Cuomo Nursing Home Hearings

Protests Virtually Unreported

Cuomo’s Death Machine

Zucker Continues to Lie

When Can Family Visit Nursing Homes?


August 4, 2020 — Yesterday the New York legislative body in Albany held hearings on the nursing home debacle that caused 6,000 to possibly 12,000 deaths headed by Governor Cuomo and NY Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. Protests of over 1,000 people happened outside of the Capitol on State St. with multiple speakers including whistleblower Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski.

Nurse Erin Marie is a major danger to Governor Cuomo as she is exposing the malpractice that turned Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY into a death factory during the COVID crisis. When Nurse Erin Marie stepped up to speak, New York Activist Rita Palma’s Facebook live stream went completely dead after running with no problem for 30 minutes recording all of the speakers who went before her. This seems to be another account of Facebook censoring voices for medical freedom. Eventually event organizers were able to publish her speech in full and you can view that here.

24 hours later the protest barely made the mainstream news. Spectrum mentioned the protest in the fifth paragraph of a report titled Cuomo Decries the Politics of the Pandemic.

Zucker Lies About Death Order

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker was questioned by members of the Senate and Assembly regarding why as many as 12,000 nursing home seniors died during the COVID crisis. Zucker refused to provide an updated, accurate number of nursing home residents who died of COVID during the hearing.

On March 25th Cuomo & Zucker released guidance to nursing homes stating, “No resident shall be denied readmission or admission to the (nursing home) solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. (Nursing homes) are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

Many have called this order a death sentence for thousands of seniors in nursing homes.

According to Newsday’s coverage of the hearing, Zucker said the above guidance was not mandatory. But obviously the wording of this directive was so incredibly strong what nursing home administrator would go against Cuomo during an unprecedented pandemic? Zucker went on to state the above guidance given on March 25th was not responsible for the massive amount of deaths in nursing homes. Newsday reported Zucker argued “the (health) department’s research of antibodies shows the peak of deaths could be attributed to infections before March 25 carried by staff and visitors who showed no symptoms at the time.”

There are two major problems with Zucker’s position here:

  1. Asymptomatic transmission of the novel coronavirus has been proven to be “extremely rare,” even according to the World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Antibody testing have shown to be remarkably flawed, and the data they provide is extremely unreliable.

Zucker should be very aware that on June 11th WHO announced that asymptomatic transmission of the novel coronavirus is “extremely rare,” especially since he used to work for WHO. Is Zucker making the remarkably outlandish claim that 6,000 to 12,000 nursing home residents all died from an “extremely rare” form of transmission? It makes far more sense that seniors with symptoms of COVID that nursing homes were forced to house due to the March 25th order from Zucker were the source of infection.

To quote certified nurse and nursing home staffer Nicole Whittaker speaking to Spectrum news, “Masks were issued, but were being worn for too long,” she said. “We lost a significant number of residents, and many of these deaths could have been prevented. Residents with symptoms should have been isolated immediately, not after more than a month of infections.” (emphasis added)

Expert Witnesses

In the afternoon two witnesses were questioned. Michael A.L. Balboni, who is the Executive Director of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association, and Neil Heyman, President of the Southern New York Association. Below are some of the highlights from the afternoon questions that came from Senator James Skoufis, Assemblyman John McDonald, Senator Gustavo Rivera, Assemblyman Ron Kim, Senator Sue Serino, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and Assemblyman Tom Abinnanit. Here are the highlights from those questions

Senator James Skoufis asked if it was a lack of PPE that was “the primary driver” of infection in nursing homes. Balboni responded, “It is very difficult to be able to identify the exact mode of transmission” and that it was a combination of a lot of factors. Skoufis followed up by saying, “But this was at the top of the list?” Balboni said they believed it played a role, but never verbally agreed with Skoufis that this was the main cause of infection. To me it felt like Skoufis was searching for a “get-out-of-jail” card for Cuomo and Zucker. He didn’t get it.

Assemblyman John T. McDonald had environmental questions. He discussed relative humidity of air inside of a building as potentially playing a major role in how actively the virus could be transmitted. He asked if there is humidity testing in the nursing homes. Both Balboni and Heyman said there is not. Balboni said there could be an introduction of UV light in the ventilation systems to neutralize viruses. These are all valid concerns as we know respiratory viruses are mostly transmitted as aerosolized particles in the air. We have thus far been told that the novel coronavirus is only transmitted through droplets, however there are hundreds of scientists who disagree with this and believe the virus is airborne.

Senator Gustavo Rivera, chairman of the Senate Health Committee, asked about how nursing home deaths were reported. This is a crucial point that we must get an answer to in order to know the total number of seniors who died. Balboni said they followed the guidelines in the “HERD” survey (I don’t know what survey that is) and they didn’t take a look at deaths outside of the guidance on that survey. Balboni said the challenge is determining the cause of death. The medical examiners don’t determine the cause of death but rather the clinicians do, and there is “subjectivity.” Balboni echoed a very important point that the Medical Freedom community has been saying for months. There is no way to pin point and say what the precise reason is that someone died. If someone had emphysema for 20 years, contracted coronavirus and then died, we cannot say what precisely killed them.

This is correct, and goes directly against the CDC guidance telling clinicians to presume COVID as the cause of death for death certificates. I appreciate Balboni’s honesty on this.

Assemblyman Ron Kim was up next and said when he surveyed nursing homes they told him they only heard from the New York Department of Health (NYDOH) when the department wanted updated death count numbers. He stated that Cuomo provided legal indemnity to protect frontline workers, but also gave blanket immunity to all health care administrators. Kim asked Balboni and Heyman if they had lobbied for that indemnification, both said no, they did not. Balboni went on to make the point that health care providers are legally required to provide a “reasonable standard of care” to their patients, but that during a pandemic the definition of “reasonable standard of care” changes. Kim asked, “Are we better prepared now?” Both men said “Yes.” Kim gave a thumbs up, and that was it (his time ran out).

Senator Sue Serino asked such softball questions I am not going to report on them. I would have thought a Republican would have grilled harder and deeper, but she did not.

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne brought up an important topic – vacancy rates at nursing homes. Neil stated the increase in vacancy was directly related to the stopping of elected surgery. Elected surgery releases is the biggest driver of nursing home occupancy. Think of someone getting a hip replacement and then moving into a nursing home for the first time. Balboni said this is the next crisis coming in long term care. Currently nursing homes are barely making payroll. There were residents who were in nursing homes for the past 10 years who left and they are not coming back any time soon. Nursing homes face an incredible struggle to keep their doors open. Byrne asked if vacancy rates are dropping now? The answer is no. The fact that people can’t visit loved ones in nursing homes is stopping people from becoming residents. “We’ve never seen this before,” said Balboni, and it is a budding crisis that could cause nursing homes to shutdown.

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti focused on getting family members back in to nursing homes to visit loved ones. Abinanti sated family members are not visitors they should be viewed as part of the staff, part of the treatment for the senior in the nursing home. Balboni agreed with this. Abinanti asked if they had a plan to bring back visitors. Neil said that there is no plan at this time. Everyone is focused and concerned with caution. Balboni said he is confident that the ‘individual facillities’ can come up with plans to bring family visitors back safely. Abinanti asked if they had any numbers to show what the transmission risk was fromfamily members? They did not have any data on that subject.

This coverage is not comprehensive of the entire all-day hearing. Stay tuned to this blog as I will be publishing as much as possible regarding this hearing, and the upcoming hearing next week focused on nursing home deaths that occurred in upstate New York.


Texas and MSM Lie About 85 Babies with COVID

Babies ARE NOT DYING From Coronavirus

MSM is Disgraceful

July 27, 2020 — There are not 85 babies with COVID in Corpus Christi, Texas right now as the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have you believe. Rather 85 children under the age of one have tested positive for cornoavirus over the past 5 months, which would average out to merely 17 per month.

None of those infants have died.

How many of them actually got sick? How many of them showed no signs of sickness at all? How many of them were actually false-positive tests? That info is not told to us and the MSM didn’t ask such questions; from the pathetic CNN all the way up to America’s oldest news agency, the Associated Press. Instead of doing their job, they chose to rush publication and induce fear into every American that a wave of COVID baby deaths is coming. Utter nonsense!

(note – CNN has recently changed its headline, adding the words “since March,” but that was not their original headline)

The only news organization to publish a clarification was KRIS 6 NEWS, a local NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Texas. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen a local network affiliate get a story correct while the national networks either get it wrong or refuse to publish their own affiliate’s reporting. The MSM in 2020 is a joke, with rare exception.

Dead Baby Fear Mongering

This is not the first time the MSM has tried to scare the crap out of the public with lies about babies dying from COVID.

Does anyone remember the strange illness in children “similar to toxic shock syndrome and/or Kawasaki disease” that the MSM was linking to COVID? On May 8th I published a report about that which Children’s Health Defense (CHD) referenced in their extremely comprehensive article published on May 14th covering the issue of this “strange illness” that looked almost exactly like Kawaski’s disease.

That strange illness scared the hell out of parents, but has since vanished. Why has it vanished? Because it had *nothing* to do with COVID. It has long been documented that Kawasaki’s disease can be caused from vaccinations; in fact the illness is listed as a potential adverse event on the package inserts of many vaccines that are on the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule. Many children missed their pediatrician “well visits” during the COVID lockdown and, upon seeing their doctors again, received multiple vaccinations at once because they were “off schedule” and it is very profitable for pediatricians to administer vaccines. It is highly likely the “strange illness” was happening in recently vaccinated children who were having adverse reactions to the vaccines. No one has done any investigation into this highly likely possibility.

If I am correct, that would certainly explain why the story has disappeared. The MSM never covers real medical news of adverse reactions to vaccines because they are cowards and Big Pharma sponsored prostitutes. I apologize for any harm my words may have on prostitutes, as they are far more honorable human beings than the overwhelming majority of despicable scoundrels in newsrooms today; many of whom sadly suffer from substance abuse as a way to cope with their complete lack of morals or integrity in their careers.

It was also recently reported that a 9-year-old died from the novel coronavirus in Florida. However according to a report from FOX 13 Tampa Bay the girl went to the hospital on July 11th due to a fever and stomach ache, where she was given “Tylenol and a couple of shots” (emphasis added) but was not tested for coronavirus. Six days later she was found unresponsive after a day of playing with family and friends. Family members performed CPR on her until EMS arrived. After she was pronounced dead, a coronavirus test was performed and this is the only evidence she was “COVID positive” at the time of death.

I have a lot of questions.

  • What “shots” were given 6 days earlier?
  • Was one of the shots administered a Gardasil/HPV vaccine? **
  • Did she recover from her earlier symptoms?
  • Did she have COVID symptoms on the day she passed?
  • Why was she “playing with family and friends” if she was sick with COVID?
  • What test was used to determine this girl was COVID positive?
  • What is the false-positive rate of the test used?

These seem like simple, common sense questions that should be asked before saying this girl died of COVID. The truth is we don’t know what this poor girl tragically died from. This is absolutely a tragic occurrence, but to claim this is certainly a death of COVID-19 defies logic and basic investigative questioning. Are we now to believe that children can feel well enough to be outside playing with friends and family, but then just drop dead from COVID that they didn’t show symptoms of having at the time of death? At this point in time this appears to be the picture painted in front of us. Hopefully at some point the grieving family will be able to reveal more to the public about what precisely transpired as a public service to everyone.

This girl is said to be 1 out of 5 children who died of COVID in Florida. However I have seen no details regarding the other 4 deaths. Were these also children who were tested posthumously?

Back on April 6th I reported about children in Georgia and Connecticut who were said to have died of the coronavirus but had not. Lying about children dying from COVID has been an unfortunate trend over the past 5 months. We cannot believe what we are being told on face value. Everything must be questioned and investigated – independently and thoroughly – as the MSM has lost all credibility and cannot be relied upon as the final arbiter of truth.

** Footnote: The reason I want to know if this 9-year-old girl received a Gardasil/HPV vaccine is because of her age. The CDC recommends the HPV vaccine can be given as early as the age of 9. It is possible – even though the girl had symptoms of being sick – that the hospital could have administered this vaccine which would explain why it was reported she was given “a couple of shots” implying more than 1 injection was given.

For more information read the following reports:

Report of a Surge in COVID Cases in Texas Infants Is False, Official Says:

Canales clarifies reports about local infant COVID numbers:

Liz Glass Breaks Down Cuomo’s NY COVID School Plan

July 17, 2020 — Governor Cuomo has announced guidelines for reopening schools in New York after the COVID-19 closures. New York Senate Candidate in the 27th Senate District, Liz Glass, has broken down all of the most important aspects of those guidelines using the Governor’s own words. She also includes many questions that remain unanswered. It is lengthy, but well worth the read for every New Yorker.

In summary from my point of view, Cuomo has announced guidelines for schools that will force no socialization, no physical human contact, no appropriate exercise, school’s will become fertile grounds for tracking the populace through mandatory contact tracing schemes, and they can be shutdown completely once again at a moments notice. All students & faculty must wear masks all day long regardless of any negative health impacts they may cause, and regardless of the fact that face masks have been found to have no benefit in preventing flu-like respiratory illnesses from being transmitted outside of medical settings.

To me this is all laying the ground work for Reimagine which Cuomo already stated on May 5th should replace in-person schooling in New York State.

Read what Elizabeth Glass has to say on these matters below, or if you prefer, watch her speak to all of these issues on Facebook by clicking HEREEnd of FED UP DEM commentary:


Below written by ELIZABETH GLASS

Hi I’m Elizabeth Glass, a candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27. The Democratic primary was June 23, 2020, and as of today – July 16 – the Board of Elections is still counting the absentee ballots. 

But the results from the in-person voting have been AMAZING…this campaign truly is a people’s movement, and I am proud to stand with you as we fight for our freedom, and our children’s future. 

Speaking of our children, Governor Cuomo recently issued the 23-page “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Schools.” These guidelines will determine how New York State’s 688 school districts will reopen, as well as the educational fate of millions of New York children. Cuomo also presented a formula that will ascertain if they think it is safe for schools to reopen. 

I will include in the comment section a summary of the guidelines, as well as pertinent and helpful links, but want to address the following issues with you right now:

1) General legal and scientific questions pertaining to the guidelines,
2) Mandatory face coverings, and
3) Contact tracing. 

We could include countless other issues, but the vast majority of us have so little time, so it’s prudent to focus attention where it is most needed.

It should be noted that these issues are only relevant if schools open at all. Based on what’s been presented, there is no guarantee that that will happen, particularly in NYC… and once again, our homes will become juvenile house arrest, thanks to Governor Cuomo, as well as the state reps, including my opponent, who voted to give Cuomo such unchecked power.

(I’ll post info in the comment section more about that vote, the bill S7919/A9953). 

I)  General legal and scientific questions

Cuomo stated at the press conference: 

“Schools open if the region is in Phase 4 and the daily infection rate remains below 5% using a 14-day average (since “unPause” was lifted”…date not specified, but it is June 6).

“Schools close if (the) regional infection rate is greater than 9% using (a) 7-day average.” (after August 1st)

He also said “We will make formula determination during the week of August 1 to 7.”

“If the virus spikes between August 1 and the school opening date…the schools hit an emergency “close” button.”

He also said “We have more testing and data than any other state.”

Here are some questions for the Governor, and please share your thoughts in the comment section. Let me preface by saying my heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones to this virus. As a lifelong New Yorker, my family lost many wonderful friends, yet I know in my heart that they would want us to make decisions for our kids based on facts and reputable scientific studies, not fear.

Question: Summer camps in New York were allowed to open on June 29. There were no formulas involved in opening the camps. If camps could just open, why not schools?

Question: The guidelines do not include reputable scientific studies documenting that children are at risk of serious illness or mortality from the COVID-19 virus, or that they are significant vectors of transmission. Where are these studies? Do such studies exist?

Question: About these formulas and infection rates and time spans: the numbers seem random, like some DOH worker used one of those paper fortune tellers to come up with numbers. Where is the scientific justification for these formulas? 

Question: Teachers and staff have no idea if they will have a job in less than eight weeks, and parents have no idea if their children will start school in less than eight weeks. It almost seems like Cuomo wants everyone unemployed, and to lose their assets. What do YOU think? 

Question: Cuomo stated: “We have more testing and data than any other state.” We have more “data” than any other state because we have had more deaths than any other state. New York is 6% of the US population, but 30% of the COVID-19 deaths in the US were New Yorkers. Why is this failure presented as an attribute?

II) Face Coverings/Masks

At the press conference, Cuomo stated: “For schools that are authorized (to open) the students and staff must abide by social distancing and mask guidelines…(masks must be worn) when students and staff cannot maintain social distancing.”

Question: If masks work, why can’t schools simply reopen? Also, please provide reputable scientific studies demonstrating the efficacy and safety of mask-wearing for 6+ hours per day. (News Flash: There are no studies.)

III) Contact Tracing

Cuomo breezed over the topic of contact tracing at the July 13 press conference, merely stating that “Tracing has to work in the schools.”

Here is Cuomo’s description of contact tracing:

“As part of the strategy to reopen, we will…use contact tracing to limit the spread of the virus; and implement a phased return to a ‘new normal.’” (April 16, 2020 email)

(At a press conference on April 22) Cuomo described the “Test, Trace, Isolate” process in more detail:

“How does it work? You test a person (for COVID-19). If the person winds up positive, you then trace that person’s contacts.”

“Contacts,” are people you have been in close proximity to: co-workers, family, someone at a supermarket. This information is found via an app on your phone, which tracks your location, and shares this and your medical status with the government.

Cuomo continued: “…(For) every positive (person identified) you have to go back and trace…Once you trace and you find more (people who test) positive, then you isolate (them). They are under quarantine. They can’t go out. They can’t infect anyone else.”

There will be “Isolation Facilities” for people who test positive for COVID-19 and who cannot self-isolate.

Cuomo: “This entire operation has never been done before…you have never heard the words “test trace isolate” before. A few textbooks have (described) it, (but it has) never (been) done anywhere near this scale. So it is an intimidating exercise. But I say “so what?” 

“We have to put together a tracing army…Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has volunteered to help develop the program which will recruit, hire, and train 17,000 tracers statewide.”

Question: If a student who participates in contact tracing comes into contact with infected people several times over the course of a year, how does this impact his or her education plan?

Question: Quarantining necessitates that the individual has his or her own bathroom. What if a child tests positive, the family only has one bathroom, but more than one kid…what happens?  

Question: If the person who tests positive has no symptoms – they are asymptomatic, they feel fine, they’re healthy – required to self-isolate? What if they don’t want to quarantine?

Question: What about teachers and staff who are tested, traced, tracked and must quarantine? Will there be enough substitute teachers available?

On a final note: at a press conference, Cuomo quotes from a book about the Fall of the Roman Empire:

“When the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then (they) ceased to be free” implying we should be responsible and comply with government orders for the greater good. 

The truth is: as Americans, and as living human beings, we can’t wish for freedom; it is a critical responsibility that we fight for it, for our children, and our descendants.

Thank you for listening and your support, please like the Facebook page (, follow me on Twitter (@glassforsenate) and Instagram (@glass_for_senate). The links for the social media are at

I am Liz Glass, a candidate for NY Senate in District 27. We are stronger together, and every one of us is essential.

Additional Questions: 

Question: “If masks are worn in public at all times, how are children exposed at all, and forced to quarantine?”

Question: The 4th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects.” Isn’t contact tracing unconstitutional? 


Interim COVID-19 Guidance for School:

Cuomo’s July 13 Press Conference:

End to In-person Schooling in New York, by the Fed Up Democrat:

NYS on Contact Tracing

Advocate Questions Why Cuomo is Opening Summer Day Camps, NY Post: post about the bill S7919/A9953, which gives Cuomo unchecked power in a “disaster”:

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Contact tracing in Rockland County:

Summary of “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for School”:

“If (the district) can reopen, follow the guidelines. Leave specifics to the school districts.”

Other parameters include:

• Lunch in classrooms and social distancing in cafeteria

• Schools must develop before and aftercare plan.

• Protocols for extracurricular activities

• Daily screening: temperature checks and forms that need to be filled out 

• Cleaning & disinfecting procedures  

• Possible closures as per health department

• Staff and students must participate in contact tracing (which I will describe). 

Cuomo also spoke of the 20-member Reimagine Education Advisory Council, made up of 17 education officials, two teachers and one parent. Reimagine Education is an initiative by the Gates Foundation, which seeks to revolutionize education by ending in-school instruction, replacing it with distance learning. 
The Council came up with guidelines, as well, including:

• Districts must have flexible plans

• Prioritize in-school learning for most needy students

• Maximize space in school and community to increase in-class time

• Prioritize arts, career, tech, and labs for in-person instruction

• Use innovative models like community schools

• Establish best practice for hybrid and remote instruction

Question: Since the Gates Foundation failed NY kids with “Common Core,” why is the organization being consulted on “Reimagine Education”? 

CO2 Toxicity from Wearing Mask

“Are you adhering to laws from your government that are hurting the development of your child’s brain?” – Del Bigtree, The Highwire

July 11, 2020 — Del Bigtree measured the CO2 toxicity inside of his son’s mask and discovered shocking results. 5,000 ppm is the “permissible exposure limit” that OSHA will allow for any daily workplace exposure to CO2. The level of CO2 Bigtree measured under his son’s mask on camera skyrocketed passed 5,000 ppm in a matter of seconds! This was true for an N95 mask as well as for cloth and surgical mask coverings.

1,000 – 2,000 ppm is the level associated with complaints of drowsiness and poor air.

2,000 – 5,000 ppm is the level associated with headaches, sleepiness, and stagnant, stale stuffy air: poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and slight nausea may also be present.

5,000 ppm and up is illegal CO2 levels in any workplace in America by OSHA standards.

You can watch the video of this for yourself on Bitchute at the following link:\

Bigtree stated this video has been taken down from every platform he has put it on except for Bitchute. Why? What is so dangerous about this video? Every parent should be concerned about this before sending children out in the woldcin masks that could lead to toxic levels of CO2 exposure.

Meanwhile in New York lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to make wearing masks in public permanent. Could states, governors, and school districts across the country be sued when students begin to pass out in classrooms?

The Plan to Force COVID Vaccine on Adults

July 10, 2020 — The first adults to be force vaccinated with the COVID vaccine will be prisoners, detained immigrants, military personnel, health care workers, nursing home residents, and those living in dormitories (like migrant workers and college students) according to an article written by attorneys published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report outlines six criteria upon which to determine who should be mandated to receive the vaccine. I strongly recommend everyone reads this entire report as it is critical and not a long or difficult read.

I’ve been warning that forced adult vaccination was coming since I first began this blog; long before COVID. Read my past reports at the following links:

April, 2019 — Biologic & Technologic Injectables

June 14, 2019 — VACCINATION – The Aftermath

September 27, 2019 — Forced Adult Vaccination is Here

November 1, 2019 — The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind the Vaccine Drive

March 8, 2020 — Coronavirus Hysteria is About Force Vaccinating Adults


Read the New England Journal of Medicine report at the following link:

Digital COVID Passport Is Here

The Nazis Would Be Jealous of This Technology

July 5, 2020 — Spread this far and wide as it may be the most important story of 2020, and that’s saying a lot. Make no mistake, COVI-PASS is the digital identification slavery Bill Gates, GAVI, and all the elites at Davos have been actively implementing across the globe. Read the excellent report from ZERO HEDGE on COVI-PASS linked below, and then read my previous report from July of 2019 titled UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY: Religious Exemption and the Mark of the Beast. COVI-PASS and UDI are effectively the same thing and if they are not currently the exact same thing, one day very soon they will be — Fed Up Democrat

COVI-Pass promises to work as digital health passport, allowing users deemed uninfected to attend public gatherings among other privileges

Read full report at

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports To Be Rolled Out In 15 Countries

July 6 – CORRECTION – This report was originally published at MINT PRESS, and was republished by ZERO HEDGE. Link to original report is here: