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August 28, 2020 — Twitter Suspended #Unity2020’s account – – on Twitter for amplifying the hashtag #JustSayNoToDonaldAndJoe just as President Trump was accepting the Republican Party’s nomination. While Twitter is notoriously known for censoring voices of conservatives, libertarians and health freedom advocates, in this instance the tech-giant is clearly attempting to protect the corrupt duopoly of the Republican-Democrat dictatorship of America. In fact I will even go as far to say Twitter went out of its way to protect Trump by suspending the account at a crucial moment for the Trump campaign.

I normally don’t give a crap about the presidency.

In New York we are seeing clearly that Dictator Cuomo is the #1 clear and present danger to NY residents. His dictatorial powers are on the books as “legal” until April 2021 in his emergency powers act S7919. And it is the New York legislature working with Cuomo to erode our rights at warp speed. However, as Professor Bret Weinstein has so clearly articulated and demonstrated, we stand at a moment in history where the American Republic itself may fall apart completely. The only office in the nation that can galvanize the will to prevent this is the presidency.

Seeing Twitter suspend @ArticlesOfUnity is a clear sign that it is a real threat to the corrupt Republican-Democrat duopoly dictatorship that just might choke the American Republic to death. Everyone who has spoken out against Twitter censorship in the past *must* speak out against this censorship as well, right now. Please don’t be hypocritical in this moment. I have spoken out for conservatives who have been suspended from Twitter who I did not like or support, but I firmly believe in the tenant of free speech and social media is the new public square. Even if you don’t believe in #Unity2020, I ask you to be courageous, bold and principled by tweeting to @Jack and @Twitter that they must stop their war on #FreeSpeech.

Bring Back @ArticlesOfUnity!


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Racism is Being Used To Divide and Conquer America

Bret Weinstein May Have a Plan to Save Our Republic


August 16, 2020 — Bret Weinstein didn’t want to be right back in 2017 when he predicted that America could be taken over by a fringe political ideology that he saw destroy the college campus he worked on, but unfortunately he is currently being proven correct. Today Weistein says the American Republic is in danger of collapsing and its citizens must stop this, and I completely agree with him on both counts; he has a plan to stop the destruction of the American Republic called #Unity2020 which I will discuss at the end of this report, but many of you may be asking who is Brett Weinstein?

Weinstein is a Molecular Biologist who worked at Evergreen College. In May of 2017 he refused an order from the college to leave the campus for a day as all White people were being asked to remove themselves from the campus as a sign of solidarity with non-White students and faculty. The campus spiraled into a mob rule akin to Lord of the Flies – or the Maoist Red Guard – that hid behind terms like “anti-racist” and “social justice” which targeted Weinstein. On May 26, 2017, Weinstein appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News to discuss the situation where the two men had the following exchange:

Carlson: You said people shouldn’t be allowed to speak or not on the basis of their skin color which seems like a foundational belief of the left, and one that I agree with strongly; and for that (students and faculty at Evergreen College) physically threatened you and are trying to get you fired. This is unbelievable.

Weinstein: Yes, they are absolutely trying to get me fired and they believe that my words in my email are transparently racist and I think were caught quite off-guard when people who were not from Evergreen read my letter and could not find any racism in it.

The mob that targeted Weinstein didn’t know he was a prominent anti-racist himself, having received an award from the National Organization for Women for standing up for a woman who needed to be defended when he was in college. Weinstein exposed a prominent Jewish fraternity at UPenn for not only soliciting a Black prostitute and bringing her on campus but humiliating her in front of the entire fraternity. Weinstein recounted this in his interview with Joe Rogan in December of 2017.

But the mob on Evergreen campus did not care about facts and reality, just as the mob that is in Portland right now doesn’t care about facts, only political power. When the mob that targeted Weinstein began to lose in the court of public opinion it didn’t matter. They simply moved on to their next target on the campus, never apologizing, never acknowledging they were wrong about this professor.


Such incidents on College campuses have been on the rise in the past 10 years. In 2018 Weinstein testified before Congress and warned our lawmakers that the mob-rule rising on college campuses hiding behind “anti-racism” and “social justice” was destined to spill over into the rest of society if nothing was done to address it. Here we are in 2020 and no one is more sad that Weinstein has been proved right than Weinsstein himself.

Bret Weinstein was harassed by the mob for months on campus and eventually resigned receiving a sizable financial settlement from Evergreen College. Today Weinstein is a visiting fellow at Princeton University and runs one of the most relevant, brave and provocative podcasts on the internet called Dark Horse.

I urge people to learn more about Bret Weinstein’s horrific experience at Evergreen College as it was a precise microcosm to the macrocosm we are experiencing across America today.


Weinstein sees the choice of Trump and Biden as no choice at all. He sees both of these men destined to oversee the destruction of the American Republic just in different formats. Because of this he has proposed a brave and bold plan called #Unity2020.


“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
— Benjamin Franklin

We have a plan to reclaim our government from the FALSE CHOICE presented to us by the corrupt duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties. Learn how UNITY 2020 has been designed to avoid the pitfalls of previous alternative and 3rd party presidential campaigns.

Learn more at The Articles of Unity Website —


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