Silenced African American Voices Speak on George Floyd’s Murder

Dr. Rachael Ross, Jamel Holley, and Rizza Islam




Rizza Islam – “The police chief in Pittsburgh has confirmed that the vast majority of people who were arrested did not live in the city and were anarchists…these are paid rioters…These are undercover agent provocateurs…(there are) vested interest groups who want to guarantee that (Black people) continue to get blamed (for the violence)”

Dr. Rachael Ross – “The same people who shouted from the mountain top “Stay home, be safe!” (due to COVID19) are the same ones who are like, “Get out there, do a good job, bang some sh*t up, and if you get arrested we’ll bail you out…” (speaking on Hollywood)

Assemblyman Jamel Holley – This is our mark moment right now in American history, not just for African Americans but for the culture of America.


June 5, 2020 — You are not going to see this on CNN, or FOX, or any mainstream news outlet.

I encourage everyone to watch the entirety of the interview Del Bigtree had with this amazing panel, especially white people. We as white people need to hear African American voices speaking for themselves regarding police brutality towards the Black Community. Whether you agree with them or not, we should all have the respect and courage to hear their words unadulterated and uninterrupted. Watch the interview for yourself, or read my summary below.

Medical Dr. Rachael Ross stated she was the direct descendant of slaves on both sides of her family. While she is very proud of her success in America her parents trained her to make sure when she was around White people they were comfortable being around a Black woman. When she sees George Floyd she sees her uncle, her father, her family, but the majority of the country doesn’t identify in the same way. Dr. Ross stated White America needs to teach their kids to not have the same biases their parents have, as many White Americans are oblivious to the fact that they have enjoyed white privilege giving them a leg up that, at times, hurts African Americans. She stated she doubted there was any member of the panel who had never had handcuffs put on them from the police because that was just a part of being Black in America. White people need to acknowledge the problem instead of acting like, “Here they go complaining again.”

Del Bigtree asked about White people prostrating in apology to Black people.

Rizza Islam from the Nation of Islam was extremely grateful to Bigtree for providing the platform to him, Holley and Ross, stating that is precisely what someone who cares about the race situation in America should do. Let those directly impacted speak for themselves without having to make it comfortable for anyone. Islam repeatedly stated that America is controlled by systemic racism, and there has never been any reparations for the crimes perpetrated against Blacks, and continue to be perpetrated. Prostration is beautiful, apologies are beautiful, but this lacks substance. “The strongest apology is changed behavior…and using your privilege” to bring real political and economic change that is rightly owed to African Americans, said Islam.

Dr. Ross again thanked Bigtree for providing the platform but then said there were a lot of white supremacist comments from The Highwire followers being posted during the live broadcast. Bigtree stated that he couldn’t see the comments live, and also stated it was possible the comments were not coming from his regular audience but possible internet trolls.

New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley commented that he has fought with the “mama bears and papa bears” fighting for health freedom for their kids. “But Dr. Ross is right,” said Holley, as he could read the comments in real time as well. Holley, again, thanked Bigtree for providing the platform saying that none of them will ever be given such a platform on CNN or any mainstream outlet because their message doesn’t resonate with those corporate agendas. It’s important for people to talk on these hard issues and it is good that The Highwire provides space to address them, said Holley.

Bigtree posed the question about “color-blindness.” Should we be “color-blind” in society, or is it necessary to be very aware of color, race and racism in America: should Bigtree be teaching his kids about racism?

Dr. Ross said “if you don’t teach (your son) about the privilege of being white” then he may not understand why his Black and Mexican friends may get treated different by the police as he grows up. For Black people there is no choice as to whether to have a conversation like that or not. They can’t hide the fact they are Black. Everyone sees that first, so that conversation isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

Holley jumped in and said when he learned about different cultures he embraced that information, and Bigtree has the opportunity to do just that with African American culture and his children. He can embrace the culture and teach it to his children in a way that they weren’t taught it in school. “These moments need to lead to action,” said Holley. He focused on the need for legislative action in state houses across the country, and stated he has a package of bills from his home state of New Jersey – some that have become law, some not yet law – that he plans to share across the country as now is the moment for real change through legislation.

Del Bigtree asked Rizza Islam if white people raise their children to understand systemic racism and white privilege, what responsibility do Black people have on their side of the issue. Islam explained that the responsibility is to “do for self,” or suffer the consequences. “I can’t be a Black man and continue to blame White people” for everything. He went on to say the beauty is in our differences, and that is the beauty of our world. But we must all recognize the reality that there is a system that benefits White people but oppresses Black people and other people of color. All 50 states of America had to be shutdown with protests in order to compel the arrest of the officers who murdered George Floyd, even when the murder was caught on video! Color blindness is unnecessary and disrespectful, we need to acknowledge and respect the differences.

Del Bigtree then showed a clip of two White “protesters” spray painting “BLM” (for Black Lives Matter) on a Starbucks. A Black woman stopped them and asked why would they do that? They aren’t Black, and now the news is going to cover that Black people are defacing property. The two White protesters basically dismissed the woman and walked away. The Black woman continued to give commentary about how insane this situation was, as she broke down into tears over it.

Dr. Ross pointed out that when the two White people were confronted by the Black woman in this video, they made no effort to change their behavior or even acknowledge the Black woman’s concerns.

Bigtree then played another clip of a Black woman returning a brick that was handed out to Black men from White people driving in a car. “Why would you do that to them? They’re going to get in trouble!” screamed the woman as she put the brick back in the car and slammed the door.

Bigtree stated that pallets of bricks are being placed in very strange places in major cities. He said Hollywood and the media are stating African Americans are so upset they are getting violent, but then we have video proof of this infiltration coming from white people…

“Because that’s what they want us to focus on,” responded Holley, referring to the media’s obsession with pinning violence on African Americans. Holley had been to five rallies over the weekend and every one had been peaceful. He told a story of his mother being in downtown Texas and she saw trucks lining up dropping pallets of bricks where there were absolutely no construction around. Holley said people in the Black community are not going to be destroying their own community. “We know what’s going on in our neighborhood…we know whose being paid to come in and infiltrate our peaceful protests. It’s a shame.”

Rizza Islam stated the following, “The police chief in Pittsburgh has confirmed that the vast majority of people who were arrested did not live in the city and were anarchists…these are paid rioters… These are undercover agent provocateurs…(there are) vested interest groups who want to guarantee that (Black people) continue to get blamed (for the violence)”

Bigtree asked Dr. Ross about Holywood’s infiltration of these protests. Ross responded, “The same people who shouted from the mountain top “Stay home, be safe,” (during the COVID19 crisis) are now the same ones who are like, “Get out there, do a good job, bang some sh*t up, and if you get arrested we’ll bail you out…” Dr. Ross said her favorite meme now is “The pandemic didn’t work, now let’s create a race riot.” She also mentioned how the media has everyone afraid of black people, afraid to go in the streets, and they keep saying the people carrying the coronavirus are the black people! She said anything the mainstream media tells us we have to dig a little deeper because what they say “probably is not the case.”

Bigtree went on to discuss the reality of vaccine injury and the dramatic impact it has had on African Americans, and how the media will not report on the demise of American children’s health. He asked why this is not part of Black Lives Matter?

Rizza Islam said it’s simply not a part of their platform, and that they haven’t been educated on the reality of the dangers of vaccines. He said the Black community hasn’t done much in regards to vaccines because they do not know about the dangers of vaccines. Holley added on that the Black community is programmed to believe vaccines are safe. “We were uneducated,” but now there are African American leaders going across the country educating individuals about the effects of vaccinations on the Black community. Dr. Ross said she loves seeing White people educating Black people on the painful reality of eugenics. As a Black person it’s a lot to process that there are so many issues attacking the Black community all at once. The dangers of vaccines are unseen, but when a police officer is choking you out in front of your face that is much more obvious. She asks everyone to understand where Black people are coming from and not to place blame or point fingers.

Rizza Islam closed by saying we all, absolutely, must acknowledge each other’s humanity. No oppression, no lies – I take care of my people, you take care of yours, and steps must be made to get rid of any oppression that currently exists. Are you going to help to change laws? Are you going to help to level the playing field? Islam said black people are not rioting, they are rebelling. He quoted Benjamin Franklin stating, “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to god.” Black people are simply being Americans in the fullest sense of the word when they are rising up in protest.

New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley said government has failed us, and it is his focus point to level the playing field through legislation. Every single movement, whether it is the Health Freedom Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, the LGBT Movement – all of them need to come together and support Black people as they fight for the equality they rightfully deserve in America.

Social Isolation and Race Riots

How COVID Lockdowns Amplified the Current Violence

June 1, 2020 – The death of George Floyd while in the custody of a disgraced police officer with an atrocious record for abusing his power is as tragic as the hundreds that came before it. This was the first time I can recall a police officer being fired prior to any investigation into what happened. That alone speaks volumes.

But if it was not for the COVID LOCKDOWNS that have caused soaring unemployment above 30% and a forced social isolation, the violence on the streets would not be anywhere near as bad as it currently is. In her campaign statement Liz Glass, candidate for New York State Senate in District 27 had this to say about “social distancing:”

It should be noted that social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation, which was developed 70 years ago by the CIA and deployed against enemies of the state because it is more effective at breaking people down than any form of physical torture.

No job, no money, no hope, no social contact all add up to a unique form of torture. George Floyd’s tragic murder was the spark that ignited this fuel of hopelessness, despair and abandonment that is the fault of Governor’s who have sacrificed thousands of lives in the name of protecting “public health.” Of course we needed a public health response to COVID, but not by sacrificing everything else in its name. When the history books are written, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio and many others will be noted as failing to strike that balance in a sensible way. That is unelss the goal was the destruction of the fabric of liberty and freedom in American society. Then these politicians will get a 10 out of 10 for their efforts!

Enter Provocateurs

Protests and civil disobedience are notoriously infiltrated by various groups working alternative agendas. The far-right neo-nazi movement could easily stoke the flames of riots to move us closer to the race war they have claimed for decades is inevitable. The far-left antifa never misses a chance to inflict violence and havoc anywhere, anytime and claim it is justified in a war against capitalism.

Take a look at this video of Black residents in Minneapolis who stop white protesters and remind them, “This is not your space.” The Black residents say they appreciate support from white protesters, but that they must stop destroying the Black community they have come into.

Isn’t that odd? White protesters in a Black neighborhood, destroying it?


Nevertheless we are seeing other amazing things happening, such as the following video, where a protester and a police officer hug: not all cops are racists, not all protesters are thugs…

THIS is what THE POWERS THAT BE (TPTB) fear the most. When it comes time to enforce their Draconian laws on us – such as removing children from homes due to contact tracing or force vaccinating New Yorkers – if the local authorities won’t do it it won’t happen. This is where TPTB fear us the most — in Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow and everyone coming together and stopping the madness and chaos they benefit from.