End of Capitalism: Beginning of 1984

July 20, 2020 — COVID lockdowns are a covert way to end over-consumption consumer capitalism and usher in something… ‘new’. While ending over-consumption certainly has its positive aspects, the manner in which it is being done is outright criminal. That’s because the elite billionaires and banking families that run the planet never allow the truth to be told regarding what they are doing and why. Many events and their aftermaths throughout history have played out behind a veil of lies including the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Pearl Harbor, and 9-11. The best way to understand what is going on with COVID now is in terms of 9-11, because history is repeating itself.

“The war that will not end in our lifetime”

When 9-11 occurred 15 of the 19 men named as hijackers of commercial airliners were from Saudi Arabia, however the United State never declared war on Saudi Arabia. Instead the USA waged war on Afghanistan and then Iraq; two nations which were not directly involved in the attacks of September 11th. That was because the 9-11 attacks were used as an excuse to wage oil-wars in the Middle East. Afghanistan was being eyed as a geographic route for hydrocarbon pipelines and Iraq had the world’s second largest known oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia. We were told America was fighting a “War on Terrorism” but that was a lie; we were fighting a resource war which Dick Cheney called “the war that will not end in our lifetimes,” and he was right. That war has not ended.

“The invisible enemy”

Today we are told we are fighting an “invisible enemy” of a virus, and this is why we must stay home, not travel, keep businesses closed, end large public gatherings, and cover our faces with masks to live in a “new normal.” I am convinced we are being lied to, just as we were lied to after 9-11. The real reasons for this “new normal” is not the “invisible enemy” but rather intentional demand destruction to usher in a new era with the intent to end the age of over-consumption capitalism.

Look at the price of WTI Oil at the top of this report: the gigantic cliff we see oil prices fall off came as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. In mid-April oil plummeted to a mere $4 per barrel. The oil market has somewhat recovered now resting around $40 per barrel but that is still over a 30% price drop compared to pre-COVID pricing. According to demand for oil will remain low all the way until August of 2021, as people and markets will continue to under-consume oil due to lockdown orders, travel restrictions and fear.

Of course, as I’ve already stated, there is a very positive component to ending over-consumption, however there is nothing benevolent planned for the masses in this new age that has swiftly been thrust upon us.

Useless Eaters

Shortly after 9-11 in the first decade of the 21st Century “peak oil” received major news coverage. This is the scientific theory that oil production follows a bell curve and that at some point in time the world will hit a global peak in oil production that will forever decline thereafter. Many say that technological advances have delayed the global peak of oil production: shale oil, tar sands and horizontal drilling techniques have allowed for more oil to be pulled from the ground than originally anticipated. However these techniques cause massive environmental devastation including inducing earthquakes.

People still continue to debate the precise point at which we begin to run out of oil on a global scale. This is critically important because oil is the life blood of the over-consumption global capitalist economy. There is no other form of energy, or combination of energies, that can as of yet come close to replacing oil. Now whether or not you believe in the theory of peak oil is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the global elite do believe in it, just as they believe in Global Warming. It appears that the global elite – The Powers That Be (TPTB) – have reached the point where they have decided to stop the endless growth economy of consumer capitalism that is largely based off of endless supplies of oil. They plan to save these resources to usher in something else; something ‘new’.

Not all of TPTB are aligned with this agenda. Trump seems to represent a faction of elites who would like to see the over-consumption consumer capitalism model continue to party on; even if the party itself ends up laying waste to everything. But the Trump faction does not seem to be in the drivers seat at this point in time, he merely plays a minor role in what is transpiring now (I will not go into that at this time as it requires an essay entirely dedicated to that topic alone).

TPTB, including Bill Gates, have long been obsessed with population reduction because they view 6 billion of us, at least, to be consuming what is rightfully theirs. They don’t see their multiple mansions and private planes jet-setting across the globe as the problem. No. WE are the problem. YOU and ME. WE are the useless eaters. THEY are the useful over-consumers; the ones who are the most valuable and the most productive. If WE would just stop consuming all of THEIR resources, the future would look so bright!

As we exit the era of consumer capitalism, it appears TPTB are now executing an Orwellian 1984 landscape for us but with a twist; a public health twist. The economy must be shutdown for our own good; for the greater good of “saving lives” from the COVID health crisis. The public must now be electronically traced and tracked because we are all now “vectors of disease” and cannot be trusted to be free to do and move as we see fit. Never mind that deaths from coronavirus have plummeted, and even the CDC admits COVID may soon lose it’s pandemic status.

Never mind all that. Federal, state and local governments are continuing to:

  • Limit travel
  • Force isolate
  • Violate Privacy
  • Increase Surveillance
  • Force Contact Tracing
  • Limit your movement
  • Limit in-person education
  • Eventually, force vaccinate

One of the first areas that has been hit hardest, and will continue to feel the pain is travel and tourism. Recently Hawaii has introduced legislation that would permanently cut their tourism industry by half (at least).

The party is over, because the elites say it’s over.

The plan of TPTB is to identify all of the resources on planet earth (including humans), tag them, track them, and control them for their own benefit as they construct a future where middle class over-consumption is no longer necessary to enrich the global elites. As artificial intelligence and robots continue to become more and more valuable to the TPTB, the resource of “human beings” becomes drastically less valuable to them.

Social Isolation and Race Riots

How COVID Lockdowns Amplified the Current Violence

June 1, 2020 – The death of George Floyd while in the custody of a disgraced police officer with an atrocious record for abusing his power is as tragic as the hundreds that came before it. This was the first time I can recall a police officer being fired prior to any investigation into what happened. That alone speaks volumes.

But if it was not for the COVID LOCKDOWNS that have caused soaring unemployment above 30% and a forced social isolation, the violence on the streets would not be anywhere near as bad as it currently is. In her campaign statement Liz Glass, candidate for New York State Senate in District 27 had this to say about “social distancing:”

It should be noted that social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation, which was developed 70 years ago by the CIA and deployed against enemies of the state because it is more effective at breaking people down than any form of physical torture.

No job, no money, no hope, no social contact all add up to a unique form of torture. George Floyd’s tragic murder was the spark that ignited this fuel of hopelessness, despair and abandonment that is the fault of Governor’s who have sacrificed thousands of lives in the name of protecting “public health.” Of course we needed a public health response to COVID, but not by sacrificing everything else in its name. When the history books are written, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio and many others will be noted as failing to strike that balance in a sensible way. That is unelss the goal was the destruction of the fabric of liberty and freedom in American society. Then these politicians will get a 10 out of 10 for their efforts!

Enter Provocateurs

Protests and civil disobedience are notoriously infiltrated by various groups working alternative agendas. The far-right neo-nazi movement could easily stoke the flames of riots to move us closer to the race war they have claimed for decades is inevitable. The far-left antifa never misses a chance to inflict violence and havoc anywhere, anytime and claim it is justified in a war against capitalism.

Take a look at this video of Black residents in Minneapolis who stop white protesters and remind them, “This is not your space.” The Black residents say they appreciate support from white protesters, but that they must stop destroying the Black community they have come into.

Isn’t that odd? White protesters in a Black neighborhood, destroying it?


Nevertheless we are seeing other amazing things happening, such as the following video, where a protester and a police officer hug: not all cops are racists, not all protesters are thugs…

THIS is what THE POWERS THAT BE (TPTB) fear the most. When it comes time to enforce their Draconian laws on us – such as removing children from homes due to contact tracing or force vaccinating New Yorkers – if the local authorities won’t do it it won’t happen. This is where TPTB fear us the most — in Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow and everyone coming together and stopping the madness and chaos they benefit from.

Cuomo will not run for President

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

He will be the New York Vaccine Czar

May 31, 2020 — Back on March 8th I ran a report titled Coronavirus Hysteria is About Force Vaccinating Adults. Less than 3 months later – while the country is reeling from riots – the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is pushing for forced vaccination of every New Yorker with the COVID-19 vaccine. It is clear as day the only man with the gravitas to enforce such unconstitutional insanity is Governor Andrew Cuomo. In fact, Cuomo has already volunteered New Yorkers as lab rats for COVID on April 15th when he said our state would gladly be “the laboratory” for experimental vaccines.

With his Dictator powers lasting until April of 2021, and dangerous fast-tracked COVID vaccines said to be available in the fall of 2020, if Cuomo leaves the Governor’s office there is no one who will have a shot at enforcing such a Draconian dictate. I believe Cuomo is going to fail at this, but he’s the only person with any shot. He’s already proven his allegiance to Big Pharma.

Back on June 13, 2019 Cuomo orchestrated the repeal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination in New York for children to attend school. The law was repealed in under 7 hours with absolutely no public comment from New York citizens. Few people recognized just how significant and horrifying that day truly was.

I recognized it.

It laid the groundwork for what we are facing now – forced vaccination of the entire New York populace, both children and adults. It is of interest that Senator Brad Hoylman – who sponsored the repeal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination – also supports forcing every New Yorker to inject the COVID-19 vaccine. Hoylman is up for reelection on June 23rd.

People in Manhattan need to VOTE HOYLMAN OUT!

The President of the United States ultimately has very little say in local vaccine mandates, as it is a power that was not specifically given to the federal government in the Constitution. Therefore the power resides with the States for each state to do as they see fit. Normally it would be the entire legislature in Albany that would determine if mandatory vaccination of every New Yorker would become law. But today Cuomo has the power to force vaccinate every New Yorker with the mere stroke of his pen!

Governor Cuomo is operating under an emergency powers declaration – S7919 – which allows him to create or remove any law that he declares is standing in the way of addressing the COVID-19 situation. Now that the NYSBA is giving their legal opinion that forced vaccination of every New Yorker should happen, and is legal, there is no way Cuomo is leaving New York to slight his buddy Sleepy Joe Biden and face Trump.

No way.

Just watch Cuomo everyday in his press conferences. The man simply LOVES being “King of New York” far too much. New York is very important to Big Pharma. I’ve received emails from all over the country and the world saying all eyes are on NY & NYC as we battle for medical freedom. The problem is that of the nearly 20 million New Yorkers many millions of us will not take the COVID-19 vaccine no matter what. How many exactly are there who will refuse? 1 million? 2 mil? 3 mil? 5? 10 ???

I’m really not sure.

The question is whether New York has reached a totalitarian tyranny where the will of millions simply won’t matter. I do not think we have reached that point yet. Do you?

Stay tuned.

Coming Contact Tracing Failure May Be Part of the Plan

May 26, 2020 — When millions of people refuse to download a contact tracing app on their phone, that tracing “failure” could be used to justify why phone apps just aren’t good enough. The best form of contact tracing would be to trace each individual regardless of whether they are carrying a phone or any technological device. That could be done with a subdermal implant placed into every individual.

Google & Apple have launched contact tracing apps that can be downloaded to your phone so if you ever come in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus local health officials can let you know. This app is a voluntary download to your phone – for now. Eventually such apps will likely be a part of the operating system software of iPhone’s & Androids when you initially buy them. Don’t like that? Then don’t buy the phone. See, you still have a ‘choice.’

However people who don’t want to be traced may just choose to leave their phones in the car or selectively bring their phones with them to avoid having their exact locations “traced” at all times. They may just start turning their phones off. In fact, many people who intentionally download the app and desire to be traced could very easily leave their phone in the car or at home on accident (or lose their phone) at any given time.

The only way to solve this is to have the tracing done directly to the individual themselves; and the best way to accomplish that would be with a subdermal implant. Essentially this would be some form of RFID or other microchip placed underneath the skin. Such implants already occur for those who volunteer to have them or who biohack themselves with one. The conversation will eventually come regarding mandatory subdermal implants likely after mandatory vaccination is expanded.

This is why the initial contact tracing plan may be designed to fail.

If the elite forces that desire to track each and every one of us can point to “data” (falsified or not) indicating people died because contact tracing via phone apps was poor, the argument will be made that subdermal implants must happen “for the greater good” of society.


I anticipate a day when there will be an unrollable charging mat you put under your mattress which charges all of your implants at once while you sleep.”


Update — Android phones have added contact tracing software through your GOOGLE app on your phone. Go to the following link to learn how to turn it off – (a time will come when there is no “off”)


On Twitter hatchetman99 wrote the following description of subdermal technologies: “It is far worse than people understand. Gates has said he can link a person’s bio-ID (not an implant per se, but a sub dermal cell pattern) to their bank account, merchant and gov databases etc. that way you can be denied access to what you need if you don’t comply.”

***Update – there is another way to force contact tracing: Facial Recognition Software. When ‘voluntary’ contact tracing phone app fails facial recognition will also be promoted, and will have a very high likelihood of being successful as it is “less invasive” than a subdermal implant.

Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York

Working with Bill Gates to Out Source Education and Make Remote Learning Permanent


Read Part 2 hereDoes Brad Hoylman Want to End In-Person Education?


May 5, 2020 — The insanity and ignorance of Andrew Cuomo knows no bottom.

At his presser today Cuomo wondered why we even have children go to school anymore, and that he is partnering with Bill Gates to outsource public education and expand remote learning in New York. Perhaps Cuomo hasn’t heard the stories of morbidly depressed students, locked at home who feel they have to teach themselves even when their teacher is on the other end of the screen staring back at them, doing everything they can to reach that child.

Maybe Cuomo hasn’t heard about the children who have killed themselves due to the lockdown, such as 12-year-old Hayden Hunstable, whose father has publicly blamed his son’s suicide on the isolation inflicted on him by the lockdown.

“You have kids who can’t go run off their energy in PE class. They can’t get that one hug from their teacher that they needed,” said Hayden’s father, Brad Hunstable, in a Facebook video he posted in honor or his son’s memory.

COVID isolation is real – Hayden Hunstable commits suicide

15-year-old commits suicide likely over stress from coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus: Teen dies after suicide attempt due to isolation

Coronavirus: Mental health incidents rising during UK lockdown, police say

Haunting photos of family on coronavirus lockdown walk days before murder-suicide

Maybe Cuomo has no clue of the benefit that face-to-face, human interaction has on children and human beings in general.

Maybe Cuomo has no idea how easy it is for children to not show up to school on remote learning platforms, or how easy it is for students to “leave” or “cut class.”

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, about the stress and burden remote learning has put on parents.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have pedophiles in their homes, and school was their only escape; the only place where maybe, just maybe, one day they would find an adult who cared enough to listen between their words and make a call to ACS that would save and change their lives forever.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have physical abusers in their homes, and (insert everything said from last paragraph)

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that children with disabilities despise remote learning; they gain nothing and lose so much.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that Bill Gates has recently admitted Common Core – which is the baby of Gates himself – was and is a massive failure. But don’t worry, Gates has a plan for that. And tell me again – why the hell are we going to listen to a plan to fix a problem from the problem-maker!?

Cuomo is the man who called himself “the most progressive Governor” in the history of New York. There is nothing, absolutely nothing “progressive” with expanding remote learning in New York. This is a regressive, anti-child, anti-Union, anti-middle class tactic.

Cuomo – riddle me this: will children still have to adhere to your Draconian vaccination laws – that allow for no personal or religious exemptions – if they aren’t attending school?

Where FED UP DEM Came From, and Where We Are All Going

1 Year and over 650,000 Views

April 25, 2020 — About 9 months ago on July 28, 2019, in a report titled UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY (UDI) I wrote the following at this blog:


Is America ready to surrender itself to a UDI system?

I don’t think so. I think there needs to be a catastrophic occurrence to allow this, something similar to 9/11. When 9/11 occurred within days there were militarized police officers throughout the entirety of NYC. The Patriot Act was passed almost immediately, which eviscerated the Constitution. Camera surveillance systems increased dramatically everywhere and privacy rights were trampled on from 2001 up until today. America never would have accepted such insanity had it not been for 9/11. (emphasis added)


COVID-19 is being manipulated into the 9/11 of our time, however it will not be successful in bringing a UDI system to America…not yet.

UDI is where a person is assigned a number that is linked to a biometric identifier and tracks everything about them in a database. This has been fully deployed in India, and is rolling out in Argentina and China. Bill Gates is a big supporter of UDI, and recently said every American will need a “digital certificate” to show if they are immune from the novel coronavirus or have received the (nonexistent, experimental, already indemnified from all lawsuits) coronavirus vaccine.

Those “digital certificates” are step-1 towards a UDI system in America.

America = China2.0 ? That’s what Gates wants, but there is resistance.

FED UP DEM – in the beginning…

I first started this blog 1-year ago in April of 2019 as a New York Activist tool, fighting to keep the Religious Exemption to vaccination. It was right before NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio began to force vaccinate everyone in 4 Brooklyn zip codes with the MMR vaccine. Many people refused that vaccine at the time and were given $1,000 fines. However according to Del Bigtree his nonprofit provided legal services for those who refused and they won over 90% of the cases they took on. Very few people know about those victories because there was a media blackout; virtually no one reported it. That was a scary time in New York, but I had no clue how much more frightening the landscape was going to become so quickly just 1-year later.

Since September 11, 2001 I knew one day we would be looking at the destruction of civil rights and medical freedom just as we are right now; but I did not know 2020 was the year the clampdown would begin. I also did not know that “social distancing” would be used not only as a tool to help stop spreading an infectious disease, but also as a veiled threat to coerce the population into forced vaccination submission.

It feels great knowing my blog has been a useful tool to spread critical information. WORDPRESS has been a good platform for me and I’ve experienced very few problems. At one point – right before I was going to publish my interview with New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley – my blog experienced technical problems that had many signatures of a hacking. I wrote about it on my blog and spread the word widely on Twitter. It delayed the publication of my Jamel Holley interview by about one week, but the problem never happened again after that. It is of interest to note that WORDPRESS used to place ads on my blog pages that they profited from. That’s just part of the deal; they give you a free blog, and in return you allow them to profit off of your traffic. However for at least 5 months not one advertisement has been placed on this blog. I don’t know if someone complained or if WORDPRESS made the decision to demonetize this platform. Regardless they are demonetizing themselves, not me, as I have never once made a penny off of any of the FED UP DEMOCRAT writing I do. Overall I have no complaints about WORDPRESS and I appreciate the platform they provide to me.

One year later my blog has received over 650,000 views and I am so grateful for every single person who has read one of my reports, and especially grateful to everyone who has shared them. The search engines provide me with a few hundred visitors a year, no more. It is those of you who share my work on social media and email friends and family who get exposure for my writing, and I thank you greatly! Please keep doing that as much as possible. Eventually The Powers That Be (TPTB) will come after our freedoms to share this type of information as well, but until they do keep on sharing!

#NewJerseyStrong !

Things are not all bad.

I find it extremely significant that the COVID-19 crisis came directly on the coattails of a massive Religious and Health Freedom victory in New Jersey. Thousands upon thousands of Health Freedom Fighters descended on Trenton, stopping a horrible bill that would have repealed the Religious freedom to say no to vaccines for children to attend public school. Out of that victory rose a colossal new leader for our movement – Assemblyman Jamel Holley. An African American Democrat politician leading the Vaccine Choice Movement scared the crap out of TPTB.

Just months later we are all locked in our houses due to a contagious pathogen that is behaving extremely oddly, although at an extremely low death rate. Back in January when Jersey had it’s historic victory I was reporting that the Garden State was leading a Northeast Health Freedom Surge. The novel coronavirus has certainly slowed that down.

But not completely.

The #OPENAMERICANOW Movement is combining with Health Freedom Fighters, and the battle continues in a new form. I believe we need to reopen America for business under a model similar to Sweden. I do not believe we should stop all public safety measures surrounding protecting people from COVID-19. In Sweden, the population naturally distances themselves socially from one another. They don’t hug and kiss when greeting, and they keep their distance from strangers just as a matter of their culture. The Sweden model is the better one, but they are not having an orgy fest in the streets – far from it.

We need to #OPENAMERICANOW – but with caution.

America now stands on the brink of becoming China2.0 – a country that has no freedoms and lives under complete technocratic tyranny – but we are not there yet – and there is much we can do to fight and resist this tyranny. At the top of this report I posted a picture of the American flag in flames. When the time comes that I believe the Chinafication of our country is nearing it’s final stages, that burning flag will replace the faded, black-&-white flag that is at the top of my blog right now. If you are a Health Freedom Fighter, keep fighitng. If you have not joined our struggle yet, join now…we need everyone we can get.