China’s Social Credit Tyranny


China’s social credit system will “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.” – China’s State Council; June 14, 2014

February 11, 2020 — China is using drones to enforce coronavirus rules on its citizens. If you are not wearing a medical mask on the streets in China today, a drone will swoop down and speak to you about it. Drones may also enforce quarantine rules. This is certain to have an impact on an individual’s “social credit” score, a Chinese system that is now in place that goes far beyond George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. Let’s take a look at how China is not only destroying the rights of the individual, but working towards actually eradicating the individual entirely from it’s communist society by creating a “new citizen.”

***Nearly all of the below comes from Truthstream Media’s What’s Your Social Credit Score? ***

China’s social credit system runs on a series of “blacklists.” One example of how you end up on such a list is by posting “unapproved thoughts” on social media. If a person is caught littering, having a messy yard, or gossiping their social credit score drops. In one Chinese city they have facial recognition cameras that catch jay-walkers, then flash their pictures on public screens on the street in an effort to shame them before sending them a fine to their phone.

These technologies have been rolled out in Chinese classrooms as well, monitoring student behavior and engagement during classes, scanning the class every 30 seconds. They can tell if the students are behaving appropriately, and even if they are engaged based on where the child’s eyeballs are looking.

Google has built China a “special” censored search engine. As of December 2019 all Chinese citizens are required to use facial recognition to sign up for internet services or to get a new cell phone number. Residents are banned from transferring their phone number to someone else. China’s largest dating website has agreed to boost the dating profiles of citizens who have high social credit scores. Muslim minorities in China are monitored ferociously and over 1,000,000 of them have been placed into “Chinese Reeducation Camps.” The videos the government puts out of people in the reeducation camps dancing and smiling – so happy they have been “reeducated” – are disturbing to the bone when you watch them.

If you have a low social credit score you can be banned from traveling on planes and trains.

Or, if you are allowed to travel on trains, you can only purchase the least desirable seat on the least desirable train at the least desirable time. You may be banned from train travel and only allowed on buses. When your social credit score begins to fall, your friends and family are aware. They naturally begin to distance themselves from you out of fear that their social credit scores will begin to fall by association with you, which can and does happen.

Eventually everyone will mimic the behavior that the government rewards, and China will have created a “new citizen.” That “new citizen” will exist for the betterment of the Chinese state; not the betterment of themselves; or their friends; or their family; or their spouse; or their children, but the state. This connects with the UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY (UDI) that is being rolled out in India. This is where every Indian citizen must have a bio-metric UDI to do everything from purchase food, to see a doctor, to withdraw money from an ATM. It has even been reported that people in India who artificial intelligence software has failed to recognize by their fingerprints have starved to death when they couldn’t receive their food rations. (In America this sort of system is going to creep in through the new REAL ID).

These types of totalitarianism are great ways to coerce adults into getting vaccinated; because if you are unvaccinated your social credit score will surely drop. In America and Europe we will slowly see laws moving us in this direction creep into our state houses and Washington D.C. Recently a bill called the “Fair Credit Act” passed in the House. Repubolicans offered an amendment to that bill that would prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from forcing credit reporting based on religious or political beliefs. The Democratic controlled Congress voted against that amendment. This does not mean that we will have a social credit system in America by 2021, however it is part of a slow creep towards techno-totalitarianism happening in America today.

Watch Truthstream Media’s documentary, What’s Your Social Credit Score?

Review of Vice’s Anti-Vaxx Fever


February 10, 2020 — The VICE documentary titled “Anti-Vaxx Fever” is a hit piece.

It created the illusion of telling both sides of the story by spending a lot of time interviewing Hillary Simpson of “Crazy Mothers,” who is a passionate #VaccineChoice & #HealthFreedom advocate. Simpson and Crazy Mothers hosted the successful Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) event recently held in Washington D.C. However the main theme of the VICE documentary was to praise Ethan Linderberger as an 18-year-old, Dungeon’s & Dragon’s playing globe-trotting pro-vaccine hero, while making Vaccine Choice advocates appear to be little more than opportunistic capitalists. For those who don’t remember Ethan, he is the young man whose mother never vaccinated him and once he turned 18 he made the choice to get vaccinated.

So that’s the short version for all those who don’t need to know more. If you want details, keep reading.

The reporter who takes us through this story is Krishna Andavolu (pictured above). He paints Vaccine Choice Advocates as being sincere in what they believe, which only makes them more dangerous to society. By the end Andavolu says we ignore “anti-vaxxers” at our own peril, and, “This is what life in post-truth America looks like,” stating Vaccine Choice advocates are liars.

Post Truth America

Here are some “Post-Truths” from Krishna Andavolu himself:

The biggest lies were when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was interviewed by Andavolu. RFK referenced the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that concluded scientific studies did not exist to prove or disprove that vaccines cause autism. At that point Andavolu cuts away from the interview entirely and says RFK is completely wrong; that many studies have been done to prove vaccines do not cause autism. He quotes the now famous Danish study published in 2019 that said there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. But that is not what RFK said: rather he said the studies have not been done to prove that vaccineS (plural, with an S) do not cause autism. Everyone loves to focus all attention on the MMR and forget the other 50+ doses of vaccines that go into every American child (#PostTruth)

In fact the Danish study was designed with multiple flaws, but the most glaring is that it was done in Denmark, not America. Why does that matter? Well, for starters in Denmark they do not inject day-1 old babies with the HEP-B vaccine; in America, we do! So this data is not relevant to the vaccine schedule the children in the United States are on. It also uses a common page out of the pro-vaccine playbook to only mention one vaccine – the MMR. For years, perhaps decades, this has been a standard diversionary tactic used by those who wish to avoid dealing with all of the facts head on; ignoring every single other vaccine’s potential link to autism (#PostTruth)

Andavolu interviews Del Bigtree and airs about 15 seconds of that interview where Bigtree says the debate around vaccines is tearing people apart, even tearing families apart, and there is one way to end the debate…

…and that’s the end of Bigtree’s part in the documentary. They literally don’t even allow him to say what the “one way” is to end the debate (#PostTruth)

Krishna Andavolu speaks with Mark Roberts who runs computer models to show what happens when “herd immunity” drops in a school from 100% to 99% to 98%, and so on, and claims to show if a measles case comes into those groups the number of infected children rises exponentially for every 1% drop in vaccine coverage. Eventually Roberts says, “This is not to say this is exactly what is going to happen…” Of course it’s not! It’s a simulated computer model based on the data set Roberts is plugging in which, just maybe, is designed to support his pro-vaccine agenda. Those who are unvaccinated are referred to as “bystanders.” Andavolu at one point looks at the computer screen – that we can no longer see – and says, “oh look! 30% of the (measles) cases are in bystanders.”

30% of what exactly? What simulation is he referring to? We aren’t told (#PostTruth)

Mark Roberts then says, “We are going to see a child die of measles this year or next.”

That hasn’t happened and is very unlikely to happen.

What we know to be true is quite different. We know that in New York in 2018/19 there were approximately 26,000 unvaccinated students in schools that had religious exemptions to vaccinations. Not one of those children played any role in the measles outbreak they were blamed for during that time. We know this from Democratic Assemblyman Tom Abinanti who said precisely this on the floor of the Assembly in Albany, NY on June 13, 2019. No one challenged him on this statement. No one disputed him, because they couldn’t. Nevertheless Roberts wants us to believe unvaccinated children like this will be responsible for his hypothetical measles death this year or next year. The fact is that there hasn’t been a single death in America from measles in over 10 years. (#PostTruth)

We also get to hear from Texas moms who are scared to death of the power of the “anti-vaxxer” lobby in Texas. One mom says that a child was sent into a public school with measles; with a full measles rash on the child’s body. I have to admit, when I heard this I gasped out loud. The mothers went on to say it is horrifying that these “anti-vaxxer” moms think it is ok to send their measles-infected child into school on purpose. I waited for the source of this claim to be presented.

And waited,

And waited…

No source (#PostTruth)

To even insinuate that any Vaccine Choice advocate or parent believes they should be sending children with active measles into school is disgraceful. No one believes that! If it did happen, I would love to know who it was that did this, what the circumstances were and what that parent’s comments are about the situation. However VICE doesn’t give us any of that (#PostTruth)

Very Little Truth

VICE provides us with very little truth in their #PostTruth documentary. In fact all of the #PostTruths I’ve mentioned here are just what I know off the top of my head. I’m not even going into far more #PostTruths that Krishna Andavolu and his crew had no problem spewing out to the entire world. There was very little to like in the documentary, but I did manage to find two pieces I enjoyed.

Watching 18-year-old Ethan Linderberger play Dungeons and Dragons in his basement with his friends was very entertaining. Krishna Andavolu says that Linderberger “Has a nack for driving a narrative” and you can see just that as he conjures up a brilliant D&D narrative of a woman magically entering a scene and violently slashing her opponent (who happened to be Krishna Andavolu). You can also see at times just how smitten Linderberger is to be sweet-talked backstage before coming on as a guest on talk shows, as well as being a keynote speaker flown into Brussels at the World Vaccine Summit.

One point that was made which was very interesting was that the #VaccineChoice and #HealthFreedom movement is composed of everyone from Trumpers to Bernie-bangers and everything else you can imagine. The far-left and the far-right – who never agree on anything in the world – are agreeing on this one issue. We all want to have control over our own bodies; and our children’s bodies – GO FIGURE! This reminds me of a quote from a recent interview I conducted with the amazing Assemblyman Jamel Holley when speaking of the Health Freedom movement in America today.

“This is a political revolutionary one issue movement that I believe is going to take place in every state in this country.”

Andavolu says this fact may make all Vaccine Choice advocates and parents very “dangerous.” I think I agree with this point – we are very dangerous to the status-quo of forced medical procedures against informed consent.



I read this story posted on Rita Palma’s Facebook page. So incredibly tragic. This is why we must never allow S3899a to become law in New York – Fed Up Dem


This is Devryn Holt and his mother Camille.

Devryn experienced vaccine reactions as a child which were dismissed by doctors until he had a massive seizure in the doctors office following a vaccination in which the doctor had to immediately administer epinephrine.

After that Devryn chronically suffered from epileptic seizures, which would reach a frequency of 60 seizures a day. As a result, Camille could no longer risk vaccinating Devryn.

When Devryn was 16 years old, Camille took him and herself to the doctor for a family appointment and while she was being examined, Devryn was given the Gardasil vaccine by a nurse, without Camille’s knowledge or consent.

As a result of the Gardasil shot, Devryn’s seizures went into overdrive and along with the onset of new neurological reactions he experienced massive headaches and stomach issues. He lived in agony for the next three years until his body gave out and he died from a seizure. He was 19.

Please honor Devryn’s life by sharing his story in hopes that what happened to him will not be the fate of someone else’s son or daughter.

Rest In Peace Devryn Holt
4/20/1999 to 9/16/2018


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Nazi Germany & Injections: Nurses Murdering Children

Is America Falling Into Medical Fascism?


January 25, 2020 – When watching “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich,” I was shocked and devastated by how many parallels there are between Nazi Germany and the medical madness that is currently sweeping America.

#1 – The Nazis firmly believed the “greater good” of the public was more important than the health and good of the individual.

Today the most prominent American Democrats believe the exact same thing. When I emailed and snail-mailed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and asked what her position was on mandatory vaccination, she never responded in any fashion. However I did eventually get an email from Sandy Menor, the Support Team Director for the Justice Democrats. This is the political organization Cortez belongs to that got her elected. Menor’s response to me was, “We believe all people should be vaccinated unless medically unable to do so. Public health and safety should always be the first concern. The current (New York measles) epidemic is evidence what happens when people ignore the greater good of fellow citizens and the vulnerable.” (emphasis added) Sandy Menor eluded to the notion that medical exemptions to vaccination are acceptable, however it is now nearly impossible to get such exemptions in many states.

#2 – The Nazi doctors and nurses were not allowed to serve the best interests of their patients; they had no choice but to serve the interests of the state.

Today we see this exact same reversal of the Hippocratic Oath where doctors are no longer allowed to write medical exemptions to vaccinations for patients who need them. In California only a state advisory board – that never meets with the child – can decide if a child will receive a medical exemption from state-mandated injections. In New York it is nearly impossible to get a medical exemption written by a doctor and when one is written, the Department of Health is currently advised by Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny virtually all requests. One prominent example of this is Ameer Hamideh, the severely disabled boy from Buffalo, NY, who had a valid medical exemption to vaccination given to him by his neurologist. However the New York Department of Health illegally denied the exemption. Ameer’s family sued the school in court and won. The court system still allows for some crumbs of justice to befall upon the people, on rare occasion, and is one of the few barriers we have to all out Fascism in America.

#3 – The Nazis viewed the disabled as “useless eaters” that should be segregated from society and did not have the same human rights as German citizens.

Today in New York, California, Maine, Mississippi and West Virginia children who are disabled and whose families refuse to inject them with state-mandated vaccinations are segregated and banned from school. In Rockland County, NY in 2019, completely healthy unvaccinated children were banned from all public spaces. In Westchester, NY the local laws have been altered to allow for forced vaccination of adults if the government mandates it otherwise you may lose your job.

#4 – The propaganda of Nazi Germany was so effective it got the entire nation hypnotized to believe “mercy killings” of “useless eaters” were proper and ethical.

The propaganda in America today labeling Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice families as “anti-vaxxers” that are a danger to the public health is 100% false, yet it is effectively hypnotizing most of the nation to believe those who choose not to vaccinate should be banned from public spaces, ridiculed, quarantined, and even forced into reeducation camps and force vaccinated. This is the rhetoric we are seeing on social media, in the mainstream news as well as in state capitols all across the country – especially state capitols controlled by Democrats. Right now in New York there is a bill being considered – bill A99 – that would allow adults to be detained and force vaccinated if the government deemed it necessary.

#5 – We know that America smuggled Nazi scientists into America, as reported by the New York Times citing a 2006 Department of Justice report.

“Project Paperclip” was a CIA covert operation that brought Nazi scientists (and other Nazis) into America not to prosecute them, but to work with them. We know NASA’s rocket program and the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control experiments were both worked on hand-in-hand with Nazi scientists. We also know from psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin there were Nazi scientists brought to America that worked on electroshock therapy on psychiatric patients. I often wonder if any Nazi scientists are connected to the vaccination program. Later in this report I detail Josef Mengele’s experiments injecting twins with “germs, diseases and drugs” quoting Eva Kor, one of Mengele’s unwitting subjects.

#6 – Over a dozen nurses recently interviewed in America say they know the way vaccines are administered to children today is causing many to be disabled and even killed, but very few are listening to them.

In Nazi Germany the doctors issued the majority of the orders, but it was the nurses who actually killed “undesirable” children, most commonly by injecting them with substances that ended their lives. The nurses would often administer the lethal injection and hold the child in their arms while they died. Of course there is a big difference between this and vaccination – the goal of vaccination is not explicitly to kill or disable children, but too often the result is effectively just that. At the end of this report I list links to over a dozen American nurses giving statements on video recounting the damage and death they have witnessed from vaccination of children in contemporary America.


Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich:

Sterilization, Experimentation and Murder

Nazi Germany involuntary sterilized about 400,000 Germans, “euthanized” 200,000 disabled German children and adults, and invented the mass-murder machine of the gas chamber. None of this could have happened without the support of doctors and nurses. 40% of all doctors in Germany joined the Nazi party, while other white collar professions joined in far smaller numbers.

Eugenics is the belief that one race is genetically superior to another, and the lesser people can therefore be killed and sterilized to promote “the greater good” of the society. Eugenics is a false pseudo-science and was the cornerstone of Nazi propaganda and deadly medical campaigns. However the Germans did not invent eugenics, but rather learned of it from American scientists who were the first to promote the pseudo-science, according to Michael A. Grodin, MD featured in the documentary “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich.” Laws on the books in Virginia allowed sterilization of developmentally disabled (formerly called “mentally retarded”) people. “There was a time where there were letters in US journals saying, ‘look at the Nazis they’ve gotten ahead of us (in eugenics) we’ve got to catch up‘,” said Grodin.

The Nazi programs of sterilization and killing required many participants. “Of course it required lawyers, it required doctors, it required bureaucrats, it required administrators; but many of the nurses were the ones who actually carried out the injections…Nurses were the agents of the physicians and the physicians during the Nazi period were agents of the state. That’s very important because physicians were no longer asked to care for patients but to care for the state,” according to Grodin.

Germany’s doctors and nurses embraced the Nazi party except Jewish doctors who were obviously excluded. The official journal of the German Medical Association put the swastika on their journal and got rid of all Jewish authors and doctors very quickly; in 5 to 6 years Jews were out of all academic and professional establishments. After years of Nazi propaganda the German medical establishment began to believe “racial hygiene” was good for the nation. Social Darwinism was embraced by both doctors and nurses for a “healthy thriving society.”

In the 1920’s a book was written with the title roughly translated as “Permitting the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life,” by Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche. This wound up being a great influence on Hitler’s support of so-called “euthanasia” which in actuality was just a mass-murder program. The Nazi mass-murder program first began in 1939 as a way to kill disabled children – those with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cardiac problems etc…were all considered “useless eaters.” The mass-murder program soon moved to adults.

German families were lied to by nurses and told their disabled children would be given the best of care if the families relinquished them to the state. Not long after this the children would be murdered by various means, including poisonous lethal injections. Nurses would give the children overdoses, take them outside into cold weather knowing it would sicken them leading to death, or kill them by other means. Midwives were required to report every child born with a birth defect, and would receive money for each child they reported. No consent was given to take the life of any of these children, yet the children were eventually killed.

Shortly after the killing of children began in Germany, the adult mass-murder program followed in psychiatric hospitals. The justification became that Germany needed these hospital beds for wounded soldiers after the invasion of Poland. Why should the state waste a good hospital bed on an adult worthless eater? The name of the killing team was T4. This was the first use of the gas chambers for mass-murder. The killings were somewhat hidden, but the communities around the death facilities figured out what was going on. Buses with blacked-out windows would arrive, and not too long after there arrival black smoke would be seen bellowing out from the institution when the dead bodies were burned after being gassed. People became knowledgeable of what the “grey buses” were all about. The T4 euthanasia program ended in 1941, but the killing of children continued till the end of the World War II.

How did nurses become involved in these killings? It was a gradual process. First a nurse would be asked to hold a patient while someone else did the injection, so it was easy for the nurse to say, “Well I was not the one doing the killing.” From there it is a shorter step to the nurse giving the injection herself. Senior nurses (some of which were men) would order killings to other nurses. Some nurses would starve children to death.

When Jews were moved into death camps many of the same doctors and nurses involved in the euthanasia program took down the gas chambers in the hospitals and reconstructed them in the concentration camps; additionally many nurses were directly involved in human experiments.

Eva KorHuman Experimentation

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor was captured with her twin sister Miriam and experimented on by the Nazis. To aid his sick, demented experiments, infamous Nazi Doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele utilized twins specifically to be force injected against their will and monitored. Eva and her twin sister were housed with twin girls age 2 to 16, and would be inspected by Dr. Mengele on a daily basis. After breakfast, the twins were brought for experiments which included 6 to 8 hours of having their bodies inspected. All the children were taken to a blood lab 3 days a week. According to Eva Kor the doctors and nurses would take a lot of blood from her left arm and give her at least 5 injections in her right arm.

“The contents of those injections we didn’t know then nor do I know today. To the best of my knowledge they were germs, diseases and drugs because the German Pharmaceutical company was very heavily involved in the experiments in Auschwitz. After one of those injections I became very ill with a very high fever: in fact I desperately tried to hide. The rumor in the camp was anyone taken to the hospital never came back so I didn’t want to be taken to the hospital. My fever was high, both of my legs and arms were swolen and very very painful and I had huge red patches throughout my body the size of a small apple or an egg.” – Eva Kor

(It is of interest to note Eva’s symptoms sound very similar to some adverse reactions to vaccines.)

Less than 200 of the 1500 twins used in experiments by Mengele survived. Many died from the conditions in the camp but the majority died as a result of the experiments and injections. There were sterilization experiments in Auschwitz as well, and the nurses were often the ones who picked and prepared the human subjects. Some nurses were eventually sent to prison for their participation in crimes against humanity, while others were given death sentences and hanged. Many of the nurses involved were never captured or pursued.

There were nurses who did not comply with the Nazi insanity. One was Maria Stromberger who had heard what was happening in Auschwitz and couldn’t believe it. She asked to be transferred to Auschwitz and, eventually, smuggled out information and even smuggled in ammunition and guns for resistors inside. She saved many lives.

Brave American Nurses Speaking Out!

As children are injured and killed by vaccines today, there is a brave minority of nurses and retired nurses who are beginning to speak out and tell their truth to the world. Below is a list of over a dozen nurses with a brief description of their stories and a link to the Youtube video where you can hear them speak for themselves.


(1) This Research Nurse admits to having injected a vaccine into a baby during medical research where the baby died shortly after. Her supervising physician said the baby’s death was not related to the vaccination she administered, however she does not believe that is the truth.

(2) Michele Rowton – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (specializes in children age 2 and under), with 17 years experience in the NICU, speaks out against the dangers vaccines pose to children –

(3) Nurse who got the flu shot had a horrible reaction –

(4) Two nurses tell of their vaccine injured autistic children –

(5) Julie is a registered nurse of 44 years – often saw children admitted to the emergency room shortly after receiving vaccinations –

(6) Certified Pediatric Nurse speaks out against dangers of vaccination –

(7) Belinda is a Nurse Practitioner practicing Emergency Medicine. She saw children injured from vaccine she gave, and got guillain barre syndrome herself from a flu shot –

(8) Joanne, NICU Nurse for 30 years, retired early because she can no longer vaccinate children as she is convinced they are not safe. She is especially adamant against the practice of vaccinating “micro-premies” –

(9) Registered Nurse whose son had seizures from vaccines, and she will no longer administer vaccines to anyone –

(10) Registered Nurse, now stay at home mom, doesn’t vaccinate her children –

(11) Jackie, Nurse, was pro-vaccine but no longer supports vacciantion –

(12) Psychiatric Nurse says her son was disabled after getting the MMR vaccine –

(13) Seatle Nursing student, says VAXXED is very convincing movie –

Watch CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich:

Vaccine Debate in Harlem, NYC 1

The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

Part 1

Are vaccines safe?

December 16, 2019 – Curtis Cost pulled off another outstanding event on vaccines in Harlem! Almost 300 people showed up for The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate on December 15th. When I entered the event I was fortunate to run into the brilliant James Lyons-Weiler, PhD and introduced myself. I told him I publish The Fed Up Democrat and he said, “That’s a great blog! I’ve shared it with many people.”

“Well I’ve shared your work with many people!” I responded enthusiastically. We both got a laugh out of that. What a fantastic compliment to this blog!

I also was able to speak to the amazing Health Freedom Activist Rita Palma, who told me “We are changing the temperature of the vaccine debate in the media; more and more it’s becoming OK to challenge the safety and efficacy of vaccination.” (She may be right, as New Jersey just stopped a bill to repeal their religious exemption to vaccination).

I was also very pleased when Curtis Cost opened the debate and gave a shout-out to The Fed Up Democrat for our support and promotion of The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate.

We did in fact witness a real, true vaccine debate happen and some very interesting things transpired. The pro-vaccine side of the debate consisted of Ankh Imhotep (Community Activist), Asar Imhotep (Computer Scientist), and Dr. Vanammee (PhD Biomedicine). The pro-Health Freedom side consisted of Del Bigtree (TV/Movie producer, journalist), James Lyons-Weiler (PhD Biomedicine), Virstyne Henry (Health Freedom Activist) and Danielle Gail (Parent Activist).

General Overview

I felt the pro-Health Freedom side won the debate on all of the most important points. In this report I will cover the first question of the debate – are vaccines safe? It was fantastic to be able to hear both sides of the most critical health issue of our time and how it impacts the African American Community. There were vendors all over the ballroom selling books, jewelry, herbs, natural health remedies, sage, candles, food and more. There were people from all walks of life and backgrounds who paid diligent attention to the debate for hours.

While I do disagree with the pro-vaccine side of the debate, they certainly brought some perspectives that were very interesting and worth hearing. Late in the debate Asar Imhotep made the point that due to slavery, Jim Crow, and the racist reality of American history there are no scientific institutions designed and run by African Americans. Because of this the Black Community must be scientifically literate and able to read and understand the science put out by the government and Big Pharma, to determine what is and is not true. He continued by saying many African American don’t trust the government or Big Pharma and because of this they are prone to agree with what he calls “anti-vaccine” arguments just based on the talking points alone. African Americans don’t have the luxury of saying everything put out by Big Pharma and the government isn’t true, according to Asar Imhotep.

For the most part this is a very powerful point. Everyone on every side of this debate needs to think for themselves and do their own research. The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate at many times viewed the debate around vaccination through the unique lens of the African American Community. I watched audience members nod their heads as the debaters spoke, as well as engage in discussion with others around them. I saw fantastic conversations emerge from this event.

Now let’s go through each point in the debate regarding vaccine safety.

Opening Statements

The opening statements for the pro-vaccine side came from Ankh Imhotep, who focused on smallpox, polio and measles; noting that Egyptian mummies have shown signs of having had, or having died of smallpox. He referenced Edward Jener inventing the smallpox vaccine in 1796 and how today vaccines work so well we forget how bad the diseases were they have “eradicated.” (This is one of Dr. Peter Hotez’s favorite statements).

“There’s no denying that vaccines work!” insisted Ankh Imhotep.

Del Bigtree made the opening comments for the pro-Health Freedom side stating while some vaccines may be effective there is a severe lack of safety in the current vaccination program. He referenced Eward Jenner’s son – who was one of the first to be given the smallpox vaccine by his father – stating he appeared to suffer from brain damage after he was vaccinated and died in his early 20’s. Bigtree said this may very well have been the first case of autism, as the historical record seems to describe his behaviors in such a manner. Additionally the oral polio vaccine is now admitted to cause polio today, which Bigtree called a “vaccine failure.” Finally he ended by saying it is arrogant to say that any science is “settled” as science is not decided by “consensus,” and at times it is one person like Galileo who is proven right even after being imprisoned or killed for being a heretic.

Debate Question #1 – ARE VACCINES SAFE?

Asar Imhotep opened by discussing the way vaccines are brought to market. He said they would have been first tested on animals for safety and that there is a difference between safety and efficacy testing. He brought up a question that the pro-vaccine side would repeat all night long – if not vaccines, what then? What can be used in place of vaccination, and what science supports its use? Asar Imhotep also stated that science is not about a “one man hero” such as Galileo but rather reproducibility and falsification, which can and should be done by scientists independent of Big Pharma.

On the pro-Health Freedom side Virstyne Henry laid out the overall problems with vaccine safety quite thoroughly and effectively given the short amount of time she had. She stated all the vaccines on the CDC childhood schedule have never been double-blind placebo tested and there has never been a study comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children; such a study would clear up many debated points. Henry stated not one vaccine has ever been tested to determine if it does or does not cause cancer, genetic mutations or infertility; facts admitted in every single vaccine package insert. She also quoted the work of the great Dr. Theresa Deisher who is a pioneer in developing adult stem cell technologies and who adamantly states aborted fetal cell lines used in vaccines can and do cause great harm to those injected with them. Henry said the way the vaccine regulatory system is setup is “the fox guarding the hen house.” She went on to state polysorbate 80, a vaccine additive, can turn into sorbitol in the human body and lead to diabetes, that reverse transcriptase in vaccines can result in false-positive HIV tests, and that vaccine adjuvants (most notably aluminum) have been linked to autoimmune disease.

Ankh Imhotep responded on the pro-vaccine side by saying Del Bigtree had been wrong in his opening statement about Jener’s son dying from the smallpox vaccination and Jener’s son “died 55 years later.” (Imhotep was not correct on these points, more on this later).

Dr Vanammee made the point that vaccines reduce the incidents of measles here in America and all over the world (which was more of an efficacy point than safety). Asar Imhotep asked if everyone knows what a vaccine is and does. “It’s not an invisible shield” around the entirety of the body but rather a tool to help an individual develop white blood cells to fight infection.

James Lyons-Weiler responded for the pro-Health Freedom side refuting that vaccines go through the same rigorous testing as drugs. Vaccines are not classified as drugs but rather as “biologics.” This is significant because all drugs in the U.S. are required to first go through a small clinical trial, a larger trial, then a long-term study over many years with some form of placebo control to reference in the study. Weiler pointed out that Del Bigtree’s non-profit ICAN has proved there have been no placebo control studies ever done for any of vaccines on the CDC’s childhood schedule.

If vaccines are so safe, said Weiler, then why has our own federal government declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and made it illegal to sue vaccine manufacturers when children are injured by those vaccines?

“Are vaccines safe?” asked Weiler. “They are not safe enough; they are not safe for everyone,” answering his own question. Then Weiler made the one point of the evening I had never heard before. When CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson said the MMR vaccine safety studies were falsified and sanitized before publication, he also said all CDC studies on vaccination are sanitized before published in medical journals.

Del Bigtree was up next and corrected Ankh on Jenner’s son – who did in fact die before the age of 21 and was brain damaged. Bigtree stated vaccines don’t cause autism, but they can and do cause encephalopothy (brain swelling) which can lead to autism. Encephalopothy is listed as a potential adverse effect on the vaccine manufacturer’s package insert.

On the pro-vaccine side Dr. Vanammeer said William Thompson has to come forward otherwise we can’t discuss him or his information much. I need to interject here; this is not correct. Thompson has come forward in the exact correct channels that a whistleblower should come froward; he has given all of his documentation to Congressman Bill Posey of Florida who has discussed Thompson’s information on the floor of Congress and asked for hearings to be held. Don’t blame Thompson for “not coming forward,” blame the US Government for criminally obstructing justice!

Ankh Imhotep said we don’t just listen to one scientist for all information; we need to fact check everything and not fall for “pseudo-science.” I couldn’t agree with him more! However he made the blanket statement that false statements were only on what he called the “anti-vax” side of the debate. He then said that Big Pharma has been protected from all lawsuits because lawsuits against their vaccines were discouraging them from doing research.

“The government created a fund to make sure these businesses stayed in business.”

Well, I must say he nailed that one right on the head!

Asar Imhotep asked a phenomenal scientific question at this point: “How do you quantify the term ‘safe’?” To say vaccines aren’t safe enough is very vague. James Lyons-Weiler responded in agreement saying the CDC says on its website “vaccines are safe” with no qualifying information beyond that. As a biomedical researcher Weiler says he has read all the CDC studies on vaccines and says, “The CDC is expert at doing what I call ‘science-like activities.’”

Del Bigtree then projected a slide of the numbers published by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) showing in 2018 there were 62,803 adverse events reported including 533 deaths. Harvard University analyzed VAERS and determined it captures less than 1% of the actual number of true adverse reactions to vaccines. That means there is potentially 6 million adverse events a year and 533,000 deaths!

Ankh Imhotep responded by saying this was interesting but what if we had 500,000 cases of measles each year? He reminded everyone that in New York two Jewish communities had recently had measles outbreaks. Asar Imhotep then asked how many of the VAERS reports were determined to be false? Just because you go to a doctor saying you’ve experienced a vaccine reaction doesn’t mean that’s what you actually experienced.

Weiler responded directly to Asar Imhotep by saying, “You really are a scientist because you want to know more.” The VAERS system is designed to have no causality linkage within it. When Harvard finished its study on VAERS they had suggestions for the CDC on how to improve the system but CDC never responded to those suggestions: they don’t want to know the truth.

On the pro-Health Freedom side Danielle Gail, who is a mother and parent activist, said vaccination is not worth the risk. As a parent she uses common sense and instinct to keep her family healthy. She made the excellent point that the vaccine a doctor would give to her is the same dosage given to a 2-month-old baby, which just makes no sense at all!

“I’m not playing Russian Roulette with my children.”

Ankh Imhotep for the pro-vaccine side then quoted a study saying there are only 1.3 adverse events per every million vaccines given. I was unable to hear the precise source of this quote, but it is the standard “1 in a million” line from Big Pharma.

Del Bigtree countered this with facts about the very deadly DTP vaccine, which is no longer used in America. DTP is still used in the developing world and is estimated to have killed 10 times more children than it has saved. Del Bigtree and ICAN are suing UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) for continuing to kill innocent African children with this deadly vaccine.

At this point Curtis Cost took a vote from the audience to determine who they felt did a better job proving their side of the debate. Overwhelmingly the crowd felt vaccines were not safe. There were 3 more questions debated after this, including:

Debate Question #2 – ARE VACCINES EFFECTIVE?



Each of these questions from the debate will be detailed in subsequent reports.

For more information on The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate,

Presentations after the debate:

Brooke Jordan presentation recorded by Rita Palma

Danielle Gail is part of The Family Freedom Alliance, which you can follow and join at

***There was one other participant on the pro-vaccine side of the debate, however he was added to the debate last minute and I do not have his name and credentials at this time.

New Jersey on Path to Medical Tyranny Just Like New York

December 13, 2019 – To all my friends in New Jersey it is all but certain that you will lose the right to not vaccinate your child if you send them to school. If you have about 50 people willing to perform civil disobedience that leads to arrest maybe – maybe – you can turn the tide.

But even that is unlikely to work.

You need to start doing the work New Yorkers have been doing for the past 6 months now – home school planning, activist organizing and – most importantly – political planning to vote out the Democratic majority in New Jersey.

Please come to THE GREAT HARLEM VACCINE DEBATE on Sunday, December 15th, organized by Curtis Cost as it is one of the few efforts that The Powers That Be (TPTB) are clearly afraid of gaining momentum. They are scared to death of African Americans and other minority groups waking up to the dangers of vaccine mandates, something Virstyne Henry calls the “Once black people find out about it it’s over for them” theory.

Below is an article from my friend John Gilmore who sums up the New Jersey situation perfectly:


Democrats fix vote in NJ to assure religious exemption will be repealed

by John Gilmore

December 12, 2019 — If there was any doubt, it can no longer be denied that the dominant group within the Democratic Party of the United States is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the drug industry. Their dependence on pharmaceutical cash, combined with a growing and extremely ugly contempt for religion and religious people, led the New Jersey Senate Health Committee…to eliminate the longstanding right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. New Jersey almost certainly will join California, Maine and New York as states under complete Democratic control that have eliminated a precious human right to appease drug companies.

     The passage was engineered by Senate President Steven Sweeney who in a blatant exercise of power and disregard for any semblance of process, scheduled the vote when two Republicans members, and known “no” votes, were not going to be present, but then, to assure victory for the drug companies, Health Committee Chair Joe Vitale switched out three known Democratic “no” votes and replaced them with safe “yes” votes.

     In New Jersey today, physicians and lobbyist for the vaccine industry were allowed to testify, but ordinary New Jersey citizens, who cannot sign fat checks to Senate President Sweeney and Chairman Vitale, were not allowed to speak. There are no plagues sweeping through New Jersey, there is no outbreak of a minor infection marked by a rash that provided the pretext for the Democrats in New York and California to eliminate religious exemptions.

New Jersey has a greater drug company presence than any other state and is the home state of Merck, the biggest producer of vaccines in the US, and the second largest drug company, and probably the drug company with the highest body count due to the minimum of 60,000 deaths caused by Vioxx.

     This travesty in New Jersey follows the farce in New York last spring when the Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie forced our Assembly Health Committee to re-do a vote on a bill to repeal our religious exemption. The measure lost initially on a 13 to 13 vote, so Heastie ordered a them to vote again, and ordered the junior Democrat on the Committee to change his vote. Just like Sweeney and Vitale, Heastie did this in plain sight, you can watch him do it on video here at 40 minutes:

     After Heastie did his dirty work, the New York Senate didn’t even bother to have a Committee meeting on the bill, just sending it directly to the Senate Chambers for a floor vote behind locked doors.

     The Democratic party is no longer “Liberal.” A “liberal” in the classic use believes in the fundamental human rights of the individual enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Inalienable rights and freedoms given to us by our creator not the state.  The first freedom in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of religion, closely followed by the right to free speech, freedom of the press and the right petition the Government for a redress of grievances. All rights we saw denied by the puppets of the drug companies in Trenton. A liberal believes that limits must be placed on the scope and power of Government otherwise there will be no limit to the power government will take for itself from ordinary people.

     In New York there are still a few liberal Democrats, but they are old men and women who grew up in the fifties and sixties of the last century. In the younger legislators, liberalism has been replaced by a combination of nihilistic careerism, and “progressivism,” at least among those who aren’t overt socialists, with “progressivism” understood as the using government to achieve political goals as determined by an enlightened elite who know what the masses need whether the masses see it that way or not.

     Repeal bills are moving in Connecticut, which also has a Democratic trifecta, and Massachusetts, which is the most Democratic State in America, but oddly almost always has a Republican Governor, so perhaps Gov. Charlie Baker may put the brakes on the pharma shills. We shall see.  

     The New Jersey bill passed sometime ago in the New Jersey Assembly, and will be passed on Senate floor sometime next week. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has already said he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk, which appears to be a sure thing.

     Tonight thousands of families across New Jersey will be wondering, like the refugees from California, Maine and New York before them, where they can go (South Carolina? Texas?)  where they, and not corrupt politicians on drug company payrolls, can make decisions about what is injected into their children’s bodies. Others will be pondering how they can manage homeschooling their children. Some will spend the night staring at the ceiling wondering if an aggrieved spouse will demand compliance with the new law and get it from a judge. Or how they can educate their vaccine-injured children with IEPS. Or whether their already vaccine-injured children will get lucky and not suffer from a couple dozen more shots.

     And while these parents are losing sleep, Merck’s lobbyists, and Sanofi’s and Pfizer’s and Glaxo’s, the influence peddlers for the biggest four drug and vaccine companies in the world, who  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. describes as “serial felons,” having paid more than $35 billion since 2000 in fines, penalties and settlements for a host of crimes, will be congratulating themselves for a job well done,  and delivering the quo for the quid received.  

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Spread Among the Vaccinated

CFR Accidentally Points Finger at Vaccines

December 8, 2019 — Gary Null & Richard Gale recently published a report showing that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) released a study that inadvertently revealed outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases were higher in countries that had the highest vaccination rates for those same diseases. The CFR is one of the most elite political organizations on the planet. It is where world leaders come together to hash out both national and global initiatives.

In The Vaccine Deep State Null & Gale write:

Swedish television reported that in 2014 the Council of Foreign Relations accidentally released a report identifying those developed countries with the highest rates of disease outbreaks. The Council’s report found that the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases.  This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks.  The US, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan—each with the highest number of mandated vaccines—led the list of nations. The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice…analyzed the report…(and offered) several possibilities to explain the report: 1) vaccines are increasingly becoming ineffective and causing “immune dysfunction,” and 2) “vaccine antigen responses” may be reprogramming viruses while weakening the immune systems of the most vaccinated individuals. (emphasis added)


source republished by Global Research

Swedish TV source

Excellent analysis of the CFR report from the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Additional analysis from Catherine J. Frompovich

Analyze the CFR’s interactive map for yourself Just 24 hours after I published this report, the interactive map at this website has been inexplicably taken down. Now the link just takes you to the homepage.

This really isn’t all that surprising as we often see outbreaks of whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox, even vaccine-strain measles and rising cervical cancer rates in the developed world. Outbreaks of polio are now admitted to be caused by the oral polio vaccine given in the developing world. What is surprising is that this is coming from such a powerful and authoritative source that is a pro-vaccine global political organization. In fact when the CFR released this report they did so to blame outbreaks on the unvaccianted, however they failed to scrutinize their own data effectively.

Let’s now examine the open-source literature and see what evidence is generally available to support what the CFR report inadvertently exposed. Below multiple documents are presented that support the CFR’s data that vaccine preventable diseases can and do surge in countries with the highest rates of vaccination. This is hardly an exhaustive list of all the data that is available, but nevertheless it is extremely compelling, reliable, and well sourced information:


Dr. Stanley Plotkin admits DTaP vaccine can help spread whooping coughDr. Plotkin is considered “The Godfather” of the modern day vaccination program. He invented and patented the Rubella vaccine that is used in the MMR and is Paul Offit’s mentor. In this sworn deposition Plotkin admits the acellular pertussis portion of the DTaP vaccine allows those vaccinated with it to still be carriers of pertussis (whooping cough) in their lungs. The vaccinated carrier does not show any symptoms of pertussis but can still transmit it to others; a very dangerous situation especially for newborns and infants. (go to 24:30)

Fifteen Students Test Positive for Whooping Cough at Festus School The district was asked if unvaccinated students were the cause of the outbreak. The district says that’s not the case. Less than half a percent of the student population is unvaccinated. None of those who tested positive for pertussis displayed symptoms (emphasis added)

Pertussis Outbreak in New York School that has zero unvaccinated students — This letter was sent to parents in the Connetquot, NY school district on December 5, 2019, to inform them that there was a case of pertussis in their school even though every single student has received multiple vaccinations for it. No unvaccianted student has been allowed in Connetquot schools since September 20th, when Connetquot security went door-to-door to the homes of unvaccinated children to “serve them” letters that they could not come to school if they were still not vaccinated.



US NAVY admits MMR Vaccine caused Mumps Outbreak

Fully Vaccinated Naval Fleet had Mumps Outbreak – Quarantined at Sea

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated Populations

Mumps After Puberty (in fully vaccinated people)

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated College StudentsAll of these college outbreaks occurred in “highly vaccinated” student populations. It is of interest to note the scientists who developed the Mumps portion of the MMR vaccine are currently suing Merck saying the company forced them to falsify data to make it seem as though the vaccine had a far higher efficacy than it actually does. Here are 3 schools that have had recent outbreaks of Mumps:

Elon & High Point Universities —

College of Charleston —

Harvard University —



Fully Vaccinated Doctor gets MeaslesDr. McCabe said she was vaccinated twice and tested positive for presumed immunity against measles three times in the last 20 years, most recently within the past two days. (yet she still got infected with measles)

NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!? Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky makes the case as to why the NY “measles outbreak” was most likely a case of vaccine-strain measles.

38% of reported measles cases in the USA in 2015 were confirmed to be vaccine-strain Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (CDC Scientist R. J. McNall, unpublished data). This was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Clinical Microbiology)

25% of all reported measles cases in 2015 Disneyland outbreak were confirmed to be vaccine-strain — The data (stating 25% of the outbreak was vaccine-strain) was presented at the National Vaccine Advisory Committee on June 9th, 2015. Dr. Kathleen Harriman presented this data on behalf of the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch.

BROTHER-TO-SISTER TRANSMISSION OF MEASLES AFTER MEASLES, MUMPS, AND RUBELLA IMMUNISATION – The Lancet, February 4, 1989; David S. MillsonThis was published in the prestigious peer reviewed medical journal The Lancet showing how a recently vaccinated 4-year-old boy transmitted a vaccine strain of measles to his 8-month-old unvaccinated sister. (you can view a copy of the above Lancet article abstract at the following link: )

The Measles Vaccine Narrative is Collapsing — This is a fantastic summary of all the myths and lies we have been told about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine.

Measles case in New Hampshire was a vaccine reaction



Chochrane study shows flu-vaccine to be 1 to 2% effective Authors’ conclusions: Healthy adults who receive inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine rather than no vaccine probably experience less influenza, from just over 2% to just under 1% (moderate-certainty evidence)

Chochrane is considered to be the most prestigious and least biased scientific organization in the world (at least up until the group expelled Dr. Peter Gøtzsche because he wasn’t a shill for Big Pharma. This happened after Bill Gates became a major financial contributors to Chochrane).

Sixty pupils hit by flu-like virus at Brisol school school has a flu-vaccination program within the school itself.



Chickenpox Vaccination has Led to a Rise in Cases of Adult ShinglesFascinating study by Dr. Gary Goldman that the CDC attempted to block from being published. Dr. Goldman sued the CDC and won and was therefore allowed to publish his findings.

Childhood Shingles Results from Chickenpox Vaccination /

Chickenpox in NY School that has No Unvaccinated StudentsThis letter was sent to parents of children in the Rocky Point School District, NY, on October 18, 2019, informing the parents that there were cases of chicken pox in the school. This came a month after all unvaccinated students were kicked out of the school district.



Oral Polio Vaccine Causes PolioToday it is an accepted fact that the oral polio vaccine strain has mutated into an infectious virus that is spreading in populations where the oral vaccine was given. This is not a debated point. The only debate is over whether or not the risk out ways the benefits of the vaccine. The oral polio vaccine is still widely given today in the developing world because it is cheaper than switching to injections.



Cervical Cancer Rates Rise in HPV-Vaccinated Age Groups – Dr. Delépine says that, in the countries he has studied where there is a high rate of HPV vaccination, official statistics show an increase in the incidence of invasive cervical cancer that is appearing three to five years after the start of the vaccination programme and is affecting only the age groups in which there was the highest vaccination rate. (emphasis added)


*** I want to thank everyone I follow and who follows me on Twitter for helping me to compile all of this critical information in one place.Fed Up Dem