HPV Vaccine – Help Pay For VIOXX

Merck forcing your child to pay for their losses in court

November 23, 2019 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has revealed that Merck’s internal documents state the company’s big push to have their HPV vaccine Gardasil become mandatory for all children over the age of 9 is to help offset the losses the company experienced from VIOXX lawsuits.

VIOXX was Merck’s #1 product. It was a prescription painkiller that was causing heart attacks and strokes. The company was sued in court and it was revealed that Merck was aware their drug was killing people and did nothing about it. They agreed to pay $7 billion to settle the lawsuits against them.

In an interview with The Gilchrist Experience RFK Jr. reveals that internal Merck documents show the company is promoting mandatory HPV vaccines to children as a way to convince Wall St. analysts that their stock was set to boom despite the VIOXX scandal. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated the following:

“The Wall St. analysts were saying (Merck) was finished, because (VIOXX) was their biggest product. Merck said no, we’ve got something better. We’ve got a product that is going to be mandated so everyone in the world has to take it, every teenager; and this time we have no liability and we can’t get caught. Within Merck we now have documents from them because we are suing them; they called it “HPV, Help Pay for VIOXX.”


Read Part 2 to this post at the following link: Eileen Iorio sets the record straight

Thank you to Flo Butterman for catching and tweeting the RFK interview referenced above:


Let’s not forget what Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil is – it is a horrible product that has led to the disabling and/or death of thousands of people, mostly teenagers, often times the most athletic and healthy among their peers. Below are multiple links for information on the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine:

NY HPV Awareness Facebook group has over 13,000 Members – become one! https://www.facebook.com/groups/495789740973545/

The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed:

Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14-year-old-girl https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/06/02/vaccination-without-parental-knowledge-kills-14-year-old-girl/

Dr. Sin Lee & HPV DNA Fragments in Gardasil 9 Vaccine: https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/07/17/dr-sin-lee-hpv-vaccine-adjuvant/

Bronx Corruption Targets Black and Latino Children: https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/10/08/bronx-corruption-targets-black-and-latino-children/

Federal Vaccine Court Rules: Gardasil Killed Christina Tarsell https://www.learntherisk.org/news/christina-tarsell-she-never-lived-to-see-her-22nd-birthday/

What Gardasil did to me. POTS and a Pacemaker:

Sacrificial Virgins – A must see film about young girls being severly damaged by HPV Vaccine Gardasil

Vaccine Injured Marine Running for Congress in California

David Rudnick

Running for Katie Hill’s Vacant Seat

“I am a JFK Democrat”

***To donate to Rudnick’s campaign, click here***

November 6, 2019 — Military vaccine injury is a common occurrence. Once you join Uncle Sam’s Marines you forfeit all rights to refuse being injected with anything Sammy says. Many soldiers get vaccinated and have no problems at all, which I am very glad is often the case. However it is not always the case; not for every soldier.

It wasn’t the case for David Rudnick

I was a whistleblower in the Marine Corps. I was originally standing on a long line to get my vaccines when at the last minute I was taken out and put on a line with only four other Marines. Within days I was deathly ill. Doctors originally tested me for AIDS. In the first month, I dropped 15 pounds and had serious stomach issues as well as a diagnosis of mononucleosis. My hair also started to fall out in clumps in the shower. I had to push tonsil stones out of my mouth every day for weeks. I’ve still never recovered from the stomach issues.

When asked if he was given a different set of vaccines on the alternative line Rudnick answered, “Most likely, yes. The other Marines in front of me looked nervous too. We all knew something was totally awry.”

Rudnick doesn’t know what vaccines he received while with the Marines, nor how many in total. “I’m afraid to know. I remember receiving 2 just before I went to Europe on vacation. Rumors swirled within my unit that I would never return and go AWOL. So some said they gave me a ‘hot shot’ for being a ‘hot shot.’ Before that I was also threatened with ‘blue on blue’ just like Pat Tillman.”

“Blue on blue” means friendly fire.

All Rudnick ever wanted was to be an Infantryman leading his nation into battle. When he turned 18 he attended an Army Senior Military College. “Eventually I was taken out of the Infantry at North Georgia because ‘I was a commander, not a commando.’ I rescinded my commission and enlisted in the Marine Corps the very next day as an Infantryman.” At age 20 Rudnick joined the Marines and stayed for 5 years.

During his 5 years in the Marines Rudnick saw too much. He never gained official whistleblower status, but he claims that he was threatened more than once for witnessing corruption and wanting to shed light on it. Precisely what he knew we will save for a separate report at another time.

Currently Rudnick’s health is not the best, as his vaccine injuries have taken a toll on him. On Twitter, when someone stated Rudnick couldn’t be trusted because he is a Democrat, he posted a picture of what he says are his military medical files and tweeted: “Almost 10 years of medical files just to constantly be told, “unknown condition” and all from a little shot. No I will never change my mind on this issue.”

Rudnick’s Platform

Rudnick is running for Congress in the Democratic primary on May 3rd, 2020 in California’s District 25. The seat was filled by Democrat Katie Hill, who recently resigned leaving the seat vacant. His platform is not cookie-cutter by any stretch of the imagination. Rudnick is constantly saying, “I am my own man,” and it shows in what he stands for; his platform includes:

  • Repeal the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act
  • Pro-life Democrat (which today is as rare as a unicorn)
  • Immigration Reform to help both America and immigrants
  • Climate Change legislation
  • Scale back military; US is not the world’s policeman
  • End the FED
  • Impeach Trump

To see his entire platform, visit http://rudnickforcongress.com/

Trump & Flu Vaccines

I asked Rudnick what he thought about Trump and his 5-year Task Force to create the “Next Generation” of flu vaccines. Here is his response:

Trump ‘modernizing the flu shot?’ What a joke and a sham! Whatever happened to just getting the flu? Many say his son is vaccine injured, possibly autistic, so he spoke out on this issue only to get elected then shunned it. He is a huge disappointment.

In Trump’s Executive Order to develop new flu vaccines, Trump states that new vaccine adjuvants will be tested on military veterans in the VA. I asked Rudnick if he is aware of anything unethical being done in VA Hospitals:

Too many things are going on in regards to the VA. It’s common knowledge in all of the branches of the military that we are guinea pigs for the deep state. The anthrax vaccine is the perfect example of this. At one time, Gulf War vets were dying at a higher rate in the late 90’s than Vietnam War veterans! Walter Reed and many VA hospitals had a wing just for vaccine-injured veterans, but it’s something no one talks about. I never go to the VA. Too many of my friends have killed themselves on their experimental psychiatric drugs. They hand them out like candy and insist that you take them. These drugs induce psychosis and it’s caused an epidemic of suicides. I know this for a fact.

Rudnick sent me all of the following links to support his claim:

Military Suicides & Homocides – the Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs https://www.cchr.org/documentaries/hidden-enemy/psychiatric-drugs-cause-suicide.html?fbclid=IwAR2YwiW208jZOP8ELoaxL7jENLHEXgqar8qhQmXuCMDxu05iQwAxE1yK26Y

Veteran Jumps to his Death at VA Hospital https://www.thedailybeast.com/veteran-jumps-to-his-death-at-va-hospital?ref=scroll&fbclid=IwAR31ONKATVarnBub6cgDgLRt5ZYOnZhJ94yZxKOSmvIfoezwPCOCQTM1HPE

Two Veteran Suicides at Same VA Facility Share Chilling Similarity – Both Died While Sitting on Their Military Records https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/two-veteran-suicides-at-same-va-facility-share-chilling-similarity-both-died-while-sitting-on-their-military-records?fbclid=IwAR1U-IYVz5SKBR4NUcrt4bG8VTtIB5ZG3kr1lOaWN7lA_ZC1wP11ApnQBp0

Gulf War Military Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel Were Injected With Untested Vaccines https://vaccineimpact.com/2016/gulf-war-syndrome-documents-prove-uk-and-us-military-personnel-were-injected-with-untested-vaccines/?fbclid=IwAR2EmQ1EdPSARwrBU8GOua7UtlreyF975sXUhNbV7HLaiv_cbbO0EdHXuOI

The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive

The ID2020 Alliance:

November 1, 2019 — This article is a MUST READ. It ties into a piece I wrote called Universal Digital Identity. The ID2020 Alliance is forming to tag every human on the planet like cattle. For everyone who thinks the vaccine battle is just about whether or not our kids are allowed to attend the indoctrination camps of public school, here is just one of the strikingly frightening quotes from this article:

And just in the last weeks, without publicity, the European Commission have published a document designed to lead to a vaccine ID being attached to the European passport by 2022 [8]. What is perhaps most alarming about this is that none of it has come into place with any democratic mandate at all: Obama’s manoeuvres were entirely executive, no one elected the European Commission and there has been no popular demand for such measures, in Italy one government was voted out having brought in mandates in the preceding months and another voted in committed to repealing them, and reneged on its promise. Where did it come from? (emphasis added)

As everyone compares what is happening to Orwell’s “1984“, the truth is we are actually headed to Ira Levin’s “This Perfect Day.” If you haven’t read that Dystopian classic, you need to.

Thank you to Age of Autism for publishing this. Read the full article by John Stone at the following link: https://www.ageofautism.com/2019/10/the-id2020-alliance-the-global-totalitarian-project-hiding-behind-the-vaccine-drive.html

***Point of interest: when I first published this post it received only a few hundred views. When I began to tweet my surprise about how little interest there was in this profound story, I received a reply saying the image of the “all seeing eye” spying on the entire globe made them think this was a “conspiracy theory” post, and all the stigma that comes with it. However that logo was the original U.S. Government logo for DARPA’s Total Information Awareness (TIA) Office announced over a decade ago whose mandate was to spy on any-and-everyone. The outcry against the agency was so great they pulled it. The agency was going to be headed by convicted criminal John Poindexter of Iran Contra infamy. I think most people are unaware of just how bad of a situation we currently find ourselves to be in.

Bronx Corruption Targets Black and Latino Children

Black & Latino Children Illegally Vaccinated in Dinowitz District

New York is implementing a plan to inject the HPV vaccine into as many children as possible by both legal and illegal methods. This report details exactly how this plan is being rolled out in NYC as well as the dangers of the HPV/Gardasil vaccine.


October 8, 2019 — An 11-year-old Bronx boy was vaccinated in school without parental consent or knowledge. He went to the school nurse for an ice pack and left having been vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine said to prevent the STD HPV. That is illegal in New York, but if Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz has his way, this will be perfectly legal by January of 2020. Dinowitz is very vocal about the fact he wants kids vaccinated without parents knowing or consenting, and is sponsoring multiple bills in Albany to make such practice legal.

Oddly enough this illegal action occurred right in Assemblyman Dinowitz’s very own district in the Bronx. The New School for Leadership in Arts is located in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, and staffers in Dinowitz’s office confirmed this school is in his district. Isn’t it strange that this illegal action – which Dinowitz is publicly promoting should be legal – occurred right in the Assemblyman’s very own district? It is highly likely there are more such cases like this that have gone unreported.

Roxsanna Gautreax is the mother of the 11-year-old boy who was illegally vaccinated. She was on Bronx 12 News back in June of this year complaining that her son’s body was illegally “violated” when he was injected with the HPV Gardasil vaccine without her having any clue.

The school nurse even had the audacity to question the 11-year-old boy on how much alcohol his parents consume. Now imagine a boy coming home to his parents with a band aide on his arm telling them he was vaccinated and asked how much mommy and daddy drink. Questions about parental consumption of alcohol are routine when Child Protective Services (CPS) gets involved in questioning a child’s safety. Such a question from the nurse comes across as a veiled threat, and would be enough to make many parents afraid to confront a school that just performed an illegal medical procedure on their child.

Watch and read about this courageous mother, Roxsanna Gautreax, who refused to be scared into silence at the following link:

Bronx mother claims school gave HPV vaccine to son without permission http://bronx.news12.com/story/40628952/bronx-mother-claims-school-gave-hpv-vaccine-to-son-without-permission

Vaccine that causes infertility being pushed on Black & Latino Girls

If Dinowitz’s bill becomes a law in 2020, it will be used to target primarily Black and Latino children as young as 9-years-old to be vaccinated with the dangerous Gardasil vaccine without their parents knowledge or consent. If you read the package insert of the Gardasil vaccine, the manufacturer admits their is an increased risk of infertility in girls who receive this shot (documentation provided below under “Facts on Gardasil Vaccine”)

It’s not that White children won’t get this vaccine as well, however the vaccine will be provided in the 200 school-based clinics throughout New York City that are located in predominantly Black & Latino communities. While this can and will happen to White children as well, it won’t happen with the same targeted precision being implemented for children of color. Now the New York City School System has a job posting for a school-based community coordinator to get as many children vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine as possible in school-based clinics which, as was just mentioned, are located in Black & Latino communities.

The Gardasil vaccine will be given to both boys and girls, but it seems to have a higher uptake in girls as it is said to protect against cervical cancer. If later in life the girls injected with Gardasil experience reproductive problems such as infertility, it will be very difficult for them to make the connection back to a vaccine they were given at age 9, in school, that their parents don’t know about and have no record of.

During the 2019 legislative session in Albany, the bills that would have made this happen are Senate bill S3899 and Assembly bill A973. The Senate bill was voted on in the Senate Health Committee back in May and all 10 Democrats in that committee voted “Yes” to allowing 9-year-old children to be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents consent or knowledge. All Republicans on the committee voted “No.” I reported on those Democrats in my report titled Democrats Disgraceful Vote at this blog. When the 2020 legislative session begins in Albany you can be sure this bill will be a top priority of Democratic leadership once again.

Facts on Gardasil Vaccine

The HPV Vaccine Gardasil is dangerous – Gardasil has the highest rate of reported Adverse Events on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). VAERS is the federal system where adverse reactions to vaccines that are supposed to be voluntarily reported. There are over 60,000 reports of adverse reactions for Gardasil! Of those 60,000, over 400 were deaths, over 900 were life threatening, almost 3000 were permanent disability, over 6,000 led to hospitalizations, and over 15,000 led to emergency room visits. According to Dr. David Kessler, former head of the FDA under George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, these injuries are probably less than 10% of the actual number since VAERS is merely a voluntary reporting system, not a required reporting system. The true number of injuries and deaths is likely much higher!

Source: https://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html

Here is a screenshot of a proper search done of the VAERS system: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/wp-content/uploads/02-26-19-Medalert-Charts-Combined-2-pages.pdf

Gardasil has killed and permanently disabled thousands of children. That is an indisputable fact. Just one example is Amanda Ratner. Her father is Dr. Scott Ratner and her mother is also a medical doctor. Amanda was permanently disabled from the Gardasil vaccine and was awarded $350,000 in federal vaccine court. Her father said his daughter, “Went from being a varsity lacrosse player to someone who is now chronically ill” because of the Gardasil vaccine. The following link shows the official federal vaccine court decision to pay Amanda Ratner $350,000 for damages caused by the Gardasil vaccine.


Amanda is merely one of thousands of Gardasil injured children:

Currently Merck is being sued over the fact that Gardasil is dangerous and ineffective at preventing cancer. On January 9, 2019, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposed the following in open court using Merck’s own clinical studies on Gardasil against them:

(T)he rate (of death) for girls during the clinical trial was 37 times the death rate from cervical cancer! Birth defects among children conceived during the study period were 5x those of the control group and miscarriages were doubled over background rates. Reproductive problems among vaccinated girls were 10x background rates…Merck’s own package insert shows the chances of getting an autoimmune disease from this vaccine are 1000 times the risk of dying from cervical cancer.” (emphasis added)

Source: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/court-hears-gardasil-science-and-moves-forward/

Gardasil doesn’t only have the potential to cause infertility it also has the potential to kill. Here is a young girl named Annabel Morin who died after receiving her second Gardasil shot at school without her mother’s knowledge or consent. Annabel’s mother, Linda, is fighting to expose the truth of what Gardasil did to her daughter.


Want more info? Read HPV Vaccine on Trial,” by Eileen Iorio, Kim Mack Rosenberg and Mary Holland. Holland is the Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program at New York University School of Law. She was educated at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

***Learn more about the dangers of mandatory vaccination at THE HARLEM VACCINE FORUM on October 19, 2019, 11:30am, the event is FREE. Don’t miss it! https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/10/03/harlem-vaccine-forum-is-back/

NY Children Sickened by Democrats Vaccine “Catch Up” Schedule

Visit Vaxreacts.com to Submit Your Story, and Read Others


September 21, 2019 — Children are falling ill when placed on the extremely dangerous New York “catch up” vaccine schedule. If you are considering having your child “catch up” quickly on vaccinations to not miss school I urge you to read the following account before doing so. What good is “catching up” if your child ends up too sick from the vaccines to even attend school, or live happy and healthy?

New York has issued the most aggressive and dangerous vaccine catch up schedule ever recommended in the United States with no medical literature to support the safety of such insanity. It is dangerous!

The website Vaxreacts.com collects stories of adverse reactions to vaccination. It can be “minor” reactions or major reactions all the way up to death. If you have a story to report please send it to VaxReactsContact@gmail.com. To read all of the reports collected so far of adverse reactions that are happening to New York children trying to “catch up” go to the following link:


The below account comes from the Vaxreacts.com website. It’s from the mother of a healthy 14 year old girl from New York (pictured above lying in a hospital bed with her face concealed) whose mother decided to place her on the “catch up” vaccination schedule so she could continue attending school. She did so against her better judgement and greatly regrets it. What happened to her daughter is very, very good business for biotech and the medical industrial complex.

Why is it “good” ?

This 14 year old girl had never been seriously ill, never required a serious rush to the emergency room, and never had a major medical intervention in her entire lifetime. In just a few weeks she has received multiple prescriptions drugs including a lidocaine patch on her back, had a spinal tap performed and had serious visits to the emergency room. She also may have been introduced to the wonderful world of chronic migraine headaches. All of these terrible adverse reactions are good for biotech & medical industries; they are profitable. Read the report for yourself below, pray for this young girl and her family, and do *not* place your child on the insanely dangerous Democrat “catch-up” vaccine schedule.

If your child is unvaccinated and you choose to change that listen to the emergency room doctor quoted below – SPACE THE VACCINES OUT! If that means your child misses school it is a price worth paying. That’s not advice from The Fed Up Democrat, that is medical advise from an ER Doctor quoted in the below report, and it is what any sane, rational doctor will tell you: Doctors like Larry Palevsky, Bob Sears and Paul Thomas, as well as many others who really do care about the health of children more than the profits they make. In my non-medical opinion don’t vaccinate your kids at all, they will be healthier for it.

The mother’s tragic account starts below in all italics:


My daughter was a vaccine free, 100% healthy 14 year old, until 9/9/19.  I started to comply & went against everything I believe in. At approximately 5:20 pm, my daughter received the MMR in one arm & the varicella in the other. I questioned her getting two live doses at once & her pediatrician assured me “she’ll be fine”. 

I explained my stance & my fears (I had a severe reaction to the Hep B when I was younger, my niece & 2 cousins had severe reactions to the Dtap & Measles vaccine). I was sobbing the entire time,I yelled out “wait”, but just as I said it, she was jabbed.  

Around 7:00 pm, she had a horrible headache.  By Wednesday, 9/11/19, she still had the headache & fatigue. (Motrin didn’t help), swollen glands & a sore throat.  I took her to City MD. They didn’t pay attention to anything I said regarding the vaccines, but the Medical Asst put a mask on as soon as I told her & slammed the door on her way out. Strep neg & their diagnosis was Sinusitis & Pharyngitis, they gave her Flonase.

The headaches were/are still constant. 

We went to our next “immunization appointment” on 9/17/2019, but I made it a sick visit instead. Dr told me “it’s just a virus & we’ll do polio today, Hep B Thursday & Dtap Monday morning”. I declined! My daughter said, “no way I’m doing that”. Dr tries to convince her that “your mom was so upset that day so it probably stressed you out which threw your immune system off & you caught something”.  My daughter went to wait in the car. Dr proceeds to try make feel awful by saying “I have never seen a parent act like that with vaccines.” I, again, explain why. She says,”well, I have to vaccinate her because the DOH is breathing down my neck & I’ll get in trouble”. I told her I thought that was ridiculous & if anything, they’d come after me. 

Fast forward to 9/17/2019, my daughter had a low grade fever, legs were achy, along with the constant headache. On 9/19/2019, I took her to the Hospital where Dr actually listened. He did blood work & a spinal tap as he felt she could have had “vaccine induced meningitis or encephalitis”. Thankfully, tests came back normal aside for a high monocyte level indicating a virus. In his words, “…you can’t argue with a headache 9 days in a row & she gets better after a spinal tap”. 

He thinks removing some spinal fluid relieved some pressure off her brain since her headache lessened after the procedure. He goes on to say “space (the vaccines) out, don’t stack them..” …”she got the shots & then that occupied her immune system & then one of the Long Island viruses snuck in & got her..” We ended up back in the ER at 1:49 am (I called ahead of time & he told me to come back). She was crying as the pain in her back & head were intolerable. They gave her Percocet & placed a lidocaine patch on her back.  As of 8:00 am this morning, she’s thrown up 4x & still has a headache. 

She has NEVER been sick like this, never even missed a day of school last year & now she has been late twice, absent once & picked up early already. She’s a very active girl & all she wants to do these last 10 days is sleep. It’s heartbreaking to see her like this.

As guilt ridden as I feel, please, share my story. I wish I had never complied & I don’t want other parents to make the same mistake I did. I was told 13 years ago to always go with your mother’s instinct. I failed to do that.

Vaccine Police in Suffolk County, NY

Connetquot Uniformed Security Went Door to Door to Unvaccinated Children’s Homes!

September 20, 2019 — Connetquot school security went door to door on the evening of September 19th “serving” letters to 150 homes of unvaccinated children. They arrived in marked cars with yellow flashing lights brightly shining at night and were uniformed in yellow jackets on top of black polo shirts.

This information comes from a mother in the Connetquot school district who was interviewed by Rita Palma during a Facebook live broadcast this morning. That video can be viewed at the following link:


“A uniformed security guard from Connetquot High School came to our home last night in a marked security car to deliver the letters,” said this mother of unvaccinated children in Connetquot school district. One of her children is a special education student. She went on to detail how 150 Connetquot high school students were “served” in this fashion including her next door neighbor. The school security cars were marked and had bright security lights shining for the entire neighborhood to witness. So now everyone knows where unvaccinated children live; a clear violation of the HIPPA law.

However, despite this ridiculous scare tactic, brave unvaccinated Connetquot students still showed up and “walked-in” to their high school the next day (Friday, September 20, 2019). One student “walked-in” and was effectively quarantined in a room of about 10 students. When he left the school he reported that a girl who was vaccinated was also brought into the room. She was frantic and confused as to why she was in the quarantine space. Turned out she was missing 1 shot and because of this was threatened with being kicked out of school, as she called her parents in panic. To see the interview where a student discusses this situation go to the following link:


Medical Affidavits on the Alleged Measles “Outbreak” in NY

September 11, 2019 — Three medical heavyweights have submitted affidavits into the recently filed court case in Nassau County, NY fighting against the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Dr. Theresa Deisher, and Dr. Alvin Moss have all contributed powerful written arguments detailing how a fraud was perpetrated on the people of New York.

Go to the following link to download all 3 of the medical affidavits referenced in this report: http://www.firstfreedoms.org/oral-argument-sept-30th-in-steuben-county-ny.html (just scroll down to middle of the page and click on pdf files to download.)

Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky

Dr. Larry Palevsky’s affidavit on how the alleged measles “outbreak” in New York was presented to the public fraudulently by the New York State Department of Health (NY DOH) is quite simply brilliant. He makes a number of critical points, most of which I have discussed in my recent report “NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!?” However the affidavit goes much further and directly references specific peer-reviewed scientific journal articles supporting his positions. I hope to publish a commentary on his entire affidavit in the near future, if time allows. Nevertheless everyone should read the entire affidavit – it is a critical contribution to the body politic necessary for understanding the nature of a manufactured “health crisis.”


Dr. Theresa Deisher

Dr. Theresa Deisher was the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, and has been a champion of adult stem cell research, both professionally and privately for two decades. She obtained her doctorate from Stanford University.

Her 8-page affidavit expands upon her previously published OPEN LETTER FROM DR. THERESA DEISHER TO LEGISLATORS REGARDING FETAL CELL DNA IN VACCINES, which I wrote about at this blog on June 6, 2019. You can find that report here.


Dr. Deisher details how aborted human fetal tissue is utilized in the MMR vaccine, but goes further to crush the myth of “herd immunity” with scathing scientific references. She also demolishes the belief that vaccinated peoples cannot, and do not spread measles to others or get infected with measles themselves. They can, and they do.

Dr. Alvin Moss

Dr. Moss holds the distinct and unique honor of being a graduate of Harvard, UPenn and Chicago University; so anyone who wants to pretend he is not an academic and medical giant need not be listened to. Dr. Moss adds to Dr. Deisher’s destruction of “herd immunity” and vaccine efficacy. He backs up all of his claims with nearly 20 citations directly from the scientific literature.

These three affidavits are included in the case recently filed in Nassau County, NY, by Attorneys Elizabeth Brehm, Kevin Barry & Jim Mermigis to reverse the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. A similar case will also be filed in Suffolk County, NY very soon. These are separate from the case filed in Albany, NY by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Michael Sussman funded by Children’s Health Defense. The most notable difference is that the case filed in Albany is making federal claims while the Nassau County case only makes state-based arguments. The first case has the potential to rise all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Nassau County case does not, as it is only making New York state-based claims.

Kevin Barry of FirstFreedoms.org says the New York State Constitution has language protecting religious freedom that is stronger than the U.S. Federal Constitution. The New York Constitution states that religious freedom in New York is “forever.”

Barry says since “forever” has not ended, neither has religious freedom in New York.