Democrat Heroes in Albany, NY

Brave Dems Who Voted Against Repealing the Religious Exemption to Vaccination

January 14, 2020 – Not all Albany Dems are enemies to Health & Religious Freedom.

16 Democrats in the Assembly and 3 in the Senate voted against the bill that repealed the religious exemption to vaccination. These Democrats are our friends and allies as we battle the 5 gajillion new bills in Albany to inject our children with an ever-increasing number of vaccines.

The 16 Democratic Assemblymembers who are on our side are:

  1. Thomas Abinanti (pictured above, center)
  2. Charles Barron (pictured above, right)
  3. Rodneyse Bichotte (pictured above, left)
  4. David Weprin
  5. Diana Richardson
  6. Tremaine Wright
  7. William Colton
  8. Steven Cymbrowitz
  9. Simcha Eichenstein
  10. Joseph Lentol
  11. Helene Weinstein
  12. Harvey Epstein
  13. Stacey Pheffer Amato
  14. Harry Bronson
  15. Angelo Santabarbara
  16. Robin Schimminger

(Click on their names to go to their official Assembly webpage)

The 3 Democratic Senators who are on our side are:

  1. Simcha Felder
  2. Pete Harckham
  3. Brian Kavanaugh.

(Click on their names to get to their official Senate webpage)

To find out how everyone in both houses voted go HERE


There were other Democrats who were involved in odd “vote-flipping” such as Nader Sayegh and Richard Gottfried, who voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination in the Health Committee, but then NO on the floor. These Dems suck, and may stab us in the back again. We need to continue to apply pressure on them and remember they are not allies of ours.

As for the 19 Dems listed above please contact all or as many of these Democrats as you can and thank them for voting to protect religious and health freedoms in New York.Just click on their names and you will be taken to their official webpages. From their you can email or call them. I wish I could write about each and every one of them in this piece, but I can only cover so much:

Tom Abinanti fought valiantly for us on the floor of the Assembly and is a true Health Freedom Hero! He debated the sponsor of the repeal bill, Jeff Dinowitz, and Abinanti wiped the floor with him in the debate. I covered that at this website back in June in a piece called VACCINATION – THE AFTERMATH. Here is what I wrote about Abinanti at that time:

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti voted NO on this bill in the Health Committee as well as on the floor vote. He debated Assemblyman Dinowitz, the bill’s sponsor, on the floor of the assembly and completely dominated. When referencing the recent measles outbreak in New York Abinanti firmly stated multiple times: “We’ve seen no evidence that anyone with a religious exemption has endangered anyone else” Dinowitz didn’t even try to refute this. He couldn’t. No evidence exists at all! Abinanti also made the important point that in all the schools that were shutdown for having unvaccianted children in them, none of them had any cases of measles!

Charles Barron from Brooklyn fought for us valiantly as well in both the Assembly Health Committee and during the Assembly floor vote. Here is what I wrote about Barron back in June:

Assemblyman Barron – a former member of the Black Panther Party – pulled no punches when he made it very clear that vaccines can, and do, cause injury to some people. He said people will reference studies that say this is not possible, but “you can find a study that will say anything.” He said his evidence of vaccine injury comes from his own lived experience of meeting and talking to people with vaccine injured children.

Rodneyse Bichotte from Brooklyn voted NO in the Health Committee and NO on the floor of the Assembly to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. Here is what I wrote about her back in June:

Assemblywoman Bichotte opposed the bill and said she was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine as a child and got the measles TWICE AFTER THAT! Can someone say #VACCINEFAILURE ?!? Bichotte, who is Haitian American, went on to boldly remind everyone that people had spread misinformation in the 1980’s that HIV/AIDS came from Haiti and Haitians. She was cutoff before she could finish her statement, but it was clear she was drawing a parallel to the ridiculous claims being made about unvaccinated children today.

Watch Bichotte comment after voting NO to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination:

David Weprin – Weprin was one of only two Queens Democrats to vote against repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. He is a man of faith and religious values are a part of his core values as a man and a human being. When speaking to constituents about the religious exemption to vaccination he often said getting rid of any legal religious exemption to anything is a “slippery slope.” Currently Weprin’s office has already arranged to meet with constituents regarding the new round of vaccine legislation we are facing in 2020. Thus far all signals appear to be that he remains in our corner.


***If anyone has good information about any of the other Democrats who support Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice in New York please send it to me at thefedupdemocrat and I will add it to this report.***

If you are on Twitter, below is a tweet I sent with 15 of the 16 Assembly Democrats in this report tagged. Retweet this. Also copy their Twitter handles below and send them THANK YOU TWEETS for being brave and supporting Health Freedom when it wasn’t easy for them to do.

New Jersey Leads a Northeast Health Freedom Surge!

NJ Keeps Their Religious Exemption to Vaccination in 2020

*Update – Slimy Sweeney says he will propose new bill with new amendments 1-14-2020 – vote unlikely*

January 13, 2020 – New Jersey showed up in the thousands today and have stopped their religious exemption (RE) to vaccination from being repealed. With this win the state becomes a clarion call for the entire Northeast, as a national Health Freedom Movement will be necessary as we begin to see federal vaccine mandates on the horizon. As the New Jersey Senate was in session today you could hear the thousands of protesters outside echoing throughout the Senate chamber. The same was true back in December when New Jersey beat down this same repeal bill in a similar fashion. The energy was ferocious!

The biggest screw-up by those attacking Health Freedom in New Jersey came when the issue was racialized. A deal was being attempted that would end the RE in all New Jersey public schools, but not in private religious schools. African American Assemblyman Jamel Holley stepped up as a major leader against this blatantly racist back-room deal.

“To suggest that we begin to segregate our students is an abomination of what every righteous leader should be standing up against,” said Jamel Holley.

Holley reminds me of Charles Barron, the Brooklyn Assemblyman who stood up for us in Albany, NY. Unfortunately Barron, and other brave Democrats like him, were not victorious like Holley.

What Was Different in NJ compared to NY

Why did New Jersey win their battle but New York lost ours?

New Jersey didn’t have a “measles outbreak” with a mainstream media Big Pharma PR-blitz as the bill was headed for a vote. New York did. We also had Mayor De Blasio forcing Brooklyn residents to get the MMR vaccine sparking courtroom battles. In New York we didn’t have any major media personalities allow our side of the story to be told to a large mainstream audience. God bless Bill Spadea for having Robert F. Kennedy on his live drive-time radio broadcast right when it mattered most! Oddly enough when I googled “Bill Spadea Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vaccination” nothing came up in the search engine. Regardless of Google’s censorship, according to Rita Palma the media narrative on vaccination has shifted thanks to the efforts of Health Freedom Advocates.

New York is a powerful state that is completely and totally controlled by Wall St., Big Corporations and the powerful in general. UPDATE – On January 14th, the day after the Jersey RE repeal bill was beaten, the local New York FOX TV affiliate said New Jersey has “delayed” their vote to repeal the RE with not one mention of the thousands of protestors responsible for that “delay.” They were selling Sweeney’s slimy propaganda. THAT is what the powerful in New York do on a regular basis.

The alleged “measles outbreak” gave enough momentum for the machines of power to turn against us in New York. Also in New York the threat of losing the RE was not taken seriously enough. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers who had their kids in private school with a religious exemption to vaccination did not know the RE was in danger of being repealed until after the repeal law was passed!

New Jersey also had the benefit of seeing what had just happened in New York, and they had the entire Northeast mobilized to support their struggle for Health Freedom.


The New Jersey Senate Majority leader, Slithery Slimy Stephen Sweeney was missing 2 votes in the assembly that he needed to get the bill passed today. Because of this he chose not to put the bill up for a vote, but next session rest assured it will be back again.

Below is an update from John Gilmore on the New Jersey situation:


Below from John Gilmore:

 The New Jersey bill to repeal religious exemptions died today with the end of the session without a vote. A modified version of the bill was introduced a few days ago that would have done away with the religious exemption for public schools but allow them for private schools, prompting new opposition based on the obvious class and income preferences created by the bill. 

     Thousands of people gathered at the New Jersey State House in Trenton today and kept up a continuous barrage of chants, songs, prayers and noise while both Houses held their last voting day of the session. Neither house voted on thre bill by the close of business, meaning that the votes to pass the bill weren’t there and the leadership would not allow them to a vote on the floor they knew they would lose.  

     Bill sponsor, and Senate President Steven Sweeney, said he will be introducing a new bill again when the new session for 2020 begins tomorrow, but Jersey legislature insiders says there is no chance a bill could be voted on tomorrow. 

     This is an enormous win for the people of New Jersey, and a defeat for politicians who are more than happy to sell access to our children and the drug companies who would buy them. Hopefully, this will give pause to the efforts in Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states that are considering repealing religious and personal belief exemptions. 

King Cuomo's Royal Senate Court

The 10 Democratic Senators Who Cosign Cuomo’s Crimes

January 12, 2019 — King Cuomo has turned the New York Senate Health Committee into a rubber stamp for his criminal regulation to drug and vaccinate children without parental knowledge. There are 10 Democratic Senators who are doing whatever Cuomo wants when it comes to vaccine legislation – all of there pictures, names, phone numbers, emails, websites and twitter info are at the end of this report – contact them all!

Back on May 18, 2019, I published a report titled Democrats Disgraceful Vote detailing how these 10 Democratic Senators in the Health Committee all voted YES to allow children as young as 9-years-old to be vaccinated without parental consent. There were two very important facts I didn’t know at that time, which were;

1 – I didn’t know the bill – S3899a – will also allow for drugging of healthy, HIV-negative children with HIV-PrEP drugs, and,

2 – I didn’t know this was already being done illegally in New York schools under a regulation that King Cuomo signed with his royal pen in 2017.

Make no mistake about this – King Cuomo’s regulation is illegal!

So now he needs this law to cover for the fact that his regulation was clearly illegal by making it “legal” retroactively. Good thing for Cuomo he has 10 morally bankrupt Senators in the Health Committee who have already blindly cosigned his crime by voting YES to cover for it. The bill has not yet passed the entire Senate and its companion bill in the Assembly has not yet made it to the Assembly Health Committee to my knowledge.

Just a few days ago on January 8th, Senate bill # S298b that would make the HPV vaccine mandatory to attend school was referred to the Senate Health Committee. So I am sure the King’s Royal Senate Court of 10 will be mindlessly voting “YES” to this bill as well!

Some people have told me, “Do not compliment Cuomo by calling him a King!”

It is no compliment to call an American Governor a King.

Let’s not forget, this country was founded on complete rejection and visceral hatred of Britain’s King George. The cornerstone of the American Revolution was that America would never allow a king to gain power in our country ever again. Cuomo is signing regulations and forcing through laws in his budget (such as drugging children and bail reform) that bypass the legislative process entirely, completely taking away New Yorkers voices on these matters. I wonder how the colonists of the 1770s would react to this now!

It’s important to note that the Senate Health Committee – and the Senate as a whole body – has fallen into corruption that reminds me of how the Senate of the Roman Empire eventually fell. Since it is under Democratic control effectively all of the Senate Democrats must do whatever his royal highness King Cuomo says (with maybe 3 exceptions). However the Assembly is not quite as far gone in the same fashion. Democratic members of the Assembly have historically been able to stand against King Cuomo successfully. We have at least 16 Democrats in the Assembly who have shown they are pro-Health Freedom when they voted NO to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. I will be posting a report on those 16 Assemblymembers soon, as we need to thank them for being brave, independent, honorable lawmakers.

Below is a list of the 10 Disgraceful Democrats who are nothing but a King Cumo rubber-stamp. Go tell each and everyone exactly how you feel about them:

1. Gustavo Rivera – Phone: 518-455-3395

2. Alessandra Biagi – Phone: 518-455-3595

3. David Carlucci – Phone: 518-455-2991

4. Brad Hoylman – Phone: (518) 455-2451

5. Tod Kaminsky – Phone: 518-455-3401

6. Jen Metzger – Phone: (518) 455-2400

7. Velmanette Montgommery – Phone: (518) 455-3451

8. Julia Salazar – Phone: 518-455-2177,

9. Brian Benjamin – Phone: 518-455-2441

10. Toby Stavisky – Phone: (518) 455-3461 TWITTER – @tobystavisky

Will New Jersey Sell Out Poor?

Senator Delcan O’Scanlon may be the sell out!

Religious Exemption to Vaccination – Only for the Rich!

Action Alert!

January 11, 2020 – New Jersey may be ready to get rid of the religious exemption to vaccination for those who can’t afford private religious schools for their children. No one can deny how discriminatory such a law would be. It is racist as well; simply do the calculations on how many children of color are registered in New Jersey’s private religious schools.

Children’s Health Defense found out about a backroom deal being cut in Jersey to get the one vote needed in the Senate to pass this discriminatory, racist bill from Republican Senator Declan O’Scanlon. Since the private religious schools are protected it’s not impossible for Republicans to cut deals with the devil.

Call, show up to his office, tweet Senator O’Scanlon now, tomorrow, non-stop! Here is his info:

Declan J. O’Scanlon Jr. (R)

101 Crawfords Corner Road
Suite 4332
Holmdel, NJ 07733

PHONE NUMBER: (732) 444-1838

Twitter – @declanoscanlon
ELECTRONIC MAIL: Contact Your Legislator(s)

Vaccine Rights Advocates Rock Albany

Mainstream Media Dead Silent

January 10, 2020 – Over 1,000 people protest vaccine mandates in Albany and the mainstream media (MSM) ignores it. The only mention came from a local CBS affiliate that published a meager 112 words on what was in reality a massive presence. For me it was fantastic to see all of the “King Cuomo” protest signs that match-up wonderfully with my recent reporting on Cuomo.

Also extremely noteworthy, Rita Palma was told by Assemblyman Montesano that his office is receiving as many calls against vaccine mandates as they are against bail reform – that’s huge! Bail reform is the most rejected legislation in New York today. That means New Yorkers overwhelmingly do not support new vaccine mandates; but you wouldn’t know that if you only watch the MSM for your news. Below John Gilmore covers the January 8th protest in detail:


Below from John Gilmore

What an awesome day in Albany January 8th! Workers at the state buildings said ours was the biggest and LOUDEST group to ever show up for the opening of the Legislative Session.  Well over a thousand people showed and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., warrior mom Brooke Jordan, Rabbi Zev Epstein, Mary Holland co-author of HPV Vaccine of Trial and Assemblymember David DiPietro presented moving speeches to us in the Capitol. One consistent message came from the legislators who are on our side: keep it up!

     We began our day in front of Merck’s Albany headquarters, just half a block from the Capitol, for a reason.  All the vaccine bills we are fighting in New York are there to make money for Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi & Glaxo, the big four drug companies that sell almost 90% of the vaccines in the world.  As US Representative Ilhan Omar said, “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

    Merck is a serial felon. They have paid more than $10 billion in fines, penalties and settlements since 2000 including more than $5 billion for at least 60,000 deaths caused by their Vioxx product. And $350 million for bribing public officials and doctors!

   Gardasil is the most controversial vaccine in the world. It was banned in Japan for safety reasons. There are lawsuits around the world in those countries that allow lawsuits against vaccine injuries, which does not include the US. It has a horrendous safety record and there is a growing body of evidence that much of the data Merck used to get the product license was fraudulent.

    Three of the four bills we are fighting the hardest would give Merck direct access to our kids and shutting parents out completely. They are:

     S298b/A2912a, Mandates Merck’s Gardasil to attend school. Think about that, the state is forcing people to buy Merck’s product, which is already a monopoly, and if any child is injured by Gardasil Merck has complete liability protection. Three states have Gardasil mandates, all three allow parents to opt out for any reason, but Not New York’s bill.

     S3899a/A973a, Allows giving drugs and vaccines that are marketed as preventing sexually transmitted diseases to minors without parental knowledge or consent. No lower age limits are in the bill.

     S4244c/A6564c, Allows any vaccine to be given to children 14 and older without parental knowledge or consent. Any child in school has to have all the mandated vaccines, so this bill is clearly doing two things: targeting homeschooled kids, and promoting Gardasil which is not required to attend school.

     S2276/A2316, Mandates annual flu shots for daycare, Pre-K, k-12. This isn’t a Merck specific bill but they sell flu vaccines too.

    We need to keep the pressure up. The following people are the key players in the legislature. Please call them and politely ask what their positions are on the bills above and let them know that you oppose all the bills.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, (518) 474-8390

Jay Jacobs, Chair of the NY Democratic party, the NY Democrats do not publish a telephone number. The number is for the Nassau Democrats which Jacobs has led for many  years (516) 294-3366

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, (518) 455-2585

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, (518) 455-3791

Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, (518) 455-5005

Senator Michael Gianaris, (518) 455-3486

Senator Gustavo Rivera, Senate Health Committee Chair, (518) 455-3395

Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, Health Committee Chair, (518) 455-4941

***Please share this message with friends and family, and on social media while we still can


Support #TeamParentsNY in Albany Fighting for Us!

***Update*** January 9, 2019 — Yesterday in Albany was epic as Health Freedom Advocates fought all day for #VaccineChoice and made sure their voices were heard loud and clear! They had a big impact. Below see many of the tweets that were circulating yesterday from myself, Children’s Health Defense, Darla Shine and more. Get on twitter and continue to like and retweet them, as many lawmakers are tagged – so it will keep popping up in their notifications.


January 7, 2019 — I can’t be in Albany tomorrow, but I will be tweeting my support non-stop, way more than normal starting right now! Please join me!

We want to tweet showing our support for Health Freedom, and no more Vaccine Mandates in NY. We also want to tag Albany lawmakers – here are the top 7 lawmakers to tag on Twitter:

— @NYGovCuomo @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins @NYSenatorRivera @DickGottfried @bradhoylman @JeffreyDinowitz @NewYorkGOP

I added the NY GOP as well.

Here are the 5 bills we want to tweet about as well:

 First the 4 bad bills:

  1. A973a/S3899a (Paulin-D/Krueger-D), Allows vaccines and drugs to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases to be given to minors without parental consent
  2. A2316/ S2276, (Dinowitz-D/Hoylman-D)  Mandates influenza vaccines for persons attending daycare, pre-k, and K-12
  3. A2912/ S298b, (Paulin-D/Hoylman-D)  Mandates Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for HPV Provides for all children born after January 1, 2009
  4. A6564c / S4244c, (Fahy-D/Krueger-D) Permits giving any child who is at least fourteen years of age any vaccine without parental knowledge or consent

And here is the one bill we most certainly do support:

Assembly bill A8676 – Sponsored by Republican Assemblyman David DiPietro (East Aurora) to bring back the Religious Exemption to Vaccination in New York

I’m seeing tons of great tweets starting already. Check out a few of them below – Retweet them!

Watch Children’s Health Defense stream speakers on the steps of the Capitol in Albany, NY on January 8, 2020:

Watch RFK Jr. speak in Albany on January 8, 2020:

RFK Jr. in Albany, NY 1-8-20

Be in Albany with Bobby Kennedy!

from John Gilmore:


Join Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, and thousands of your fellow New Yorkers on Wednesday, January 8, in Albany, the first day of the 2020 legislative session. It is highly unlikely there will be any votes on any bills that day, but we need to be there to be heard and seen, and we need to keep it up until we restore our rights. There are literally dozens of bills that threaten you and your family. We need to fight hard to stop them.

   The drug industry is insatiable. There are bills coming to force HPV Merck’s Gardasil and annual flu shots on our children, they want to take parents completely out of the picture with bills allowing giving vaccines and drugs to children without parental knowledge or consent.  Eighty percent of success is just showing up, for your children’s sake show up.

     Here are the most threatening bills:

  1. A973a/S3899a (Paulin-D/Krueger-D), Allows vaccines and drugs to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases to be given to minors without parental consent
  2. A2316/ S2276, (Dinowitz-D/Hoylman-D)  Mandates influenza vaccines for persons attending daycare, pre-k, and K-12
  3. A2912/ S298b, (Paulin-D/Hoylman-D)  Mandates Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for HPV Provides for all children born after January 1, 2009
  4. A6564c / S4244c, (Fahy-D/Krueger-D) Permits giving any child who is at least fourteen years of age any vaccine without parental knowledge or consent

     On the evening of  Tuesday, 6:30 pm, January 7 join us at the Governor’s Mansion, 138 Eagle Street, Albany , Ny 12202,  bring flahlights and signs focusing on the corruption between our elected officials and the drug companies pushing this agends. 

    From 9-11 am we will be demonstrating at the Albany office of one of the world’s largest drug and vaccine companies. That’s who is really calling the shots in Albany, not the elected officials.

    At 11 we will have a press conference and speeches with community leaders and Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Chair of Children’s Health Defense, on the “Million Dollar Staircase” inside the Capitol Building. Allow plenty of time to get through security.

    At 1:30 Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be delivering his annual State of the State Address in the Empire State Convention Center across the street from the Capitol. It is too late to get a ticket for the speech, but we will be outside exercising out right to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

     You need also to make appointments to see your Assemblymember and State Senator in Albany on January 8. If they are not available meet with a staffer. Be polite when you call, and if you don’t know who they are look them up here.

On January 8 bring:

  • signs
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Nine copies of a letter from you to your State Senator and Assemblymember and the key elected officials below stating letter expressing your opposition to new mandates and giving your child vaccines and drugs without your consent

     If you are in our database the names and contact information for your State Senator and Assemblymember should appear below.

     We also have spaces in buses going to Albany. Get tickets at the links below.

     BUS From Long Island:

    BUS From Manhattan/Bronx:

      Directions, maps and parking information in Albany here:

     Plan to drop by the offices of the key people say hello and drop off your letters:

The “Honorable” Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State

NYS State Capitol Building, Second Floor

Albany, NY 12224

(518) 474-8390

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Legislative Office Building, Rm. 907

Albany, NY 12247

(518) 455-2585

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie,

Legislative Office Building, Rm. 932

Albany, NY 12248

(518) 455-3791

Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes

Majority Leader

Legislative Office Building, Rm. 926

Albany, NY 12248

(518) 455-5005

Senator Michael Gianaris

Capitol Building, Rm. 427

Albany, NY 12247

(518) 455-3486

Senator Gustavo Rivera

Senate Health Committee Chair

Capitol Building, 502C

Albany, NY 12247

(518) 455-3395

Assemblymember Richard Gottfried 

Assembly Health Committee Chair

Legislative Office Building, Rm. 822

Albany, NY 12248

(518) 455-4941