Lady Gaga Cuomo De Blah Blah Mask Psyop


Why VMA Celebs Didn’t Get Quarantined

September 1, 2020 — I had no clue why Cuomo and De Blasio in New York gave special privileges to celebs coming to the VMAs where they were exempt from NY’s 14 day quarantine rule. But when Lady Gaga turned the event into a non-stop parade of masks it seemed to make sense to me.

Of course, Cuomo especially (and De Blah Blah too) will want to stay in the good graces of Entertainment Liberal elites for obvious reasons. But beyond that the Lady Gaga mask parade that was blasted across the globe from New York City was clearly a very well planned and calculated psyop event.

It was a psyop to promote mask wearing.

It was a psyop to promote the coming transhumanism agenda.

It was a psyop to promote the idea that being a slave is good.

It was a psyop to promote a sadomasochist agenda.

It was a psyop to have Gaga win 5 awards while promoting all of this.

One day soon it could be against the law to be sick

FED UP DEM Predicted Medical Detentions and “Criminal” Common Cold in June 2019

August 31, 2020 — Almost 8 months prior to the COVID crisis in a report titled Vaccine Police States I wrote the following:

I feel as though we could see detentions happening of unvaccinated children for having a common cold. Don’t laugh, there is currently a vaccine in the pipeline for the common cold. One day soon it very well could be against the law to be sick, unless of course you have chronic illness; Big Pharma just loves that type of sick!

What I got wrong was that it was not unvaccinated children who would be detained, it was each and every single one of us; forced to turn our own homes into our own prisons. But the detention of children is on the table now. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released his guidelines for reopening regions of the state in April, the 7th guideline was that there needed to be plans in place for quarantining and detaining citizens away from their families:

Source: Dictator Cuomo Will Remove People From Their Homes

Currently you don’t even need to have symptoms of a common cold to be singled out for quarantine or detention, you just need to test positive on completely flawed, subjective, non-specific PCR-based coronavirus tests. Even the New York Times just broke a story showing false-positive coronavirus tests could be as high as 90%!

Source: Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be

The vaccine I hypothesized for a common cold back in June of 2019 is extremely similar to the COVID vaccines being developed now at “warp speed.” Coronaviruses are one of the main causes of the common cold. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler has stated that SARS CoV-2 could have accidentally escaped from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan from scientists working on a vaccine for the common cold.

Source: Coronavirus Manmade or Fraud?

There are other predictions I have made that have come true or are on the verge of coming true, including this one I made on March 8th: Coronavirus Hysteria is About Force Vaccinating Adults

…but that one was obvious.

Sometimes I can see what is coming because I know the map the global elites are using to navigate their way into a future that cares even less about you and I than it does at present. Follow this blog and share these posts with everyone.


Speaking of predictions I recently found one from 2003 that blew me away, as it applies today. The 2003 report was about the first SARS outbreak and it comes from Michael C. Ruppert, a former LAPD Narcotics Detective who quit the force in 1978 when he saw CIA smuggling drugs into America and no one would do anything about it. He became a whistleblower from that point forward. Eventually he created the publication From The Wilderness, which is where the below excerpt on the first SARS outbreak was published:

Combining Biological and Economic Warfare

SARS … has successfully terrified much of the world’s population, weakened the Chinese economy and set the stage for more deadly diseases while avoiding the real issue. SARS serves the role of something long-practiced in covert operations and warfare; a dry run on serious population reduction and management. Ultimately something will give. And ultimately as people begin to starve population issues will have to be addressed, both in terms of number and in terms of maintaining order. SARS, while most likely not the agent envisioned by some scientists as the “big one,” conveniently serves the dual purpose of conditioning populations for the time when forced vaccinations may accomplish the task or when they will be told to surrender all personal liberties as a more deadly disease occupies the stage. (emphasis added)

But to think of SARS only in that context is to miss a great many other “side effects” of the disease, not the least of which is the fact that it forces China to accept western medical and business practices favored by globalized financial interests and the western pharmaceutical industry.


It’s hard to believe Ruppert wrote that 17 years ago and not in 2020 (Rest in Peace Mike).

Twitter Suspends #Unity2020



August 28, 2020 — Twitter Suspended #Unity2020’s account – – on Twitter for amplifying the hashtag #JustSayNoToDonaldAndJoe just as President Trump was accepting the Republican Party’s nomination. While Twitter is notoriously known for censoring voices of conservatives, libertarians and health freedom advocates, in this instance the tech-giant is clearly attempting to protect the corrupt duopoly of the Republican-Democrat dictatorship of America. In fact I will even go as far to say Twitter went out of its way to protect Trump by suspending the account at a crucial moment for the Trump campaign.

I normally don’t give a crap about the presidency.

In New York we are seeing clearly that Dictator Cuomo is the #1 clear and present danger to NY residents. His dictatorial powers are on the books as “legal” until April 2021 in his emergency powers act S7919. And it is the New York legislature working with Cuomo to erode our rights at warp speed. However, as Professor Bret Weinstein has so clearly articulated and demonstrated, we stand at a moment in history where the American Republic itself may fall apart completely. The only office in the nation that can galvanize the will to prevent this is the presidency.

Seeing Twitter suspend @ArticlesOfUnity is a clear sign that it is a real threat to the corrupt Republican-Democrat duopoly dictatorship that just might choke the American Republic to death. Everyone who has spoken out against Twitter censorship in the past *must* speak out against this censorship as well, right now. Please don’t be hypocritical in this moment. I have spoken out for conservatives who have been suspended from Twitter who I did not like or support, but I firmly believe in the tenant of free speech and social media is the new public square. Even if you don’t believe in #Unity2020, I ask you to be courageous, bold and principled by tweeting to @Jack and @Twitter that they must stop their war on #FreeSpeech.

Bring Back @ArticlesOfUnity!


Learn more about Bret Weinstein here: Racism is Being Used to Divide and Conquer America

Learn more about #Unity2020 here:

Watch Bret Weinstein’s podcast –

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End of Capitalism: Beginning of 1984

July 20, 2020 — COVID lockdowns are a covert way to end over-consumption consumer capitalism and usher in something… ‘new’. While ending over-consumption certainly has its positive aspects, the manner in which it is being done is outright criminal. That’s because the elite billionaires and banking families that run the planet never allow the truth to be told regarding what they are doing and why. Many events and their aftermaths throughout history have played out behind a veil of lies including the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Pearl Harbor, and 9-11. The best way to understand what is going on with COVID now is in terms of 9-11, because history is repeating itself.

“The war that will not end in our lifetime”

When 9-11 occurred 15 of the 19 men named as hijackers of commercial airliners were from Saudi Arabia, however the United State never declared war on Saudi Arabia. Instead the USA waged war on Afghanistan and then Iraq; two nations which were not directly involved in the attacks of September 11th. That was because the 9-11 attacks were used as an excuse to wage oil-wars in the Middle East. Afghanistan was being eyed as a geographic route for hydrocarbon pipelines and Iraq had the world’s second largest known oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia. We were told America was fighting a “War on Terrorism” but that was a lie; we were fighting a resource war which Dick Cheney called “the war that will not end in our lifetimes,” and he was right. That war has not ended.

“The invisible enemy”

Today we are told we are fighting an “invisible enemy” of a virus, and this is why we must stay home, not travel, keep businesses closed, end large public gatherings, and cover our faces with masks to live in a “new normal.” I am convinced we are being lied to, just as we were lied to after 9-11. The real reasons for this “new normal” is not the “invisible enemy” but rather intentional demand destruction to usher in a new era with the intent to end the age of over-consumption capitalism.

Look at the price of WTI Oil at the top of this report: the gigantic cliff we see oil prices fall off came as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. In mid-April oil plummeted to a mere $4 per barrel. The oil market has somewhat recovered now resting around $40 per barrel but that is still over a 30% price drop compared to pre-COVID pricing. According to demand for oil will remain low all the way until August of 2021, as people and markets will continue to under-consume oil due to lockdown orders, travel restrictions and fear.

Of course, as I’ve already stated, there is a very positive component to ending over-consumption, however there is nothing benevolent planned for the masses in this new age that has swiftly been thrust upon us.

Useless Eaters

Shortly after 9-11 in the first decade of the 21st Century “peak oil” received major news coverage. This is the scientific theory that oil production follows a bell curve and that at some point in time the world will hit a global peak in oil production that will forever decline thereafter. Many say that technological advances have delayed the global peak of oil production: shale oil, tar sands and horizontal drilling techniques have allowed for more oil to be pulled from the ground than originally anticipated. However these techniques cause massive environmental devastation including inducing earthquakes.

People still continue to debate the precise point at which we begin to run out of oil on a global scale. This is critically important because oil is the life blood of the over-consumption global capitalist economy. There is no other form of energy, or combination of energies, that can as of yet come close to replacing oil. Now whether or not you believe in the theory of peak oil is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the global elite do believe in it, just as they believe in Global Warming. It appears that the global elite – The Powers That Be (TPTB) – have reached the point where they have decided to stop the endless growth economy of consumer capitalism that is largely based off of endless supplies of oil. They plan to save these resources to usher in something else; something ‘new’.

Not all of TPTB are aligned with this agenda. Trump seems to represent a faction of elites who would like to see the over-consumption consumer capitalism model continue to party on; even if the party itself ends up laying waste to everything. But the Trump faction does not seem to be in the drivers seat at this point in time, he merely plays a minor role in what is transpiring now (I will not go into that at this time as it requires an essay entirely dedicated to that topic alone).

TPTB, including Bill Gates, have long been obsessed with population reduction because they view 6 billion of us, at least, to be consuming what is rightfully theirs. They don’t see their multiple mansions and private planes jet-setting across the globe as the problem. No. WE are the problem. YOU and ME. WE are the useless eaters. THEY are the useful over-consumers; the ones who are the most valuable and the most productive. If WE would just stop consuming all of THEIR resources, the future would look so bright!

As we exit the era of consumer capitalism, it appears TPTB are now executing an Orwellian 1984 landscape for us but with a twist; a public health twist. The economy must be shutdown for our own good; for the greater good of “saving lives” from the COVID health crisis. The public must now be electronically traced and tracked because we are all now “vectors of disease” and cannot be trusted to be free to do and move as we see fit. Never mind that deaths from coronavirus have plummeted, and even the CDC admits COVID may soon lose it’s pandemic status.

Never mind all that. Federal, state and local governments are continuing to:

  • Limit travel
  • Force isolate
  • Violate Privacy
  • Increase Surveillance
  • Force Contact Tracing
  • Limit your movement
  • Limit in-person education
  • Eventually, force vaccinate

One of the first areas that has been hit hardest, and will continue to feel the pain is travel and tourism. Recently Hawaii has introduced legislation that would permanently cut their tourism industry by half (at least).

The party is over, because the elites say it’s over.

The plan of TPTB is to identify all of the resources on planet earth (including humans), tag them, track them, and control them for their own benefit as they construct a future where middle class over-consumption is no longer necessary to enrich the global elites. As artificial intelligence and robots continue to become more and more valuable to the TPTB, the resource of “human beings” becomes drastically less valuable to them.

Social Isolation and Race Riots

How COVID Lockdowns Amplified the Current Violence

June 1, 2020 – The death of George Floyd while in the custody of a disgraced police officer with an atrocious record for abusing his power is as tragic as the hundreds that came before it. This was the first time I can recall a police officer being fired prior to any investigation into what happened. That alone speaks volumes.

But if it was not for the COVID LOCKDOWNS that have caused soaring unemployment above 30% and a forced social isolation, the violence on the streets would not be anywhere near as bad as it currently is. In her campaign statement Liz Glass, candidate for New York State Senate in District 27 had this to say about “social distancing:”

It should be noted that social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation, which was developed 70 years ago by the CIA and deployed against enemies of the state because it is more effective at breaking people down than any form of physical torture.

No job, no money, no hope, no social contact all add up to a unique form of torture. George Floyd’s tragic murder was the spark that ignited this fuel of hopelessness, despair and abandonment that is the fault of Governor’s who have sacrificed thousands of lives in the name of protecting “public health.” Of course we needed a public health response to COVID, but not by sacrificing everything else in its name. When the history books are written, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio and many others will be noted as failing to strike that balance in a sensible way. That is unelss the goal was the destruction of the fabric of liberty and freedom in American society. Then these politicians will get a 10 out of 10 for their efforts!

Enter Provocateurs

Protests and civil disobedience are notoriously infiltrated by various groups working alternative agendas. The far-right neo-nazi movement could easily stoke the flames of riots to move us closer to the race war they have claimed for decades is inevitable. The far-left antifa never misses a chance to inflict violence and havoc anywhere, anytime and claim it is justified in a war against capitalism.

Take a look at this video of Black residents in Minneapolis who stop white protesters and remind them, “This is not your space.” The Black residents say they appreciate support from white protesters, but that they must stop destroying the Black community they have come into.

Isn’t that odd? White protesters in a Black neighborhood, destroying it?


Nevertheless we are seeing other amazing things happening, such as the following video, where a protester and a police officer hug: not all cops are racists, not all protesters are thugs…

THIS is what THE POWERS THAT BE (TPTB) fear the most. When it comes time to enforce their Draconian laws on us – such as removing children from homes due to contact tracing or force vaccinating New Yorkers – if the local authorities won’t do it it won’t happen. This is where TPTB fear us the most — in Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow and everyone coming together and stopping the madness and chaos they benefit from.