Vaccine Preventable Diseases Spread Among the Vaccinated

CFR Accidentally Points Finger at Vaccines

December 8, 2019 — Gary Null & Richard Gale recently published a report showing that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) released a study that inadvertently revealed outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases were higher in countries that had the highest vaccination rates for those same diseases. The CFR is one of the most elite political organizations on the planet. It is where world leaders come together to hash out both national and global initiatives.

In The Vaccine Deep State Null & Gale write:

Swedish television reported that in 2014 the Council of Foreign Relations accidentally released a report identifying those developed countries with the highest rates of disease outbreaks. The Council’s report found that the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases.  This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks.  The US, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan—each with the highest number of mandated vaccines—led the list of nations. The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice…analyzed the report…(and offered) several possibilities to explain the report: 1) vaccines are increasingly becoming ineffective and causing “immune dysfunction,” and 2) “vaccine antigen responses” may be reprogramming viruses while weakening the immune systems of the most vaccinated individuals. (emphasis added)


source republished by Global Research

Swedish TV source

Excellent analysis of the CFR report from the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Additional analysis from Catherine J. Frompovich

Analyze the CFR’s interactive map for yourself Just 24 hours after I published this report, the interactive map at this website has been inexplicably taken down. Now the link just takes you to the homepage.

This really isn’t all that surprising as we often see outbreaks of whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox, even vaccine-strain measles and rising cervical cancer rates in the developed world. Outbreaks of polio are now admitted to be caused by the oral polio vaccine given in the developing world. What is surprising is that this is coming from such a powerful and authoritative source that is a pro-vaccine global political organization. In fact when the CFR released this report they did so to blame outbreaks on the unvaccianted, however they failed to scrutinize their own data effectively.

Let’s now examine the open-source literature and see what evidence is generally available to support what the CFR report inadvertently exposed. Below multiple documents are presented that support the CFR’s data that vaccine preventable diseases can and do surge in countries with the highest rates of vaccination. This is hardly an exhaustive list of all the data that is available, but nevertheless it is extremely compelling, reliable, and well sourced information:


Dr. Stanley Plotkin admits DTaP vaccine can help spread whooping coughDr. Plotkin is considered “The Godfather” of the modern day vaccination program. He invented and patented the Rubella vaccine that is used in the MMR and is Paul Offit’s mentor. In this sworn deposition Plotkin admits the acellular pertussis portion of the DTaP vaccine allows those vaccinated with it to still be carriers of pertussis (whooping cough) in their lungs. The vaccinated carrier does not show any symptoms of pertussis but can still transmit it to others; a very dangerous situation especially for newborns and infants. (go to 24:30)

Fifteen Students Test Positive for Whooping Cough at Festus School The district was asked if unvaccinated students were the cause of the outbreak. The district says that’s not the case. Less than half a percent of the student population is unvaccinated. None of those who tested positive for pertussis displayed symptoms (emphasis added)

Pertussis Outbreak in New York School that has zero unvaccinated students — This letter was sent to parents in the Connetquot, NY school district on December 5, 2019, to inform them that there was a case of pertussis in their school even though every single student has received multiple vaccinations for it. No unvaccianted student has been allowed in Connetquot schools since September 20th, when Connetquot security went door-to-door to the homes of unvaccinated children to “serve them” letters that they could not come to school if they were still not vaccinated.



US NAVY admits MMR Vaccine caused Mumps Outbreak

Fully Vaccinated Naval Fleet had Mumps Outbreak – Quarantined at Sea

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated Populations

Mumps After Puberty (in fully vaccinated people)

Mumps Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated College StudentsAll of these college outbreaks occurred in “highly vaccinated” student populations. It is of interest to note the scientists who developed the Mumps portion of the MMR vaccine are currently suing Merck saying the company forced them to falsify data to make it seem as though the vaccine had a far higher efficacy than it actually does. Here are 3 schools that have had recent outbreaks of Mumps:

Elon & High Point Universities —

College of Charleston —

Harvard University —



Fully Vaccinated Doctor gets MeaslesDr. McCabe said she was vaccinated twice and tested positive for presumed immunity against measles three times in the last 20 years, most recently within the past two days. (yet she still got infected with measles)

NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!? Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky makes the case as to why the NY “measles outbreak” was most likely a case of vaccine-strain measles.

38% of reported measles cases in the USA in 2015 were confirmed to be vaccine-strain Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (CDC Scientist R. J. McNall, unpublished data). This was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Clinical Microbiology)

25% of all reported measles cases in 2015 Disneyland outbreak were confirmed to be vaccine-strain — The data (stating 25% of the outbreak was vaccine-strain) was presented at the National Vaccine Advisory Committee on June 9th, 2015. Dr. Kathleen Harriman presented this data on behalf of the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch.

BROTHER-TO-SISTER TRANSMISSION OF MEASLES AFTER MEASLES, MUMPS, AND RUBELLA IMMUNISATION – The Lancet, February 4, 1989; David S. MillsonThis was published in the prestigious peer reviewed medical journal The Lancet showing how a recently vaccinated 4-year-old boy transmitted a vaccine strain of measles to his 8-month-old unvaccinated sister. (you can view a copy of the above Lancet article abstract at the following link: )

The Measles Vaccine Narrative is Collapsing — This is a fantastic summary of all the myths and lies we have been told about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine.

Measles case in New Hampshire was a vaccine reaction



Chochrane study shows flu-vaccine to be 1 to 2% effective Authors’ conclusions: Healthy adults who receive inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine rather than no vaccine probably experience less influenza, from just over 2% to just under 1% (moderate-certainty evidence)

Chochrane is considered to be the most prestigious and least biased scientific organization in the world (at least up until the group expelled Dr. Peter Gøtzsche because he wasn’t a shill for Big Pharma. This happened after Bill Gates became a major financial contributors to Chochrane).

Sixty pupils hit by flu-like virus at Brisol school school has a flu-vaccination program within the school itself.



Chickenpox Vaccination has Led to a Rise in Cases of Adult ShinglesFascinating study by Dr. Gary Goldman that the CDC attempted to block from being published. Dr. Goldman sued the CDC and won and was therefore allowed to publish his findings.

Childhood Shingles Results from Chickenpox Vaccination /

Chickenpox in NY School that has No Unvaccinated StudentsThis letter was sent to parents of children in the Rocky Point School District, NY, on October 18, 2019, informing the parents that there were cases of chicken pox in the school. This came a month after all unvaccinated students were kicked out of the school district.



Oral Polio Vaccine Causes PolioToday it is an accepted fact that the oral polio vaccine strain has mutated into an infectious virus that is spreading in populations where the oral vaccine was given. This is not a debated point. The only debate is over whether or not the risk out ways the benefits of the vaccine. The oral polio vaccine is still widely given today in the developing world because it is cheaper than switching to injections.



Cervical Cancer Rates Rise in HPV-Vaccinated Age Groups – Dr. Delépine says that, in the countries he has studied where there is a high rate of HPV vaccination, official statistics show an increase in the incidence of invasive cervical cancer that is appearing three to five years after the start of the vaccination programme and is affecting only the age groups in which there was the highest vaccination rate. (emphasis added)


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Fantastic New Website – THE ARKIVIST

Uncensored Voices and News of Medical Freedom

November 28, 2019 — If you are looking for a Medical Freedom Hub on the internet, is where you need to go:

The Arkivist is doing what I do at The Fed Up Dem, only better. It takes important social media posts that effectively get “lost” in an endless stream of information and saves them to an easily accessible web address. The Arkivist does an even better job at this than I do as it is a real functioning website, not just a blog.

The Arkivist is a beautifully laid out website that is easy to navigate, and brings together the best #VaccineChoice & #MedicalFreedom information on the internet as well as publishing some of their own original content. Recently they posted an excellent article on the HPV Vaccine and Big Pharma’s push to mandate it. If you click on Recent Posts on the homepage it brings you down to the latest original content on the site. If you then scroll down further you will see Short Cuts which bring in important recent live streams from Medical Freedom Activists, and further down is the Around the Web section.

Around the Web provides quick links to the internet’s top Vaccine Choice websites including,,,, and much more. The most recent post for each of these websites are all accessible in one location.

The Arkivist also has an online community that is just starting to take shape. With all the internet censorship that is happening this may one day provide our community with a safe space to communicate and organize as many of us are just waiting for the day Facebook and even Twitter shut down the accounts and groups we currently use to organize

Go to The Arkivist and explore the site; there is more to see than I’ve mentioned in this post. Create an account and join The Arkivist online community.

HPV Vaccine – Help Pay For VIOXX

Merck forcing your child to pay for their losses in court

November 23, 2019 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has revealed that Merck’s internal documents state the company’s big push to have their HPV vaccine Gardasil become mandatory for all children over the age of 9 is to help offset the losses the company experienced from VIOXX lawsuits.

VIOXX was Merck’s #1 product. It was a prescription painkiller that was causing heart attacks and strokes. The company was sued in court and it was revealed that Merck was aware their drug was killing people and did nothing about it. They agreed to pay $7 billion to settle the lawsuits against them.

In an interview with The Gilchrist Experience RFK Jr. reveals that internal Merck documents show the company is promoting mandatory HPV vaccines to children as a way to convince Wall St. analysts that their stock was set to boom despite the VIOXX scandal. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated the following:

“The Wall St. analysts were saying (Merck) was finished, because (VIOXX) was their biggest product. Merck said no, we’ve got something better. We’ve got a product that is going to be mandated so everyone in the world has to take it, every teenager; and this time we have no liability and we can’t get caught. Within Merck we now have documents from them because we are suing them; they called it “HPV, Help Pay for VIOXX.”


Read Part 2 to this post at the following link: Eileen Iorio sets the record straight

Thank you to Flo Butterman for catching and tweeting the RFK interview referenced above:


Let’s not forget what Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil is – it is a horrible product that has led to the disabling and/or death of thousands of people, mostly teenagers, often times the most athletic and healthy among their peers. Below are multiple links for information on the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine:

NY HPV Awareness Facebook group has over 13,000 Members – become one!

The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed:

Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14-year-old-girl

Dr. Sin Lee & HPV DNA Fragments in Gardasil 9 Vaccine:

Bronx Corruption Targets Black and Latino Children:

Federal Vaccine Court Rules: Gardasil Killed Christina Tarsell

What Gardasil did to me. POTS and a Pacemaker:

Sacrificial Virgins – A must see film about young girls being severly damaged by HPV Vaccine Gardasil

Pharma Shills on Twitter “Mass Block” Health Freedom Activists

November 22, 2019 — The phenomenal Eileen Iorio, author of “The HPV Vaccine on Trial” was being attacked on Twitter by Tom Barrett who is the senior officer in Ireland’s National Immunization Office. Iorio tweeted that she was going to block Barrett because his derogatory comments were outrageous.

When I clicked on Barrett’s Twitter handle I found that I was blocked from viewing his account. This was very strange because I have never once engaged with him. In fact I had never heard of Barrett prior to Eileen Iorio’s recent tweet. I am a New Yorker and have limited knowledge of the politics of Ireland (I got my hands full keeping up with NY corruption).

What Tom Barrett has done is mass block #HealthFreedom & #VaccineChoice advocates on the Twitter platform. This is so strange – why is a Senior National Immunization Officer from Ireland spending time to block “The Fed Up Democrat” from New York?

It’s because Barrett doesn’t want any comments – that are backed up by facts and hard evidence – posted on his tweets by someone like me. I understand Barrett blocking Eileen Iorio; she is an acclaimed author who has contributed to a book that is a death blow to the vax-pushers promoting the HPV vaccine.

But me?

Fed Up Dem???

Even @travelchick321 who has 61 followers was blocked by Tom Barrett.

Precisely how is this happening?

There is a Twitter Block Chain is a Chrome browser extension that allows users to block (all at once) all of the followers of any user. While it’s a scorched-earth tactic, it does make pre-emptive blocking much easier. Tom Barrett was not going through all of these Twitter accounts and individually blocking them.

Local Adult Vaccine Mandates in New York

October 12, 2019 — John Gilmore continues to be on fire with every word he writes. He wrote this over a week ago but it remains insanely important and timely. John will be speaking at the HARLEM VACCINE FORUM on Saturday, October 19th and so will Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Gary Null and many more. Don’t miss that event! – Fed Up Dem

NY: Westchester County hands over communicable disease authority

Local Mandates Coming?

Westchester County Executive George Latimer signed an extraordinary bill (in September) that hands over control of the County’s public health responses to communicable diseases to the Commissioner of Health and the appointed Board of Health, and removes the elected County Executive and Board of Legislators from the communicable disease public health decision making process.

The amended law empowers the Westchester County Board of Health and the Commissioner of Health to “issue orders, adopt provisions of the health code and take other measures to prevent communicable diseases, include those related to vaccines,” according to the text of the new law (see the full text below).  There is no qualifying language limiting the bureaucracy’s authority to public health emergencies, or active outbreaks of communicable disease, or any other conditional circumstance. It is an ongoing transfer of public health power to bureaucrats and unelected officials from an elected executive and legislators.

In a press conference Latimer implied the reason for the law was to avoid the ineptitude displayed by Rockland County Executive Ed Day in his response to the several hundred cases of measles that began in September of 2018, where he did not implement standard-operating procedures such as quarantining people known to be infected until April of 2019, and after he had issued an order banning unvaccinated children from school and public places in the county. Westchester county had 18 cases of measles.

In a press conference Latimer claimed that the new law would have no effect on vaccine policy despite the contrary language in the law, and multiple examples during the press conference provided by Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, MD of new situations where vaccines could be ordered by the commissioner. “This allows us to be proactive and not to have to wait to declare a state of emergency to take action in case of an emerging infectious disease,”  Amler said in a statement.

Advocates in Westchester critical of the new law assert that it will allow the Westchester County Board of Health, or the Health Commissioner, to impose new mandated vaccines similar to what the New York City Board of Health did in 2015 when flu shots were mandated for daycare and pre-school students. In response, Latimer asserted that the law would not allow for new Westchester-only vaccines,  but he did not specify what law, regulation or policy would prevent new countywide mandates.

If you value the advocacy and information brought to you by the Autism Action Network please make it possible for us to continue by donating here: at our one fundraiser we do each year in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk on Sunday October 20 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY.

Here is the text of the new law:

Section 261.4a-Comunicable Disease Control, In addition to all powers and rights relating to  communicable disease control granted to the County Board of Health by the Public Health Law, the State Sanitary Code, the County Charter, and any other applicable laws and rules, the County Board of Health and the Commissioner of Health are empowered to issue orders, adopt provisions of the health code, and take measures to most effectively prevent the spread of communicable diseases, including those relating to vaccinations, so long as these actions are not inconsistent with the constitution or laws of this state, or with the State Sanitary Code, or with any orders made by the State Commissioner, or Health.

See the press conference here:

Are We a Health Freedom Movement?

…or a just help me & MY kids Movement?

“My actions will not be guided by resentment for people who do nothing”


October 8, 2019 — My blog would not exist if it wasn’t for the work of Rita Palma. In her latest Facebook post, she nails what I have been trying to say for the past few months about our movement. Rita’s words below are truly enlightened speech coming from the high-ground and I aspire to live up to the guidelines she lays before us this evening. I’m not even going to add my 2 cents, I will just let the master’s words lead all of those who have the ears to hear. God bless Rita Palma. – Fed Up Dem



HPV & Flu mandates, HPV without parental consent… and more?
by Rita Palma

Some say, “Just let them pass because then the vaccinating parents who hate those bills will finally help us fight for parent’s rights. Then people will really be up in arms!”

First– there is no way on God’s green Earth that I will deliberately sit by and watch a bill that will harm and kill children pass without a fight and consider it some sort of ‘strategy’. If we are motivated by God (and we are), then to do nothing when evil is present is complicit in same. To allow a bill to pass that is harmful with hopes of yielding some sort of desirable result would be unconscionable, manipulative and inviting more evil.

Second– what’s the goal once ‘others get up in arms’? Does anyone think the legislature will repeal a bill? That doesn’t happen, friends. We feel the pain of the repeal bill even when we worked like hell to beat it (and we won in the eyes of justice). So hard to un-do what ignorance, arrogance and corruption have done. And those who are ignorant, arrogant and corrupt just say, ‘what’s next?’

Third– prevention is ALWAYS better. We are far better off using the threat of these bills to encourage participation and justifiable fear in the many parents who stop at mandated HPV and more.

Fourth – your vaccinating friends may talk a tough game, “Oh, I’m not doing the HPV! NO WAY!” But what will they really do? Who knows? I, for one, will not contribute to the body count waiting for others to get moving. My actions will not be guided by resentment for people who do nothing. I hope yours aren’t either. I fought against bad bills before most of you likely knew they existed. Why? Because this is the most important issue of our time and I can’t turn away. I hope you feel the same!


Sign petition againstForced Vaccination of Teachers in NY

The Hepatitis-B Vaccination

Injecting Zero-Day-Old Babies

Above photo from Age of Autism article on the tragic story of Ian Gromowski

October 1, 2019 — The Hepatitis-B vaccine was originally marketed to homosexual men. In fact the antigen for the first Hep-B vaccine was derived from IV drug users and homosexual men. This infection can spread through blood-to-blood contact, making it prevalent in IV drug users, homosexual men and heterosexuals who engage in promiscuous sex. Throughout the 1980’s the vaccine was relatively “unsuccessful” as it was not getting injected into enough adults rapidly enough to make a large profit.

But after a media propaganda whirlwind in 1990 the CDC approved the Hep-B vaccine for use in newborn babies by 1991. Even though the relative risk for newborn babies to be exposed to Hep-B was near zero, this recommendation was adopted and became the very first vaccine children receive in America, and remains so till this day. When a baby is born in a hospital it is standard procedure to inject two jabs in either thigh – one of the vitamin K shot and one of the Hep-B vaccine. This often happens before the mother is allowed to even touch her baby.

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a pediatrician who graduated from NYU Medical School in the 1980’s and currently has a medical practice on Long Island, NY. When he first graduated from medical school he administered vaccines to children regularly and believed, as he was told in medical school, vaccines were safe and effective. He had no reason to believe otherwise.

But in 1991 when the Hep-B vaccine was recommended for zero-day-old babies, Dr. Palevsky knew this infection was only transmitted through IV drug use and sexual contact. This was the first time he was ever given a reason to suspect something besides the well-being of children might be behind the vaccination schedule. That is when his journey began. Today, Dr Palevsky no longer vaccinates children.

Watch Dr. Palevsky state how he came to question the safety of vaccines:

“The science is not there to really state that vaccines are truly safe.”

Read “What is the History of Hepatitis B Vaccine Use in America?” from for more details on how the Hep-B vaccine became the first vaccine American babies get at zero-days-old.