New COVID Nurse Blows Whistle on Elmhurst Hospital, NY

Elmhurst Hospital is Worse Than a Third World Hospital

“I’ve been in a third world hospital in Iraq; the Iraq hospital is better than this one.” Nurse Olszewski

It’s murder!” Nurse Olszewski


June 9, 2020 — Nurse and Army Veteran Erin Marie Olszewski was brought to NYC by FEMA to assist during the COVID crisis. She is now speaking out confirming my earlier reporting that medical malpractice is the main killer at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY.

Olszewski is a hero! This is a must watch documentary.

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At this point I have no doubt in my mind that the protocols that killed people in Elmhurst Hospital go all the way up to the doorstep of NY Health Department Commissioner Howard Zucker, Cuomo’s right-hand through the entire COVID fiasco. Both Cuomo & Zucker need to be independently investigated. At one point undercover cameras capture nurses saying their biggest problem is that illegal orders resulting in people dying were said to be coming from “higher up,”but they had no idea where the orders were coming from. One nurse is heard on an undercover camera saying, “Are you guys really trying to kill everybody like everybody thinks?”

Olzewski confirms all of the following:

  • COVID and non-COVID patients are being roomed together
  • Patients who test negative for COVID are being called “presumptive COVID”
  • Patients are put on ventilators that don’t need to be
  • Patients are put on ventilators – and die – who likely only had anxiety, not COVID
  • Half the patients said to have COVID in the hospital did not have it
  • If you didn’t have COVID when you came to the hospital, once in, they assume you have it

Nurse Olzewski had previously been leaking information to a friend of hers which got out through social media, that I previously reported on at this blog. Read all of my previous reports on the NY COVID fiasco:

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