Vaccine Choice Vote Shows Strength in NY

November 5, 2020 — The below comes from Vaccine Choice Activist Rita Palma. One thing I will add is that there are still many absentee ballots to count so some of the below results may change.

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(FYI – “RE repeal bill” is the law that took away New York’s Religious Exemption to Vaccination.)


THE VACCINE CHOICE COMMUNITY/ MOVEMENT CAN TAKE healthy credit for the defeat of a robust list of Freedom Thieves- reps who supported the RE repeal bill on June 13th, 2019 without a thought to the victims of their stupidity. We can also claim credit for the victories of their opponents. We will continue to affect elections EVERY year to make our opponents pay with their jobs and reward our supporters with our votes and other support.

1.) Senator Andrew Gounardes (No one deserve a loss more)

2.) Senator Jen Metzger

3.) Senator Kevin Thomas (Yay!)

4.) Senator Jim Gaughran

5.) Assemblywoman Judy Griffin

6.) Assemblyman Steve Engelbright (A religious freedom ‘expert’!)

7.) Assemblywoman Karen McMahon

8.) Assemblywoman Monica Wallace

9.) Assemblyman Al Stirpe

10.) Assemblyman Michael Cusick

11.) Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (Thank you, #BaysideBonnie)

12.) Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus

13.) Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee

14.) Assemblyman Steve Stern (so glad about this one!)

We need to do this again in 2022- and get rid of Cuomo. FREEDOM THIEF SENATOR RACHEL MAY IS IN A TIGHT RACE AND MAY LOSE!!! Please pray for Sam Rodgers, her opponent.