Vaccination and the Mainstream Media

Is the tide starting to turn towards Health Freedom in the MSM?

August 22, 2019 — From Rita Palma’s Facebook page:

Quick story: I spoke to a Hasidic friend today who was in Albany on August 14th, along with 4k freedom fighters. A friend that she was with was approached by a mainstream media outlet who requested an on-camera interview. At the end of the interview, the cameramen put his camera away, and came back to the two women and said, “Just so you know, the tide is changing in the media with this issue.” It was a national liberal outlet. 

Let that float over you, friends. Smile. Be proud. WE are changing things. Now. Today. Stay strong.

Fed Up Dem Comment — I don’t know if what Rita brings to us here is the case or not. Locally in the NYC / Long Island area Newsday is doing some very fair reporting on the issue of forced vaccination while The Daily News is producing complete garbage along with The New York Times. I hope this cameraman has his finger on the pulse of the media and isn’t just speaking from whatever his own narrow view is. I will be cautiously optimistic, and will keep doing what I’m doing.

Preliminary Inujunction We still don’t know if children who have a religious exemption to vaccination are going to be allowed to return to school in September. As Rita Palma pointed out on her Facebook page the judge must write a legal argument that justifies her ruling, that takes into consideration what another judge will think of her opinion if the case is appealed. The longer it takes for the judge to make a decision, the longer she must be working on researching and writing her legal decision. In my opinion, the longer she takes, the better it looks for Religious & Health Freedom Advocates. If she allows the preliminary injunction, she has no choice but to produce a bulletproof legal argument, something that could be around 50 pages long. I am not a lawyer and I have no inside information. I am merely voicing my opinion from my gut and life experience.


Let Marianne Williamson Debate!

Williamson needs donations to be allowed on the stage – Please Help!

August 21, 2019 — The *only * Democratic candidate bringing up Health Freedom issues is Marrianne Williamson. I do not support every part of her platform, but I strongly support her being allowed on stage at the Democratic Presidential Debates. If she’s not there, who else will tell the truth about the “Sickness Care” system in our country?

Go to her website to donate –

Here is the direct link to her donations page:

Even though I have not endorsed Wiliamson, I will be donating to her campaign.

Anyone who supports Health Freedom, and is against forced medical procedures should donate to Williamson as well. Back in 2014 & 2015 Trump was discussing how dangerous multiple childhood vaccinations could be when given at the same time and that they may lead to autism. He has not said a peep about vaccination and autism since being elected president. If you want vaccination and Health Freedom issues to be a part of the 2020 presidential debate, we need Williamson to continue being on the stage. She needs approximately $15K more in donations to make the next debate.

It is interesting to see a few weeks back Stephen Colbert put Williamson in the cross hairs making the false statement that she had called vaccines “Orwellian.” Those were not her words; rather she said forced vaccination mandates are Orwellian and she is 100% correct about that! I find it interesting and disturbing that Colbert targeted her out of the entire pack of Dems

You can watch Colbert trashing Williamson at the following link. First he trashes Trump, then Williamson:

Recently Vox called Williamson “scary” saying she was not a “serious” candidate for president.

It is precisely these attacks that makes me take even more notice of Marianne Williamson. When the MSM attacks someone like this it is a sign that they are doing something right; something important that we, the people, need to support. It is very similar to what the MSM said about Trump for 2 years, every single day, before he became the 45th US President of the United States.

Donate to Williamson:

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Forced Vaccination of Teachers

Sign petition to stop forced vaccination of NY Teachers & Educators

August 16, 2019 — Adult mandates for vaccination are coming and the first target will be everyone who works with children; primarily teachers. Sign the petition against vaccine requirements for teachers and educators in New York by going here:

Anyone can sign this petition, but if you are a teacher in New York please indicate that in your written comment and please state what Union you are a member of. The list of signatures and contact info will not be shared with anyone, however I am told that the data this petition generates will be used to make sure teacher unions know their members do *not* in any way support being forced to vaccinate themselves to keep their jobs. The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) in NYC is the largest local union in the country, and one of the most powerful in all of New York State. The data this petition generates should be very convincing to UFT leadership.

Please share this far and wide. The petition currently has over 500 signatures right now but that is nowhere near what we need. We need thousands of signatures so please share this on social media, to friends, to family, to coworkers, to union members etc…to as many as possible. Below is the exact wording of the petition itself:


NY Teachers Against Vaccine Mandates for Educators

Anyone is welcome to sign this petition. If you are a New York Educator or UFT member, even better. Please indicate that in your signature. This petition is not authorized by the UFT, it is being used to lobby them.

In Albany, NY, lawmakers have suddenly gotten very interested in mandating many more vaccines for not only children, but also adults. Reliable sources in Albany have said laws requiring vaccine mandates for educators could be proposed in January of 2020.

As members of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) which is a chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) we firmly stand against any vaccine mandate for any educator in New York State. The vaccine status of teachers has never caused any health problem to any children in the history of our state. Health care decisions are to be made between patients and their doctors. The state has no place intervening in the health care decisions of adults. What works to keep one person healthy may very well make another person sick. That is why vaccination decisions are a very important part of individualized health care; the state has no business mandating a one-size-fits-all health policy for any adult.

We are calling on UFT (and AFT) leadership to stand up for teachers’ rights to make our own decisions with our own doctors when it comes to healthcare. Absolutely no vaccine mandates for New York educators are acceptable! Do not allow anyone in Albany to convince you our healthcare decisions should be placed in their non-medical hands. The UFT does a great job of providing multiple options and choices when it comes to doctors, hospitals and treatments that are available to us as union members. Do not hand over those choices to lawmakers who are making decisions based on Big Pharmaceutical influenced lobbying instead of the health and well-being of constituents, teachers, families and children.

In case you think this petition is alarmist, take a look at all the legislation on mandatory vaccination currently in Albany – all sponsored by Democrats who currently hold the majority:

·         A6487 (Englebright) Requires all healthcare workers working with infants to get a DTaP vaccine

·         S22S76 (Hoylman)/A2316 (Dinowitz) – makes annual flu shots mandatory for pre-school & daycare in all of New York State

·         S298A (Hoylman)/A2912 (Paulin)– makes Gardasil (HPV) mandatory to attend school

·         S2444 (Krueger)/A6564 (Fahy)– allows minors fourteen and older to obtain any vaccine required to attend school in NY without parental knowledge or consent

·         S3899 (Krueger)/A973 – Allows minors to be given vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without parental knowledge or consent

In addition, Albany passed bills S2994 & A2371 on June 13, 2019, which revoked the religious exemption to vaccination. For whatever reasons, the mood in Albany now is to pass laws that mandate more vaccinations of everyone. Do not allow lawmakers to sell out UFT members to satisfy their PAC donors, lobbyists and special interests. Say NO to any and all vaccine mandates of New York Educators!

Historic Court Hearing in New York on Childhood Vaccinations

Jews, Christians, Amish, Muslims come to NY Supreme Court to protect Religious & Health Freedoms


Everyone is focused on the injunction, but the real story is about

Hostility for People of Faith

August 15, 2019 — Thousands of New Yorkers were present as Michael Sussman & Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made the case in New York Supreme Court on August 14th that the implementation of the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination must be delayed. Sussman argued that irreparable harm will be done to children if they are denied access to school this September.

According to Rita Palma, when Justice Denise Hartman asked the Assistant State Attorney General Helena Lynch of New York State if irreparable harm would be done to students if they were not allowed to enter school in September, Lynch did not answer directly. This forced the judge to ask the question several times, as the Assistant AG danced around this core issue.

Outside the courthouse speaking to thousands of supporters after the hearing, Michael Sussman stated, “What we heard today, with all due respect, were arguments undeserving of the Attorney General of the most influential state in the United States.”

To be clear on exactly what was at stake in the courtroom, Sussman & RFK are seeking a preliminary injunction on the repeal of the religious exemption. All an injunction will do is temporarily delay the implementation of the repeal law so that children can remain in school for the entire duration of the court case. If at the end of the entire case Sussman & RFK win, children with a religious exemption to vaccination will remain in school and will not have had their education interrupted at all. This will avoid “irreparable damage” to those students and their families. If they lose, only at that time will such children be removed from school. Since we don’t know what the outcome of the case will be, it is better to err on the side of not harming the education of children prior to the final court decision.

But the Attorney General’s Office argues that these children pose a public health threat, and therefore religious beliefs do not supersede the right of the public to be protected from such a risk. This is a patently false argument which has no evidence to back it up.

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that Democratic Assemblyman Tom Abinanti stated on the floor of the New York State Assembly that there is “…no evidence that anyone with a religious exemption has endangered anyone else.” No one has ever refuted him, or shown any evidence to prove he is wrong, because he is not wrong and no such evidence exists. Abinanti also stated on the floor of the Assembly that all the schools that were shutdown during the measles outbreak because they had unvaccinated children on their rosters did not have even one case of measles in the entire school.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outside the courthouse made it clear that New York State had all the tools available to them to contain a measles outbreak but chose not to use them. These included measures such as quarantining those who were infected and temporarily removing unvaccinated students from schools that had reported cases of measles. That wasn’t done and the result was the outbreak worsened, and it seems this may have been purposefully allowed in order to create a problem that begs a solution.

On August 14th, outside the courthouse in Albany Michael Sussman stated, “(Repealing the religious exemption to vaccination was) a broad solution looking for a problem. There’s one case of measles now in New York City.”

That’s right. Only 1 case of measles today, and not one death in the entire country from measles in over 10 years.

If the problem in New York was measles, why didn’t the State pass legislation on measles? Instead they now require all children to get up to 72 injections of 16 different vaccines to go to school. What does a HEP-B vaccine have to do with measles? New York doesn’t have an outbreak of HEP-B. Not only are multiple vaccination medical procedures being forced on children when they are not necessary, this forcing is being done with a deep disdain for religion: This may be the crucial cornerstone to the entire court case against the repeal of the religious exemption

Hostility for Religion

Sussman & RFK argue – with bountiful evidence – that the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed with disdain and hostility towards people of faith. According to Sussman a 2018 Supreme Court ruling of 7-2 found that this is unconstitutional. No law may be made in the United States of America out of hostility towards people of faith. This new Supreme Court precedent very strongly supports the case to “repeal the repeal.”

There are dozens of examples of mostly Democratic lawmakers in Albany acting in complete and utter contempt of people of faith. The most apparent, disgusting and plane to see of them all came from the law’s sponsor, Jeff Dinowitz.

In an interview with Assembly Update on March 19, 2019, Assemblyman Dinowtiz called the sincerely held beliefs of religious people “Utter Garbage.” If that is not clear evidence of disdain and hostility towards religious people I don’t know what is. Sussman stated the disdain for people of faith in the repeal law is blatant. “In this case there was very little disguise, “said Sussman. “It was right out in the open like this,” Sussman said as he held his fist up in the air.

People claim that in California they had a “religious” exemption to vaccination repealed and that their repeal law has stood for 4 years even against legal court challenges. That is not precisely true. Yes, California no longer has any non-medical exemption statuses for vaccination. However they did not have an explicitly religious exemption that was repealed. They had all of their exemptions under the status of “personal belief” exemption which included religious exemption. In fact the lawsuits in California challenging the repeal of their personal belief exemptions never challenged on religious grounds. In New York we exclusively had a religious exemption as the only non-medical exemption to vaccination.

The New York situation is much different as it is entirely, 100% based around religious beliefs, not personal beliefs. It is highly likely that whether Sussman & RFK win or lose, in the years ahead of us this case will make its way to the Supreme Court.

We do not know when Justice Denise Hartman will make her decision on the injunction, as she gave no immediate indication of when she will make her ruling.

“We have to embrace a greater amount of tolerance in our community,” said Sussman, as he made a plea for tolerance regardless of religious beliefs or political party. He went on to say that today our nation is desperately lacking tolerance across the board. I could not agree with that statement more.


Important Update – As the day ended Rita Palma went to Governor Cuomo’s Office in the Capitol Building with hundreds of supporters to leave photos of their children, but Cuomo had the building locked so none of them could access it:

Update – Thank you to John Gilmore for disseminating this report:
Here is an account from inside the Courtroom by Melissa Bordes:

What an amazing turnout today! Despite what MSM is reporting, there were well over 3,000 people in Albany today to hear arguments to the Honorable Judge Denise Hartman for the preliminary injunction.

Attorney Michael Sussman was incredible. The State floundered, and was not as well spoken as Sussman. The State said that the right to free expression of religion doesn’t encompass the right to endanger the public. Sussman responded that if it was truly about public health, then why didn’t NYS isolate and quarantine those who were sick when the outbreaks first started happening? Or during the height of measles cases? Why were none of the existing public health measures followed? Sussman argued that the legislature cannot pass law based upon religious hostility as shown in other cases previously judicated on in US Supreme Court and referenced specific cases to demonstrate this. He also shared many different examples of clear & overt hostility towards those with religious objections to vaccines (“so-called religious beliefs”, “loophole”, etc.) from the sponsors of the bill.

The Honorable Judge Denise Hartman said that she hasn’t seen a response yet from the state in regard to the religious hostility allegation. The State said that the remarks from the plaintiffs claiming hostility are subject to interpretation. The state mentioned that one legislator claims that 90% of phone calls he received were not about religious beliefs but personal beliefs which justifies the skepticism.

The judge asked for clarification about when the law goes in to effect which is 14 days after the start of school. In Sussman’s final five minutes of argument, he spoke about how students with religious exemptions are no more of a threat to public health than students with medical exemptions. He also pointed out how the law doesn’t address high schoolers who are 19 years of age or address any of the adults in schools.

He also spoke about how denying children an education, especially students with special needs who have IEPs and depend on their services is clear irreparable harm.

At the end, Judge Hartman asked the state if they believed not sending kids to school in September would cause irreparable harm for the plaintiffs. The State’s answer was weak. She said that it would cause more harm if they went to school, lost the case, and then removed.

Oral arguments lasted about 45 minutes. Judge Hartman has not made a decision yet on the preliminary injunction.

Once the hearing ended, the attendees then assembled at the capital steps where Attorney Michael Sussman and Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense both delivered powerful speeches about the gross infringement of our fundamental rights and how ability to practice free religion is what our country was founded upon. Sussman also highlighted the diversity of religious groups represented in Albany today, including Amish, Ultra Orthodox Jewish, Christians, Protestants and non- denominational groups.

After rousing speeches on the courtroom steps, the crowd of thousands of people walked to the Capital Steps, where we heard from Sussman a second time. Again he spoke about how religious rights are civil rights and how this is an infringement of the very fabric of our constitution. Rita Palma, of NYAVR & CHD NY also spoke about maintaining unity & progress within our community based on our steadfast beliefs.

The crowd then proceeded to go to Governor Cuomo’s office in the capital building where parents left pictures of their children who will now be denied a free and appropriate education, outside his office. It was powerful and extremely moving to see so many families, of all different faiths coming together to stand in unity to advocate for our children who are being cast out of society and denied their basic fundamental rights.Thank you to everyone who came today.

Thank you to Michael Sussman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Elizabeth Brehm for their tireless work on this case. We hope to hear the judges decision within the next few days, please continue to pray and keep taking action.

BE BRAVE: How to “Come Out” That Your Child is Unvaccinated

August 10, 2019 — Until those who choose not to vaccinate have the support of those who do vaccinate we will lose. End of story.

The below was posted on Rita Palma’s Facebook page and details the process one family went through to “come out” and tell family and friends that they have made the choice to not vaccinate their children. This is a powerful first-hand account with good advice about how you too can “come out” and start gaining the support of people beyond our Health & Religious Freedom Community. – Fed Up Dem

My husband and I live in a community of friends from our middle school years all the way to college and working years. So we knew that if we were forced to “come out of the closet”, there would be dozens of conversations in our county that had to take place. A temporary restraining order in court does not help our family because our local school district has already denied our RE and a 310 appeal was a painful and deflating process.

Over the past month, we’ve told over 50 of our friends and family the news that our boys were barred from Kindergarten, camp and daycare in NYS. The process we used was exhausting—each conversation was face-to-face unless the person lived more than a half hour a way, and took about an hour.

We prefaced each conversation with a text message saying that everyone was fine and healthy but we wanted to meet in person because we’ve had some bad news. Every one of our friends and family met with us within 24 hours.

We carefully and slowly disclosed the pain and suffering that we endured because of the vaccines and the new vaccine laws. We talked about being banned in public places and having to drive to NJ for groceries. We talked about court appearances and affidavits. People were shocked that I had kept a secret for so long. Every single person has been supportive. Every single person asked how they could help.

I was most worried about my family, in particular, my father. He was pro-vaccine , and worked in medicine for over 40 years. I was worried he would ridicule my decision and degrade me. However he didn’t. He fiercely affirmed my decision.


I showed him this document (at the top of this blog post) that listed the “Vaccine Doses for US Children by Year.” I told him when he vaccinated me, I was compliant at around 12 doses. Now the boys, his grandchildren needed 72. He jabbed the paper with his finger in disgust and said that it was pharmaceutical greed.

This document was the most important piece of paper in my “coming out”. Even my friends who were acknowledged pro-vaccine could not argue that this CDC schedule was egregious.

Friends, it is not easy to do this. But I hope this gives some hope that we have allies out there. More importantly, we have allies who vaccinate and who could speak up for our rights to informed consent. We have to change hearts and minds. Our kids aren’t some germ-infested faceless children. They are nieces and nephews to someone. They are loved. And when someone comes after a loved one, the tribe rallies.

Be brave.

Not One Plane in the Tuscan Sky

Family Vacation in Italy

August 9, 2019 — I have been out of the US in Italy for over a week. I love the Italians! I love them for many reasons. One is that they are currently fighting Big Pharma vaccine mandates just as we are. A few years back they were able to get over 50,000 people in the streets protesting vaccine mandates. They won many battles, but Big Pharma’s push back has been fierce and the people have recently lost some battles as well. To learn more about the back-and-forth Health Freedom battles in Italy, watch Del Bigtree’s report @ here:

The Italians also protect their food supply far better than we do in America. Their resistance to GMO seeds and crops has been fierce. I have family members who are allergic to gluten, but not in Italy. When they eat the pasta and bread in Italy they have no allergic reactions. Italian farmers use heirloom seeds and organic practices as their standard. While in Italy I never saw any product with an “organic” label on it – rather it is almost assumed. It is highly likely that most people with “gluten” allergies and sensitivity are having reactions not to gluten but to pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.

There is one part of my trip that stands out to me.

I went with family to a farm in the Tuscany region of Italy, not far from Florence. We hired one of the locals to drive us to multiple locations off the beaten path. This included the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore as well as a small village that overlooked that Abbey in the Clay Hills. We ended our tour with a lunch on a farm overlooking olive trees and heirloom wheat fields. The Tuscan countryside is astonishingly beautiful!

The photo you see at the top of this blog post shows the Tuscan sky above us while we ate lunch in Sienna, Italy. I couldn’t help but notice how clear and clean the sky was. When I spoke to locals about it they told me there were plans to place an airport in Sienna, but the town defeated the proposition helping to preserve the cleanliness of the region. When I asked locals if they have ever seen a plane fly over head in the region, no one had any recollection of ever seeing even one plane. No one could even recall seeing a commercial airliner flying overhead at extreme heights.

There were absolutely no ‘trails’ from planes in this area, and the locals confirm this.

It is an interesting point of fact for me personally, as I’ve been to many beautiful, rural locations in America and have *ALWAYS* seen trails from planes in the sky. But not in the Tuscan region of Italy, the most beautiful area I’ve ever visited in my life.


Autoimmune Psychosis: Fingerprints of Aluminum-Induced Autoimmunity?

Outstanding report from James Lyon Weiler on the connection between aluminum toxicity and psychosis.

Autoimmune encephalitis is a condition in which the immune system attacks brain proteins.  It was first described by Dalmau in a patients with teratoma who exhibited high levels of autoantibodies that were reactive to neuronal tissue.  These patients also experienced severe psychotic and neurological manifestations, including anxiety, delusions, mania, short-term memory loss and seizures [1]. Immunomodulation and tumor resection reversed the symptoms.

It is well established that aluminum hydroxide can induce autoimmunity of many forms in animal models.  We recently had a paper on the issue of dose relevance to humans accepted and then not published by the journal Autoimmunological Reviews (first because it was too controversial, and then because we dared to have published a draft copy of the manuscript in the name of Open Science).  Our analysis showed that the per body weight aluminum hydroxide dosing in animal models overlapped the exposure experienced by humans when the…

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