Andy Marte Challenges Salazar for NY Senate Seat!

Marte Wants Religious Exemption to Vaccination Back!


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“This country was founded with the main intention of having religious freedoms. We should respect individuals who for religious reasons want to protect their bodies. Furthermore, we should increase education in schools to promote healthy lifestyles to naturally increase our immune systems”Andy Marte, candidate for State Senator in Brooklyn, NY


February 3, 2020 – The Democrats who voted to get rid of the Religious Exemption to vaccination keep getting challenged by candidates who support Religious Freedom, Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice.

The latest on the list is Julia Salazar in Brooklyn who is being challenged by Andy Marte. Salazar’s voting record when it comes to vaccination is horrendous. She voted to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination twice – once in the Senate Health Committee and once on the floor of the Senate. She also voted YES in the Senate Health Committee to allowing 9-year-old children to be vaccinated for STDs in school without parental knowledge or consent.

Based on the quote Andy Marte just emailed me at the top of this report, I suspect he will have none of that.

Marte is challenging Salazar in the upcoming Democratic primary election and is a formidable candidate. He has experience in New York politics as well as working in the non-profit sector, and he is a life-long resident of Brooklyn. According to Kings County Politics,Bushwick native Andy Marte (is) to challenge Senator Julia Salazar for her seat representing the 18th district, which covers Bushwick, Cypress Hills, Greenpoint, Williamsburg and parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville and East New York. 


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Elizabeth Glass Challenges Brad Hoylman for NY Senate!

Big Pharma’s Favorite NY Puppet May Lose His Seat

January 28, 2020 – Elizabeth Glass is challenging Brad Hoylman for his New York Senate Seat. This is ginormous news! The mood in NY is shifting rapidly. I am not the only FED UP DEMOCRAT in NYC!

Go to Glass’s Facebook page and like her page, follow, share – all that stuff you do on Facebook.

On Twitter Glass is @glassforsenate and her description is subtle yet brilliant. It reads:

Mother of 4. Teacher. DV Advocate. Candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27. The Revolution Starts Now.

Her Twitter account is locked and she is currently following only 7 people on Twitter – and I am one of them. All the tea leaves are reading very delicious right now; I think she is pro-Health Freedom (but time will tell).

For those who don’t know, Brad Hoylman is the NY Senator from Manhattan who is Big Pharma’s biggest fan and most controlled puppet. He sponsors all bills that take away parental rights to control what goes into our children’s bodies. Hoylman was the original sponsor of the bill that repealed the Religious Exemption to vaccination, and now he wants to force the dangerous HPV vaccine – Merck’s Gardasil – on all New York children to go to school. He also supports children getting vaccinated in school for STDs without parental knowledge or consent, and he supports perfectly healthy HIV-negative children getting dangerous HIV PrEP drugs without parental knowledge or consent.

This man MUST be VOTED OUT!



***Update*** On January 29th Liz Glass posted her platform on her Facebook page making it 100% clear she is a #VaccineChoice & #HealthFreedom Democrat. I fully and enthusiastically endorse Glass for Senate in NY-27!

Hevesi Cosponsors Forced HPV Vaccine of All NY Children

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!


ACTION ALERT – Call his office (see bottom of post)

January 25, 2020 — Andrew Hevesi, Assemblyman from Queens and son of disgraced convicted felon Alan Hevesi, has become a cosponsor of A2912a which would force the HPV vaccine Gardasil on all New York children to attend school. If this becomes law New York will become the *only* state in America where Gardasil is mandatory and there is no option to opt-out.

Last session Hevesi’s office was mired in controversy when one of his staffers was wearing a medical mask as orthodox Jewish New Yorkers were coming into their office, but was taking it off when speaking with non-orthodox Jews. You can read about that here:

Hevesi also voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, after flip-flopping his position multiple times. First he was going to vote YES, then he met with a group of constituents along with Dr. Larry Palevsky. After being educated by the great Dr. Palevsky Hevesi said he would be voting NO to repealing the religious exemption. Then he flipped back to YES and voted to take away the Constitutional Rights of every New Yorker.

Back on May 1st, 2019, I reported the following here at this blog:

Assemblyman Hevesi was in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dinowitz to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, bill A2371. By the end of the conversation (Hevesi had with constituents and Dr. Palevsky) it was reported that Hevesi stated unless Dinowitz can prove to him that it is unvaccinated children who have a religious exemption that are the cause of the spread of measles, he will vote *no* on the bill…

But Hevesi flipped back and voted YES anyway.

What’s particularly disappointing and frankly disgusting about Hevesi is that we know he had good, credible information and documentation presented to him by the amazing Dr. Palevsky; we know it was convincing and changed Hevesi’s mind; yet he still went and voted the way King Cuomo and Speaker Carl Heastie ordered him to vote.

Call Hevesi’s offices. Tell him to vote REMOVE HIS NAME as cosponsor on A2912a that would mandate Gardasil for all New York children in school and to vogte NO to A973a that allows children to be drugged and vaccinated for STDs without parental knowledge or consent.

District 28: Hevesi (Forest Hills, Queens)
Queens – 718-263-5595
Albany – 518-455-4926

email him –

visit his office:

70-50 Austin Street
Suite 118
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Braunstein Hides From Queens Constituents on Vaccine Laws

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!


ACTION ALERT – Call his office (see bottom of post)


January 23, 2020 — Assemblyman Ed Braunstein is “on the fence” about whether to force your child to be injected with the HPV vaccine to go to school in New York: he may vote YES to bill A2912a that would mandate Gardasil. His voting & cosponsor record in regards to Health Freedom & Vaccine Choice are atrocious, and he is a member of the Assembly Health Committee.

Braunstein voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, and he was a cosponsor of bill to A973a which would allow New York children to be vaccinated for any sexually transmitted disease (including HPV) in school without parental knowledge or consent. That bill will also allow preventative drug treatment of STDs for children without parents knowing – including PrEP for HIV/AIDS. 

The parents who confronted Senator John Liu on December 5th also went up to Braunstein’s office that day. There is a video of what happened but that is not being publicized at this time. The Assemblyman’s door was LOCKED. The light was on, shining from underneath, but the door – during business hours – was not open. Constituents wonder if Liu’s office ‘warned’ Braunstein that it was a demonstration day.

In an odd coincidence at the same time on December 5th, Braunstein was spotted at a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan by another Vaccine Choice Advocate. She snapped a pic then confronted him in the Starbucks. He responded, “You people have to stop. I get accosted everywhere I go now about vaccines.” That day, December 5th, was a state-wide day of action in New York to protest mandatory Flu & HPV vaccine laws that are going to be voted on soon.

Braunstein took an appointment in Albany with Vaccine Choice Advocates back on May 14, 2019, before the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed. In that meeting he was challenged on vaccine legislation he supported. Braunstein is a member of the Assembly Health Committee and was always an open supporter of all the wrong vaccine legislation. The bill A973a in the assembly would allow children to receive “STD treatments” at age 14 and up. Braunstein was told by a constituent that in the Senate the bill allows 9 year old children to “consent” to “STD treatment.”

His face dropped when he heard that. “9 years old?” he said, somewhat stunned, and made a comment that he wouldn’t trust his own child at 9 years of age to make far less serious decisions than consenting to medical treatments.

Call Braunstein’s offices. Tell him to vote NO on A2912a that would mandate Gardasil for all New York children in school and to vote NO on A973a that allows children to be drugged and vaccinated for STDs without parental knowledge or consent.


Queens office – 718-357-3588

Albany office – 518-455-5425

Email him –

Stop by his office –

213-33 39th Avenue
Suite 238
Bayside, NY 11361

Mail him a letter in Albany –

LOB 842
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-4648

Queens Residents Blast Senator Liu for Vaccine Laws

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!

December 26, 2019 — State Senator John Liu is poised to vote YES to bill S3899a that would allow New York children to be vaccinated for any sexually transmitted disease (including HPV) in school without parental knowledge or consent. That bill will also allow preventative drug treatment of STDs for children without parents knowing – including PrEP for HIV/AIDS. Constituents in Queens confronted Senator Liu on December 5th in front of his Bayside office. The exchange was broadcast by which has been viewed on Facebook over 8,000 times at the following link:

When asked if he would want to know if his own children had a medical procedure performed on them Liu said,

“Well I certainly would want to know what is happening with my own kids. But I also do, I am also aware that some things, do, happen to my kids that I don’t necessarily know everything about, and I don’t know exactly what kinds of…

At this point Senator Liu looked down into the eyes of a very young girl in front of him and said,

Well, does your mom know every single thing about you?”

So he wants to know what’s happening to his own kids, but maybe he might not know what’s happening with his kids, so maybe it’s ok if the state does things to his kids that he doesn’t know about…or something like that. Basically Liu is saying whatever Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins tell him to do, he’s going to do it.

A mother responded to Liu, “If (my kids) are getting medical care, medical treatment at school, don’t you think I should know about it before it happens?”

“I think we should know,” responded liu, “but I’m also not sure that the bill is as simple as what you bring it out to be.”

It is that simple.

The bill will allow “treatments” alleged to prevent STD’s to be given to children without parental knowledge or consent. Based on Liu’s statements he should vote NO to this bill if he has any conviction regarding his own beliefs. Unfortunately his short track-record as a state Senator shows he has little to no true conviction of belief; he will follow the party-line whatever it is. When asked who should have ultimate authority over children, parents or the state, Liu responded:

“Parents should have the ultimate responsibility, however…the state also has the business of protecting parents, and doing what parents generally want. And I understand your opinions – let me get a word in here – I understand you have very strong opinions and I respect that, about the vaccine issue; it is the minority opinion.”

Interesting choice of words: so parents will have the responsibility of taking care of their child if the child experiences adverse reactions from the vaccines or drugs the state gave the child behind the parents’ back. However the ultimate authority over children will be the state, not the parent, according to Liu’s cryptic language.

“And now because we are a minority you are going to go behind our backs and do it anyway,” responded one mother.

“Nobody went behind anybody’s back,” said Liu.

When Liu voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination he told constituents he “hadn’t made a decision” on how he was going to vote all the way up until 2 hours before he voted on June 13, 2019. I can understand why some constituents felt he “went behind their backs” when his vote was done in this fashion.

Constituents met with Senator Liu about the religious exemption to vaccination as early as February 21, 2019, when the freshman Senator was meeting constituents in public libraries while he stated his office was ‘under construction.’ At that meeting constituents who choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children due to religious beliefs were identified as a minority group. By the end of the meeting Liu stated, “You are a minority group. In America we protect minority groups.”

I guess we don’t protect minority groups in America any longer.

During the December 5th confrontation in front of Senator Liu’s office, Liu danced around the issue of whether he would take away parents’ rights to determine medical procedures performed on their children. He said he couldn’t answer constituents “single sentence questions” because the issues were more complex than that. But they gave him the legislation, and asked for his opinion on it which he would not give.

Read the bill John – have an opinion and state it. Stop being gutless!

This wasn’t the first time John Liu was confronted about children being vaccinated with the HPV vaccine and other vaccination laws. Bonnie Skala Kiladitis, whose children were kicked out of school when John Liu voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, has been confronting Liu in public as often as she can. Last month she confronted the Senator and it was covered by the Queens Chronicle, which quoted her as follows:

“My child hasn’t been in school in weeks, and I do hold you accountable,” (Bonnie) said freely from the audience. “You pretended that you cared about my family, and then you voted against us.”

Help Me Write Reports Shaming Pharma Shills in Albany!!!

#TeamParentsNY – Fed Up Dem Needs Your Help!

November 26, 2019 — I can’t write reports about every Pharma Shill in Albany – so I need #TeamParentsNY as my coauthors. Help me write a scathing report about your rep who voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. Did your Albany Rep vote to kick your kids out of all New York Schools? If so please help me to write an article that exposes their bigotry and discrimination against healthy children. The top Pharma shills I want to shame and have yet to do so are:

  • Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
  • Senator Kevin Thomas
  • Senator David Carlucci
  • Senator Liz Krueger
  • Senator Monica Martinez
  • Senator Gustavo Rivera
  • Senator Luis Sepulveda

Do you have information to help me write a shame-report on one of them? On someone else? Here’s how we can do this:

FIRST – Please check to see if I have already written about your Rep by going to this link and scrolling down:

If you see your Reps are there, I have already posted an article about them. Feel free to send me any good information I missed and I will add it in. Remember you have TWO REPS – your State Senator and State Assemblyman. Check for both. If you don’t see an article for one of your Reps, help me to create one by moving to the second step.

SECONDHelp me write an article about your rep if they voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. You start your article with the following opening paragraph:

YOUR REP’s NAME from YOUR TOWN – voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. This resulted in children being kicked out of all public and private schools in New York immediately; including severely disabled children that have extensive educational programs.

THIRDWrite everything you know about your Rep in regards to their shameful vote to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. If you have past Facebook posts about your Rep you can definitely use that. Tell me if you met with your Rep, if you’ve confronted or protested your Rep, etc… Please also tell me how you believe your rep will vote on upcoming vaccine legislation including FLU, HPV and STD vaccines with no parental knowledge. Write-up as much as you can or as little as you want.

LASTSend me the write-up and I will edit and publish it. If you have a photo of your rep (especially a photo where they don’t look so good) even better! Send it all to me at thefedupdemocrat@ (if you don’t have a photo, no problem, I will find one) *Please make the title of your email the name of your Albany Rep – this will help me to organize and publish your report quickly.

These articles are all being compiled into one place so they can be searched by name. This will be a good resource for opposition to use when they run against your current Rep come election time in 2020.

Election season will be upon us quicker than you think and we need to get rid of all the Big Pharma shills in Albany. I am very thankful and grateful that I know #TeamParentsNY has my back, because I can’t do it without you!

Tim Kennedy Runs from Father of Disabled Boy Ameer

November 23, 2019 — When Ali Hamideh came to a public event held by New York State Senator Tim Kennedy to discuss why he voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, Kennedy ran out the back door.

Tim Kennedy voted to kick disabled students out of public school on June 13, 2019. Ali Hamideh had to fight in court to get his disabled son Ameer readmitted to school with a valid medical exemption to vaccination. This was a major court victory that high-ranking New York Democrats and the medical industrial complex did not want to see happen. But it did happen.

Kennedy is a coward, plain and simple.

The Senator used to work as an Occupational Therapist. That is someone who works on fine motor skills with disabled children. He used to work with disabled children to help them learn how to improve the use of their bodies. Now he works to kick them out of school. Tim Kennedy is a disgraceful human being and I am not surprised at all that he would sneak out the back door of an event he invited the public to – like the weasel he is – rather than face the father of a vaccine injured disabled child.

Watch Ali Hamideh describe what the almost-encounter with Senator Kennedy was like.

And read my blog post from July 14th on the insincerity, the cowardice and the corruption of Senator Tim Kennedy:

Tim Kennedy Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School


I keep making this point, but I feel it is absolutely necessary to continue to bring up. There has been no mainstream news coverage of Ameer’s victory in court outside of one extremely tiny report in a local Buffalo ABC affiliate. That small report took a full week to come out, was only 356 words, contained some inaccurate information and was not picked up by any other mainstream news outlet on planet earth. When news of this story first broke in October it was national news, but once Ameer won and was put back into school all you hear is crickets…