Coronavirus Death Predictions Drop Dramatically!

April 2, 2020 — The Imperial College model from scientist Neil Ferguson that predicted millions of deaths from COVID-19 has plummeted. In the UK it had predicted 500,000 deaths, but Ferguson has adjusted that to 20,000 deaths.

Big drop!

According to Del Bigtree and The Highwire this was a mistake of 2400%. Additionally The Daily Mail has since reported that number has dropped even further to a prediction of only 5,700 deaths in the U.K. In America Ferguson predicted 2.2 million deaths. However Dr. Debrah Birx has said those numbers are now projected to more likely be between 100,000 to 200,000.

Another big drop!

Watch The Highwire to get all the documentation supporting this:

In this episode Dr Birx explains why the Imperial College model may have been so far off the mark. One of the data points assumed by the model was that there are large numbers of asymptomatic carriers that are “silently” infecting millions of people. Dr. Birx explains we simply don’t know if that is true or not.

According to Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC, it is highly unlikely there are large numbers of asymptomatic carriers that are transmitting coronavirus. Dr. Price gave a presentation in a ZOOM call – that is now available for all to see on Youtube – where he stated that the coronavirus is behaving like a typical common-cold related virus. He stated over 99% of transmissions will be from people who have “sustained contact” with an individual who is currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or who will end up exhibiting symptoms within 1 to 2 days from when they had sustained contact with the individual. That would mean it’s only probable one could be an asymptomatic carrier for 2 days tops.

Why should we believe Dr. Price?

He is currently treating COVID-19 patients at Weill Cornell Hospital as an ICU doctor every single day and, according to Dr. Price, 20% of all COVID-19 cases in NYC are being seen at Weill Cornell. He may have the most valid opinion on the topic of any doctor or scientist in America right now. In fact today, during Governor Cuomo’s press conference, Cuomo said the models that he and his staff are analyzing are largely coming out of Weill Cornell.

Learn more about Dr. Dave Price at the following link:

One of the starkest revelations I learned from Del Bigtree and The Highwire on their broadcast today was that Dr. Anthony Fauci – the coronavirus fear-monger in chief – wrote an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine on March 26th stating that fatalities from the novel coronavirus may be less than 1%. He also states that COVID-19 may be more comparable to influenza than had originally been stated.

So what’s really going on here?

Maybe the fear-mongering and near national lock down has more to do wtih what Bill Gates has just called for. Gates says everyone will eventually need to have a “digital certificate” that shows the person is either immune to the coronavirus or has received the coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Risks

Will Human Death & Injury Come From Vaccine Trials?

May 14, 2020 — A coronavirus vaccine has the potential to wreak havoc in the human immune system, according to Dr. Peter Hotez in his recent testimony before Congress.

Hotez said creating a coronavirus vaccine is a “big scientific challenge…because one of the things we are not hearing a lot about is the unique potential safety problem of coronavirus vaccines…what happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccines is you get immunized, and then when you actually get exposed to the virus you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon and we don’t entirely understand the basis of it.” (emphasis added)

Just what is the phenomenon of “immune enhancement”?

“Immune Enhancement” is the opposite of what it sounds like – it is actually extremely dangerous.

When a person is vaccinated they usually develop antibodies to the antigen they are vaccinated for. Those antibodies should be able to fight off the virus in the future if the individual ever comes in contact with the wild, natural virus. However in some cases the opposite happens. The antibodies produced from the vaccine enhance the entry of the virus, and in some cases they enhance and increase the replication of the virus! So being vaccinated does the exact opposite of what the vaccination is purported to do; the vaccine actually makes the infection far worse.

The actual name for this phenomenon is antibody dependent enhancement.

One example of this phenomenon happened with the horrific mass vaccination of children in tn the Philippines with the dengue vaccine (for yellow fever), where 130 children vaccinated with Dengvaxia died and hundreds of thousands of parents were enraged. Researchers and doctors involved in the mass vaccination campaign were indicted:

Today in America Biotech companies are starting to announce rushed coronavirus vaccine trials in humans without first performing tests in animals. However, as stated by Dr. Peter Hotez, cornaviruses fall into a category of respiratory vaccines that are known to have problems with the dangerous phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement. Why would anyone approve skipping vaccine tests on animals in such a dangerous and potentially life threatening scenario?!? Skipping this vital step has created a storm of criticism and debate in the scientific community surrounding the ethics of injecting experimental vaccines into human beings (click on the previous hyper-link to read that debate).

This phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement is one reason why Dr. James Weiler-Lyons has put forth a hypothesis explaining why the new coronavirus has been more deadly in China than in other parts of the world. He postulates those who died may have been previously injected with a coronavirus trial vaccine.

According to Weiler, it is well known that China ran a phase-1 clinical trial of a vaccine for SARS during the “outbreak” of SARS in the 2000s. Weiler postulates that it is possible China secretly executed a large phase-2 clinical trial or, heaven forbid, an even larger phase-3 clinical trial where hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens were vaccinated. If this is the case, and these same people were reinfected with the novel coronavirus, it is possible they experienced an antibody dependent enhancement reaction, or some other secondary challenge relating to the vaccine they would have received in the potential trial.

Meanwhile Robert f. Kennedy jr. has just connected the novel coronavirus to military-sponsored tests performed in conjunction with China;


Reuters reports on phenomenonof “Immune Enhancement”

Read more on Hotez:

Timeline and vaccines in trials –

US Health Agencies Conspired to Allow the Autism Epidemic

Top US Health Officials Know Vaccines Can Sicken Children

The Smoking Gun – Simpsonwood


February 28, 2020 — In 1999 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) commissioned a study by Epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten that proved children who received the HEP-B vaccine within the first 60 days of life had a 1135% greater chance of getting a diagnosis of Autism than children who did not receive that vaccine. In America every child is given the HEP-B vaccine on day-1 of life unless the parents refuse it.

They knew (vaccines were) causing the Autism epidemic in 1999,” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Verstraeten study prompted an emergency meeting that was held off of the CDC campus at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Georgia to be kept secret. The heads of all the major vaccine companies and health agencies were among the five dozen people who attended the secret meeting. This included heads of the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and more. Former NIH Director Dr. Walter Orenstein and the CDC’s Dr. Frank Destefano were just two of the high-powered names in attendance. All of these officials spent two days discussing the Verstraetn study, and Thomas Verstraeten gave a presentation about the study at Simpsonwood. There is a transcript of this meeting that has come to be known as The Simpsonwood Documents. In 2005, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published excerpts of this transcript in a report titled “Deadly Immunity” in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The first day at Simpsonwood these health officials and vaccine capitalists spent their time coming to a consensus that yes, the vaccination program is very likely to be the cause of Autism and other catastrophic health problems in American children. Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado is quoted in the transcript apologizing for having stepped away from the meeting. He had gotten an urgent call that his daughter-in-law had an emergency C-section delivering his grandson; the first male in the family to carry on his name. Based on what he had just learned at Simpsonwood he said he didn’t want this child getting any vaccine that contained thimerosal (mercury). Thomas Verstraeten ended his talk at Simpsonwood by questioning if it was in fact thimerosal that was causing catastrophic health problems in children – maybe it was aluminium, or some combination of vaccine components.

On the second day at Simpsonwood the discussion shifted to how all of these horrific facts would be kept secret from the American public, the media and the lawyers; they were (and are) terrified of lawyers finding out and holding each of them personally liable for destroying the health of American children.

If anyone ever tells you vaccines don’t cause Autism, point them to this report and all of the below links:


Read the entire Simpsonwood transcript for yourself at the following link:

Download the complete Simpsonwood Documents as a pdf here:

Watch Robert F. Kennedy detail the facts surrounding Simpsonwood here:

Read “Deadly Immunity,” originally published in Rolling Stone, 2005

Read some critical excerpts from the Simpsonwood Documents here:

Learn more about the HEP-B Vaccine:


FED UP DEM Analysis – The fact that children who received the HEP-B vaccine within the first 60 days of life have a 1135% greater chance of getting an Autism diagnosis does not mean that the HEP-B vaccine alone causes Autism. Children whose parents allow them to receive this vaccine within the first 60 days of life are highly likely to stick to the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule for the first 12 to 18 months of life which includes at least 24 vaccines. All available evidence to date points to the fact that it is the cumulative impact of multiple vaccinations at such a young and vulnerable age that creates a synergistic toxicity which can lead to neurological diseases such as Autism. I would recommend reading HOW TO END THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC by J.B. Handley for some of the best documentation that further supports this thesis.


Quote from Epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten:

Finally, and this may be the toughest one of all, how do we know that it is a Thimerosal effect? Since all vaccines (at that time were) Thimerosal containing, how do we know that it’s not something else (causing neurological disorders) in the vaccines such as aluminum or the antigens? – page 50, The Simpsonwood Documents

China’s Social Credit Tyranny


China’s social credit system will “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.” – China’s State Council; June 14, 2014

February 11, 2020 — China is using drones to enforce coronavirus rules on its citizens. If you are not wearing a medical mask on the streets in China today, a drone will swoop down and speak to you about it. Drones may also enforce quarantine rules. This is certain to have an impact on an individual’s “social credit” score, a Chinese system that is now in place that goes far beyond George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. Let’s take a look at how China is not only destroying the rights of the individual, but working towards actually eradicating the individual entirely from it’s communist society by creating a “new citizen.”

***Nearly all of the below comes from Truthstream Media’s What’s Your Social Credit Score? ***

China’s social credit system runs on a series of “blacklists.” One example of how you end up on such a list is by posting “unapproved thoughts” on social media. If a person is caught littering, having a messy yard, or gossiping their social credit score drops. In one Chinese city they have facial recognition cameras that catch jay-walkers, then flash their pictures on public screens on the street in an effort to shame them before sending them a fine to their phone.

These technologies have been rolled out in Chinese classrooms as well, monitoring student behavior and engagement during classes, scanning the class every 30 seconds. They can tell if the students are behaving appropriately, and even if they are engaged based on where the child’s eyeballs are looking.

Google has built China a “special” censored search engine. As of December 2019 all Chinese citizens are required to use facial recognition to sign up for internet services or to get a new cell phone number. Residents are banned from transferring their phone number to someone else. China’s largest dating website has agreed to boost the dating profiles of citizens who have high social credit scores. Muslim minorities in China are monitored ferociously and over 1,000,000 of them have been placed into “Chinese Reeducation Camps.” The videos the government puts out of people in the reeducation camps dancing and smiling – so happy they have been “reeducated” – are disturbing to the bone when you watch them.

If you have a low social credit score you can be banned from traveling on planes and trains.

Or, if you are allowed to travel on trains, you can only purchase the least desirable seat on the least desirable train at the least desirable time. You may be banned from train travel and only allowed on buses. When your social credit score begins to fall, your friends and family are aware. They naturally begin to distance themselves from you out of fear that their social credit scores will begin to fall by association with you, which can and does happen.

Eventually everyone will mimic the behavior that the government rewards, and China will have created a “new citizen.” That “new citizen” will exist for the betterment of the Chinese state; not the betterment of themselves; or their friends; or their family; or their spouse; or their children, but the state. This connects with the UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY (UDI) that is being rolled out in India. This is where every Indian citizen must have a bio-metric UDI to do everything from purchase food, to see a doctor, to withdraw money from an ATM. It has even been reported that people in India who artificial intelligence software has failed to recognize by their fingerprints have starved to death when they couldn’t receive their food rations. (In America this sort of system is going to creep in through the new REAL ID).

These types of totalitarianism are great ways to coerce adults into getting vaccinated; because if you are unvaccinated your social credit score will surely drop. In America and Europe we will slowly see laws moving us in this direction creep into our state houses and Washington D.C. Recently a bill called the “Fair Credit Act” passed in the House. Repubolicans offered an amendment to that bill that would prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from forcing credit reporting based on religious or political beliefs. The Democratic controlled Congress voted against that amendment. This does not mean that we will have a social credit system in America by 2021, however it is part of a slow creep towards techno-totalitarianism happening in America today.

Watch Truthstream Media’s documentary, What’s Your Social Credit Score?

Review of Vice’s Anti-Vaxx Fever


February 10, 2020 — The VICE documentary titled “Anti-Vaxx Fever” is a hit piece.

It created the illusion of telling both sides of the story by spending a lot of time interviewing Hillary Simpson of “Crazy Mothers,” who is a passionate #VaccineChoice & #HealthFreedom advocate. Simpson and Crazy Mothers hosted the successful Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) event recently held in Washington D.C. However the main theme of the VICE documentary was to praise Ethan Linderberger as an 18-year-old, Dungeon’s & Dragon’s playing globe-trotting pro-vaccine hero, while making Vaccine Choice advocates appear to be little more than opportunistic capitalists. For those who don’t remember Ethan, he is the young man whose mother never vaccinated him and once he turned 18 he made the choice to get vaccinated.

So that’s the short version for all those who don’t need to know more. If you want details, keep reading.

The reporter who takes us through this story is Krishna Andavolu (pictured above). He paints Vaccine Choice Advocates as being sincere in what they believe, which only makes them more dangerous to society. By the end Andavolu says we ignore “anti-vaxxers” at our own peril, and, “This is what life in post-truth America looks like,” stating Vaccine Choice advocates are liars.

Post Truth America

Here are some “Post-Truths” from Krishna Andavolu himself:

The biggest lies were when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was interviewed by Andavolu. RFK referenced the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that concluded scientific studies did not exist to prove or disprove that vaccines cause autism. At that point Andavolu cuts away from the interview entirely and says RFK is completely wrong; that many studies have been done to prove vaccines do not cause autism. He quotes the now famous Danish study published in 2019 that said there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. But that is not what RFK said: rather he said the studies have not been done to prove that vaccineS (plural, with an S) do not cause autism. Everyone loves to focus all attention on the MMR and forget the other 50+ doses of vaccines that go into every American child (#PostTruth)

In fact the Danish study was designed with multiple flaws, but the most glaring is that it was done in Denmark, not America. Why does that matter? Well, for starters in Denmark they do not inject day-1 old babies with the HEP-B vaccine; in America, we do! So this data is not relevant to the vaccine schedule the children in the United States are on. It also uses a common page out of the pro-vaccine playbook to only mention one vaccine – the MMR. For years, perhaps decades, this has been a standard diversionary tactic used by those who wish to avoid dealing with all of the facts head on; ignoring every single other vaccine’s potential link to autism (#PostTruth)

Andavolu interviews Del Bigtree and airs about 15 seconds of that interview where Bigtree says the debate around vaccines is tearing people apart, even tearing families apart, and there is one way to end the debate…

…and that’s the end of Bigtree’s part in the documentary. They literally don’t even allow him to say what the “one way” is to end the debate (#PostTruth)

Krishna Andavolu speaks with Mark Roberts who runs computer models to show what happens when “herd immunity” drops in a school from 100% to 99% to 98%, and so on, and claims to show if a measles case comes into those groups the number of infected children rises exponentially for every 1% drop in vaccine coverage. Eventually Roberts says, “This is not to say this is exactly what is going to happen…” Of course it’s not! It’s a simulated computer model based on the data set Roberts is plugging in which, just maybe, is designed to support his pro-vaccine agenda. Those who are unvaccinated are referred to as “bystanders.” Andavolu at one point looks at the computer screen – that we can no longer see – and says, “oh look! 30% of the (measles) cases are in bystanders.”

30% of what exactly? What simulation is he referring to? We aren’t told (#PostTruth)

Mark Roberts then says, “We are going to see a child die of measles this year or next.”

That hasn’t happened and is very unlikely to happen.

What we know to be true is quite different. We know that in New York in 2018/19 there were approximately 26,000 unvaccinated students in schools that had religious exemptions to vaccinations. Not one of those children played any role in the measles outbreak they were blamed for during that time. We know this from Democratic Assemblyman Tom Abinanti who said precisely this on the floor of the Assembly in Albany, NY on June 13, 2019. No one challenged him on this statement. No one disputed him, because they couldn’t. Nevertheless Roberts wants us to believe unvaccinated children like this will be responsible for his hypothetical measles death this year or next year. The fact is that there hasn’t been a single death in America from measles in over 10 years. (#PostTruth)

We also get to hear from Texas moms who are scared to death of the power of the “anti-vaxxer” lobby in Texas. One mom says that a child was sent into a public school with measles; with a full measles rash on the child’s body. I have to admit, when I heard this I gasped out loud. The mothers went on to say it is horrifying that these “anti-vaxxer” moms think it is ok to send their measles-infected child into school on purpose. I waited for the source of this claim to be presented.

And waited,

And waited…

No source (#PostTruth)

To even insinuate that any Vaccine Choice advocate or parent believes they should be sending children with active measles into school is disgraceful. No one believes that! If it did happen, I would love to know who it was that did this, what the circumstances were and what that parent’s comments are about the situation. However VICE doesn’t give us any of that (#PostTruth)

Very Little Truth

VICE provides us with very little truth in their #PostTruth documentary. In fact all of the #PostTruths I’ve mentioned here are just what I know off the top of my head. I’m not even going into far more #PostTruths that Krishna Andavolu and his crew had no problem spewing out to the entire world. There was very little to like in the documentary, but I did manage to find two pieces I enjoyed.

Watching 18-year-old Ethan Linderberger play Dungeons and Dragons in his basement with his friends was very entertaining. Krishna Andavolu says that Linderberger “Has a nack for driving a narrative” and you can see just that as he conjures up a brilliant D&D narrative of a woman magically entering a scene and violently slashing her opponent (who happened to be Krishna Andavolu). You can also see at times just how smitten Linderberger is to be sweet-talked backstage before coming on as a guest on talk shows, as well as being a keynote speaker flown into Brussels at the World Vaccine Summit.

One point that was made which was very interesting was that the #VaccineChoice and #HealthFreedom movement is composed of everyone from Trumpers to Bernie-bangers and everything else you can imagine. The far-left and the far-right – who never agree on anything in the world – are agreeing on this one issue. We all want to have control over our own bodies; and our children’s bodies – GO FIGURE! This reminds me of a quote from a recent interview I conducted with the amazing Assemblyman Jamel Holley when speaking of the Health Freedom movement in America today.

“This is a political revolutionary one issue movement that I believe is going to take place in every state in this country.”

Andavolu says this fact may make all Vaccine Choice advocates and parents very “dangerous.” I think I agree with this point – we are very dangerous to the status-quo of forced medical procedures against informed consent.

Interview With Health Freedom Fighter Jamel Holley

Donate to Holley’s Campaign HERE

Any elected official or candidate running for office that touches on removal of Religious Exemptions to vaccination, touches on taking away parental choice, or touches on taking away freedom of choice will have major issues being elected or reelected. There is a political revolution that is taking place right now and if those individuals want to remain in office or enter office they better not touch upon these freedoms or they will be in very big danger. They can hear me now or they can believe me later.” – New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley


February 7, 2020 — I’ve been running a Health Freedom Blog for 10 months, but it wasn’t until the morning of my long-scheduled interview with the amazing Jamel Holley that my blog was hacked. The New Jersey Assemblyman’s campaign website is no stranger to similar “technical difficulties” ever since Holley began ramping up his challenge to Big Pharma.

If the donation link at the top of this report doesn’t work, please manually type in the URL that appears in the following picture:

I strongly urge everyone to please give whatever you can to Jamel Holley. After interviewing him I have no doubt that he is 100% committed to fighting across the entire nation for #HealthFreedom & #VaccineChoice. While he is not a parent himself, it is as if he has adopted all of our children in this battle. The passion Holley speaks with is infectious. He is a rising Health Freedom Fighter championing our cause, and what I find most exciting are his discussions on building “Urban Health Alliances.”

“We are discussing how to develop an Urban Health Alliance to focus on educating the African American and Hispanic communities because a lot of these communities are not informed about the dangers of vaccines.” Holley said they plan to bring this message to churches, places of worship, community health and civil rights organizations to make sure Black and Latino communities have access to the real science surrounding vaccination. This is a game changer folks; it is an outgrowth of what Curtis Cost began at The Harlem Vaccine Forum which was so incredibly feared by the likes of Peter Hotez and CBS News. Jamel Holley and RFK Jr. may prove to be an extremely dangerous duo to the status quo.

“Wherever there needs to be a voice to protect parents and their families I will be there to lend my support to this cause,” reassures Holley.

The Assemblyman called me as he was traveling back from Connecticut’s State Capitol after the February 5th Health Freedom protest, where he was one of the keynote speakers. “Several hundred people were at the Capitol today. It was very electrifying; the parents are extremely engaged, more engaged now than ever to bring more people out…This is a political revolutionary one issue movement that I believe is going to take place in every state in this country.”

Holley made sure to clearly express his disdain for the term “anti-vaxxer.”

“Not one parent that I’ve spoken to is an anti-vaxxer. That word should not be used to describe a parent who birthed a child. These parents are good people who want to make their own choice and protect their religious freedom…Government has no place, no entrance into that conversation.”

The Battle in New Jersey

For those who don’t know the specifics of what went down in New Jersey, there was a bill to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination that was missing one vote in the Senate to pass. To get that vote a deal was cut with Republican Senator Declan O’Scanlon to allow the Religious Exemption to vaccination in private schools, but not public schools. Holley was already voting no to the bill – long before this amendment was proposed – but when this came on the table he began actively lobbying his colleagues to join him in voting no.

“We do not need to rewind the clock back. We are in 2020 now and if there is going to be equality for all there needs to be equality for all,” said Holley.

Holley was adamant to his Democratic colleagues that they could not vote in support of a bill that allowed a White Republican Senator to segregate children based on income, zip-code and ultimately based on race. This amendment, meant to save the bill, ended up being its fatal flaw; Holley calls it “The Declan Segregation Amendment.”

“The conversation around repealing the Religious Exemption started out as a public health issue for all children, but then it became about segregating children. That’s when I became very vocal,” said Holley.

Holley gained enough resistance in the Assembly to stop the bill from moving forward, but he couldn’t have done it without the parent advocates and protesters. “Ultimately the bill failed because of the thousands of parents who emailed, telephoned, protested outside the state house and actively educated legislators When you are an elected official you are not supposed to take things personal, you are supposed to hear things out. I heard parents tell me about their children who were perfectly healthy before they were vaccinated. It was easy for me to make an informed decision.”

Conway’s Criticism of Holley

I asked Holley about comments from Assemblyman Herb Conway who is chair of the Health Committee in New Jersey. Conway said that Holley is “not making any friends” with his position on vaccination.

“When I was elected,” Holley told me, “I wasn’t elected to make friends. But to the contrary I have very great friends in Trenton (New Jersey’s Capitol). I’ve been a staffer since I was 20 years old in Trenton; the first African American Assemblyman elected to the 20th District 15 years ago. A lot of these members weren’t there when I was a staffer; I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go. If one chooses not to be my friend over a position I choose to take, then so be it.”

In addition to this Holley was just recently reappointed to be a member of the Assembly Health Committee yet again – even with his current outspoken position against vaccine mandates. That means the Speaker of the Assembly made a conscious choice to give that appointment back to Holley regardless. So is Holley really lacking friends in Trenton?

Sweeney’s Alleged Comments

I also asked Holley about a recent headline that claimed Senate President Stephen Sweeney was blaming Black lawmakers in New Jersey for putting children in danger by voting against repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination.

“I have no response to that at all because I can’t confirm that he actually said that. He did not say that to me. What I can tell you is that I made my concern very vocal to both parties and leadership. I am not opposed to providing some level of medical choice to those that need it, but I am not going to participate in removing Religious Exemptions, parental choice, or pushing a Big Pharma agenda. My agenda is for the people of New Jersey. My vote affects the entire state.”

Looking to the Future

Right now it seems there is no appetite for vaccine mandates in New Jersey, according to Holley.

“This bill (to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination) is on hold, though it has been reintroduced. There was a similar bill that would allow children 14-years-old and up to vaccinate without parental knowledge or consent, but that bill was quickly withdrawn. I don’t think the will is there to pass these types of bills right now at all. The legislators I have been talking to, who I won’t name at this time, from what they are telling me believe the will for this issue to be voted on is not there. I do believe there is a will for reasonable discussion and debate around the topic of vaccination.”

The political revolution Holley talks about is not about Democrats, Republicans, right-wing, left-wing, divisions or divides; it is simply about the freedom to choose what does and does not go into our bodies and our children’s bodies:

“I’ve been in state government for 20 years. I’ve never worked more closely with Republicans on any other issue than I have on vaccines. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue; it is a choice issue…I am very inspired by the advocacy and the will power of the parents along with their children because they were out there (protesting) with their parents. That means something! And as governmental leaders who are going to make decisions for them we don’t need to listen to inside politics, we need to listen to the parental conversation that is happening.”

Jamel Holley speaking in Connecticut on Feb 5, 2020

Nazi Germany & Injections: Nurses Murdering Children

Is America Falling Into Medical Fascism?


January 25, 2020 – When watching “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich,” I was shocked and devastated by how many parallels there are between Nazi Germany and the medical madness that is currently sweeping America.

#1 – The Nazis firmly believed the “greater good” of the public was more important than the health and good of the individual.

Today the most prominent American Democrats believe the exact same thing. When I emailed and snail-mailed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and asked what her position was on mandatory vaccination, she never responded in any fashion. However I did eventually get an email from Sandy Menor, the Support Team Director for the Justice Democrats. This is the political organization Cortez belongs to that got her elected. Menor’s response to me was, “We believe all people should be vaccinated unless medically unable to do so. Public health and safety should always be the first concern. The current (New York measles) epidemic is evidence what happens when people ignore the greater good of fellow citizens and the vulnerable.” (emphasis added) Sandy Menor eluded to the notion that medical exemptions to vaccination are acceptable, however it is now nearly impossible to get such exemptions in many states.

#2 – The Nazi doctors and nurses were not allowed to serve the best interests of their patients; they had no choice but to serve the interests of the state.

Today we see this exact same reversal of the Hippocratic Oath where doctors are no longer allowed to write medical exemptions to vaccinations for patients who need them. In California only a state advisory board – that never meets with the child – can decide if a child will receive a medical exemption from state-mandated injections. In New York it is nearly impossible to get a medical exemption written by a doctor and when one is written, the Department of Health is currently advised by Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny virtually all requests. One prominent example of this is Ameer Hamideh, the severely disabled boy from Buffalo, NY, who had a valid medical exemption to vaccination given to him by his neurologist. However the New York Department of Health illegally denied the exemption. Ameer’s family sued the school in court and won. The court system still allows for some crumbs of justice to befall upon the people, on rare occasion, and is one of the few barriers we have to all out Fascism in America.

#3 – The Nazis viewed the disabled as “useless eaters” that should be segregated from society and did not have the same human rights as German citizens.

Today in New York, California, Maine, Mississippi and West Virginia children who are disabled and whose families refuse to inject them with state-mandated vaccinations are segregated and banned from school. In Rockland County, NY in 2019, completely healthy unvaccinated children were banned from all public spaces. In Westchester, NY the local laws have been altered to allow for forced vaccination of adults if the government mandates it otherwise you may lose your job.

#4 – The propaganda of Nazi Germany was so effective it got the entire nation hypnotized to believe “mercy killings” of “useless eaters” were proper and ethical.

The propaganda in America today labeling Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice families as “anti-vaxxers” that are a danger to the public health is 100% false, yet it is effectively hypnotizing most of the nation to believe those who choose not to vaccinate should be banned from public spaces, ridiculed, quarantined, and even forced into reeducation camps and force vaccinated. This is the rhetoric we are seeing on social media, in the mainstream news as well as in state capitols all across the country – especially state capitols controlled by Democrats. Right now in New York there is a bill being considered – bill A99 – that would allow adults to be detained and force vaccinated if the government deemed it necessary.

#5 – We know that America smuggled Nazi scientists into America, as reported by the New York Times citing a 2006 Department of Justice report.

“Project Paperclip” was a CIA covert operation that brought Nazi scientists (and other Nazis) into America not to prosecute them, but to work with them. We know NASA’s rocket program and the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control experiments were both worked on hand-in-hand with Nazi scientists. We also know from psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin there were Nazi scientists brought to America that worked on electroshock therapy on psychiatric patients. I often wonder if any Nazi scientists are connected to the vaccination program. Later in this report I detail Josef Mengele’s experiments injecting twins with “germs, diseases and drugs” quoting Eva Kor, one of Mengele’s unwitting subjects.

#6 – Over a dozen nurses recently interviewed in America say they know the way vaccines are administered to children today is causing many to be disabled and even killed, but very few are listening to them.

In Nazi Germany the doctors issued the majority of the orders, but it was the nurses who actually killed “undesirable” children, most commonly by injecting them with substances that ended their lives. The nurses would often administer the lethal injection and hold the child in their arms while they died. Of course there is a big difference between this and vaccination – the goal of vaccination is not explicitly to kill or disable children, but too often the result is effectively just that. At the end of this report I list links to over a dozen American nurses giving statements on video recounting the damage and death they have witnessed from vaccination of children in contemporary America.


Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich:

Sterilization, Experimentation and Murder

Nazi Germany involuntary sterilized about 400,000 Germans, “euthanized” 200,000 disabled German children and adults, and invented the mass-murder machine of the gas chamber. None of this could have happened without the support of doctors and nurses. 40% of all doctors in Germany joined the Nazi party, while other white collar professions joined in far smaller numbers.

Eugenics is the belief that one race is genetically superior to another, and the lesser people can therefore be killed and sterilized to promote “the greater good” of the society. Eugenics is a false pseudo-science and was the cornerstone of Nazi propaganda and deadly medical campaigns. However the Germans did not invent eugenics, but rather learned of it from American scientists who were the first to promote the pseudo-science, according to Michael A. Grodin, MD featured in the documentary “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich.” Laws on the books in Virginia allowed sterilization of developmentally disabled (formerly called “mentally retarded”) people. “There was a time where there were letters in US journals saying, ‘look at the Nazis they’ve gotten ahead of us (in eugenics) we’ve got to catch up‘,” said Grodin.

The Nazi programs of sterilization and killing required many participants. “Of course it required lawyers, it required doctors, it required bureaucrats, it required administrators; but many of the nurses were the ones who actually carried out the injections…Nurses were the agents of the physicians and the physicians during the Nazi period were agents of the state. That’s very important because physicians were no longer asked to care for patients but to care for the state,” according to Grodin.

Germany’s doctors and nurses embraced the Nazi party except Jewish doctors who were obviously excluded. The official journal of the German Medical Association put the swastika on their journal and got rid of all Jewish authors and doctors very quickly; in 5 to 6 years Jews were out of all academic and professional establishments. After years of Nazi propaganda the German medical establishment began to believe “racial hygiene” was good for the nation. Social Darwinism was embraced by both doctors and nurses for a “healthy thriving society.”

In the 1920’s a book was written with the title roughly translated as “Permitting the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life,” by Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche. This wound up being a great influence on Hitler’s support of so-called “euthanasia” which in actuality was just a mass-murder program. The Nazi mass-murder program first began in 1939 as a way to kill disabled children – those with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cardiac problems etc…were all considered “useless eaters.” The mass-murder program soon moved to adults.

German families were lied to by nurses and told their disabled children would be given the best of care if the families relinquished them to the state. Not long after this the children would be murdered by various means, including poisonous lethal injections. Nurses would give the children overdoses, take them outside into cold weather knowing it would sicken them leading to death, or kill them by other means. Midwives were required to report every child born with a birth defect, and would receive money for each child they reported. No consent was given to take the life of any of these children, yet the children were eventually killed.

Shortly after the killing of children began in Germany, the adult mass-murder program followed in psychiatric hospitals. The justification became that Germany needed these hospital beds for wounded soldiers after the invasion of Poland. Why should the state waste a good hospital bed on an adult worthless eater? The name of the killing team was T4. This was the first use of the gas chambers for mass-murder. The killings were somewhat hidden, but the communities around the death facilities figured out what was going on. Buses with blacked-out windows would arrive, and not too long after there arrival black smoke would be seen bellowing out from the institution when the dead bodies were burned after being gassed. People became knowledgeable of what the “grey buses” were all about. The T4 euthanasia program ended in 1941, but the killing of children continued till the end of the World War II.

How did nurses become involved in these killings? It was a gradual process. First a nurse would be asked to hold a patient while someone else did the injection, so it was easy for the nurse to say, “Well I was not the one doing the killing.” From there it is a shorter step to the nurse giving the injection herself. Senior nurses (some of which were men) would order killings to other nurses. Some nurses would starve children to death.

When Jews were moved into death camps many of the same doctors and nurses involved in the euthanasia program took down the gas chambers in the hospitals and reconstructed them in the concentration camps; additionally many nurses were directly involved in human experiments.

Eva KorHuman Experimentation

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor was captured with her twin sister Miriam and experimented on by the Nazis. To aid his sick, demented experiments, infamous Nazi Doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele utilized twins specifically to be force injected against their will and monitored. Eva and her twin sister were housed with twin girls age 2 to 16, and would be inspected by Dr. Mengele on a daily basis. After breakfast, the twins were brought for experiments which included 6 to 8 hours of having their bodies inspected. All the children were taken to a blood lab 3 days a week. According to Eva Kor the doctors and nurses would take a lot of blood from her left arm and give her at least 5 injections in her right arm.

“The contents of those injections we didn’t know then nor do I know today. To the best of my knowledge they were germs, diseases and drugs because the German Pharmaceutical company was very heavily involved in the experiments in Auschwitz. After one of those injections I became very ill with a very high fever: in fact I desperately tried to hide. The rumor in the camp was anyone taken to the hospital never came back so I didn’t want to be taken to the hospital. My fever was high, both of my legs and arms were swolen and very very painful and I had huge red patches throughout my body the size of a small apple or an egg.” – Eva Kor

(It is of interest to note Eva’s symptoms sound very similar to some adverse reactions to vaccines.)

Less than 200 of the 1500 twins used in experiments by Mengele survived. Many died from the conditions in the camp but the majority died as a result of the experiments and injections. There were sterilization experiments in Auschwitz as well, and the nurses were often the ones who picked and prepared the human subjects. Some nurses were eventually sent to prison for their participation in crimes against humanity, while others were given death sentences and hanged. Many of the nurses involved were never captured or pursued.

There were nurses who did not comply with the Nazi insanity. One was Maria Stromberger who had heard what was happening in Auschwitz and couldn’t believe it. She asked to be transferred to Auschwitz and, eventually, smuggled out information and even smuggled in ammunition and guns for resistors inside. She saved many lives.

Brave American Nurses Speaking Out!

As children are injured and killed by vaccines today, there is a brave minority of nurses and retired nurses who are beginning to speak out and tell their truth to the world. Below is a list of over a dozen nurses with a brief description of their stories and a link to the Youtube video where you can hear them speak for themselves.


(1) This Research Nurse admits to having injected a vaccine into a baby during medical research where the baby died shortly after. Her supervising physician said the baby’s death was not related to the vaccination she administered, however she does not believe that is the truth.

(2) Michele Rowton – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (specializes in children age 2 and under), with 17 years experience in the NICU, speaks out against the dangers vaccines pose to children –

(3) Nurse who got the flu shot had a horrible reaction –

(4) Two nurses tell of their vaccine injured autistic children –

(5) Julie is a registered nurse of 44 years – often saw children admitted to the emergency room shortly after receiving vaccinations –

(6) Certified Pediatric Nurse speaks out against dangers of vaccination –

(7) Belinda is a Nurse Practitioner practicing Emergency Medicine. She saw children injured from vaccine she gave, and got guillain barre syndrome herself from a flu shot –

(8) Joanne, NICU Nurse for 30 years, retired early because she can no longer vaccinate children as she is convinced they are not safe. She is especially adamant against the practice of vaccinating “micro-premies” –

(9) Registered Nurse whose son had seizures from vaccines, and she will no longer administer vaccines to anyone –

(10) Registered Nurse, now stay at home mom, doesn’t vaccinate her children –

(11) Jackie, Nurse, was pro-vaccine but no longer supports vacciantion –

(12) Psychiatric Nurse says her son was disabled after getting the MMR vaccine –

(13) Seatle Nursing student, says VAXXED is very convincing movie –

Watch CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich: