Hundreds of Thousands Protest for Freedom Across the World

August 29, 2020 — Hundreds of thousands across the world took to the streets protesting against Bill Gates’ global agenda of lockdowns, mandatory masks and forced vaccination. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to hundreds of thousands of Germans in Berlin. In London it is being reported between 35,000 and 40,000 people gathered in protest. Thousands gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as across the pond in Ottawa, Canada and Albany, New York, in solidarity with the protests in Europe.

When Kennedy opened his speech to the German people he stated that the newspapers today were reporting he was coming to Germany to speak to “5,000 Nazis.” There was nearly 100 times that amount of people, and they sure as hell weren’t Nazis. Today if you stand up for freedom and liberty you are smeared as a far-right-wing ideologue. The truth is that Patriots are standing up for freedom and liberty – whether left, right, conservative, liberal, progressive, libertarian, independent or whatever everyone is showing up to have their voice heard.

Make no mistake about it, this is very big and gives a glimpse of the “showdown” that is brewing between common freedom-loving citizens and global elite forces that are anti-freedom and anti-liberty. Read the full report from Children’s Health Defense and watch Kennedy’s full speech here:

UPDATE – August 30, 2020 — As I get more updates many more countries are being added to the list of those who rose up in protest this weekend including France, New Zealand, Poland, Bolivia

Here is an interesting link covering the world-wide protests:


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August 14, 2020 — I do not make a single penny for the content I create at The Fed Up Democrat. If you support what I do here, please donate now to THE HIGHWIRE and Del Bigtree through their non-profit

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I absolutely Love Del Bigtree and everything he does. Back in December of 2019 Bigtree granted me an interview and was so incredibly gracious with his time on the phone during the evening. I knew he was at home as I could hear his family in the background. He is constantly sacrificing to advance #MedicalFreedom, #VaccineChoice and scientific truth. Bigtree is so incredibly driven by truth-telling, and gives so much of himself, it is time we give back!

Twitter Shadowban Continues

Twitter is purging accounts that follow Medical Freedom Influencers

August 7, 2020 — Twitter is “temporarily restricting” accounts en masse, especially those that tend to follow Medical Freedom influencers. This purge is being felt by many Medical Freedom content creators today such as Eileen Iorio, Maryam “the bee lady” Henein as well as myself.

Here is just a small sampling of my followers who were “temporarily restricted” today

@OrionRise2020 @MarcRodill @Mark_Burdick @brnagain2ctruth @Basmatu1 @Missi69399973 @thomas9023 @iwouldloveto @Bev09243778 @GrayRock4Triad @nicolejc9 @CEvolutionarian @GotterbyQ @prayinggmimi @argybargy888 @QJacqueline70 @trumpgurl_4life @Jules3589 @Sassafras_Knob @Rc7j1

When I went to to track my new follows and unfollows, it was easy to see which accounts that “unfollowed” me today were “temporarily restricted” since it lists that they are now following “0” (zero) accounts, as shown in the following screenshot:

I watched my followers very closely today, which went as high as 6,067. By the early evening that number plummeted by 60 to 6,007. I gained a new 20 followers since then and, as of 8:56pm EST, I currently have 6,027 followers. Again, reflected the fact that I had just lost 60 followers today.