COVID Vaccination without parental consent?

September 23, 2020 — Liz Glass does an outstanding job of documenting what is all but certain to come to New York – a health regulation issued from Governor Cuomo allowing COVID vaccination of children without parental consent, especially in schools. We already know that Cuomo is vaccinating and drugging children without parental consent for HPV, HEP-B and HIV, so why stop now?

Remember when Cuomo volunteered all New Yorkers as “lab rats“? He meant kids too!

And we all know Brad Hoylman would fully support this. Remember to WRITE-IN Elizabeth Glass” to vote out Brad Hoylman in District 27, Manhattan, on November 3rd. – Fed Up Democrat


Below is From NY Senate Candidate Liz Glass

originally posted on Facebook

Are minors permitted to get vaccines without parental knowledge or consent in New York? On page 22 of the federal government’s “COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations,” the federal government’s plan to roll out the CV vaccine in the US: “Key Public and Private Sector Vaccination Settings” – or, locations that the COVID-19 vaccine can be administered:…includes “School-based health centers.” Here is information about NYC’s 387 SBHC’s:…/school-based-health-centers

Minors must have signed parental consent to use the SBHC’s, except “NY law allows minors to consent to their own care for…testing for and treatment of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections), including HIV.” From NYAVR’s John Gilmore: “Governor Cuomo put in place regulations, not laws, in 2016, that allows giving minors vaccines claimed to prevent STI’s without parental knowledge or consent.” This includes hepatitis B vaccine (at any age), Merck’s Gardasil (9 years old and up) and Truvada/PrEP for HIV (any child weighing more than 77 pounds). Here are the regulations:

Are these regulations illegal? The state must think they are, because they are pushing the bill S3899a/A973a that allows healthcare practitioners (including nurses at SBHC’s) to administer all STD vax’s to minors at age nine and up without parental knowledge or consent. My opponent is a cosponsor of this bill, as well as S4244b/A6564b

which allows children 14 and older to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent; this would include the COVID-19 vax. Questions: Would you leave your child alone with a healthcare professional? What is your state’s/country’s rules on this? What do you think about children receiving vaccines, including the coronavirus vax, without parental knowledge or consent at school or other setting?


Statement From Liz Glass

August 8, 2020

***Written by Liz Glass***

Hi, I’m Liz Glass a candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27.

I have been busy this last week, tying up loose ends with the Board of Elections. 

Unfortunately, due to a limited number of volunteers and a short window of time, the campaign received many, many signatures, but not enough.

But…never say die. After deep contemplation and with absolute resolve I am moving forward as a write-in candidate to ensure our voices are heard, and I ask for your support in doing so. 

Certainly our voices in New York City need to heard now more than ever. On August 5, 2020 Mayor Bill DiBlasio set up military-style COVID-19 checkpoints at major bridge and tunnel crossings. 

Providing no scientific justification for the decision, DiBlasio said (quote) that travelers coming in from the 35 states with high COVID 19 infection rates would be given information about the quarantine with failure to comply resulting in fines (up to) 10,000 dollars.

The COVID-19 virus is serious, and my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. With that said, it is imperative we honor their memory by making decisions going forward based on facts, and not fear. 

The high COVID-19 infection rates that you hear about in the mainstream media are due to higher rates of testing, NOT fatalities. Also, according to the CDC, COVID-19 has a survival rate of 99.96%. 

In April governor of Rhode Island also had COVID-19 checkpoints, which Gov. Cuomo called “unconstitutional” and the ACLU is suing Rhode Island because of it. 

I contacted the ACLU in New York whose director Donna Lieberman responded: “It’s concerning that the Mayor’s announcement comes with few details on what will happen at checkpoints and how people’s sensitive information will be protected.”

Here are my questions: 

1. Can a “State of Emergency” allow the government to suspend our constitutional rights? (The answer: No!)

2. According to the NY Times, roughly one-third of the city’s 240,000 small businesses may never reopen. So far, those businesses have shed 520,000 jobs. We must reopen the economy. Why is DiBlasio sabotaging people’s ability to visit New York? 

3. NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito is overseeing the checkpoints. Sheriff in the United States swear an oath to uphold the constitution. According to Cuomo, these checkpoints are unconstitutional. Sheriff Fucito’s number is 212 487 9734, and the National Sheriffs’ Association is 800.424.7827, if you care to share your opinion about their colleague.

There will also be quarantine checkpoints for inter-state travelers at Penn Station and Port Authority, which will be overseen by the test and tracing program’s executive director Dr. Ted Long. 

Contact tracing involves the government following you via an app on your phone. The app determines if you have come into contact with an individual – family, friend, or stranger – who tests positive for COVID-19. The app shares your location and medical information with the government, and NYS’s 17,000 contact tracers who are paid $50,000 per year will require you to quarantine for 14 days. According to the Epoch Times “The city’s Test and Trace program is providing free meals, hotel rooms, and other services to people who are undergoing the mandatory quarantine. Workers have made more than 86,000 phone calls, and sent more than 20,000 texts, and “if we can’t get through to you on the phone, we’ve deployed teams that are now knocking on your door to check in with you and make sure you are safe,” according to Dr. Long. 

New York had a 6 to 8 billion dollar deficit before COVID-19, and according to the Washington Examiner, New York faces a budget deficit of $30 billion over the next two years. Businesses are going under; so tax revenue is disappearing. 

Question: we are paying $850,000,000 for the salaries of these contact tracers, as well as hotel expenses for out-of-state residents. for a virus with a .04% death rate? Where is the money coming from for this program, and what is the true purpose of the program? 

On June 16, I posted a video on social media “Will NY Schools Reopen?” Cuomo indicated that if schools can reopen, contact tracing would be mandatory. In that video I asked questions, and will repeat those questions here:

What if the contact tracer determines that you need to quarantine for 14 days, but you have family or children and only one bathroom. What happens to the children? 

It appears that contact tracing would necessitate family separations, including children. I will post in the comment section contact information and social media accounts for Governor Cuomo, Mayor DiBlasio, and Dr. Long.  Please ask these public servants for clarification. 

Thank you for tuning in. I’m Liz Glass, a candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27. Because we are stronger together, and all of us – particularly our children – need to be protected, and are essential.

NYCLU’s Donna Lieberman: “It’s concerning that the Mayor’s announcement comes with few details on what will happen at checkpoints and how people’s sensitive information will be protected. Calling a law enforcement action a public health measure does not make it one. We know that law enforcement should not have any role in contact tracing – it is ineffective and raises serious questions on inequitable enforcement and what information will be mandated.”

To reach Governor Cuomo:

Twitter: @nygovcuomo 

To contact Mayor DiBlasio:


To reach Dr. Ted Long: To reach Dr. Ted Long
NYC Health + Hospitals: @NYCHealthSystem

NYC Sheriff Fucito’s number is 212 487 9734, and the National Sheriffs’ Association is 800.424.7827.

Last Push to Get Liz Glass on Ballot Against Brad Hoylman


EMAIL to get info to volunteer


Tuesday July 28, 2020 — We MUST get Elizabeth Glass on the general election ballot against Brad Hoylman!

VOLUNTEERS are needed TODAY, TOMORROW and THURSDAY – Change comes when Massive Action is taken!

STEP UP NOW and help us get the signatures needed to get her on the general election ballot.

EMAIL to get info to volunteer 

We have only 3 days left to get Elizabeth Glass on the general election ballot to run for New York Senate in District 27, Manhattan. YOU can make a difference!!!! Getting the signatures is an easy process, we will provide you with everything you need. We’ve done this before and were successful, it is time to stand up for our freedoms and liberty. If you want your voice to be heard in November, please show up Today, Tomorrow all day, and on Thursday (before 5PM). 

It’s not impossible.

If we get Glass on the ballot, Hoylman (Big Pharma’s favorite puppet in Albany) will have his back against the wall when it comes to the coming COVID vaccine mandates, and many more issues. She will challenge Hoylman and Cuomo on all of the nonsense they are pulling in Albany, BUT IF YOU DON’T SHOW UP TO HELP HER TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THURSDAY, WE WON’T HAVE A VOICE.

EMAIL to get information to volunteer.

If you care about #HealthFreedom in New York, PLEASE show up! WE NEED YOU!!!

Liz Glass Needs Your Help Now!

Volunteers Needed to Get Signatures

To Run as Independent Against Brad Hoylman in NYC!

From Elizabeth Glass

July 23 2020 — Dear Glass for Senate Supporters,

WE’RE FORGING AHEAD! It’s time to take back our freedoms.

With the recent in-person primary results – receiving over 30% of the vote with dramatically less resources than my opponent – this campaign has proven that I am a viable candidate in the general election in November. 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to collect signatures to get my name on the ballot as an Independent candidate. We will be hitting the streets every day until the Wednesday, July 29th deadline. We need THOUSANDS of signatures so we NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK.

Please email and join the Glass for Senate Telegram Channel at for alerts, directions, and communication.

If you are unable to volunteer but know people in the district – which includes Chelsea, Greenwich Village, East Village, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square, Columbus Circle, Midtown East, and UWS – please contact them and ask if they would consider signing. Map of the NY Senate District 27:

Also, please consider donating to the campaign by clicking HERE

Or use this link to donate: 

About masks: collecting signatures requires you to be less than six feet of others. As a Glass for Senate volunteer, if you are getting close to people without a mask, I can be reported to the police and my campaign can be banned. No one out representing my campaign can be out without a face covering.

Many wear a bandana around their neck, and pull it up when they can not maintain six feet of distance from others. If you do not have one, we can provide you with a new bandana.  

For ardent non-mask wearers, there are other ways you can volunteer. 


MEETING PLACE: TBD (Go to the vicinity of 543 East 11th Street NYC, near Avenue B. It is near a church. Please DO NOT contact the church.)

The Glass for Senate talking points: 

• Supports Keeping Schools Open

• Opposes to Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

• Opposes Orwellian Contact Tracing

• Stands with NYCHA Tenants

• Demands Businesses be Permitted to Reopen

• Incentivize Entrepreneurship to Rebuild Economy

• Demands Transparency of Financial Statements

• Supports Intelligent Bail Reform for Safer Streets

• Seeks to Stop 5G

• Establish NOT OK (New Outlook Towards Our Kids) Task Force: Why do 54% of children have a neurological or autoimmune disorder?


If you want to #VoteHoylmanOut , please share. Thank you. 

Glass for Senate is NOT DONE!!!

Going forward no matter where the final numbers lie.

June 24, 2020

Dear Glass for Senate Supporters,

The preliminary numbers are in, and we have done a fantastic job in the Democratic primary of 2020. So far we have 6,210 votes compared to my opponents 11,914. The absentee ballot numbers are still coming in. The board of elections has 15 days to certify the final primary election numbers.

I started on this campaign journey back in January to make a significant impact in this primary race, show my opponent Brad Hoylman that we do have a voice, that we WILL be heard and not minimized. I believe it is safe to say, he indeed hears us now! The voters have spoken – We WILL NOT be silenced. Our plight for our families and our freedoms will never end. We will forge ahead no matter where the final numbers lie.

We’ve gained our footing, and now it is time to look ahead to the future, make wise decisions, and come together as a cohesive unit. We can and will make an impact on the political landscape. Over the coming weeks, we will be strategizing on the next steps and looking to all of you to support our efforts to effect change in Albany. I am asking that you be prepared to step up and exemplify that we are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve overcome many obstacles over the last few months as a state and community. However, if there is one thing these campaign results have displayed is, we indeed are “STRONGER TOGETHER.”

Let’s see where the final primary election results net out. But know this: WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED. Thank you so much for all of your support and get ready to roll up your sleeves; it is time to get things done. IT’S NOT OVER!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth G. Glass

Liz Glass Gets HUGE % of Vote!

June 23, 2020 — Liz Glass received 29.6% of in-person votes while Brad Hoylman received 58.29% in the District 27 State Senate Democratic primary in Manhattan, NYC. About 11.58% of the ballots were blank, with a very small fraction of the votes reported void or spoiled. With absentee voting being estimated at over 700,000 ballots citywide, these are only preliminary numbers that reflect in-person votes.

IN-PERSON Vote Count — Hoylman: 9729 Glass: 4940 Blank: 1933

But rest assured, Brad Hoylman is not sleeping well tonight!

From out of nowhere, with hardly any funding, fighting censorship and suppression on social media platforms, Liz Glass came and stole 30% of the vote from Brad! That’s a wound – and not just a flesh wound, it’s a deep, serious wound. Liz Glass is receiving private congratulations from multiple NYC political insiders who know that this is a HUGE accomplishment!

The 11.58% “blank” ballots are interesting. This means those voters either didn’t want Glass or Hoylman, or they never had the opportunity to vote for either. The ballot was on two separate pages today in NYC. One was the national presidential primary (Biden, Sanders, etc…) and the other had the local elections. Multiple reports were posted on Twitter today of voters receiving only the presidential ballot.

Marni Halasa tweeted that a friend of hers who is a Chelsea resident was not given the second ballot of local elections when she voted in District 27 – Glass & Hoylman’s district. (see tweet below)

Also in Brooklyn Paperboy Prince who is running for Congress in the 23rd Senate District had the exact same problem when he went to vote for himself in his district. (see tweet below)

Stay tuned, more is coming; this is just the beginning…