ELECTION 2020: Where we have been, and where we are headed

Stolen Elections, Trump the Patsy, Lockdowns and a Grim Future

November 23, 2020 — I am glad Trump is challenging the legitimacy of the election; he is completely within his rights to do so.

Isn’t it interesting in 2020 Republican Donald Trump is screaming of the same electronic voter fraud that former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney faced in Georgia over a decade ago: Dominion voter machines having “glitches” in the middle of the night that appear to flip votes.

Elections get stolen in the US all the time. It’s not new or unique to Trump, or to any political party. McKinney had an election stolen from her, so did Al Gore in 2000; hell Richard Nixon lost to John F. Kennedy when the mafia fully supported Kennedy and thousands of “dead people” voted Democrat. This prompted Nixon’s famous, ‘You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore’ post-election comment. That was a different time. The players in the game knew the game had to be protected at all cost, although over time JFK turned against the criminal forces that gave him the Whitehouse. That proved to be a deadly decision for a reformed man.

Today a different game is being played.

It was fairly clear to me Biden was anointed in 2020 when former vice president Dick Cheney endorsed him, and now Cheney is one of Biden’s direct advisers. Cheney is, of course, the former Vice President under George W. Bush who stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. During the 2000 stolen election Gore was too afraid of what the NY Times and Washington Post reporters wrote about him to really challenge W. Bush the way he should have. Trump has no such fear, and will push his challenges forward at (almost) all costs. However Sydney Powell’s recent claims that the election was stolen by “Venezuela, China and communist money” is so laughable it seems almost like a trap, and may mark the end of Trump’s legitimate claims of election fraud. Venezuela and China didn’t steal the election; American intelligence and organized crime did; as they always do.

Very powerful forces decided Biden is going to be our next president and it appears to me that is what will happen. I don’t know if Biden really won or not but today that is irrelevant. No one makes it to the top of the duopoly’s ticket without being anointed by powerful elites in advance, and that includes Trump in 2016.

The 2016 election was, in part, stolen as well. You may remember there were significant problems surrounding the vote count in Pennsylvania, and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein brought a legal challenge demanding a recount of the votes in PA. Why didn’t the Democrats make that challenge? Because the Clintons knew the elites had decided to anoint Trump. They didn’t like it, but they know the rules of the game and they follow those rules.

Why did the elites anoint a man they couldn’t control?

I can’t be sure of this, but all signs point to Trump being the perfect patsy.

Very shortly after Trump was elected Dr. Anthony Fauci stated publicly that the Trump administration was going to be surprised by an unexpected pandemic. In October of 2019, Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum (WEF) all ran a war game titled Event 201, where a coronavirus pandemic swept the world forcing lockdowns, social distancing measures and forced mask-wearing mandates. Just a few months later this war game “turned real” with SARS CoV-2 and COVID.

Historically Trump will bear the blame for how poorly he managed the COVID crisis. It will be said that his greed and desire to save the economy cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Never mind that lockdowns are killing more people than COVID; especially poor people. Never mind that the United Nations is predicting famines of biblical proportion in 2021. Never mind that the lockdowns are causing a massive rise in global poverty. Never mind facts. Orange man bad; no need to think more than that!

Trump also became a rallying point for nearly 100 million Americans who value freedom, liberty and the Constitution. It is critical that the duopoly shares-and-shifts power in order to give the illusion that the will of the people is actually what steers our nation. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had been president during COVID and the first round of lockdowns? This would be on the heels of 8 years of Obama in the midst of 4 years of the first female president of the United States. The backlash from conservative and libertarian Americans would have been astounding. With Trump, who issued a national state of emergency in response to COVID but did not issue a national lockdown, many of these people were given something to believe in; something to hold on to. Such illusions are critical in America and in fact are the very foundation of our country today.

The elite are poised to increase the totalitarianism in the US now. Biden is good for that, as he has already promised to return the US to the World Health Organization, mandate both the COVID vaccine and masks across the entire country, and bring a national lockdown: Constitution be damned! Very powerful forces ensured Biden “won” or stole or whatever-ed this election.

When the election was stolen from Gore in 2000 I remember saying to myself, “What was so important that required such a blatant, public theft of this presidential election?”

Within a year 9-11 happened.

W. Bush was the worst president in American history, or, more accurately put, Dick Cheney was the worst shadow-president in our history. The Bush/Cheney presidency was the first time, to my knowledge, that the most important decisions within the Whitehouse were decided by the VP. Cheney and the Neocons delivered what Cheney himself called “The War that will not end in our lifetimes.” So far, that has proven to be true. Trump has screamed from the rooftops that he is going to end that war, yet he never did. To Trump’s credit he did not start any NEW wars, and that is one of the highlights of his presidency.

Here we are 20 years later and an electoral theft has been perpetrated in front of us yet again (funny to see we may have a new Dick Cheney in Kamala Harris, but with a twist). This time, to me the question of what was so important to require the theft of a presidential election seems to be plain and clear.


Goldman Sachs has recently introduces the Effective Lockdown Index (ELI) to measure the impact that social distancing and lockdowns have on every economy on the planet. Note this has not been called the COVID Lockdown Index. No. This has nothing to do with COVID as the virus is a cover for the new economic paradigm in front of us, and the markets are shifting and changing to address this new reality.

Capitalism is dead. Stakeholder Capitalism is rising in it’s place. As we enter the end of the age of never ending oil and gas reserves, and as the abundance of natural resources begins to decline, the global elite have decided they no longer need middle class over-consumption to enrich their coffers. Instead they are going to make money on managing poverty, and turn human beings into assets that they will extract value from directly. One such example is the destruction of education and closing brick & mortar schools. Education will become exclusively dedicated to poverty management, as children will be turned into data managed by capitalist investors for private gain. See Alison McDowell’s outstanding work for more information on the destruction of public education for private profit.

Due to all of this and more, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos has declared we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The WEF blatantly states the masses will “own nothing, but be happy” in their latest released propaganda campaign. Don’t think for a second this means the multi-billionaire class will give up their multiple mansions; private jets; private islands; they will not. They will be the overlords who own the planet and get to use it and extract resources from it as they see fit. We will have to “rent” everything we want from them – if our social credit score allows us to rent anything at all. Perhaps the global overlords will package this new attack on private wealth and property as a Marxist utopia, and hope the left eats the right in the process. Doesn’t matter; everyone burns in the end.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab has stated that the 4IR will go as far as to require full brain scans to read people’s thoughts before they are allowed to board a plane to travel. All of this is designed to limit travel, just as the lockdowns are. Limit travel to limit the consumption of resources so they can be reserved for the elites among us who want everything for themselves, none for you (or me).


The COVID vaccine is a multi-layered operation that encompasses medical tyranny, psy-op, travel limitations, lockdown orders and various forms of population control. But this is the area where I am most hopeful. The resistance to the COVID vaccine is enormous, and a showdown the likes of which humanity has never seen before is brewing. Just look at the millions of people who came out in Germany protesting lockdowns and forced vaccination there!


Sunday, November 22nd, Union Square


*UPDATE*– NYC “NO LOCKDOWN” Protest Covered by Britain’s DAILY MAIL:

Read that report HERE


Here is the Info for this Sunday, Nov. 22 from 12-4pm in NYC.  Please post it on social media and send it to anyone you know who might want to attend.  Here is the event breakdown and details:

12pm:  Rally at 14th St Union Sq with speakers, performances, outreach, etc.  
1:30pm:  March down University Place to Washington Sq park.  
2:30-4pm:  Rally in Washington Sq park w/ speakers, performances, outreach, and working groups.


Bring Signs!  Anti-Lockdown, No New Normal, No Mask Mandates, No Vax Mandates, Freedom, Liberty, anything you can think of!

Bring Friends!  We need numbers!  

Perform a Talent!  We need to draw attention to our message, and what better way than with PERFORMANCES!  If you can play an instrument, juggle, do magic, twirl a baton, sing, dance, write sketches, if you have stilts, puppets, WHATEVER unique talent you have, come and perform it in NYC!  Perform during the rally, perform while we march, let’s grab the public’s attention, and remind everyone of our freedom and humanity!  

And feel free to bring other attention getting stuff, like pinwheels, streamers, bubbles, etc.

If you want to speak or know someone who would be a great speaker (like a doctor, lawyer, public figure, or ANYONE who has a strong message) please let us know. 

EMAIL thefedupdemocrat@gmail.com for more info

Please save the date!  We will send updated details later in the week.  Hope to see everyone there!

Liberate NY Team

Pfizer and Media Lie About COVID Vaccine

November 14, 2020 — Pfizer’s announcement that their COVID vaccine is “90% effective” only applies to .2% of the participants in their phase 3 trial.

Out of over 43,500 people in the phase 3 trial, it is only in 94 of those people that Pfizer claims 90% effectiveness at reducing symptoms of COVID-19. It’s important to note that this 90% effective claim has nothing to do with transmissibility. Pfizer’s study design does not answer the question of whether or not their vaccine prevents transmissibility of the SARS CoV-2 virus that is believed to be the primary cause of the disease called COVID-19.

This is where the distinction between the disease of COVID-19 and the virus SARS CoV-2 becomes crucial, as Big Pharma is blurring that distinction. It’s a big difference between stopping a virus from being transmitted and lessening the symptoms of those who contract the virus. This is just one of many slight-of-hands that Pfizer is attempting to pull on the public.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Pfizer would lie and mislead the media and the public. They are a drug company that has been found guilty of fraud and other crimes, including with their drugs Celebrex and Bextra where they concealed safety risks of those drugs. To believe Pfizer about how safe their products are is equivalent to believing Jefferey Dahmer’s account of what a fantastic babysitter he would make for your family.

The information on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial included in this report comes from Del Bigtree and The Highwire. Watch their broadcast of this information at the following link:

Ex-Cons may be microchipped to be employed in Michigan

November 10, 2020 — There is a bill in Michigan called the “Microchip Protection Act” which on it’s face seems like a way to protect people from being forced to insert a subdermal microchip to keep their jobs. However, buried in the weeds of the bill is a provision that could allow the very opposite to occur. It would allow an employer to require such an implant for their employee if it was ordered by a court.

One possibility is that the employer will say the position requires such an implant and will get a court to agree with them. But another far more likely and thus far completely ignored possibility is that recently released prisoners will be court ordered to have a microchip implant. Prisoners are already tracked with ankle bracelets upon release from prison: in the post-COVID world it is not such a far jump to imagine a microchip implant requirement for parolees.

FOX 2 Detroit reported on the “Microchip Protection Act” here.


If this bill becomes law in Michigan it will not, on it’s own, force those formerly incarcerated to have a microchip implanted under their skin to get a job. However to me it appears to be a step in that direction.

We need to think deeply here; connect the dots. Bills such as the “Microchip Protection Act” are not written by lawmakers; they are written by corporate front groups like ALEC and others. What is the reason for slipping in such a provision that would allow a court to order someone to be microchipped to keep their job? Who benefits?

Convicted criminals are the closest class to slave in America. The 13th amendment may have abolished slavery, but it clearly states slavery is still legal for those convicted of a crime. Their right to vote can be stripped away, as can their rights to privacy and freedom of movement. This is clearly the most vulnerable population when it comes to forcing a subdermal implant that can track them.

Many American Christians have long said a subdermal microchip implant in the hand will be the “mark of the beast” coming in the “End Times” as they believe is prophesized in the Book of Revelations. In America this presents a very big problem for those who might want to require such technology for every citizen to engage in society and the economy.

However some are now saying such technology is old, and that the new technology for tracking citizens is “hydrogel” which contains nanobots that can perform all the functions of a subdermal microchip and more. Hydrogels can be included in vaccinations, though we do not currently know of any such vaccine that contains such a gel. The hydrogel technology does not have the same problem with American Christians as does a microchip implant – as it is not specifically referenced in the Bible.

What I foresee is that subdermal microchips will not be required for the entire population, but rather for those who are the most vulnerable and least able to resist. In fact if you did a poll of Americans right now on whether they favor microchipping ex-cons to track them it would not be surprising to see a majority in agreement.

Law Suit Seeks to End CT Schools Mask Mandates

November 5, 2020 — The CT Freedom Alliance LLC (CTFA) has filed a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut Department of Education, seeking to strike down its unconstitutional mandate that all schoolchildren wear masks, with almost no exceptions.  The CTFA is joined by several parents who object to their children being forced to wear masks in school, on the grounds that their children will suffer long-term psychological and/or physical harm.

The plaintiffs were seeking an emergency injunction to halt the mask mandate while the lawsuit proceeds.  A hearing on that emergency motion was held on 10/30/20 at 9 a.m. EST.  The judge did not grant the injunction, and now CTFA has a few days left to file an appeal.

If the lawsuit is successful in getting the state’s mask mandate nullified the effects could be far-reaching.  Millions of freedom-loving people living in deep blue prison-states would suddenly have hope again.  Without funding, however, the lawsuit is likely to be short-lived.  The CTFA is footing the bill for the entire lawsuit, and having already spent $20,000 in legal expenses, is facing another $20,000 bill in the near term. If you support a child’s right to breathe freely, if you support a child’s right to smile at his friend or teacher, if you support a child’s right to be free from harm, please consider a donation today:  

Thank you for your kind consideration and support

Vaccine Choice Vote Shows Strength in NY

November 5, 2020 — The below comes from Vaccine Choice Activist Rita Palma. One thing I will add is that there are still many absentee ballots to count so some of the below results may change.

Follow Rita on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rita.palma.980

Follow Rita on Twitter – https://twitter.com/ritamollerpalma

(FYI – “RE repeal bill” is the law that took away New York’s Religious Exemption to Vaccination.)


THE VACCINE CHOICE COMMUNITY/ MOVEMENT CAN TAKE healthy credit for the defeat of a robust list of Freedom Thieves- reps who supported the RE repeal bill on June 13th, 2019 without a thought to the victims of their stupidity. We can also claim credit for the victories of their opponents. We will continue to affect elections EVERY year to make our opponents pay with their jobs and reward our supporters with our votes and other support.

1.) Senator Andrew Gounardes (No one deserve a loss more)

2.) Senator Jen Metzger

3.) Senator Kevin Thomas (Yay!)

4.) Senator Jim Gaughran

5.) Assemblywoman Judy Griffin

6.) Assemblyman Steve Engelbright (A religious freedom ‘expert’!)

7.) Assemblywoman Karen McMahon

8.) Assemblywoman Monica Wallace

9.) Assemblyman Al Stirpe

10.) Assemblyman Michael Cusick

11.) Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (Thank you, #BaysideBonnie)

12.) Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus

13.) Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee

14.) Assemblyman Steve Stern (so glad about this one!)

We need to do this again in 2022- and get rid of Cuomo. FREEDOM THIEF SENATOR RACHEL MAY IS IN A TIGHT RACE AND MAY LOSE!!! Please pray for Sam Rodgers, her opponent.