Kanye is 100% Vaccine Choice

Could Kanye Take Medical Freedom Votes From Trump?


“It’s so many of our children that are being vaccinated and paralyzed … So when they say the way we’re going to fix Covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast. They want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things…” Kanye West quoted in Forbes

July 8, 2020 — Kanye West announcing his run for president will push the issue of Vaccine Choice and Medical Freedom closer to the front of the presidential debate over the next 4 months. Many believe West will take Black votes from Biden, however it is very possible West may take Medical Freedom votes from Trump. Today everyone is so obsessed with race it is easy to miss the real important issues staring us in the face.


I am a part of the Medical Freedom Community, and have been watching the narrative unfold within this movement as it applies to President Trump. In 2016 the Medical Freedom Community (MFC) came out in the hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – to vote for Trump as he was the first presidential candidate in American history to state multiple vaccinations given at one time could cause Autism.

However Trump has faltered in delivering some of his key campaign promises to the MFC. He promised to convene a vaccine safety commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but after he won the presidency he met with RFK a few times only to cancel that campaign promise. His latest “Operation Warp Speed” spending billions on coronavirus vaccine research, specifically giving tax payer dollars to Bill Gates and GAVI, has left many in the MFC sour on Trump.

There are certainly many in the MFC who will vote for Trump regardless of these facts. These voters recognize there is no greater threat to Medical Freedom than Sleepy Joe Biden who will have no problem instituting national COVID vaccine mandates across the nation – and worse. Sleepy Joe has already called for a national mask mandate.

West is 100% against vaccine mandates, and is on record calling the COVID-19 vaccine “the mark of the beast” right as Trump is promoting “Operation Warp Speed” to produce the very vaccine West criticizes. In an interview with Forbes it appears West reveals that his own children are unvaccinated or, at least, have not received every vaccine on the CDC schedule.

This is refreshing!

There are so many celebrities and elites who do not vaccinate their children but never admit it in public, including very compelling rumors that both CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates have not vaccinated their children. This is one of the (many) reasons Gates will never be interviewed by anyone who is not 100% controlled by corporate media, and will never appear in any venue where he may actually be challenged. Chris Cuomo’s wife, Cristina, healed her husband and herself from the coronavirus with natural remedies. In the MFC in New York it is known that she and her husband have not vaccinated their children. However the Cuomo’s are not on the record about this. It is inspiring to see Kanye West begin the process of stating publicly that he does not vaccinate – or does not fully vaccinate – his own children. There is a power to this honesty that the MFC is certain to appreciate.

Will it be enough to get us to vote for Yeezy??

Possibly, but what is most likely to happen is West will push Trump to deal with Vaccine Choice issues head on in upcoming debates, forcing the president to speak with more clarity on the issue or risk losing hundreds of thousands of votes from people who showed up for him in 2016.

That is of course assuming Kanye’s Presidential campaign isn’t a hoax.


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