Health Freedom in Harlem, NY

500 People Attend Vaccine Forum

Amazing Diverse Turn Out!

No Mainstream News Coverage

RFK Names Names!

Overview — The Harlem Vaccine Forum was nothing if it wasn’t controversial. From Al Sharpton almost ending the event before it ever happened, to RFK Jr. having his mic cutoff and police called on him. 24 hours after the event it appears there is no mainstream news coverage of the event at all – not even to slam it. They couldn’t stop it, so now they ignore it.

After attending the event it is clear to me why there were so many attempts to stop it from happening: it was the broad range of diversity that came together in one place. This is the most dangerous aspect of the forum; Black, White, Brown, urban, suburban, old, young all represented in the same space for the same reason – Health Freedom! When I say “dangerous,” I mean dangerous to the political establishment in Albany, NY, people such as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Brad Hoylman, and Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz.

When Health Freedom Activist Sheila Ealey spoke she reminded everyone that Black folk have never been given a fair chance in America, still till this day. As I sat with White mothers (many who were in tears ) whose children have been kicked out of public school because they are unvaccinated or under-vaccinated, it was painfully clear to me none of us at that forum had a fair chance now. I felt as though I heard Sheila gently welcome us White folk to the club. This was the most powerful take-away from The Harlem Vaccine Forum for me: our strength will come as we unify and rise-up, and The Powers That Be (TPTB) know this and are afraid of it. It may be the only thing they are afraid of. – Fed Up Dem


October 20, 2019 — The Harlem Vaccine Forum was phenomenal!

As GPS directed me to the event I cracked a smile as signs took me over the RFK bridge. When I arrived at the historic Riverside Church I saw the amazing Sheila Ealey who was selling Mary Holland’s book VACCINE EPIDEMIC. I have seen Sheila speak other times, including in Albany during our NYAVR Lobby day. I introduced myself. When I told her I have a blog called The Fed Up Democrat she said “I love your stuff!” and gave me a big high five! (That was pretty cool). The event was as diverse as New York City – Black, White, Brown, old, young and children everywhere. The sound of children playing, crying, talking was almost a constant filling the air before and during the event.

Curtis Cost who wrote the book “Vaccines Are Dangerous” was the master of ceremonies for the event, and did an outstanding job. “They tried to stop us but we are here anyway,” said Cost to crowd cheers and applauds.

The first speaker was Mary Holland, who Cost just gushed love and admiration for. He said it was like the two of them were married because they spoke everyday on the phone for months planning the event. Cost thanked Children’s Health Defense (CHD) profusely for “putting their money where their mouth is.” The event would not have happened without CHD. Holland is the full-time General Council for CHD, and she was just as gracious with her thanks to Cost when she got to the microphone.

“This is a make or break Civil Rights Movement for the 21st Century,” said Holland.

Holland detailed exactly what the problems are in New York right now, specifically how we lost the Religious Exemption to Vaccination for students which New York had for over 55 years. Holland outlined the current litigation CHD has fighting mandatory vaccination. Her most memorable moment was when she discussed the legacy of the great Frederick Douglas, the 19th Century African American abolitionist and civil rights leader. Something very few know is that Douglas was staunchly opposed to mandatory vaccination. He noted that many people who were vaccinated for small pox still died of small pox, so what was the point of the vaccination! It is important for the Health Freedom Movement to remember we are in good company: many brilliant historic figures were staunchly against mandatory vaccination, including Gandhi.

Dr. Larry Palevsky was the next speaker. Palevsky is a Pediatrician who was educated at NYU Medical School. He opened by stating how impressed he was with the size of the crowd. He then asked us all to imagine that there was only one car manufacturer in the country – and that manufacturer could not be sued for anything faulty with their car – and everyone was forced to buy the car. It is illegal to walk, you must buy an unsafe car and drive it. That is exactly what mandatory vaccination is today. He told the audience vaccine manufacturers have been immune from litigation since 1986. And he gave perhaps the most ominous warning of the forum:

All adults are going to be obligated to take that product as well.”

He is right; the narrative is steering in that direction as we speak.

Dr. Palvesky said in over 20 years that he has spent working with vaccine injured children, he can say the following injuries can and do result from vaccination:

Asthma, allergies, eczema, ear infections, sleep disorders, cancer, Autism, ADD/ADHD, sensory disorders, speech disorders, problems with motor coordination, behavioral problems, autoimmune disease, infertility, commas and death.

He then asked, “How many of you here know someone who has suffered from one of these?” and almost every hand in the room went up (mine included). Dr. Palevsky reminded the audience there is plenty of medical literature that shows what he has seen is the truth. To all of the parents who had children kicked out of school for not being vaccinated Palevsky said, “If you have to move (out of New York), then move.” In his medical opinion vaccination is not worth the risk.

Palevsky also warned that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution in August recognizing non-religious affiliation in our country as being on the rise and they desire to empower those people. Dr. Palevsky said the effect of this resolution will be an attempt t0 take away both the religious and conscientious beliefs of the individual. He said that he doubts if most elected Democratic officials are even aware of this resolution or it’s implications.

Palevsky ended by stating there is a lot in the medical literature that points to the fact that it is vaccinated children who are responsible for the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. This seems to be proving true right now, as there is a chicken pox outbreak in Rocky Point, NY schools even when all the unvaccinated children have been removed.

After Dr. Palevsky the parents were up to bat.

The first parent was Stephanie Mahairas. She is a major activist fighting for Health Freedom and Vaccine Rights in New York, and she is the mother of a vaccine injured child. Stephanie said her son was injured twice from vaccines. The first time her son got Kawasaki disease and the doctors said it was something environmental. Stephanie’s husband, who is an environmental attorney, was baffled by this as he knew there was nothing in his son’s environment that could’ve caused this. The second injury resulted in her son developing measles 20 days after getting the MMR vaccine – what Stephanie called “strain-A” which is not wild measles, it is a result of the vaccine. After that, “We lost him” said Stephanie as the crowd moaned when hearing this. He regressed and began to get violent, couldn’t walk straight, and then the services began. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech services and when he went to school he needed a 1-to-1 aid with him all the time. When she realized her son was suffering from vaccine injury she began to research how to heal from it. She studied the work of Dr. Gary Null and Dr. Larry Palevsky. Her son had a one-to-one assistant in school for 8 years. Today he is 13 years old, and it is the first year he does not need a 1-to-1 assistant in school. She ended by saying, “I will never, ever, ever stop fighting for children in this country” and she will never take a vaccine, or give one to her son, ever again.

Next was Sheila Ealey, and what a powerful, amazing, inspiring and insightful speech she gave! She spoke as a parent of a vaccine injured son, reminding everyone that her son was vaccine injured on the day he received the HIB, DTaP and a mistaken double dose of the MMR (as was featured in the movie VAXXED). Sheila went around the world searching for doctors to help her son, as she believed firmly her son was physically ill not simply Autistic. An MRI was done of her son’s brain and he had nothing in his temporal lobe – nothing at all! There had been absolutely no development. This is not a symptom of Autism. After Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Sheila was homeless for a year. Around that time she got a call from a geneticist who spoke to her about mitochondrial disease and Sheila’s son became his first patient. He had to perform surgery by cutting a piece of his muscle tissue from the boy’s arm and sent it to a lab for an 8-month processing and found out that her son has Primary Mitochondrial Disease. She looked at the doctor and said, “Tell me this wasn’t from the vaccines,” and the doctor was unable to say that.

Sheila was told by other doctors at that time Black Children don’t get that disease, that it was a “rich White person’s disease.” Maybe that’s because rich White people were the only one’s paying the money for the expensive, lengthy lab tests at that time. Today it is a simple blood test. Sheila spoke about how America has never given Black people a fair chance, and still doesn’t. She detailed how African American slaves were subjects of medical experimentation against their will. And as I already said in the beginning of this report, it felt to me like Sheila was gently welcoming the White people in the audience to the world Black Americans have known for centuries. Sheila Ealey may be the most powerful and impactful Health Freedom Activist in the world today – her words have power that go beyond the material and resonate with spiritual intensity. She ended by saying,

“God didn’t promise you an easy way. But if you are faithful, he promised that he would be with you.”

We then heard from a parent activist from the Bronx who never vaccinated her children. She is a first generation American who recently had to quit one of her jobs to home school her children, and gave the following 4 pieces of advice:

  1. Follow Rita Palma on Facebook
  2. Become a member of Children’s Health Defense (donate)
  3. Know your elected officials in Albany, NY
  4. Join the New HPV & Flu Shot Awareness FB Group

John Gilmore spoke and gave a rundown of the 3 major bills we need to watch.

  1. Mandatory HPV Vaccine for all students
  2. Mandatory Flu shot for all students
  3. Kids can get vaccinated for STD’s without parental consent or knowledge

I cover these bills extensively at this blog and will continue to on a regular basis, so keep watching for my posts. When the session starts on January 8, 2020, this may be a priority of Democratic Leadership and may be voted on immediately. The time to act is right now!

“If we don’t take action,” said Gilmore, “things will get worse.”

Much worse.

Gilmore reminded us that it is the Democratic control of all 3 branches of Albany government that is allowing these horrible vaccine mandates to be passed. He also noted that the religious exemption was repealed in the Assembly only by a vote of 84 to 66, meaning we have a base of support in Albany we must tap into.

Shakira Moore spoke as a Holistic Iridology Practitioner, which is a holistic healing science that assesses health through observation and appearance of ones eyes. Her mother read Curtis Cost’s book “Vaccines Are Dangerous” when she was pregnant with Shakira and her twin brother. This helped her make the decision to not vaccinate and both of her children were extremely healthy children and are extremely healthy adults today. She credits Cost and her mother with saving her and her brother from the “poison needle.”

Cost reminded us that the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination is largely about making sure no one knows that unvaccinated children are the healthiest children on the planet. I 100% agree with this statement.

Next was Reverend Dr. Phil Valentine who Cost introduced in the highest regard with the utmost respect for his knowledge, wisdom, activism and work. I had never heard of Valentine prior to this event. A few things are very clear about him – he is extremely knowledgeable and has helped hundreds of African American families receive religious exemptions to vaccination in New York. He said his exemptions were challenged in court three times by the Department of Education, and all three times he won. When he went to the courts to receive the transcripts for those three cases either the court transcripts had been sealed or lost, according to Valentine. He had a powerful message that covered a lot, including child sex trafficking where he even gave a little praise to President Donald Trump.

Valentine touched upon some issues that go way, way beyond the scope of Health Freedom. He called America “the bankrupt United States” which begins to get into the corruption of the Federal Reserve. This terminology I have also heard used from those who say that income tax is illegal, and is actually a voluntary system. If you look into this closely it turns out it is true. However just because the gangsters take our money illegally doesn’t mean they won’t put us in jail – by legal or illegal means. When the game is rigged, it’s rigged. It is very difficult to stand in the gangster’s courtroom, cite the gangster’s laws as to why the gangster has no authority over you, and walk out of that courtroom having won the day. Valentine is a very intelligent and interesting man. I hope to have the time to do more research on him and his work.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“I read too much science, and I couldn’t unread it,” said RFK Jr. at the beginning of his speech at the historic Riverside Church, as he explained how he ended up in this battle over vaccination. He mentioned Porter Bridges who was the first child awarded $20 million due to vaccination causing his Autism. Bridges is still being paid from the trust fund set up by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to compensate vaccine injured children. Many years ago Sarah Bridges, Porter’s mother, brought hundreds of peer-review scientific documents to RFK and said to him “READ IT,” and he did.

Can’t unread it now.

RFK was of course involved in researching the dangers of mercury in fish during his work with Riverkeepers. Now he learned about thimerosol, the mercury preservative added to vaccines.

Kennedy said there is a “huge gap” between what CDC and the Health Services say about vaccines and what the scientific literature says. Because of his name and his family, RFK Jr. has (or maybe, had) access to the highest levels of government and health regulatory bodies. People such as Francis Collins, Toni Faucci, Kathleen Stratton and Paul Offit. When describing their responses to him about vaccine safety, Kennedy says, “They were unable to make any type of coherent sense.” RFK Jr. detailed a phone conversation he had with Paul Offit which is so telling, so revealing and so important, I am going to write a report on that topic alone.

The crowd was hanging on every word RFK Jr. had to say. It was the crucial, climactic moment of the conference – and then the church cut his microphone. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was at the beginning of a historic speech at The Riverside Church in Harlem, had that historic moment partially robbed from him by the Church itself.

I have been to dozens of social justice events – including at least 6 in the Riverside Church itself. I have never seen a speaker treated that way; ever. Sometimes they may get rushed, they may be asked to hurry, but I’ve never seen a microphone get completely cut to dead air. Yesterday Kennedy tweeted that not only was his mic cut and he was pushed out of the church, but in addition the police were called! I have already written about this controversy, so refer back to that report for all the details. You can watch RFK’s speech in full on Facebook by clicking here.

Video of the rest of the event can be watched here:

***I apologize for any inaccuracies or mistakes in this report. I have no more time to spend on it prior to publishing. I especially apologize for not including the names of every parent who spoke as there was no program provided and I was unable to get every name when they were announced. If any corrections are required please send them to thefedupdemocrat@ ***

Controversy at Harlem Vaccine Forum

RFK Jr. after his mic was cutoff was surrounded by supporters and being pushed out of church by employees

Read my extended coverage of Harlem Vaccine Forum here.


October 19, 2019 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s microphone was cut-off about 10 minutes into his speech at the Riverside Church in Harlem, NY.

The event was outstanding with over 500 people in attendance with standing room only. When RFK was cutoff Mary Holland came and spoke to Curtis Cost who was running the event. I heard her say it will cost $2500 for the extra time (the event had gone overtime at that point) and RFK said he would pay for it.

However that didn’t solve the problem. Eventually another employee of the church came and got on the mic and told everyone the event was being closed down because it was over capacity.

That was a lie.

The event had been over capacity the entire time.

However one of the parent-activist speakers then told me “Andrew Wakefield is here and is supposed to speak.”

I can’t confirm this was true, however I can say that this parent was close with Curtis Cost who was the main organizer of the event (Update – Andy Wakefield was not at the event in Harlem but he was scheduled to speak via Skype)

The Riverside Church is like a city within itself. There are many factions. The church is very diverse and is mandated to reflect the community they serve; that means they have many different types of events – conservative, progressive, Republican, Democrat, Internataional, etc… I have worked with the Riverside Church back in 2003 up to 2006 planning social justice events. I remember sitting in meetings with many church stakeholders, thinking everyone was on the same page. When I left the meeting those on my side informed me there were many different agendas in the meeting room that I was unaware of. Did we witness vying factions within the church shutdown the Harlem Vaccine Forum?

What was RFK Jr. doing right when his microphone was cut? He was naming names – names like Paul Offit, Tony Fauci, Francis Collins, Kathleen Stratton and he was making them look very, very bad. RFK detailed phone calls he had with Paul Offit that made Offit look like an utter liar. I wonder if any of these names make up donors to The Riverside Church?

Much of this is unknown and may remain that way. Regardless of all of this the event was outstanding, and I will have a full report soon, no later than tomorrow.

Here is what RFK had to say about the situation on his Instagram account.


***Update*** November 2, 2019 — From Erin Elizabeth of She tweeted “Andy wasn’t there (at the Harlem Vaccine Forum). He had just watched my presentation at the truth about cancer where we were both speakers with his better half supermodel Elle MacPherson. He did not attend the New York Event.

Thanks for clearing that up Erin!

Harlem Vaccine Forum at Historic RIVERSIDE CHURCH IN HARLEM



Saturday, October 19th, 1:00- 3:30 p.m.

Assembly Hall at Riverside Church

91 Claremont Avenue, New York, NY

Get all event info from Children’s Health Defense

October 18, 2019 — WOW! – RIVERSIDE CHURCH?!?

This place is beyond historic!

The Riverside Church in Harlem is one of the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring churches in all of New York. It has a Social Justice Ministry inside of it that has never been afraid to be on the absolute cutting edge of politics and truth telling. Examples include;

April 4th, 1967 Martin Luther King gave his famous “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” speech where he officially came out against the Vietnam War.

September 11th, 2003 a major 9-11 Truth Event was held at Riverside Church where over 1,000 people attended, including keynote speaker former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

Those are just two of many, many blockbuster social justice events that rocked NYC in Harlem at the Riverside Church. This ups the anti of the entire event. Do not miss this!

Harlem Vaccine Forum BACK ON!

After Sharpton Cancels, New Venue Found for Saturday October 19th, 1pm

October 17, 2019 — What a roller coaster ride for one event! It was cancelled twice, thrown under the bus by Al Sharpton, but it is STILL ON. The venue will not be announced publicly until 7pm Friday night as it has become so controversial, organizers have no choice but to keep it under wraps to the very last minute to avoid getting shutdown again.Fed Up Dem

Get all updates from Children’s Health Defense:



Saturday, October 19th, 1:00- 3:30 p.m.

Assembly Hall at Riverside Church

91 Claremont Avenue, New York, NY

The Harlem Vaccine Forum is still on and will be held in a new location in New York City (convenient to public transportation). CHD is disappointed that the venue had to be changed at the last minute but we are still delighted to host this event!

Compulsory vaccination raises critical human rights issues, including the right to practice religion freely, parental rights, informed consent, the right to education and the right to health. The forum provides a way to discuss these pressing issues and New York State’s decision to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination.

Speakers include: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; Sheila Ealey; John Gilmore; Dr. Phil Valentine; Curtis Cost; Dr. Lawrence Palevsky; Reverend Walter Sotelo; Mary Holland; and many more.

This event is free and open to the public.

Al Sharpton Cancels Harlem Vaccine Forum!

But Harlem Vaccine Forum is BACK ON at Riverside Church in Harlem!

Without Sharpton

Find out info here:

October 16, 2019 — After receiving criticism from Dr. Peter Hotez, Al Sharpton has cancelled the Harlem Vaccine Forum. It will no longer be held at the National Action Network. Children’s Health Defense has just announced the event will still happen at a new time, in a new place, without Al Sharpton. Time and location to be announced shortly.

A report was published at The Gothamist – a publication that deals with local NYC politics – where Sharpton and his National Action Network were slammed for promoting what they called “dangerous anti-vaccine” ideas. In the Gothamist article Hotez made the ridiculous statement that “now ‘anti-vaccine activists’ have their sights set on Harlem to ignite an even bigger measles epidemic on the African American community there. Why Rev Sharpton would attack his own community in this way defies common sense or explanation.”

Apparently statements on vaccines that Hotez disagrees with have the ability to spread viruses, according to Hotez. Doesn’t matter if the words are the truth. Hotez firmly believes free speech is dangerous. Let’s not forget who Dr. Hotez is; he’s the guy who will throw out insane comments such as that one, but then refuse to debate or appear publicly with anyone who disagrees with his insane remarks.

Dr. Hotez is effectively Bill Gates PR-guy. He is funded by The Gates Foundation and holds the same position on vaccines as Gates, which is that there should be vaccine mandates for everyone on the planet. Bill Gates has gone so far as to say those who choose not to vaccinate “kill children,” an insanely ridiculous lie that is being pushed now in an attempt to label Health Freedom Activists as a “hate group.” If they can smear the Health Freedom Movement as a “hate group” they can censor and silence us; that is the goal.

The myth that unvaccinated children are “disease spreaders” is 100% false. I personally know dozens of unvaccinated children and they are far and away the healthiest children I know, and pose no health risk to anyone. Don’t take my word for it. Read the words of Harvard trained Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych in her letter to lawmakers, “Unvaccinated Children Pose “No Extra Danger to the Public.”

That’s the real truth Hotez & Gates don’t want people to know. In my opinion, Bill Gates hates unvaccianted children because they are healthy and don’t require medical interventions that make big profits for the biotech industry. He hates unvaccianted children, unless they are his own.

It appears it only took a few crazed-comments by Hotez to have Sharpton pull the plug on the Harlem Vaccine Forum. Just a few hours after the Gothamist report, Buzzfeed reported Sharpton’s organization announced the event was cancelled.

It’s important to note that the Gothamist & Buzzfeed articles say the “myth” that vaccines are unsafe or cause Autism has been disproven. That is a lie. Dr. Andrew Zimmerman of Johns Hopkins University was the US Government’s top expert witness testifying that vaccines did not cause Autism. Today Dr. Zimmerman says vaccines can and do cause Autism in a specific subset of children. When Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers found out Zimmerman had changed his opinion, they abruptly fired him and misrepresented his testimony in the Federal Vaccine Court. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls this “…one of the most consequential frauds arguably in human history.”

When I interviewed Dr. Gary Null last week about Al Sharpton speaking at the Harlem Vaccine Forum he was adamant not to praise Sharpton until we “heard what he had to say” about vaccines and vaccination. The following 2 paragraphs are from that report:

“The Tuskegee experiment has continued, but now it’s happening to the children,” Null said, referring to the disproportionate damage vaccination is having on African American children. The experiments in Tuskegee were where African Americans were injected with syphilis without informed consent and purposefully not treated for the disease they were given. President Bill Clinton apologized on behalf of the United States Government decades later. “But now we have Dr. William Thompson from the CDC,” Null reminded me.

Thompson is of course the CDC whistle blower who revealed there was a 340% increase in incidents of Autism in African American boys when they were given the MMR vaccine at 18 months of age. That data was illegally hidden and destroyed by the CDC, and was first brought to light in the documentary movie VAXXED. “Every Black community leader, member of the congressional Black caucus, Black journalist, preachers and more should’ve been outraged by this fact! But they weren’t,” said Null. (emphasis added)


In private communications I have had with friends in media I was warned from day-one there was no way Sharpton was going to be involved in the Harlem Vaccine Forum because that would be going against NBC. Sharpton works for MSNBC which is a rabidly pro-vaccine network that would never allow a view point that challenged the safety and efficacy of vaccines to be heard on their network. MSNBC could care less about what is true, as they must protect their Big Pharma sponsors at all costs.

This is a big disappointment but it is not a surprise.

Harlem Vaccine Forum 10-19-19 – BACK ON – with new location!!!

Keynote Speakers

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – STILL ON!


Reverend Al SharptonCANCELLED

After Sharpton Cancels, New Venue Found for Saturday October 19th, 1pm

October 17, 2019 — What a roller coaster ride for one event! It was cancelled twice, thrown under the bus by Al Sharpton, but it is STILL ON. The venue will not be announced publicly until 7pm Friday night as it has become so controversial, organizers have no choice but to keep it under wraps to the very last minute to avoid getting shutdown again. – Fed Up Dem

Get all updates from Children’s Health Defense:



Saturday, October 19th, 1:00- 3:30 p.m.

Assembly Hall at Riverside Church

91 Claremont Avenue, New York, NY

The Harlem Vaccine Forum is still on and will be held in a new location in New York City (convenient to public transportation). CHD is disappointed that the venue had to be changed at the last minute but we are still delighted to host this event!

Compulsory vaccination raises critical human rights issues, including the right to practice religion freely, parental rights, informed consent, the right to education and the right to health. The forum provides a way to discuss these pressing issues and New York State’s decision to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination.

Speakers include: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; Sheila Ealey; John Gilmore; Dr. Phil Valentine; Curtis Cost; Dr. Lawrence Palevsky; Reverend Walter Sotelo; Mary Holland; and many more.

This event is free and open to the public.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has been at the forefront of fighting to protect the rights and health of American children for years. His track record speaks for itself and those of us in the Health Freedom Movement know he always brings the hard-hitting facts on vaccination and the assault on children’s health in America today. RFK Jr. is not shy when it comes to suing powerful forces, which include The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State of New York, and the chemical corporation Monsanto, just to name a few. He is a hero of the people, fighting for all of us as he carries the legacy of the Kennedy Family exactly in the footsteps of his late, great father and namesake, Robert F. Kennedy.

Harlem Vaccine Forum

***Free Admission***

Additional Speakers will include:

Dr. Gary Null

Rev. Dr. Phil Valentine

Mary Holland Esq.

Ms. Sheila Ealey

Curtis Cost

Also speaking will be Mitch Cohen, Rev. Walter Sotelo, Dr. Shakira Moore as well as the most important part of our Health Freedom Movement – parent activists! Some of the questions being addressed will include:

Was there really a measles emergency in New York?

Are vaccines completely safe?

How effective are vaccines?

Was it necessary to take away the Religious Exemption to students?

Should parents have the right to make informed medical decisions for their children?