CDC Encourages Data Fraud for COVID-19 Deaths

April 6, 2020 — The CDC has put out very clear guidelines stating anyone even suspected – not confirmed – of dying from COVID-19 should be categorized as such. It is blatantly obvious the intent of this policy is to artificially inflate the number of deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus. In fact recent CDC data, published every week, is showing a dramatic drop in deaths reported from pneumonia. The red line in the below graph – that drops like it is falling off a cliff in March of 2020 – represents deaths officially attributed to pneumonia in America right now. We have not seen any drop in pneumonia deaths like this in the past 6 years. Are there thousands of deaths being categorized as COVID-19 deaths when they should be pneumonia?

Del Bigtree and The Highwire have clearly proven that the CDC is encouraging data manipulation in their own documentation providing guidance on how to categorize COVID-19 deaths. If cause of death is listed as “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19” the cause of death will be listed as COVID-19 and, the CDC is so nice to inform everyone, that “It is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases.”

Meaning even if you got the cause of death wrong, we’re not double checking:

In the CDC’s guidance as to who should be reported as dying of COVID-19 and who shouldn’t, the only thing they print in bold text is the following :

(Question) Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?

(Answer) COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decendents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.

It is very clear by this guidance the CDC wants as high of a death rate as possible reported for COVID-19. All signs point to this being a political decision void of any benefit to science or public health. Such distortions can easily lead to lies and misinformation being widely disseminated.

Watch The Highwire to obtain all the documentation showing the CDC’s COVID-19 guidance:

Lying About Child Deaths

Recently there has been a rash of lies from official sources claiming children are dying from COVID-19, but thankfully these lies are being exposed. Here are a few of them:

The Georgia Department of Public Health announced that an 11 year old boy died from COVID-19, but now the state says that is not true. They got the boy’s age wrong, and can’t find any evidence of any child having died from COVID-19.

Additionally Candace Owens has posted on social media that Governor Ned Lamont in Connecticut tweeted that an infant death “was linked” to the coronavirus. However Owens own investigation revealed the child died of a tragic home accident. After the infant had already passed away, at the hospital they allegedly tested the body for coronavirus and the test was positive.

Governor Lamont was asked during a press conference about this specific infant death, and refuted his own tweet by saying he has no idea how the infant died!

Children are not dying from coronavirus or COVID-19; nevertheless these are the shenanigans playing out in front of us. Anyone trying to instill even greater fear into mothers than they are already experiencing is disgraceful. Candace Owens is calling for Governor Lamont to resign from his post, and I strongly support her on this.

Why is all of this happening?

Probably because Bill Gates now says everyone will eventually need to have a “digital certificate” that shows the person is either immune to the coronavirus or has received the coronavirus vaccine. If CDC can artificially get the death rates as high as possible, it will be easier to convince everyone to surrender their medical freedoms and bodily autonomy. I want to be clear – coronavirus and COVID-19 are serious public health issues, but The Powers That Be (TPTB) are manipulating every aspect of it for an extremely nefarious agenda of forced medical procedures and forced adult vaccination.

NYC ER Doctor Says COVID-19 is Not What We Are Told

Is the Problem Respiration or Oxygen?

April 4, 2020 – Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, ER and Critical Care Doctor from NYC says many COVID-19 patients are deprived of oxygen, not respiration.

Ventilators are designed to help a patient breathe when their muscles no longer have the strength to respirate on their own. Dr. Kyle-Sidell says the COVID-19 patients he is seeing have nothing wrong with their muscles, but for some reason they are severely oxygen deprived. He makes the following statement on a video published on Facebook:

“COVID-19 lung disease as far as I can see is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather it appears as some kind of viral induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness…these patients are slowly being deprived of oxygen.”

Dr. Kyle-Sidell goes on to say he is very concerned people with COVID-19 may have their lungs destroyed when they are placed on ventilators. That does not mean the hospitals don’t need ventilators, they do, according to Dr. Kyle-Sidell. Ventilators are the only option the hospitals currently have to get even some form of oxygen relief to the COVID-19 patients, according to Dr. Kyle-Sidell.


I will have more updates on this as I can publish them. Keep coming back to this post for more info.

Watch Dr. Kyle-Sidell here —

Follow Dr. Kyle-Sidell on Twitter @cameronks (after Sidell posted this video, his Twitter following began to skyrocket exponentially)


Dr. Kyle-Sidell sent out a tweet where he links to a paper from Doctors in Northern Italy:

In this paper it states the following:

“…the patients with Covid-19 pneumonia, fulfilling the Berlin criteria of ARDS, present an atypical form of the syndrome. Indeed, the primary characteristics we are observing (confirmed by colleagues in other hospitals), is the dissociation between their relatively well preserved lung mechanics and the severity of hypoxemia. … Relatively high compliance indicates well preserved lung gas volume in this patient cohort, in sharp contrast to expectations for severe ARDS

***UPDATE from Dr. Kyle-Sidell April 5, 2020:

***UPDATE Interview with Dr. Kyle-Sidell April 6, 2020:

***Some are saying Dr. Kyle-Sidell’s comments support a 5G causal connection to COVID-19. That is not the case at all. Sidell has made no such claims.***

Coronavirus Death Predictions Drop Dramatically!

April 2, 2020 — The Imperial College model from scientist Neil Ferguson that predicted millions of deaths from COVID-19 has plummeted. In the UK it had predicted 500,000 deaths, but Ferguson has adjusted that to 20,000 deaths.

Big drop!

According to Del Bigtree and The Highwire this was a mistake of 2400%. Additionally The Daily Mail has since reported that number has dropped even further to a prediction of only 5,700 deaths in the U.K. In America Ferguson predicted 2.2 million deaths. However Dr. Debrah Birx has said those numbers are now projected to more likely be between 100,000 to 200,000.

Another big drop!

Watch The Highwire to get all the documentation supporting this:

In this episode Dr Birx explains why the Imperial College model may have been so far off the mark. One of the data points assumed by the model was that there are large numbers of asymptomatic carriers that are “silently” infecting millions of people. Dr. Birx explains we simply don’t know if that is true or not.

According to Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC, it is highly unlikely there are large numbers of asymptomatic carriers that are transmitting coronavirus. Dr. Price gave a presentation in a ZOOM call – that is now available for all to see on Youtube – where he stated that the coronavirus is behaving like a typical common-cold related virus. He stated over 99% of transmissions will be from people who have “sustained contact” with an individual who is currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or who will end up exhibiting symptoms within 1 to 2 days from when they had sustained contact with the individual. That would mean it’s only probable one could be an asymptomatic carrier for 2 days tops.

Why should we believe Dr. Price?

He is currently treating COVID-19 patients at Weill Cornell Hospital as an ICU doctor every single day and, according to Dr. Price, 20% of all COVID-19 cases in NYC are being seen at Weill Cornell. He may have the most valid opinion on the topic of any doctor or scientist in America right now. In fact today, during Governor Cuomo’s press conference, Cuomo said the models that he and his staff are analyzing are largely coming out of Weill Cornell.

Learn more about Dr. Dave Price at the following link:

One of the starkest revelations I learned from Del Bigtree and The Highwire on their broadcast today was that Dr. Anthony Fauci – the coronavirus fear-monger in chief – wrote an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine on March 26th stating that fatalities from the novel coronavirus may be less than 1%. He also states that COVID-19 may be more comparable to influenza than had originally been stated.

So what’s really going on here?

Maybe the fear-mongering and near national lock down has more to do wtih what Bill Gates has just called for. Gates says everyone will eventually need to have a “digital certificate” that shows the person is either immune to the coronavirus or has received the coronavirus vaccine.

How Cuomo Gutted the New York Hospital System

April 1, 2020 — The current shortage of hospital beds in New York is directly related to slashes Governor Cuomo has overseen in Albany for nearly a decade.

The most recent example is Beth Israel Hospital: Cuomo supports slashing the 800-bed hospital in Manhattan to a mere 70 beds! That proposal is on the table right now just as Cuomo had to beg President Trump to send a make-shift floating hospital on a battle ship and build emergency temporary hospital tents in Central Park.

According to Public Health Advocate Lois Uttley MPP, there is a 24-person board called the PHHPC that decides what does and does not happen to all New York hospitals. All 24 people are hand picked by Governor Cuomo. Only one of those people represents patient and public interests. The rest are executives of the very hospitals that have been requesting mergers and downsizing for years.

The same way Big Pharma has captured the CDC, FDA, and NIH, New York Hospital Executives have captured the PHHPC – thanks to Cuomo. The decisions made by this board are effectively hidden from the public. In Connecticut, they post all of their completed files regarding this process on their public website. New York does not.

What is Cuomo hiding?

Here is what Lois Uttley recommended in a 2018 report published by Merger Watch regarding how to address the corruption Cuomo oversees when it comes to downsizing hospitals:


Increase the number of consumer representatives on the PHHPC.

Currently, only one seat on the 24-member PHHPC is specifically designated for a representative of a health care consumer advocacy organization (39), and it has been vacant since mid-2016. Other states have more CON review board seats earmarked for consumer representatives. For example, New Jersey requires that five of the nine board members who review CON applications are consumer representatives. Maryland’s review board has 15 members, nine of whom are consumer representatives. Delaware’s board has four out of 15 members from the “public-at-large,” and requires that the Chair and Vice Chair of the board are both appointed from among those four members.


New York is one of the most corrupt states in America.

Uttley tells us here that New Jersey has a much better system for ensuring the public has voice in the process of what happens to their hospitals. Interestingly New Jersey has been able to stop legislation that would repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination. In New York, the Religious Exemption to vaccination was repealed in less than 7 hours with absolutely no input from the public. New York is corrupt in other ways as well. Natural healing expert Dr. Gary Null is one of the largest fundraisers of all time for PBS – but not in New York. Null is not allowed to fund raise for PBS in New York due to corruption and censorship. He is allowed to do so in dozens of other states, but not the Big Mango.

To better understand how good-ol’ NY corruption impacts our hospital system, read the Executive Summary of Uttley’s report. Here’s a section of it:


The number of hospital beds being decertified across New York State jumped from 102 in 2015 to 440 in 2017, with the largest losses occurring in medical/surgical, psychiatric, maternity and pediatric care, according to New York State Department of Health data.

A group of large non-profit health systems has been steadily moving to manage or acquire many of the remaining community hospitals in the state. The 12 largest systems now control half of all the acute care hospitals in New York and 70 percent of the inpatient acute care beds. Four mega-systems – New York-Presbyterian, Northwell Health, NYU Hospitals Center and Mount Sinai Health System – have accumulated multiple hospitals and a combined total of $14.2 billion in net assets, giving them significant economic power and ability to shape the health system.


New York does not have any for-profit hospitals, but they do have private non-profit hospitals. While money is not supposed to be a motivating factor for non-profits, it is. The interest of patients and the public is always secondary to the bottom-line of the hospitals, and the recent COVID-19 crisis underlines this example perfectly.

How incredibly stupid does Cuomo look having Beth Israel’s bed capacity on the chopping block right now at this moment while making public appearances daily to discuss the coming crisis of hospital bed capacity in NYC?

To top it all off, Cuomo is advocating massive cuts to Medicaid right now that will hurt millions, especially disabled children.

Don’t believe the hype! Cuomo is no hero!


Learn more at the following links:

Read the entire report from Merger Watch that was referenced in the report at the following link: EMPOWERING NEW YORK IN AN ERA OF CONSUMERS CONSOLIDATION HOSPITAL

Community Voices for Health System Accountability

Here Comes The Sun

A virus’s worst enemy – warm weather

March 30, 2020 — The novel coronavirus spreads almost exclusively through droplets. According to Dr. Gary Null the coronavirus can maintain itself in a droplet on a surface in public for maybe 45 minutes. (There is some cruise ship data showing under certain conditions it may persist longer). But once you bring the heat and UV light of the sun into the mix that time span plummets as the sun is the great cleanser of the environment. The sun has this impact on virtually all viruses. Perhaps even more significant will be the increase in vitamin D within each person who shows some skin and soaks in the sun’s rays.

Despite the Mayor of Las Vegas begging for Sin-City to reopen on April 1st, Nevada has denied that request. The state is shutting down as is the rest of the country/planet out of an “abundance of caution,” however they are not seeing a stark rise in cases of the coronavirus. Some attribute this to the fact that Nevada has a very warm climate and much more sunshine than we see in states like Washington or New York at this time. Others say the viral spread is just getting started in Nevada. Regardless, if we get an early spring with warm days and a lot of sun, we should see the transmission of SARS CoV-2 greatly decrease everywhere that experiences such weather.

Some will say we don’t know if this will be true or not, since the novel coronavirus is, in fact, novel; it’s new. How do we know precisely how it will behave? Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC recently gave some very good information regarding the novel coronavirus. He told us that this virus does not break any of the rules we see in other similar viruses; it is an average virus similar to other common-cold related viruses and it is even weak – simple hand washing, hand sanitizer and/or alcohol kill the virus easily.

I am practicing social distancing right now, but I am not practicing sunshine distancing. When the sun basks upon my front door I will be one of the first to soak it in wearing shorts and a tank top while standing six feet away from the wonderful strangers around me.

Is Jason Bermas NYC Martial Law Prediction Coming True?

Did Bermas get it right, again?

March 29, 2020 — Ten days ago was the first time I reported that Jason Bermas had predicted Martial Law was eminent in NYC. Just yesterday president Trump floated the idea of quarantining all of New York.

“If you said we were geographically restricted from leaving, that would be a lockdown,” said Governor Cuomo

Trump then quickly backed off of that rhetoric and instead issued a “strong travel advisory” to be implemented by the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In response Rhode Island has ordered its national guard to check license plates looking for New Yorkers coming into their state as well as going door-to-door to vacation homes on their shore, also looking for New Yorkers.

Is this the beginning of an all-out lockdown in New York?

Bermas is now saying a national lockdown is not far away.

Read the following report from the BBC for more information surrounding these developments:

Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC

CoVid-19 Precautions

March 28, 2020 — This is a presentation from ICU Doctor Dave Price from Weill Cornell in NYC. I personally know an ICU nurse who works at Weil Cornell, and everything this doctor says lines up with the information I am getting from her.

Weil Cornell is currently getting 20% of all CoVid cases in NYC – it is basically all they are doing now. I know the CoVid-19 situation is being manipulated, I know an attempt at forced adult vaccination will come from it, I know it is overblown, I know it is being used as an excuse to squeeze civil liberties away from us …

…but it is not “fake.”

Never underestimate the ability of the powers that be to manipulate a good crisis.

I deeply respect Jon Rappoport and Dr. Larry Palevsky (among many others) who are raising valid questions about what we are being told regarding the coronavirus and CoVid-19. I continue to read what they write and report on it myself. However there is ‘something’ that is causing a spike in acute respiratory illness in NYC right now, and it is causing patients to require mechanical ventilators to survive. There is more of this occurring than normally occurs during the cold and flu season, and it does appear that the agent causing this is communicable and viral. This could lead to our public health system being overwhelmed. Many in the Vaccine Choice & Health Freedom community recognize this thing is not a complete fake – including Dr. Gary Null, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Jeremy Hammond just to name a few.

I strongly recommend the below presentation – it isn’t doom-and-gloom. It’s realistic and empowering.

Dr. Dave Price of Weil Cornell Medical Center

CoVid-19 Precautions


Update – FOX NEWS just promoted the Dave Price video: