Glass for Senate is NOT DONE!!!

Going forward no matter where the final numbers lie.

June 24, 2020

Dear Glass for Senate Supporters,

The preliminary numbers are in, and we have done a fantastic job in the Democratic primary of 2020. So far we have 6,210 votes compared to my opponents 11,914. The absentee ballot numbers are still coming in. The board of elections has 15 days to certify the final primary election numbers.

I started on this campaign journey back in January to make a significant impact in this primary race, show my opponent Brad Hoylman that we do have a voice, that we WILL be heard and not minimized. I believe it is safe to say, he indeed hears us now! The voters have spoken – We WILL NOT be silenced. Our plight for our families and our freedoms will never end. We will forge ahead no matter where the final numbers lie.

We’ve gained our footing, and now it is time to look ahead to the future, make wise decisions, and come together as a cohesive unit. We can and will make an impact on the political landscape. Over the coming weeks, we will be strategizing on the next steps and looking to all of you to support our efforts to effect change in Albany. I am asking that you be prepared to step up and exemplify that we are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve overcome many obstacles over the last few months as a state and community. However, if there is one thing these campaign results have displayed is, we indeed are “STRONGER TOGETHER.”

Let’s see where the final primary election results net out. But know this: WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED. Thank you so much for all of your support and get ready to roll up your sleeves; it is time to get things done. IT’S NOT OVER!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth G. Glass

Liz Glass Gets HUGE % of Vote!

June 23, 2020 — Liz Glass received 29.6% of in-person votes while Brad Hoylman received 58.29% in the District 27 State Senate Democratic primary in Manhattan, NYC. About 11.58% of the ballots were blank, with a very small fraction of the votes reported void or spoiled. With absentee voting being estimated at over 700,000 ballots citywide, these are only preliminary numbers that reflect in-person votes.

IN-PERSON Vote Count — Hoylman: 9729 Glass: 4940 Blank: 1933

But rest assured, Brad Hoylman is not sleeping well tonight!

From out of nowhere, with hardly any funding, fighting censorship and suppression on social media platforms, Liz Glass came and stole 30% of the vote from Brad! That’s a wound – and not just a flesh wound, it’s a deep, serious wound. Liz Glass is receiving private congratulations from multiple NYC political insiders who know that this is a HUGE accomplishment!

The 11.58% “blank” ballots are interesting. This means those voters either didn’t want Glass or Hoylman, or they never had the opportunity to vote for either. The ballot was on two separate pages today in NYC. One was the national presidential primary (Biden, Sanders, etc…) and the other had the local elections. Multiple reports were posted on Twitter today of voters receiving only the presidential ballot.

Marni Halasa tweeted that a friend of hers who is a Chelsea resident was not given the second ballot of local elections when she voted in District 27 – Glass & Hoylman’s district. (see tweet below)

Also in Brooklyn Paperboy Prince who is running for Congress in the 23rd Senate District had the exact same problem when he went to vote for himself in his district. (see tweet below)

Stay tuned, more is coming; this is just the beginning…

Hoylman Deflects From Real Issues Like a Child

Brad Hoylman is making ridiculous conspiracy claims because he can’t battle the facts

Time for a change – Vote for Elizabeth Glass


June 21, 2020 — Less than 48 hours from New York’s Democratic primary election State Senator Brad Hoylman replied to an extremely valid tweet of mine with the above Gif:

Illuminati Confirmed

Why did he respond to me with such childish nonsense?

Because I used documented facts that show Hoylman trying to force every child in New York to take Merck’s HPV vaccine will financially benefit his family and their colleagues. As I have previously reported, Hoylman’s mother-in-law is colleagues with the co-inventor of Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil; the very same vaccine Hoylman wants to legally force all New York children to take to attend school

Read that report here.

I also showed that Hoylman’s mother-in-law is financially connected to Inovio which is receiving funds from Bill Gates to aid in their COVID-19 vaccine development programs. Hoylman is poised to propose legislation in Albany forcing every New York resident to inject the COVID-19 vaccine once it is fast-tracked on to the market. The New York State Bar Assocation (NYSBA) has written a report claiming such a forced vaccination policy is perfectly legal and constitutional. This is not “conspiracy theory,” this is documented fact.

I tweeted the following explanation of this clearly corrupt conflict of interest:

Here’s “the loop” @bradhoylman‘s mother-in-law’s work is funded by #BigPharma, her work is also funded by @BillGates, who also funds Dr. Lowy, who coinvented #Merck‘s #HPV vaccine, which @bradhoylman is trying to force on all #NewYork kids. See the corruption in “the loop”?

In response to this tweet – which is completely true as proven by the documentation that I provide in the original report via hyper-links – Hoylman tweets a Gif that flashes the ridiculous “Illuminati Confrimed”

This sophomoric response is a great way to distract from the fact that Brad Hoylman is a corporatist in progressive clothing. He can’t respond to the documented fact that he has conflicts of interests via ties to Big Pharma that are so glaring he does not deserve to pretend to represent the interests of his constituents.


Vote for Elizabeth Glass June 23rd

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Democratic Primary Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, East Village and Lower East Side

To learn more about why you should vote for Liz Glass go HERE

Brad Hoylman’s Mother-in-law’s Work is Funded by Bill Gates

June 19, 2020 — New York State Senator Brad Hoylman is poised to force every New Yorker to inject the COVID-19 vaccine that Bill Gates is promoting, funding, and likely to profit from. Hoylman’s mother-in-law, Dr. Ellen V. Sigal, is on the board of Parker Institute which has partnered with Inovio, a company receiving funding from Gates for INOVIO’s DNA COVID-19 vaccine. Sigal also receives funding from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through the Cancer Moonshot program of which Sigal is a Vice President. Gates donates to many other programs that Dr. Sigal is involved with or is the chair of, including FDA’s Reagan-Udall Foundation, Duke University, C-Path, and Milken Institute of Public Health.

As I have previously reported, Dr. Sigal is a friend and colleague of Dr. Doug Lowy who co-invented Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil. Sigal’s son-in-law Senator Brad Hoylman is currently sponsoring a bill in Albany that would force every child in New York to inject Gardasil to attend public school. Hoylman also supports a separate bill that would allow 9-year-olds to be injected with Gardasil in school without parental knowledge or consent.

Bill Gates is a big supporter of the HPV vaccine.

The Gates Foundation supports HPV vaccine research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) working with Dr. Lowy to study the effectiveness of the vaccine via the Cancer Moonshot program which, again, Brad Hoylman’s mother-in-law Ellen Sigal sits on the board as Vice President.

None of this funding nexus is private information. It is all readily available at the websites of each of these institutions. Brad Hoylman is a corporatist in progressive clothing. He needs to be removed from Albany as his conflicts of interest clearly make it impossible for him to represent the best interests of the people of New York.


Vote for Elizabeth Glass June 23rd

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Democratic Primary Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, East Village and Lower East Side

To learn more about why you should vote for Liz Glass go HERE


Special thanks to Eileen Iorio, coauthor of The HPV Vaccine on Trial, for her outstanding research contribution to this report and for creating the graphic at the top of this report.

Is Twitter Shadow Banning Fed Up Democrat?

Stopping Exposure of GlassForSenate Campaign

June 17, 2020 — My Twitter followers have been telling me they are getting “unfollowed” from my account even though they have never made such a request. I first was informed of this as I became heavily involved in promoting Liz Glass for New York Senate.

I will be documenting this fully in a future report, but as of right now all I have time to say is the following:

  • I am losing multiple followers who never requested to unfollow me
  • I have seen – in real time – likes & retweets “disappear” from my tweets
  • My reach has dropped significantly since I began working on GlassForSenate

I expected my reach to drop somewhat when I began to focus my website on the campaign of a local NY State Senate race. That is not a surprise. However the drastic extent of the decline has forced me to consider if that reason alone could possibly account for the totality of the massive drop.

Twitter Shadowbans do happen and I suspect that my account has been targeted in this way to help minimize the exposure Liz Glass can get on social media, protecting the incumbent Albany Democrat she is challenging, Brad Hoylman.

Vote for Liz Glass June 23rd

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Democratic Primary, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, East Village and Lower East Side