Forced Adult Vaccination is Here

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September 27, 2019 — Local Departmens of Health are attempting to circumvent state laws and courts by mandating vaccination of any-and-every-one whenever the DOH says it is necessary.

Many of us have been saying this for years – forced vaccination of adults is the goal!

Watch the above YouTube video which does a brilliant job of breaking down a new law in Westchester County that gives the locality draconian authority to “be proactive” and require vaccination for adults and children. This law will allow Westchester County to say all food service workers in the county must be vaccinated to keep their jobs, or all teachers, or all nurses, or all (fill in the blank)…

Rita Palma had the following to say about this new law:

WATCH NOW and … call your County legislator and County Executive. Why? Westchester County passed a bill … that allows the Department of Health to impose vaccine mandates without any sort of outbreak or ‘crisis.’ The bill gives control over to the Westchester DOH. This bill was written on June 13th, the same day the repeal (of the religious exemption to vaccination) bill was passed. At the same time, Nassau County reported two measles cases, only one case short of an outbreak. We believe that Nassau County had plans (to) implement the existing regulation that allows the county to bar unvaccinated children from school in the event of an outbreak- even if the injunction passed. Connect the dots. We are being set up in Democrat influenced counties- so even if we get the injunction, our kids can’t go to school. And the parents are next. Please do not allow this to happen. Call your legislator- there are elections this November! (emphasis added)