Liz Glass on NY Budget Deficit

New York’s Insane Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Deficit

June 21, 2020 — Hi, I’m Elizabeth Glass, a Democratic candidate for NY Senate in Manhattan’s District 27.

Wonderful volunteers and I have been hitting the streets of the district, which includes Chelsea, Greenwich Village, East Village, Stuy Town, Peter Cooper Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Times Square, Columbus Circle, Midtown East, UWS. We love hearing from New Yorkers and the issues THEY care about. 

The Democratic primary is June 23, with early voting taking place now. To find your polling site, please visit 

Our constitutional freedoms are under threat in New York State. If you share our concerns and you have friends or family or colleagues who live in Manhattan’s district 27, please share this message with them, and ask them to share the message with their local networks, and so on. This campaign is being censored on social media, so please spread the word. 

Today I want to talk to you about New York State’s Budget Deficit:

Prior to the COVID crisis, New York had a six to eight billion dollar budget deficit. Within two months of the lockdown, that number doubled.

Also prior to the COVID crisis, my opponent sponsored 905 bills for 2020 legislative session; many of these bills were frivolous and wasteful. The problem with Democrats like my opponent is their excessive spending. I believe we as a society must help those who truly need it – disenfranchised people of color, people with disabilities, the homeless, our seniors – but there is far too much unnecessary spending in Albany. 

My opponent treats taxpayers like a sugar daddy with an Am Ex Black card. 

For example, Look at this trash can…(in Washington Square Park) $100,000 on these 68 designer garbage cans at a cost of $1500 each when the same non-designer trashcans cost $718.

To be fair, this is a minor example, but such spending is indicative of questionable budgetary policies. 

Currently, it is impossible to analyze our state’s fiscal situation simply because the numbers are not there: Our state reps do not provide budgetary information written in a clear, understandable, and transparent way. This is a red flag in our state government, and an issue I will raise in Albany when I’m elected. Taxpayers hard-earned money should not be squandered by leaders who embrace excessiveness as a badge of honor. 

Thank you for tuning in. If you value transparency in government, as well as our constitutional freedoms: please invest in this campaign, or volunteer at . The time is now. Together – we the people – can take back our government because WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! And every one of us is essential. 

My Name is Liz Glass a democratic candidate for NY Senate in Manhattan’s district 27. Thank you. 

This is Why You Should Vote For Liz Glass

Vote for Liz Glass June 23rd

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Democratic Primary, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, East Village and Lower East Side


June 16, 2020 — I’ve known Liz Glass for almost a year and can wholeheartedly say I have never been more enthusiastic about a political candidate in my life. Here is why you should vote for Elizabeth Glass in the 27th NY Senate District, Manhattan, Democratic primary:

Liz is honest and listens to the people

What she says is what you get. Liz does not shy away from controversial issues nor standing up to speak truth to power. She is not an ideologue which is crucial to fix the mounting problems New York is facing today.

Liz was born and raised in New York

Manhattan is where her heart truly lies. The corruption in New York City and Albany was just too much for her to bear any longer as she ultimately said, “If not me, than who?” Liz has been called by something greater than herself to be a public servant.

Liz is real

Liz is a real person; a mother and teacher. She graduated Summa Cum Laude at SUNY Buffalo with a Bachelors in Accounting. She is a real New Yorker who wants to save NYC from the dangerous path we find ourselves on right now.

Liz supports NYCHA Public Housing

Liz is 100% opposed to the privatization of NYCHA public housing while her opponent pretends to protect tenants yet secretly supports privatization schemes that hurt working class New Yorkers.

Liz cares about Children’s Health

The health of New York City children today is abysmal, and quite simply this is NOT OK!

Liz’s “NOT OK” plan – “New Outlooks Towards Our Kids” – will get to the bottom of why our children are so incredibly unhealthy. 54% of our children have a serious, chronic neurological or autoimmune disorder. When elected, Liz will set up a “NOT OK” task force to look at WHY our children have these myriad health problems. What is causing this explosion in rates or autism, dyslexia, allergies, asthma, cancer, and other disorders? Autism alone costs the US $126 billion dollars per year. Liz knows that as a society, unless we work to identify what is happening to our children and why they are so unhealthy, our state (and likely our nation) will go bankrupt!

Liz cares about disability rights

Representing the needs & dreams of New York’s citizens with disabilities is a major priority to Liz as she has raised a son on the autism spectrum who is 19 years old today. Governor Andrew Cuomo has been horrible when it comes to supporting the rights and needs of residents with disabilities. Liz Glass will not cave when it comes to challenging Cuomo and his supporters who just don’t understand what the needs & dreams of people with disabilities really are.

Liz stands with protesters

Liz stands with protesters all across this country calling for justice for George Floyd, reforming and defunding the police (not dismantling). However she believes it is time to start a dialogue to begin the process of healing our beloved city. Liz firmly supports all forums that bring multiple stakeholders together right now to hear from everyone in the community.

Liz is brave

Some of the hardships Liz has dealt with during this campaign you will never hear about. Despite these challenges, she keeps moving forward unafraid of the obstacles put in front of her and 100% willing to be a voice fighting for the people even when no one will stand with her.

Will you stand with Liz!?

Vote for Liz Glass June 23rd

Donate to Glass HERE

Democratic Primary, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Peter Cooper Village, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and Lower East Side