The Village Sun Attacks Liz Glass

Sun Smears Liz Glass as “Anti-Vaxxer”

Vote Brad Hoylman OUT on June 23rd!

Senate District 27, Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and Lower East Side

Vote For Elizabeth Glass! #Vote4LizGlass


May 27, 2020 – Liz Glass is running against New York State Senator Brad Hoylman in the Democratic primary in Senate District 27 (Manhattan) on June 23, 2020. The Village Sun has just published a hit-piece on Glass calling her an “anti-vaxxer.”

Here’s a response from Glass to The Village Sun:


“I am not an anti-vaxxer; I am pro-choice on all medical procedures. My opponent Brad Hoylman supports forcing New Yorkers to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This fast-tracked, liability-free product will forego standard safety studies. That said, if New Yorkers want to take the vaccine, I support their choice to do so. My campaign platform is not limited to medical freedom. However, given mandatory vaccines for all New Yorkers are coming – and not just for COVID-19 – this issue has created enormous support for my campaign. New Yorkers don’t want experimental medical procedures forced on them. They want the truth; they want choice.” – Liz Glass


The Sun’s hit-piece was one-sided and contained minimal research or facts. It even got Glass’s position on bail reform incorrect. The Sun reported Glass “fears bail reform” when her platform says she wants to enact “intelligent bail reform.” Despite these smears and inaccuracies the comments at the end of the report were quite enlightening. Here are a few of them:

Erin Knight posted the following comment:

Hoylman is sponsoring a bill that will kick kids out of school if the don’t get HPV shots, even though HPV has absolutely nothing to do with school. He promotes discrimination against medically fragile and vaccine-injured children…

Anthony Donovan posted the following comment:

Brad could build some bridges by at least hearing a number who are on the fence about mandatory vaccinations in a land where science and medicine are deeply imbedded in profitteering. So, we need to at least let people know that you’ll keep an eye on that Brad. We know of those around the world working on a safe, tested vaccine are willing to offer it freely to the world, as Jonas Salk did with Polio. But not our big pharma… they are rushing to get there first patent and make a huge profit…. and control it. That’s wrong in my eyes.

Steph posted the following comment:

She’s not telling anyone what to do with their bodies. This article is not accurate as most media is owned by corporations to make sure they spin information. I would rather be free to make Medical Decisions than have someone tell me I have no choice. A vote for Brad is a vote for LOSS of freedom. He already has bills into state for a vaccine that has not been created for use yet. Scary right???? Also she is NOT a one issue challenger…

Chris posted the following comment:

This is a very misleading headline. Liz Glass is pro informed consent, pro constitutional rights, pro choice, pro LGBT, and for medical freedom. I like that shes a teacher and a champion for students & adults with disabilities. She will advocate for children’s education. I would listen to her with concern to bill gates restructuring the NY public school system.

Concerned New Yorker posted the following comment:

Very misleading article. Pro informed consent, pro choice. For LGTB equality and rights. Advocate for the disabled, who for too long and too often have been forgotten and dismissed. A mother, a parent an advocate. Someone who will not put their political career in front of their constituents’ needs and concerns. Someone who will stand up to Cuomo and the corruption in Albany. Those are just some of the things that come to mind. Change needs to happen, Brad Hoylman knows his time is up. He has given up all his legislative power to a corrupt Governor with his vote of S7919 and ran home.
Vote him out, meet Elizabeth Glass, speak to her and vote him out. Get your voice back in Albany!

Dinne Gill posted the following comment:

You need to do more research on both Glass and Hoylman. Glass is for medical freedom, that means choice between parents, patient and doctor. Hoylman wants to mandate HPV vaccine to all young school children stealing parental rights. Gardasil is a high risk vaccine with many adverse effects and death. No shot, no school. HPV is Not contagious in a school setting why should young children be mandated to get the jab? Read up on Hoylman’s ties with Merck pharmaceuticals. Read Merck’s rap sheet. Follow the $$$. Not only parents but School districts oppose The HPV mandates along with many politicians…

Leila A posted the following comment:

I 100% support Liz and her fight for medical freedom and choice. She is awesome and we all need to vote for her. (Thank you Liz for standing up for the people!!!!)

…and that is only a sample of the comments.

If you are a registered Democrat living in Senate District 27 in Manhattan, this includes Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and the Lower East Side, please vote for Liz Glass on June 23rd!

Liz Glass for NY is the Real Deal

Get Rid of BRAD HOYLMAN!!!

Democrats in District 27, Manhattan, LIZ GLASS NEEDS YOUR VOTE JUNE 23rd!

May 19, 2020 — Liz Glass is running for New York Senate against Brad Hoylman in what may be the most important primary in NYC this year. Recently Glass has stepped up her social media presence clarifying where she stands on some critical issues facing New Yorkers today, including:

I know New Yorkers are afraid. We all are.

COVID is a scary infectious disease and these are scary times. But what is far more scary is how instead of keeping the focus on helping New York stay healthy, begin to heal, and put food on the table Democratic Leadership is taking advantage of a dire situation. Cuomo announces plans to destroy our public schools and attack middle class teachers; he announces plans to spy on every single New Yorker through insane contact tracing schemes that may require you to give your name and phone number to any-and-every store you walk into; and everyone in Albany has allowed Governor Cuomo to change 262 laws in just 55 days, and counting, without our elected officials having any say!

Brad Hoylman seems just fine with all of this. Liz Glass would never sign off on any of it!

I have personally spoken to Liz Glass for extended periods of time. If she wins in New York it changes the landscape of what we are looking at in terms of Cuomo authoritarianism as well as medical & privacy tyranny that is now our reality. The #Glassforsenate campaign had Brad Hoylman very afraid just a few months back. In fact in January we were experiencing a Northeast Health Freedom surge that was rising with a ton of energy. At that time we had a number of victories, the biggest being 10,000 protesters rocking Trenton, New Jersey and keeping their Religious Exemption to vaccination. That was led by the brave New Jersey veteran Democrat Jamel Holley. We also had thousands headed to Albany, NY on a regular basis to fight and protest more vaccine mandates for children such as mandatory HPV and Flu shots to attend school. Thank god those new vaccine mandates did not pass in light of the coronavirus crisis, because we now know a study by the US Military has shown those who receive the flu shot are over 30% more likely to be infected by coronaviruses. We also know that in Italy the country had just had an experimental quadravalent Flu shot injected widely throughout the populace in the fall of 2019 – right before they were so devastated by the novel coronavirus. Did the experimental flu shot make the coronavirus worse in Italy?

Of course Glass’s opponent, Brad Hoylman, fully supports any-and-all vaccine mandates. He supports HPV and Flu shot vaccines for every single New York child to go to school. Hoylman also fully supports children getting vaccinated and drugged in school without parental knowledge or consent. Hoylman seems poised to call for mandatory coronavirus vaccination for students to attend school when/if a vaccine becomes available. The most recent coronavirus news is that an experimental vaccine in England in animal trials has shown monkeys who were given the vaccine didn’t develop protection, they developed COVID-19!

Horrible bills in New York to force more and more vaccines on children had parents and voters enraged throughout all of New York in 2019. They were protesting their reps at their offices and in the community. In the wake of this, multiple candidates announced they would be running in primaries against those who voted to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination including Liz Glass as well as Andy J. Marte who is challenging Julia Salazar in Brooklyn, among many others…

But then COVID happened.

We were waiting for face-to-face, in person public debates that now we know will never happen. We also have to deal with the fact that New York – thanks to one of the 262 royal edicts passed by King Cuomo – now has mail-in voting which opens up the process to new potentials of voter fraud, especially in primary elections. Liz Glass and others like her fighting the good fight have an up-hill battle; a true David vs. Goliath situation.

Now imagine if in the face of the COVID crisis, repression and “bad luck” Glass is able to manage an upset against Brad Hoylman! This is not impossible for her to do. Big Pharma’s favorite little puppet in NYC suffering an upset will send shock waves throughout Albany. Don’t get me wrong, Hoylman has very little power. All of his power comes from Cuomo whenever Cuomo decides to empower him. But if he loses his seat it will send an amazingly clear message that New York is DONE with having our children used as lab rats for Big Pharma profits. It wills send the message that New York is DONE with the Cuomo Dictatorship that has replaced our constitutional republic here in New York. And it will send the message that politics as usual in Albany just ain’t gonna cut it any longer.

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Read my first report on Liz Glass HERE

Find out who else you need to vote for HERE


Senate District 27, Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and Lower East Side








NY Take Action Against Cuomo

Call for independent investigation of Cuomo’s COVID-19 nursing home policies.



During Cuomo’s May 13th daily covid 19 press event New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed, “I did everything I could,” to protect residents of nursing homes, despite a major reversal on Sunday of his policy to force nursing homes to accept patients from hospitals who had covid 19 infections.  More than 5400 New York nursing home residents have died so far, and that number does not include nursing home residents who were sent to hospitals where they died. According to the Associated Press, 40% of all nursing home deaths from covid 19 in the US have been in New York which has less than 6% of the total population.

Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan), Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, among other legislators has called for an independent investigation of Cuomo’s nursing home policies.

We support the call for an investigation, independent of Cuomo and his political allies, of New York’s response to covid 19 in nursing homes. Please click on this link  Take Action  to send a message to your State Senator and Assemblymember calling for an independent review.

IF the “take action” link doesn’t work (AAN is attacked and hacked constantly) find your reps at the following links:

Find YOUR Assemblymember here –

Find YOUR Senator here –

Please email and call their offices. It is unlikely the phone will be answered but please leave a message.

And please call the offices of Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins and Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie. Again, you will probably have to leave a message.

Senator Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, (518) 455-2585, (914) 423-4031

Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie, (518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539

Sen Patrick Gallivan (R- Western New York)) the ranking member of the Senate Health Committee, said, “The exact number of deaths caused by COVID-19 among nursing home residents is unclear, but some reports indicate they have made up roughly one-fourth to one-fifth of the state’s total fatalities,” Gallivan said. “Equally uncertain is the number of confirmed or presumed cases of the virus among residents and staff. This is unacceptable.”

Assemblymember Ron Kim, (D-Queens) said in a statement, “Our community continues to reel from anger and disbelief at the negligence and disregard shown on this issue, and the irreparable harm done to nursing home residents in our community, throughout New York.”

Former Governor George Pataki has called for an investigation as well, characterizing Cuomo’s handling of covid 19 in nursing homes as a “disaster.”

Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island) has called for a federal investigation.

Another  major question that must be investigated is the refusal of the state to allow nursing homes to send patients with covid 19 symptoms to hospitals for appropriate treatment. One of the worst hit nursing homes is the Cobble Hill Care Center in Brooklyn which has had at least 55 residents die. As early as April 9 administrators pleaded with state officials to allow patients suspected of having covid 19 to go to hospitals but were denied.

Remember the only reason New Yorkers lost their right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school was because Cuomo decided it was politically advantageous for him to do so. Prior to his belated, but decisive, involvement in the effort to repeal the religious exemption last June, it was clear that there were not enough votes to pass the measure in the Assembly. Cuomo cut deals and twisted arms to make it happen and it did.

If you cannot get a medical exemption from a vaccine mandate to attend school for your child, Cuomo is responsible for that as well. He allowed practices to develop that made getting an exemption exceedingly difficult, and then had the state regulations re-written last summer to allow exemptions almost exclusively in situations when a child has already had a documented near-death, anaphylactic reaction to a previous shot. The need to prevent injury was completely discarded and replaced with a policy that only allows avoiding re-injury in very limited cases.

Please share this message with friends and family and please share on social networks while we still can. And if you support the news, information and advocacy offered by the Autism Action Network please support us with a donation at

CHANTEL JACKSON is Running for Assembly in the Bronx

African American Health Freedom Fighter

May 12, 2020 — Chantel Jackson is a Bronx candidate for Assembly that is gaining major endorsements on her path to Albany. She firmly supports health freedom and parental rights and is also a Democrat. The FED UP DEMOCRAT enthusiastically and completely endorses Chantel Jackson!

Jackson is part of a growing voice of African American female politicians who believe in the principals of health freedom and parental rights. Rodneyse Bichotte and Tremaine Wright are two African American assemblymembers who have repeatedly shown their commitment to these values. Both are from Brooklyn and already hold seats in Albany as they continue to be rising stars in the Democratic Party. Bichotte is now the Democratic Party Boss in Brooklyn, and Wright may be headed for the Senate this election season as Senator Velmanette Montgomery has announced she is leaving her Senate seat and has endorsed Wright to succeed her.

Jackson has also been endorsed by Assemblyman Michael Blake, Senator Luis Sepulveda and Senator Brian Benjamin. Chantel Jackson seems destined to win the Bronx assembly seat. She is receiving multiple high profile endorsements including from the United Federation of Teachers (UFT).



Visit Chantel Jackson’s website –

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Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York

Working with Bill Gates to Out Source Education and Make Remote Learning Permanent

Brad Hoylman supports this – Vote Him Out!


Read Part 2 hereDoes Brad Hoylman Want to End In-Person Education?


May 5, 2020 — The insanity and ignorance of Andrew Cuomo knows no bottom.

At his presser today Cuomo wondered why we even have children go to school anymore, and that he is partnering with Bill Gates to outsource public education and expand remote learning in New York. Perhaps Cuomo hasn’t heard the stories of morbidly depressed students, locked at home who feel they have to teach themselves even when their teacher is on the other end of the screen staring back at them, doing everything they can to reach that child.

Maybe Cuomo hasn’t heard about the children who have killed themselves due to the lockdown, such as 12-year-old Hayden Hunstable, whose father has publicly blamed his son’s suicide on the isolation inflicted on him by the lockdown.

“You have kids who can’t go run off their energy in PE class. They can’t get that one hug from their teacher that they needed,” said Hayden’s father, Brad Hunstable, in a Facebook video he posted in honor or his son’s memory.

COVID isolation is real – Hayden Hunstable commits suicide

15-year-old commits suicide likely over stress from coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus: Teen dies after suicide attempt due to isolation

Coronavirus: Mental health incidents rising during UK lockdown, police say

Haunting photos of family on coronavirus lockdown walk days before murder-suicide

Maybe Cuomo has no clue of the benefit that face-to-face, human interaction has on children and human beings in general.

Maybe Cuomo has no idea how easy it is for children to not show up to school on remote learning platforms, or how easy it is for students to “leave” or “cut class.”

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, about the stress and burden remote learning has put on parents.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have pedophiles in their homes, and school was their only escape; the only place where maybe, just maybe, one day they would find an adult who cared enough to listen between their words and make a call to ACS that would save and change their lives forever.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have physical abusers in their homes, and (insert everything said from last paragraph)

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that children with disabilities despise remote learning; they gain nothing and lose so much.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that Bill Gates has recently admitted Common Core – which is the baby of Gates himself – was and is a massive failure. But don’t worry, Gates has a plan for that. And tell me again – why the hell are we going to listen to a plan to fix a problem from the problem-maker!?

Cuomo is the man who called himself “the most progressive Governor” in the history of New York. There is nothing, absolutely nothing “progressive” with expanding remote learning in New York. This is a regressive, anti-child, anti-Union, anti-middle class tactic.

Cuomo – riddle me this: will children still have to adhere to your Draconian vaccination laws – that allow for no personal or religious exemptions – if they aren’t attending school?

Dave Franklin Challenges Anna Kaplan for NY Senate Seat

May 3, 2020 — Port Washington Police Commissioner Dave Franklin is challenging Anna Kaplan for her New York Senate seat in District 7. Kaplan has proven herself to be completely against Heatlh Freedom and Vaccine Choice, as well as showing she is 100% in Cuomo’s pocket. The Fed Up Democrat strongly endorses Dave Franklin in this race!

Franklin has been running a food drive every Saturday in his District to help out of work residents deal with the COVID-19 crisis. He has been collaborating with Luis Mendez of Empowering Young Professionals. Learn more about that project at the following link:

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Kaplan voted to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, which kicked 26,000 students out of all New York schools. This has forced these students to either be home schooled or their parents have effectively become religious refugees; forced to move to other states to maintain their religious faith. Ironically Kaplan herself was a religious refugee from Iran. She and her family fled in the 1980s and sought asylum in the United States because of religious persecution.

It’s been reported that Kaplan has repeatedly screamed at her constituents, and even refused to meet more than 50 mothers and fathers in her office whose children were expelled from school due to her voting YES to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination. Dave Franklin would have never voted to destroy the religious and medical freedoms of his constituents. Franklin made the following statement on March 10th:

“There is a misconception about parents who are referred to as “Anti-Vaxers”. I have had the opportunity to meet with several moms the past week. They are caring, loving mothers whose children have been adversely affected by certain vaccines. They represent thousands of frustrated parents with children who have suffered. They are not looking to abolish vaccines, just trying to prevent mandates by government.”

With Bill Gates stating publicly and repeatedly that America will never be able to fully open for business again without all 330 million of us being vaccinated for COVID, Kaplan is certain to be fully supportive of mass forced vaccination of every New Yorker regardless of how safe or effective the currently non-existent, experimental Gates-vaccine ends up being. Kaplan is a danger to the liberty and freedom of every single New Yorker. VOTE KAPLAN OUT!

Find out who else to support this election season:

The Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc: