Andy Marte Challenges Salazar for NY Senate Seat!

Marte Wants Religious Exemption to Vaccination Back!


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“This country was founded with the main intention of having religious freedoms. We should respect individuals who for religious reasons want to protect their bodies. Furthermore, we should increase education in schools to promote healthy lifestyles to naturally increase our immune systems”Andy Marte, candidate for State Senator in Brooklyn, NY


February 3, 2020 – The Democrats who voted to get rid of the Religious Exemption to vaccination keep getting challenged by candidates who support Religious Freedom, Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice.

The latest on the list is Julia Salazar in Brooklyn who is being challenged by Andy Marte. Salazar’s voting record when it comes to vaccination is horrendous. She voted to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination twice – once in the Senate Health Committee and once on the floor of the Senate. She also voted YES in the Senate Health Committee to allowing 9-year-old children to be vaccinated for STDs in school without parental knowledge or consent.

Based on the quote Andy Marte just emailed me at the top of this report, I suspect he will have none of that.

Marte is challenging Salazar in the upcoming Democratic primary election and is a formidable candidate. He has experience in New York politics as well as working in the non-profit sector, and he is a life-long resident of Brooklyn. According to Kings County Politics,Bushwick native Andy Marte (is) to challenge Senator Julia Salazar for her seat representing the 18th district, which covers Bushwick, Cypress Hills, Greenpoint, Williamsburg and parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville and East New York. 


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Bichotte Calls For Medical Exemption of Brooke Jordan's Son on Twitter

February 3, 2020 – Brooke Jordan has 3 children who have all been kicked out of school in New York because they are under vaccinated or unvaccinated. On Twitter Jordan posted that her 10-year-old son has juvenile arthritis and cannot be vaccinated because a known side effect of vaccination is inflammation. If her 10-year-old is subjected to vaccines that inflame his joints and bones, his arthritis will worsen and he won’t enjoy the pleasures of a normal childhood. Jordan posted a video of her son playing basketball on Twitter.

Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte replied to Jordan’s tweet saying, “He should be protected by medical exemptions. Please provide the school with all doctors information. Your son should be protected constitutionally.”

For those who don’t recall, Assemblywoman Bichotte was one of 16 Assembly Democrats to vote NO to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination. She voted NO twice – once in the health committee vote and once on the assembly floor vote. She gave her own personal experience with being vaccinated for measles twice as a child yet still getting measles (#VaccineFailure). The Assemblywoman is a Health Freedom Fighter and a rising star from Brooklyn who keeps coming up in my blog posts. Just yesterday I wrote the following about her:

Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte who bravely went against party leadership – voting NO to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination – has just taken her place as Brooklyn’s new Democratic Party chair. This makes her the first African American woman in New York City to hold the position of Party chair. An excellent piece was written about her in the Amsterdam News by Rev. Dr. Kahli C. Mootoo.

Democrats Assault on Disabled Children is Crumbling

Courts Override NY Democrats, Return Vaccine Exempt Children to School

February 1, 2020 — Disabled children in wheelchairs, walkers, with autism and far worse afflictions have been kicked out of all New York schools by the Democrats; thousands of them, because they are exempt from getting vaccinated. The Democrats claim any child with a “valid medical exemption” to vaccination is allowed in school, but today that is not the case.

In August of 2019, Governor Cuomo issued an emergency regulation to deny virtually all medical exemptions to vaccination. The NY courts have now determined – at least twice – that Cuomo’s emergency regulation is in essence illegal. The courts ruled two children with valid medical exemptions must be allowed back in school. Those two children are Ameer Hamideh (pictured above left) and Thorn Schwartz (pictured above right). Ameer is multiply disabled and Thorn is autistic. Ameer has been back in school since November and Thorn returns to school on Monday, February 3rd.

Both children were kicked out of school even though their parents presented valid medical exemptions to vaccination written by their doctors. Both had no choice but to sue the schools that had illegally denied the children their federally guaranteed right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) (which is guaranteed by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

In both cases the parents won, and both children are back in school. But thousands of other disabled children right now are at home – in their wheelchairs and walkers; with their assistive technology and communication devises – deprived of special education services and interaction with their peers. In fact the state isn’t even providing their mandated services at their homes in most cases. They have been completely written off. These are the children whose parents can’t afford a lawyer to fight their cases. The courts are now poised to hear arguments as to whether Cuomo’s emergency regulation denying medical exemptions is entirely illegal, and if the regulation needs to be thrown out or amended.

How the hell did New York get to this horrendous place?


This all started when the Democratic majority in Albany repealed the Religious Exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019. When this happened most Albany Democrats made two gigantic mistakes:

(1) They did not do their due diligence on the matter, and

(2) They did not count on how heartless and ruthless Governor Cuomo was going to be.

You must understand the history of vaccine exemptions in New York to fully appreciate Cuomo’s sick cruelty towards disabled children. In New York it is nearly impossible to get a medical exemption to vaccination that is actually honored. The law here is clear – only a medical doctor can write a medical exemption to vaccination, but the schools still deny them by referring the exemption to the Department of Health where they are almost always killed. Because of this unfair, and illegal structural flaw, for years many doctors have told parents, “Yes, your child will get injured if they get another vaccine; but your only recourse is to go get a Religious Exemption for your child.”

So thousands of children who had valid medical reasons to not be vaccinated received Religious Exemptions (REs) to vaccination because it was their only true option. When the RE was repealed, instead of doing anything to assist these vulnerable children who could not be vaccinated, Cuomo did the opposite. He issued an emergency regulation to the Health Department ensuring they would not grant medical exemptions to the thousands of students who needed them because their REs were just made null-and-void by the repeal law. However under New York law the Department of Health (DOH) plays no role in accepting or rejecting a medical exemption to vaccination to begin with. Therefore Cuomo’s new regulation was clearly an over-reach of power: it was attempting to strengthen a power of the DOH that it never legally had!

So now the New York Democrats are the political party who kick disabled children while they are down. This is a bad, bad look for them (to put it nicely). Especially when the Democrats have traditionally been the party that speaks about equal access, universal design for learning for all children, accessibility of transportation, equal employment, and on and on an on…

Now thousands of disabled children are home bound, illegally denied an education because of laws Democrats baked like a cake and a ruthless regulation King Cuomo iced that cake with. I do not think the 2020 election cycle is going to be kind to many incumbent Democrats in New York. We are seeing many Dems being challenged in primaries, as well as many who may lose their seats to Republicans.

Brave Democrats

Not every Democrat fell for Cuomo’s okey-doke. 19 Brave Democrats voted NO to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination, and they may be the future of the party. We are seeing many of these Democrats thrive!

Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte who bravely went against party leadership – voting NO to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination – has just taken her place as Brooklyn’s new Democratic Party chair. This makes her the first African American woman in New York City to hold the position of Party chair. An excellent piece was written about her in the Amsterdam News by Rev. Dr. Kahli C. Mootoo.

Also in Brooklyn Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright is getting endorsed left-and-right to fill a soon-to-be vacant Senate seat. She too voted NO to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination. The outgoing Senator, Velmanette Montgomery – who held the Senate seat for 34 years – has endorsed Assemblywoman Wright to be her successor. Oddly enough Senator Montgomery voted YES to repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination – twice! She voted YES in the Senate Health Committee, and YES on the floor of the Senate. Less than 7 months later she announces her retirement and gives her endorsement to a rising star in Brooklyn who voted NO to repeal.

Both Bichotte and Wright are African American. New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley is an African American man who stopped the repeal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination in New Jersey. He has swiftly become a national leader on the issue, and has pledged to engage legislators all across the country – including in New York. This makes me think of a quote from Virstyne Henry back in December; she has a theory she likes to call The Once black people find out about it it’s over for them” theory. We may be witnessing this theory becoming a reality right here, right now.

Meanwhile Brad Hoylman, the Big Pharma-loving State Senator who originally sponsored the bill to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination, is being challenged by Liz Glass, who has made Vaccine Choice and Health Freedom a centerpiece of her candidacy.

Smart Democrats

Senator Monica Martinez from Suffolk County, Long Island is not falling for Cuomo’s okey-doke either. She sees how horrendous the situation is for her political party as it relates to kicking disabled children while they are down. Because of this she proposed new legislation – bill S7573 – that would protect the medical exemption to vaccination and restores it to the clear intention of the letter of the law: the medical judgment of the child’s physician shall prevail, and his or her decision may not be overridden by school or public health authorities.

It is abundantly clear that there is a huge shift happening in New York politics, as well as a rift in the Democratic party. Leadership is siding with Big Pharma but a growing minority of Democrats see that this unholy marriage is a sinking ship that could cost them their jobs in 2020.


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Elizabeth Glass Challenges Brad Hoylman for NY Senate



I read this story posted on Rita Palma’s Facebook page. So incredibly tragic. This is why we must never allow S3899a to become law in New York – Fed Up Dem


This is Devryn Holt and his mother Camille.

Devryn experienced vaccine reactions as a child which were dismissed by doctors until he had a massive seizure in the doctors office following a vaccination in which the doctor had to immediately administer epinephrine.

After that Devryn chronically suffered from epileptic seizures, which would reach a frequency of 60 seizures a day. As a result, Camille could no longer risk vaccinating Devryn.

When Devryn was 16 years old, Camille took him and herself to the doctor for a family appointment and while she was being examined, Devryn was given the Gardasil vaccine by a nurse, without Camille’s knowledge or consent.

As a result of the Gardasil shot, Devryn’s seizures went into overdrive and along with the onset of new neurological reactions he experienced massive headaches and stomach issues. He lived in agony for the next three years until his body gave out and he died from a seizure. He was 19.

Please honor Devryn’s life by sharing his story in hopes that what happened to him will not be the fate of someone else’s son or daughter.

Rest In Peace Devryn Holt
4/20/1999 to 9/16/2018


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Elizabeth Glass Challenges Brad Hoylman for NY Senate!

Big Pharma’s Favorite NY Puppet May Lose His Seat

January 28, 2020 – Elizabeth Glass is challenging Brad Hoylman for his New York Senate Seat. This is ginormous news! The mood in NY is shifting rapidly. I am not the only FED UP DEMOCRAT in NYC!

Go to Glass’s Facebook page and like her page, follow, share – all that stuff you do on Facebook.

On Twitter Glass is @glassforsenate and her description is subtle yet brilliant. It reads:

Mother of 4. Teacher. DV Advocate. Candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27. The Revolution Starts Now.

Her Twitter account is locked and she is currently following only 7 people on Twitter – and I am one of them. All the tea leaves are reading very delicious right now; I think she is pro-Health Freedom (but time will tell).

For those who don’t know, Brad Hoylman is the NY Senator from Manhattan who is Big Pharma’s biggest fan and most controlled puppet. He sponsors all bills that take away parental rights to control what goes into our children’s bodies. Hoylman was the original sponsor of the bill that repealed the Religious Exemption to vaccination, and now he wants to force the dangerous HPV vaccine – Merck’s Gardasil – on all New York children to go to school. He also supports children getting vaccinated in school for STDs without parental knowledge or consent, and he supports perfectly healthy HIV-negative children getting dangerous HIV PrEP drugs without parental knowledge or consent.

This man MUST be VOTED OUT!



***Update*** On January 29th Liz Glass posted her platform on her Facebook page making it 100% clear she is a #VaccineChoice & #HealthFreedom Democrat. I fully and enthusiastically endorse Glass for Senate in NY-27!

Brooklyn Meeting on HPV Vaccine

Meet Mary Holland & John Gilmore

Protect your threatened right to know what vaccines your children get. Learn what you can do to stop mandatory flu shots and Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for human papilloma virus to attend school.

Weds. January 29, 2020, 7-10 pm

Christ Church (Upper Hall)

7301 Ridge Boulevard (between 73rd and 74th Streets)

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 11209

$5 donation for the space

Limited seating. RSVP to

     Mary Holland, co-author of HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for A Generation Betrayed, will present critical information about the safety and efficacy of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine and the international controversy over this serial corporate felon’s product. Mary is an attorney in practice in NY, and serves as general counsel to Children’s Health Defense.

     John Gilmore will present on what you can do to protect your children and fight for your rights and for your children. Mr. Gilmore is the Executive Director of the Autism Action Network, and New York Legislative Director for Children’s Health Defense, and an organizer for New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights. Rita Palma will update you on the what’s going on with new bills, the Albany cesspool and what you can do about it. 

     There is a bill in Albany right now that will require seventh graders to get Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for human papilloma virus to attend school, and a bill that will require annual flu shots for children to attend daycare, preschool and k-12 school.  And for the first time, there are two bills  that would take away parents’ right to know what vaccines are given to your minor children.

     No one will stop these bills but the parents who want to protect both their rights and their children.  

     Purchase HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for A Generation Betrayed here:

     Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks while we still can.

Hevesi Cosponsors Forced HPV Vaccine of All NY Children

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!


ACTION ALERT – Call his office (see bottom of post)

January 25, 2020 — Andrew Hevesi, Assemblyman from Queens and son of disgraced convicted felon Alan Hevesi, has become a cosponsor of A2912a which would force the HPV vaccine Gardasil on all New York children to attend school. If this becomes law New York will become the *only* state in America where Gardasil is mandatory and there is no option to opt-out.

Last session Hevesi’s office was mired in controversy when one of his staffers was wearing a medical mask as orthodox Jewish New Yorkers were coming into their office, but was taking it off when speaking with non-orthodox Jews. You can read about that here:

Hevesi also voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, after flip-flopping his position multiple times. First he was going to vote YES, then he met with a group of constituents along with Dr. Larry Palevsky. After being educated by the great Dr. Palevsky Hevesi said he would be voting NO to repealing the religious exemption. Then he flipped back to YES and voted to take away the Constitutional Rights of every New Yorker.

Back on May 1st, 2019, I reported the following here at this blog:

Assemblyman Hevesi was in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dinowitz to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, bill A2371. By the end of the conversation (Hevesi had with constituents and Dr. Palevsky) it was reported that Hevesi stated unless Dinowitz can prove to him that it is unvaccinated children who have a religious exemption that are the cause of the spread of measles, he will vote *no* on the bill…

But Hevesi flipped back and voted YES anyway.

What’s particularly disappointing and frankly disgusting about Hevesi is that we know he had good, credible information and documentation presented to him by the amazing Dr. Palevsky; we know it was convincing and changed Hevesi’s mind; yet he still went and voted the way King Cuomo and Speaker Carl Heastie ordered him to vote.

Call Hevesi’s offices. Tell him to vote REMOVE HIS NAME as cosponsor on A2912a that would mandate Gardasil for all New York children in school and to vogte NO to A973a that allows children to be drugged and vaccinated for STDs without parental knowledge or consent.

District 28: Hevesi (Forest Hills, Queens)
Queens – 718-263-5595
Albany – 518-455-4926

email him –

visit his office:

70-50 Austin Street
Suite 118
Forest Hills, NY 11375