Twitter Shadowban Continues

Twitter is purging accounts that follow Medical Freedom Influencers

August 7, 2020 — Twitter is “temporarily restricting” accounts en masse, especially those that tend to follow Medical Freedom influencers. This purge is being felt by many Medical Freedom content creators today such as Eileen Iorio, Maryam “the bee lady” Henein as well as myself.

Here is just a small sampling of my followers who were “temporarily restricted” today

@OrionRise2020 @MarcRodill @Mark_Burdick @brnagain2ctruth @Basmatu1 @Missi69399973 @thomas9023 @iwouldloveto @Bev09243778 @GrayRock4Triad @nicolejc9 @CEvolutionarian @GotterbyQ @prayinggmimi @argybargy888 @QJacqueline70 @trumpgurl_4life @Jules3589 @Sassafras_Knob @Rc7j1

When I went to to track my new follows and unfollows, it was easy to see which accounts that “unfollowed” me today were “temporarily restricted” since it lists that they are now following “0” (zero) accounts, as shown in the following screenshot:

I watched my followers very closely today, which went as high as 6,067. By the early evening that number plummeted by 60 to 6,007. I gained a new 20 followers since then and, as of 8:56pm EST, I currently have 6,027 followers. Again, reflected the fact that I had just lost 60 followers today.

Twitter Shadowbans Fed Up Democrat?

Why is Twitter Afraid of @DemocratFed?

What’s the deal @Jack???

June 29, 2020 — Twitter has somehow been causing my followers to “unfollow” me even when they made no such request to do so. In addition, all of the upward trends in my reach and following have recently plummeted, especially since I started promoting Liz Glass for New York Senate from May through June. My reach has *always* trended up, never down. At my peek in April, I reached 1.24 million via tweet impressions, had 9,808 profile visits, and gained 727 followers in one month’s time. Today, less than 2 months later, all these numbers have plummeted. I now reach 624 thousand via tweet impressions, have 5,980 profile views, and have gotten only 169 new followers in one month’s time. Maybe users are no longer interested in my content? I don’t think that’s the case.

I believe Twitter is intentionally limiting my reach and deleting my followers

Below are four separate statements from Twitter users on how they were mysteriously unfollowed from my account even though they never made any request to do so. All of this is shared with permission and is sourced to the Twitter handle of the actual user who sent me this information through direct message (DM) on Twitter.

Jonathan Harris @jonbruceharris

Yes! I thought it strange when I discovered I wasn’t following you…FYI I have 300 followers. I get 1-3 new followers per week, but my total always hovers around 300, for many months stuck on 295 exactly…some people said that their tweet impressions were way lower than their follower numbers , as low as 25% after 1 week. We are definitely in a category of tweeters being screwed.

MutherClukker @KeenBeener

I don’t think I unfollowed you. I have been unfollowed en-masse before which was weird, One day I lost about 100 followers. When I clicked on your account I saw that I was no longer following you so I clicked it again…

Ray Pierre Medina @Suave162

I don’t know why but either Twitter or some hacker with access to me page deleted you from the people I follow. I know I didn’t…Anyway, I refollowed. Just wanted you to know that.


In addition Michele K @k_michele07 posted a reply to a tweet of mine saying, “Your Tweets were missing from my feed for about a week. I had to search you several times so I could see them.”

And these are just four that I know of! I have no doubt there are far more. I believe that I am gaining new followers at the same time as Twitter is purging ones I already have, and that is why my following is currently experiencing anemic growth.

I have never broken any of Twitter’s community guidelines, and never will. I never attack anyone, make threats to anyone, or assert something to be true without mainstream or peer-reviewed scientific documentation to back it up. I never curse. I give my opinions at times and make it clear they are opinions. I only advocate non-violent activist solutions to the political, social and medical problems we face in New York, America and across the world. I encourage free speech as well as the open exchange of ideas from all sides of any issue.

Maybe that last one is why Twitter hates me the most.

I say all of this simply to show precisely why, in my opinion, Twitter will take the time to shadowban me; because they got nothing else! It’s their only way to suppress my voice and reach. Since I break no rules they can only go undercover with trying to censor my speech.

In addition to the above evidence and allegations I also would like to point to Twitter’s suppression of Project Veritas. On April 30th Veritas tweeted they had video evidence of Twitter removing hundreds of retweets from one of their posts in real time, and they showed the recording. My tweets don’t have the reach Veritas has, but, oddly enough, I have seen similar oddities with the likes and retweets of my tweets and it happens constantly.

For example I may go to my profile wall where all my most recent tweets are, and see one tweet that has 11 likes and 34 retweets. Those are odd numbers. Usually a tweet gets more likes than retweets. So I will click on that tweet and when it comes up, again, I see 11 likes and 34 retweets. But then I will refresh my browser and suddenly it will say 75 likes and 54 retweets, which just makes more sense as tweets usually get liked more than they get retweeted. So now it appears I just needed to refresh my browser while on my profile wall, and I should see the numbers correct there as well.

But that doesn’t happen.

On my profile wall it still reflects the lower numbers – 11 likes and 34 retweets.

This is small, it is subtle, but it would be simple to write an algorithm to do this minor shadowban towards a targeted account, and make it appear as though the tweet has less interest and less reach than it actually does. I do not know for sure that is what is happening, but when you combine this with the hard evidence I presented regarding my falling analytics numbers, and my followers being mysteriously “unfollowed” from my account, it is quite compelling and disturbing.

@Jack – what up with this?