MSM Lies About Deaths From Chloroquine

Deaths From Fish Tank Cleaner, Not Chloroquine

March 27, 2020 — The Mainstream Media (MSM) is reporting people are dying taking chloroquine, but what they are keeping out of the headlines is that these deaths are coming from those self-medicating with a fish-tank cleaner, not the actual drug!

These deaths are also from people who did not even have CoVid-19, but who believed ingesting a fish tank cleaner would protect them in some way. Somehow the MSM is finding a way to blame President Trump for this, when (does this even need to be said?) no one has ever said to take chloroquine if you do not have CoVid-19, let alone to drink fish tank cleaner.

Chloroquine is the malaria drug that President Donald Trump has fast-tracked through the FDA to treat CoVid-19 patients because it has shown remarkable success in a recent, early study.

Just when you think the MSM can’t stoop any lower, we get this insanity.

The worst part of this is that the MSM hatred for Trump has led them to lie about a drug that may save hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives. They hate Trump so much they just don’t care if they kill people in order to attack him. Of course intravenous vitamin C at high doses is showing every sign of being the best possible treatment for CoVid-19 with no negative side effects, however that has no shot at becoming a mainstream treatment. It is far too effective and makes far too little profit for Big Pharma, so it will be largely ignored accept by very rich, powerful individuals who need treatment for CoVid-19; those people can get whatever treatments they want. (Some smart and free-thinking individuals may also be capable of getting high-dose intravenous vitamin C to treat CoVid-19 as well).

The majority of the information for this report comes from Del Bigtree and The Highwire, who recently broadcast Trump vs. Fauci: Battle of Agendas. The report highlights the battle that is going on between President Donald Trump and Dr. Stephen Fauci who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Fauci clearly and undoubtedly wants a vaccine to “solve” the coronavirus situation. Donald Trump clearly and undoubtedly wants immediate treatments to end the coronavirus shutdown of the US economy asap.

In the Medical Freedom Movement one thing almost all of us are in favor of is choice; we all want the option to choose what is and is not best for ourselves in consultation with our own doctors. Trump making chloroquine one of the treatment options for CoVid-19 is a pro-Medical Freedom move, and I support it 100%.

However it must be noted that chloroquine does have health risks. Richard Gale and Gary Null report the following, sourcing a report from China’s Zhejiang University School of Medicine, titled “Handbook of CoVid-19 Prevention and Treatment:”

The report is also clear in warning about Trump’s erroneous claims about chloroquine’s safety and lists the adverse effects including cardiac arrest and ocular toxicity. In China chloroquine is not being prescribed unless a patient has had an electrocardigram performed. None of this was noted during Trump’s press conference.

***So let’s be clear about this in every possible way: Yes, chloroquine can be beneficial to many suffering from CoVid-19. The recent deaths published by the MSM saying people have died from this drug are false, as those who died ingested a fish tank cleaner with no doctor prescription or supervision. However chloroquine does have some health risks including cardiac arrest and ocular toxicity. No one should be taking chloroquine without a thorough evaluation from a doctor that considers all of a patient’s medical history and risk factors. Intravenous vitamin C, and other natural therapies, have been proving very effective against CoVID-19 with no side effects. Learn about those natural remedies here***


Watch the full report from Del Bigtree and THE HIGHWIRE here on Facebook:

or watch that same report here on YOUTUBE:


***UPDATE*** April 7, 2020 — MSM may have finally realized they got it wrong on Chloroquine:

Elmhurst Hospital Aggressively Promoted Flu Shots

March 26, 2020 — The Queens Hospital that is suffering from the worst COVID-19 epidemic in America right now was an extremely aggressive promoter of flu vaccination this winter.

Of course, all hospitals are huge flu shot promoters in the winter.

However I personally know of a person who went to Elmhurst Hospital in January with an injured limb. The individual was an immigrant and was asked a million questions at the hospital – especially pertaining to travel (though the individual has not traveled out of New York in years).

Hospital staff insisted this individual get a flu shot, and told them it was critical in order to “protect” them against the coronavirus.

Just a few weeks after this, reports started to break surrounding a US military study that shows those who got the flu vaccine this season are more likely to have acute illness from the coronavirus. This particular study appears to have been widely read and taken seriously by the powers that be. This is obvious because as the coronavirus crisis worsened in New York, and daily briefings from Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio became the most watched TV in NY, neither of them recommended getting the flu shot. That stuck out like a sore thumb to anyone paying attention. Friends and family of mine – who have far less interest in vaccine controversies than I do – have even noticed and pointed out this anomaly to me. In fact in Britain it was recommended anyone who got the flu shot this season to self quarantine since they had a higher risk of suffering from coronavirus related illnesses.

Millions of New Yorkers have gotten the flu shot, but in recent years poor and immigrant communities have been targeted very aggressively to get the flu vaccine. It is also a fact that many immigrant communities are extremely compliant with both vaccination mandates and recommendations. This is especially true with Hispanic communities and Elmhurst Hospital is located right in the heart of the largest Hispanic immigrant neighborhoods in all of NYC.

Does this reality of aggressive flu shot promotion have a connection to the COVID-19 epidemic we are seeing at Elmhurst Hospital? I don’t know. What I am presenting here is merely my own first hand knowledge of patients recently treated at Elmhurst Hospital combined with a few well-known facts and inference.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is Overwhelmed with COVID-19

March 26, 2020 — It is reported that 13 people have died from COVID-19 at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY in the past 24 hours.

I know this hospital. It is in Elmhurst which borders Jackson Heights. Both of these neighborhoods have large immigrant communities, predominantly Hispanic yet extremely diverse. It is also being reported that there are massive lines forming at the hospital where people – mostly immigrant men – are waiting sometimes an entire day to get tested. In some cases the men are turned away and told to come back the next day. This was even the case one day this week when it was down pouring rain all day long. So many of these men waiting to be tested because they were sick and had bad coughs were waiting in the rain all day long, and some never even got the opportunity to get tested. Elmhurst has just setup a COVID-19 testing tent.

Reports are also coming in that Elmhurst hospital is the first in NYC to be running out of ventilators, however sister-hospitals in NYC sent their ventilators to Elmhurst in the nick of time. There is even discussion about making Elmhurst hospital dedicated to COVID-19 care exclusively.

Here is some additinal reporting from the local Eye Witness News team in NYC

Cuomo vs. Trump – NY Ventilator Shortage

March 24, 2020 — THE HILL covered Governor Cuomo’s ventilator shortage in New York during the COVID19 crisis and Trump’s responses to it. They made Cuomo look far better than he deserves to. The publication reported the following:


“We’re going to help (Cuomo and New York), but if you think about Governor Cuomo, we’re building him four hospitals, we’re building him four medical centers. We’re working very, very hard for the people of New York.”

He added that Cuomo had the chance to buy 16,000 ventilators in 2015 but didn’t do so.

It is not clear what Trump was talking about, but an opinion piece in the New York Post last week made a similar claim. Trump frequently repeats ideas and arguments he has read in conservative media.

“He obviously didn’t read the document he’s citing,” Dani Lever, a spokeswoman for Cuomo, said in a statement to The Hill. “This was a 5 year old advisory task force report, which never recommended the State procure ventilators — it merely referenced that New York wouldn’t be equipped with enough ventilators for a 1918 flu pandemic. No one is, including Mr. Trump.”

The White House did not respond to a request for clarification. (emphasis added)


I often like THE HILL’s perspective on news, but they miss the mark here.

First they ignore that public health experts have been saying for years that this country was overdue for a pandemic outbreak of some sort. For Cuomo’s spokesperson to say in 2015 there was a “mere reference” to not being equipped for such a pandemic indicates Cuomo didn’t take such threats seriously. However back on October 18, 2019 – in New York City – the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins University held a table-top war game for the scenario of a coronavirus pandemic flying across the entire globe.

So let’s forget about 2015 for a minute: did Governor Cuomo not know about the table-top war game that happened right in NYC? Was he not briefed on it? Did he not think he needed to reconsider his public health policy in regards to pandemics at that point?

Why is no one asking him questions like this?

THE HILL also ignores that New York had the money to invest in more ventilators in 2015, but chose not to. They ignore that no action was taken to better prepare New York and make public health a priority. They ignore that Cuomo’s plan was the ridiculous notion of “rationing” ventilators in case their was a pandemic.

After going through pandemic planning in 2015, the proper response of a governor is not to create a “rationing plan” for the meager amount of ventilators the state has, especially when the governor had the money to better the situation. As former lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey correctly called it, Cuomo’s rationing plan effectively named a Death Officer. Some people would get ventilators, some would not; and some would die directly due to this “plan.” Once again Cuomo would get in between the doctor/patient relationship, as he is currently doing with vaccination. This is an irresponsible “plan” for the Empire State and the Capitol of the World (New York City).

Does anyone have any idea how unbelievably lucky we are as a nation right now to be debating exactly how many ventilators get sent to New York from the federal government? Here is all the amazing luck we needed to have the luxury of such a debate:

  • The outbreak started on the opposite side of the world
  • The outbreak spread to Italy and gave us a “preview” of what we might face
  • The outbreak is rising in American locations at different times, not all at once
  • The federal government has not already given it’s 20,000 ventilators to other states

For THE HILL to ignore this critical perspective of the public health crisis New York is facing is an intentional decision to undercut Trump and prop-up Cuomo. I am no Trump supporter, and I will gladly slam him when he deserves to be slammed. In this instance, Cuomo is lucky as hell that the federal government will likely bail New York out of our ventilator crisis.

READ ALSO – Cuomo and Zucker Responsible for NY COVID-19 Deaths

***Update 3-28-2020 – looks like Cuomo got ventilators from the federal government

Cuomo Blames Trump for His Ventilator Screw Up

March 24, 2020 — In his daily press briefing today Governor Cuomo has asked the Federal Government to release 20,000 ventilators they have in stockpile to New York. However he failed to mention had he purchased the 16,000 ventilators he knew New York needed back in 2015 he wouldn’t need the federal support he is begging for today. Mayor De Blasio just announced minutes ago that the federal government is sending 2,000 ventilators to NYC. De Blasio made sure to thank the Trump administration for that, but said NYC needs 15,000 ventilators.

Given the emergency of the situation right now Cuomo is correct, the federal government should deploy ventilators to New York immediately. However to shirk the responsibility for not having purchased those ventilators when he knew New York was way short – and he had the money in a huge surplus budget- is simply ridiculous.

I’m not sure, but I think the Trump administration is waiting to see how the hydroxychloroquine treatments work in New York – which are starting today throughout the entire state. I give Trump – and Del Bigree from The Highwire – credit for this development and believe it very well may be extremely helpful

FEMA is sending 400 ventilators to New York. However Cuomo says “400? I need 30,000 ventilators!” It can take 2 weeks to get the ventilators in palce. I don’t know if Cuomo’s 30,000 estimate is correct. However the ventilator issue is the critical issue of life and death when it comes to the novel coronavirus. If we lack ventilators when they are needed, people will die who didn’t have to die.

NYC Nurse Tells What Hospital is Like Right Now

Mach 21, 2020 — I have a dear friend who works at a prominent hospital in NYC. Here is what this person has been able to report:

  • The hospital is currently operating at 85% capacity
  • They are rapidly training nurses to fill-in as ICU nurses
  • It is non-stop busy – the hospital looks like something out of a movie
  • Their ventilator situation is currently ok in that one hospital
  • They are functioning ok, for now, but worry about any increase in capacity
  • This nurse advises everyone in New York to “stay in place!”

I now 100% agree with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler that social distancing is critically important at this point in time. COVID-19 is currently a serious public health risk. I don’t even care to discuss or debate causation at this point. I simply don’t want to see the hospitals get flooded as happened in China and then in Italy, but unfortunately, we may very well see just that.

COVID-19 does not seem to be a major threat to healthy people, but most New Yorkers are not healthy. Millions of New Yorkers have underlying health conditions. I do not wish to see any of them in harm’s way or facing death.

In the Health Freedom community we are seeing a healthy debate right now around the true causes of COVID-19, the tests used to detect the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2), and the controversy over whether the virus has been properly isolated at this point in time. Right now I could care less about any of those issues. I know this health crisis is being taken advantage of – but it still is a crisis! It is clear – we are standing on the brink of a public health emergency in New York – especially in New York City – and everyone needs to take it seriously.

Stay in place

Utilize social distancing

Wash your hands

Work from home if you can

Pray for New York

Cuomo and Zucker Responsible for NY COVID-19 Deaths

March 21, 2020 — People are praising Governor Cuomo for his “leadership” around the current COVID-19 crisis, but he deserves nothing of the kind and I will prove it here. If there is a drastic uptick of hospitalizations in New York due to COVID-19 cases, the lack of ventilators that will lead to certain deaths are 100% Cuomo’s fault. Betsy McCaughey reports the following:


After learning that the state’s stockpile of medical equipment had 16,000 fewer ventilators than New Yorkers would need in a severe pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to a fork in the road in 2015. He could have chosen to buy more ventilators. Instead, he asked his health commissioner, Howard Zucker to assemble a task force and draft rules for rationing the ventilators they already had. That task force came up with rules that will be imposed when ventilators run short. Patients assigned a red code will have the highest access, and other patients will be assigned green, yellow or blue (the worst) depending on a “triage officer’s” decision. In truth, a death officer. Let’s not sugarcoat it. It won’t be up to your own doctor. (emphasis added)


This is precisely what is happening in Italy right now. A lack of ventilators is directly resulting in deaths of COVID-19 patients. It’s no wonder Cuomo is bringing New York to the brink of martial law to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus: he knows if anyone dies due to his ingenious “ventilator rationing” program that his lackey Howard Zucker was more than glad to create for him, those deaths will fall at his doorstep and no one else’s.

This is a despicable trend in America over the past 20 years – the gutting of our hospitals. Cuomo has publicly patted himself on the back as being “the most progressive Governor in New York history.” Well not when it comes to supplying hospitals with the ventilators they need so people don’t die!

This is just one of many examples where New York State’s Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker did precisely Cuomo’s bidding like a willing, ignorant lap-dog. When New York repealed the Religious Exemption to vaccination, Cuomo used his little lap-dog Zucker to punish disabled children with valid medical reasons to not be vaccinated. Zucker issued an “emergency regulation” that not only denied any new medical exemptions to vaccination, but even revoked valid medical exemptions that children had already been given by their doctors years earlier.

Ameer Hamideh is one of those children, but Cuomo and Zucker lost in court and Ameer was placed back into school by court order. Thorn Schwartz was also one of those children and, again, Cuomo and Zucker lost in court, and Thorn was placed back into his school by court order. However there are still hundreds of disabled students kicked out of school, denied an education who do not have the means to fight in court.

Read about these children being viciously denied their rights to an education by Cuomo and Zucker at the following links:

Democrats Assault on Disabled Children is Crumbling

Disabled Vaccine Injured 9 Year Old Boy Back in School

Medical Freedom Court Battle

Meanwhile Cuomo is using the COVID-19 crisis to destroy the democratic process in Albany and force through his agenda. He has shutdown the capitol to all visitors, but is forcing the lawmakers to stay and finalize the 2020 budget effectively in secret. Cuomo’s budget is likely to include allowing children as young as 9-years-old to be drugged and vaccinated in school without parental knowledge or consent; as well as forcing the dangerous HPV vaccine Gardasil on all New York children to attend school. Read about that at the following link:

Cuomo Uses COVID-19 to Dismantle New York Democracy

Do not get it twisted – Cuomo is no hero.

***Update — Cuomo announces he is getting 6,000 ventilators sent to New York hospitals. Too bad they will be rushed in – who knows when they will arrive, be subject to troubleshooting, and ultimately be deployed. Even still, this is 10,000 ventilators short of the 16,000 Cuomo was warned we needed 5 years ago.