injected with the HPV vaccine to go to school in New York: he may vote YES to bill A2912a that would mandate Gardasil. His voting & cosponsor record in regards to Health Freedom & Vaccine Choice are atrocious, and he is a member of the Assembly Health Committee.

Braunstein voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, and he was a cosponsor of bill to A973a which would allow New York children to be vaccinated for any sexually transmitted disease (including HPV) in school without parental knowledge or consent. That bill will also allow preventative drug treatment of STDs for children without parents knowing – including PrEP for HIV/AIDS. 

The parents who confronted Senator John Liu on December 5th also went up to Braunstein’s office that day. There is a video of what happened but that is not being publicized at this time. The Assemblyman’s door was LOCKED. The light was on, shining from underneath, but the door – during business hours – was not open. Constituents wonder if Liu’s office ‘warned’ Braunstein that it was a demonstration day.

In an odd coincidence at the same time on December 5th, Braunstein was spotted at a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan by another Vaccine Choice Advocate. She snapped a pic then confronted him in the Starbucks. He responded, “You people have to stop. I get accosted everywhere I go now about vaccines.” That day, December 5th, was a state-wide day of action in New York to protest mandatory Flu & HPV vaccine laws that are going to be voted on soon.

Braunstein took an appointment in Albany with Vaccine Choice Advocates back on May 14, 2019, before the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed. In that meeting he was challenged on vaccine legislation he supported. Braunstein is a member of the Assembly Health Committee and was always an open supporter of all the wrong vaccine legislation. The bill A973a in the assembly would allow children to receive “STD treatments” at age 14 and up. Braunstein was told by a constituent that in the Senate the bill allows 9 year old children to “consent” to “STD treatment.”

His face dropped when he heard that. “9 years old?” he said, somewhat stunned, and made a comment that he wouldn’t trust his own child at 9 years of age to make far less serious decisions than consenting to medical treatments.

Call Braunstein’s offices. Tell him to vote NO on A2912a that would mandate Gardasil for all New York children in school and to vote NO on A973a that allows children to be drugged and vaccinated for STDs without parental knowledge or consent.


Queens office – 718-357-3588

Albany office – 518-455-5425

Email him – braunsteine@nyassembly.gov

Stop by his office –

213-33 39th Avenue
Suite 238
Bayside, NY 11361

Mail him a letter in Albany –

LOB 842
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-4648

New Jersey Leads a Northeast Health Freedom Surge!

NJ Keeps Their Religious Exemption to Vaccination in 2020

*Update – Slimy Sweeney says he will propose new bill with new amendments 1-14-2020 – vote unlikely*

January 13, 2020 – New Jersey showed up in the thousands today and have stopped their religious exemption (RE) to vaccination from being repealed. With this win the state becomes a clarion call for the entire Northeast, as a national Health Freedom Movement will be necessary as we begin to see federal vaccine mandates on the horizon. As the New Jersey Senate was in session today you could hear the thousands of protesters outside echoing throughout the Senate chamber. The same was true back in December when New Jersey beat down this same repeal bill in a similar fashion. The energy was ferocious!

The biggest screw-up by those attacking Health Freedom in New Jersey came when the issue was racialized. A deal was being attempted that would end the RE in all New Jersey public schools, but not in private religious schools. African American Assemblyman Jamel Holley stepped up as a major leader against this blatantly racist back-room deal.

“To suggest that we begin to segregate our students is an abomination of what every righteous leader should be standing up against,” said Jamel Holley.

Holley reminds me of Charles Barron, the Brooklyn Assemblyman who stood up for us in Albany, NY. Unfortunately Barron, and other brave Democrats like him, were not victorious like Holley.

What Was Different in NJ compared to NY

Why did New Jersey win their battle but New York lost ours?

New Jersey didn’t have a “measles outbreak” with a mainstream media Big Pharma PR-blitz as the bill was headed for a vote. New York did. We also had Mayor De Blasio forcing Brooklyn residents to get the MMR vaccine sparking courtroom battles. In New York we didn’t have any major media personalities allow our side of the story to be told to a large mainstream audience. God bless Bill Spadea for having Robert F. Kennedy on his live drive-time radio broadcast right when it mattered most! Oddly enough when I googled “Bill Spadea Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vaccination” nothing came up in the search engine. Regardless of Google’s censorship, according to Rita Palma the media narrative on vaccination has shifted thanks to the efforts of Health Freedom Advocates.

New York is a powerful state that is completely and totally controlled by Wall St., Big Corporations and the powerful in general. UPDATE – On January 14th, the day after the Jersey RE repeal bill was beaten, the local New York FOX TV affiliate said New Jersey has “delayed” their vote to repeal the RE with not one mention of the thousands of protestors responsible for that “delay.” They were selling Sweeney’s slimy propaganda. THAT is what the powerful in New York do on a regular basis.

The alleged “measles outbreak” gave enough momentum for the machines of power to turn against us in New York. Also in New York the threat of losing the RE was not taken seriously enough. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers who had their kids in private school with a religious exemption to vaccination did not know the RE was in danger of being repealed until after the repeal law was passed!

New Jersey also had the benefit of seeing what had just happened in New York, and they had the entire Northeast mobilized to support their struggle for Health Freedom.


The New Jersey Senate Majority leader, Slithery Slimy Stephen Sweeney was missing 2 votes in the assembly that he needed to get the bill passed today. Because of this he chose not to put the bill up for a vote, but next session rest assured it will be back again.

Below is an update from John Gilmore on the New Jersey situation:


Below from John Gilmore:

 The New Jersey bill to repeal religious exemptions died today with the end of the session without a vote. A modified version of the bill was introduced a few days ago that would have done away with the religious exemption for public schools but allow them for private schools, prompting new opposition based on the obvious class and income preferences created by the bill. 

     Thousands of people gathered at the New Jersey State House in Trenton today and kept up a continuous barrage of chants, songs, prayers and noise while both Houses held their last voting day of the session. Neither house voted on thre bill by the close of business, meaning that the votes to pass the bill weren’t there and the leadership would not allow them to a vote on the floor they knew they would lose.  

     Bill sponsor, and Senate President Steven Sweeney, said he will be introducing a new bill again when the new session for 2020 begins tomorrow, but Jersey legislature insiders says there is no chance a bill could be voted on tomorrow. 

     This is an enormous win for the people of New Jersey, and a defeat for politicians who are more than happy to sell access to our children and the drug companies who would buy them. Hopefully, this will give pause to the efforts in Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states that are considering repealing religious and personal belief exemptions.