Force Vaccinating Children Without Parental Consent

Then hiding all documentation that it happened!

Interview with Dr. Larry Palevsky

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November 28, 2020 — In Washington D.C. the city council passed a bill that would allow children as young as 11 to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. Once the medical procedure happens, the insurance companies would have their records altered so that the parents would never know their child received the vaccine! The bill was admittedly brought forward in anticipation of the coming COVID vaccine.

The bill is titled The Minor Consent For Vaccination Amendment Act of 2020, bill #23-171. It has passed the city council. Once it gets passed the mayor it needs to be approved by the House of Representatives. I have just been updated on a conference call of national leaders mobilizing to stop this bill the first week of December! Stay tuned to this blog for a coming Action Alert to contact your congress person to stop this horrendous attack on parental rights and children’s bodies.

One of the many dangers of this insane bill is that children may end up being vaccinated multiple times unnecessarily with the same vaccine since parents (and possibly even doctors) will have no way of knowing the child previously received the vaccine. Multiple unnecessary vaccinations can be extremely dangerous to the health and well-being of a child, according to Board Certified Pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky.

The District of Columbia is a predominantly Black community. It has become common across the country that children in Black and Brown neighborhoods are targeted for vaccination without parental knowledge or consent. The Fed Up Democrat has previously reported this occurring in the Bronx as well as all throughout New York State with vaccines (and drugs) alleged to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases of HEP-B, HPV and HIV.

I spoke to Dr. Palevsky about this frightening new law to get an expert opinion and perspective.

Interview with Dr. Palevsky, November 27, 2020, 1:30pm


Question – What do you want parents to know about this frightening bill?

Dr. Palevsky – This may only be impacting D.C. right now, but it’s coming to a theater near you. There’s nothing stopping them. I just got an email today that the bill passed twice in the city council and has made its way to the mayor. The ship may have already sailed.

Q – Do you think this type of attack on parental rights will be confined to communities of color?

Dr. P – No.

Q – What vaccines does this bill apply to?

Dr. P – The bill applies to all vaccines that are approved and recommended by ACIP (which includes the entire CDC recommended childhood vaccination schedule, and will soon include the COVID vaccine).

Q – The bill states it will apply to any child 11 years of age or older who “meets the informed consent standard.” What standard are they referring to?

Dr. P – Obviously such a standard will be decided by the people who are trying to get kids vaccinated.

Q – How will these ‘secret vaccinations’ in children be documented?

Dr. P – It seems as though the parent’s insurance company will pay for it but they won’t receive notice from the insurance company that the vaccine was given. When the doctor contacts the insurance company, they merely need to state that the vaccine was administered under The Minor Consent for Vaccination Act and that prompts the insurance company to take it off of the EOB (Explanation of Benefits). The bill mentions that the doctor would inform the child’s school but it doesn’t say where the child is going to be vaccinated. Obviously the doctor would have increased access to the child if the vaccines are administered at school.

[There are seven School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in the District of Columbia that DC Health oversees. A SBHC can serve as a student’s primary health care provider or supplement the services they would normally receive. This is one point of access to DC children where it could be quite easy to isolate a child away from their parent. In 2019 when Roxsanna Gautreax’s 11 year old son went to the school nurse for a scraped knee in the Bronx, NY, he left with an HPV vaccine injected into him without parental consent. A similar school-based health care model already exists in Washington D.C. – Fed Up Dem]

Q – In New York we have a health regulation from Governor Cuomo allowing vaccination without parental consent for STDs (HPV and HEP B), but I don’t believe they scrub the insurance records in NY the way D.C. is proposing.

Dr. P – I don’t know that it’s in NY. But certainly the one in DC appears as if they’re taking several steps to keep the parent from knowing about the vaccine. One of my concerns is that the child would go home and tell the parent that a vaccine was given and when the parent approaches the physician, the doctor can say I don’t have record of it. Then the child is left to appear as if he or she is lying. One of the questions I raise is how will the physician get the child alone? It appears this would happen in a clinic or a physician’s office. That would mean that the parent would be asked to leave. There is no clear explanation as to how the child would be isolated away from the parent.

[School Based Health Centers are the most likely – but not the only – answer to that question- Fed Up Dem]

Q – You administered vaccines as a pediatrician for years. Then when the HEP-B vaccine was added to the childhood schedule you started asking questions. Why?

Dr. P – My statement in 1991 against administering the HEP-B vaccine to children was not about vaccines; it was about the specific policy of the HEP-B vaccine and children: as seems to be the case with the COVID vaccine and children, giving the HEP-B vaccine to children never made medical sense. The HEP-B vaccine recommendation for children was the first time vaccines were administered to a population that wasn’t at risk for that disease. The COVID vaccine seems to be a second wave of vaccination of a population that is minimally – if at all – effected by the illness. In 1991 my concern was simply a matter of Good Medicine vs. Bad Medicine. Giving the HEP-B vaccine to children is simply bad medicine.

Q – Have you ever witnessed an adverse reaction to a vaccine in a child you vaccinated?

Dr. P – In 1998 I had a toddler in my arms who I was seeing in a clinic associated with Lenox Hill Hospital. That toddler received a series of vaccines. He came back the next day with a high fever and swollen lymph nodes throughout his entire body – his neck, arm pits and groin. I had never seen that before; nor was I aware that something like that could happen. This was at the same time that parents brought to my attention that there was mercury in most of the vaccines given to children. This toddler was very sick. The idea that a child would have an adverse reaction to vaccines was not something that was ever in my thinking or teaching at NYU medical school. I was pretty certain based on the timing that this child had a direct adverse reaction to the vaccines administered the day before. And being that it was in the same time frame that I was starting to learn that vaccines had mercury in them I took a step back and said ok, maybe I need to investigate this further. And I did.


***If a child has an adverse reaction to a vaccination that is hidden from the parents, will anyone realize what actually happened?***


For more information on the shocking “Secret Vaccination” bill in Washington, D.C., as well as the potential risks and dangers of the coming COVID vaccine watch Saneter’s broadcast of a conversation with Dr. Larry Palevsky, Attorney Leigh Dundas and Curtis Cost:

Jamel Holley’s Family Used Hydroxychlroquine

August 6, 2020 — In a tweet from last week the phenomenal New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley went on record stating “his family” used hydroxychloroquine (Hq) to treat the novel coronavirus, and it worked. He announced this in a tweet that defended Dr. Stella Immanuel for her bravery in speaking truth to power on the steps of the Supreme Court stating she has successfully treated 350 patients with Hq and not one has died.

Back in February of 2020 I interviewed Assemblyman Holley regarding the leadership role he played to stop the repeal of New Jersey’s Religious Exemption to vaccination. Holley is a brave man of honesty and integrity. Even though Holley is a Democrat he would never say Hq did not work simply to go against President Trump. Nor would he say it did work on his family if that were not the case. No. He speaks the truth no matter what the truth is. Assemblyman Jamel Holley is one of the few politicians whose words and actions allow me to keep faith in the American Republic!

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Silenced African American Voices Speak on George Floyd’s Murder

Dr. Rachael Ross, Jamel Holley, and Rizza Islam




Rizza Islam – “The police chief in Pittsburgh has confirmed that the vast majority of people who were arrested did not live in the city and were anarchists…these are paid rioters…These are undercover agent provocateurs…(there are) vested interest groups who want to guarantee that (Black people) continue to get blamed (for the violence)”

Dr. Rachael Ross – “The same people who shouted from the mountain top “Stay home, be safe!” (due to COVID19) are the same ones who are like, “Get out there, do a good job, bang some sh*t up, and if you get arrested we’ll bail you out…” (speaking on Hollywood)

Assemblyman Jamel Holley – This is our mark moment right now in American history, not just for African Americans but for the culture of America.


June 5, 2020 — You are not going to see this on CNN, or FOX, or any mainstream news outlet.

I encourage everyone to watch the entirety of the interview Del Bigtree had with this amazing panel, especially white people. We as white people need to hear African American voices speaking for themselves regarding police brutality towards the Black Community. Whether you agree with them or not, we should all have the respect and courage to hear their words unadulterated and uninterrupted. Watch the interview for yourself, or read my summary below.

Medical Dr. Rachael Ross stated she was the direct descendant of slaves on both sides of her family. While she is very proud of her success in America her parents trained her to make sure when she was around White people they were comfortable being around a Black woman. When she sees George Floyd she sees her uncle, her father, her family, but the majority of the country doesn’t identify in the same way. Dr. Ross stated White America needs to teach their kids to not have the same biases their parents have, as many White Americans are oblivious to the fact that they have enjoyed white privilege giving them a leg up that, at times, hurts African Americans. She stated she doubted there was any member of the panel who had never had handcuffs put on them from the police because that was just a part of being Black in America. White people need to acknowledge the problem instead of acting like, “Here they go complaining again.”

Del Bigtree asked about White people prostrating in apology to Black people.

Rizza Islam from the Nation of Islam was extremely grateful to Bigtree for providing the platform to him, Holley and Ross, stating that is precisely what someone who cares about the race situation in America should do. Let those directly impacted speak for themselves without having to make it comfortable for anyone. Islam repeatedly stated that America is controlled by systemic racism, and there has never been any reparations for the crimes perpetrated against Blacks, and continue to be perpetrated. Prostration is beautiful, apologies are beautiful, but this lacks substance. “The strongest apology is changed behavior…and using your privilege” to bring real political and economic change that is rightly owed to African Americans, said Islam.

Dr. Ross again thanked Bigtree for providing the platform but then said there were a lot of white supremacist comments from The Highwire followers being posted during the live broadcast. Bigtree stated that he couldn’t see the comments live, and also stated it was possible the comments were not coming from his regular audience but possible internet trolls.

New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley commented that he has fought with the “mama bears and papa bears” fighting for health freedom for their kids. “But Dr. Ross is right,” said Holley, as he could read the comments in real time as well. Holley, again, thanked Bigtree for providing the platform saying that none of them will ever be given such a platform on CNN or any mainstream outlet because their message doesn’t resonate with those corporate agendas. It’s important for people to talk on these hard issues and it is good that The Highwire provides space to address them, said Holley.

Bigtree posed the question about “color-blindness.” Should we be “color-blind” in society, or is it necessary to be very aware of color, race and racism in America: should Bigtree be teaching his kids about racism?

Dr. Ross said “if you don’t teach (your son) about the privilege of being white” then he may not understand why his Black and Mexican friends may get treated different by the police as he grows up. For Black people there is no choice as to whether to have a conversation like that or not. They can’t hide the fact they are Black. Everyone sees that first, so that conversation isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

Holley jumped in and said when he learned about different cultures he embraced that information, and Bigtree has the opportunity to do just that with African American culture and his children. He can embrace the culture and teach it to his children in a way that they weren’t taught it in school. “These moments need to lead to action,” said Holley. He focused on the need for legislative action in state houses across the country, and stated he has a package of bills from his home state of New Jersey – some that have become law, some not yet law – that he plans to share across the country as now is the moment for real change through legislation.

Del Bigtree asked Rizza Islam if white people raise their children to understand systemic racism and white privilege, what responsibility do Black people have on their side of the issue. Islam explained that the responsibility is to “do for self,” or suffer the consequences. “I can’t be a Black man and continue to blame White people” for everything. He went on to say the beauty is in our differences, and that is the beauty of our world. But we must all recognize the reality that there is a system that benefits White people but oppresses Black people and other people of color. All 50 states of America had to be shutdown with protests in order to compel the arrest of the officers who murdered George Floyd, even when the murder was caught on video! Color blindness is unnecessary and disrespectful, we need to acknowledge and respect the differences.

Del Bigtree then showed a clip of two White “protesters” spray painting “BLM” (for Black Lives Matter) on a Starbucks. A Black woman stopped them and asked why would they do that? They aren’t Black, and now the news is going to cover that Black people are defacing property. The two White protesters basically dismissed the woman and walked away. The Black woman continued to give commentary about how insane this situation was, as she broke down into tears over it.

Dr. Ross pointed out that when the two White people were confronted by the Black woman in this video, they made no effort to change their behavior or even acknowledge the Black woman’s concerns.

Bigtree then played another clip of a Black woman returning a brick that was handed out to Black men from White people driving in a car. “Why would you do that to them? They’re going to get in trouble!” screamed the woman as she put the brick back in the car and slammed the door.

Bigtree stated that pallets of bricks are being placed in very strange places in major cities. He said Hollywood and the media are stating African Americans are so upset they are getting violent, but then we have video proof of this infiltration coming from white people…

“Because that’s what they want us to focus on,” responded Holley, referring to the media’s obsession with pinning violence on African Americans. Holley had been to five rallies over the weekend and every one had been peaceful. He told a story of his mother being in downtown Texas and she saw trucks lining up dropping pallets of bricks where there were absolutely no construction around. Holley said people in the Black community are not going to be destroying their own community. “We know what’s going on in our neighborhood…we know whose being paid to come in and infiltrate our peaceful protests. It’s a shame.”

Rizza Islam stated the following, “The police chief in Pittsburgh has confirmed that the vast majority of people who were arrested did not live in the city and were anarchists…these are paid rioters… These are undercover agent provocateurs…(there are) vested interest groups who want to guarantee that (Black people) continue to get blamed (for the violence)”

Bigtree asked Dr. Ross about Holywood’s infiltration of these protests. Ross responded, “The same people who shouted from the mountain top “Stay home, be safe,” (during the COVID19 crisis) are now the same ones who are like, “Get out there, do a good job, bang some sh*t up, and if you get arrested we’ll bail you out…” Dr. Ross said her favorite meme now is “The pandemic didn’t work, now let’s create a race riot.” She also mentioned how the media has everyone afraid of black people, afraid to go in the streets, and they keep saying the people carrying the coronavirus are the black people! She said anything the mainstream media tells us we have to dig a little deeper because what they say “probably is not the case.”

Bigtree went on to discuss the reality of vaccine injury and the dramatic impact it has had on African Americans, and how the media will not report on the demise of American children’s health. He asked why this is not part of Black Lives Matter?

Rizza Islam said it’s simply not a part of their platform, and that they haven’t been educated on the reality of the dangers of vaccines. He said the Black community hasn’t done much in regards to vaccines because they do not know about the dangers of vaccines. Holley added on that the Black community is programmed to believe vaccines are safe. “We were uneducated,” but now there are African American leaders going across the country educating individuals about the effects of vaccinations on the Black community. Dr. Ross said she loves seeing White people educating Black people on the painful reality of eugenics. As a Black person it’s a lot to process that there are so many issues attacking the Black community all at once. The dangers of vaccines are unseen, but when a police officer is choking you out in front of your face that is much more obvious. She asks everyone to understand where Black people are coming from and not to place blame or point fingers.

Rizza Islam closed by saying we all, absolutely, must acknowledge each other’s humanity. No oppression, no lies – I take care of my people, you take care of yours, and steps must be made to get rid of any oppression that currently exists. Are you going to help to change laws? Are you going to help to level the playing field? Islam said black people are not rioting, they are rebelling. He quoted Benjamin Franklin stating, “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to god.” Black people are simply being Americans in the fullest sense of the word when they are rising up in protest.

New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley said government has failed us, and it is his focus point to level the playing field through legislation. Every single movement, whether it is the Health Freedom Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, the LGBT Movement – all of them need to come together and support Black people as they fight for the equality they rightfully deserve in America.

Interview With Health Freedom Fighter Jamel Holley

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Any elected official or candidate running for office that touches on removal of Religious Exemptions to vaccination, touches on taking away parental choice, or touches on taking away freedom of choice will have major issues being elected or reelected. There is a political revolution that is taking place right now and if those individuals want to remain in office or enter office they better not touch upon these freedoms or they will be in very big danger. They can hear me now or they can believe me later.” – New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley


February 7, 2020 — I’ve been running a Health Freedom Blog for 10 months, but it wasn’t until the morning of my long-scheduled interview with the amazing Jamel Holley that my blog was hacked. The New Jersey Assemblyman’s campaign website is no stranger to similar “technical difficulties” ever since Holley began ramping up his challenge to Big Pharma.

If the donation link at the top of this report doesn’t work, please manually type in the URL that appears in the following picture:

I strongly urge everyone to please give whatever you can to Jamel Holley. After interviewing him I have no doubt that he is 100% committed to fighting across the entire nation for #HealthFreedom & #VaccineChoice. While he is not a parent himself, it is as if he has adopted all of our children in this battle. The passion Holley speaks with is infectious. He is a rising Health Freedom Fighter championing our cause, and what I find most exciting are his discussions on building “Urban Health Alliances.”

“We are discussing how to develop an Urban Health Alliance to focus on educating the African American and Hispanic communities because a lot of these communities are not informed about the dangers of vaccines.” Holley said they plan to bring this message to churches, places of worship, community health and civil rights organizations to make sure Black and Latino communities have access to the real science surrounding vaccination. This is a game changer folks; it is an outgrowth of what Curtis Cost began at The Harlem Vaccine Forum which was so incredibly feared by the likes of Peter Hotez and CBS News. Jamel Holley and RFK Jr. may prove to be an extremely dangerous duo to the status quo.

“Wherever there needs to be a voice to protect parents and their families I will be there to lend my support to this cause,” reassures Holley.

The Assemblyman called me as he was traveling back from Connecticut’s State Capitol after the February 5th Health Freedom protest, where he was one of the keynote speakers. “Several hundred people were at the Capitol today. It was very electrifying; the parents are extremely engaged, more engaged now than ever to bring more people out…This is a political revolutionary one issue movement that I believe is going to take place in every state in this country.”

Holley made sure to clearly express his disdain for the term “anti-vaxxer.”

“Not one parent that I’ve spoken to is an anti-vaxxer. That word should not be used to describe a parent who birthed a child. These parents are good people who want to make their own choice and protect their religious freedom…Government has no place, no entrance into that conversation.”

The Battle in New Jersey

For those who don’t know the specifics of what went down in New Jersey, there was a bill to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination that was missing one vote in the Senate to pass. To get that vote a deal was cut with Republican Senator Declan O’Scanlon to allow the Religious Exemption to vaccination in private schools, but not public schools. Holley was already voting no to the bill – long before this amendment was proposed – but when this came on the table he began actively lobbying his colleagues to join him in voting no.

“We do not need to rewind the clock back. We are in 2020 now and if there is going to be equality for all there needs to be equality for all,” said Holley.

Holley was adamant to his Democratic colleagues that they could not vote in support of a bill that allowed a White Republican Senator to segregate children based on income, zip-code and ultimately based on race. This amendment, meant to save the bill, ended up being its fatal flaw; Holley calls it “The Declan Segregation Amendment.”

“The conversation around repealing the Religious Exemption started out as a public health issue for all children, but then it became about segregating children. That’s when I became very vocal,” said Holley.

Holley gained enough resistance in the Assembly to stop the bill from moving forward, but he couldn’t have done it without the parent advocates and protesters. “Ultimately the bill failed because of the thousands of parents who emailed, telephoned, protested outside the state house and actively educated legislators When you are an elected official you are not supposed to take things personal, you are supposed to hear things out. I heard parents tell me about their children who were perfectly healthy before they were vaccinated. It was easy for me to make an informed decision.”

Conway’s Criticism of Holley

I asked Holley about comments from Assemblyman Herb Conway who is chair of the Health Committee in New Jersey. Conway said that Holley is “not making any friends” with his position on vaccination.

“When I was elected,” Holley told me, “I wasn’t elected to make friends. But to the contrary I have very great friends in Trenton (New Jersey’s Capitol). I’ve been a staffer since I was 20 years old in Trenton; the first African American Assemblyman elected to the 20th District 15 years ago. A lot of these members weren’t there when I was a staffer; I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go. If one chooses not to be my friend over a position I choose to take, then so be it.”

In addition to this Holley was just recently reappointed to be a member of the Assembly Health Committee yet again – even with his current outspoken position against vaccine mandates. That means the Speaker of the Assembly made a conscious choice to give that appointment back to Holley regardless. So is Holley really lacking friends in Trenton?

Sweeney’s Alleged Comments

I also asked Holley about a recent headline that claimed Senate President Stephen Sweeney was blaming Black lawmakers in New Jersey for putting children in danger by voting against repealing the Religious Exemption to vaccination.

“I have no response to that at all because I can’t confirm that he actually said that. He did not say that to me. What I can tell you is that I made my concern very vocal to both parties and leadership. I am not opposed to providing some level of medical choice to those that need it, but I am not going to participate in removing Religious Exemptions, parental choice, or pushing a Big Pharma agenda. My agenda is for the people of New Jersey. My vote affects the entire state.”

Looking to the Future

Right now it seems there is no appetite for vaccine mandates in New Jersey, according to Holley.

“This bill (to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination) is on hold, though it has been reintroduced. There was a similar bill that would allow children 14-years-old and up to vaccinate without parental knowledge or consent, but that bill was quickly withdrawn. I don’t think the will is there to pass these types of bills right now at all. The legislators I have been talking to, who I won’t name at this time, from what they are telling me believe the will for this issue to be voted on is not there. I do believe there is a will for reasonable discussion and debate around the topic of vaccination.”

The political revolution Holley talks about is not about Democrats, Republicans, right-wing, left-wing, divisions or divides; it is simply about the freedom to choose what does and does not go into our bodies and our children’s bodies:

“I’ve been in state government for 20 years. I’ve never worked more closely with Republicans on any other issue than I have on vaccines. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue; it is a choice issue…I am very inspired by the advocacy and the will power of the parents along with their children because they were out there (protesting) with their parents. That means something! And as governmental leaders who are going to make decisions for them we don’t need to listen to inside politics, we need to listen to the parental conversation that is happening.”

Jamel Holley speaking in Connecticut on Feb 5, 2020

African American Health Freedom Fighters

Frederick Douglass, Dick Gregory, Jamel Holley and beyond!

January 19, 2020 — As we celebrate the life and sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I want to draw attention to all of the brave African American Health Freedom Fighters throughout our history and with us today. While many on this list will be perceived as controversial that is irrelevant: if you are African American and you fight, or have fought, for Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice, you belong on this list.

(1) Frederick Douglass

I first learned of Frederick Douglass’ opposition to mandatory vaccination from the great Mary Holland. Douglass is, of course, the legendary 19th century African American abolitionist and civil rights leader. Very few people know that Douglass was staunchly opposed to mandatory vaccination. He noted that many who were vaccinated for small pox still died of small pox, so what was the point of the vaccination?! In 1882 Douglass told a reporter that mandatory vaccines encroached on people’s liberty and freedom of choice.

(2) Jamel Holley

I had never heard of Assemblyman Jamel Holley until January 10, 2020 when he boldly stood against the corrupt New Jersey Democratic party boss Stephen Sweeney. Holley opposed a bill that would have made the religious exemption to vaccination illegal in New Jersey public schools yet still allowed in private religious schools. He opposed the bill as segregationist and racist, which it clearly was. Not only did he oppose the bill, he lobbied his fellow African American legislators and got them to oppose it along with him. Currently Holley is standing firmly not only with the Black Community, but with the Health Freedom Movement as a whole, and my contacts are assuring me that Holley is the real-deal when it comes to Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice. The opportunistic, Big Pharma shill Stephen Sweeney is taking the racist position that Black legislators in New Jersey led by Holley are hurting children by not segregating them; a position that has no evidence to support it. This battle in New Jersey is now ground-zero for for America’s Health Freedom Movement in 2020. Jamel Holley is a brave man who needs and deserves all of our support!

(3) Curtis Cost

Curtis Cost is by far the most important African American Health Freedom Fighter alive and active today. His 1991 book “Vaccines are Dangerous” was the first book penned by an African American on the topic of vaccine safety. Cost has been educating thousands of people for decades on the safety and efficacy of vaccines and continues his invaluable activism today. His controversial Harlem Vaccine Forum was far and away the most important Health Freedom event of 2019, and he ended the year with the very successful Great Harlem Vaccine Debate. Cost is in the midst of planning resistance and protests to Oprah Winfrey’s Big Pharma sponsored vaccine promotional tour.

(4) Dick Gregory

The late, great comedian and activist Dick Gregory may be the man responsible for popularizing and spreading the vegan lifestyle within the African American community. Gregory would often appear publicly with Dr. Gary Null to discuss issues of health and healing. While Gregory didn’t always get all of the facts correct when he spoke on matters of health and science, it didn’t matter; that is not what made him so incredibly important. If it wasn’t for him hundreds of thousands, if not millions of African Americans would have never even heard that a vegetarian lifestyle was a healthy option and that vaccination posed immediate dangers. The last few years of his life Gregory had grown very bitter, and when looking at the world around us I can understand why. But I don’t remember Gregory just for the last few years of his life; his legacy is far too powerful for that as he has awoken many people and saved many lives.

(5) Virstyne Henry

Virstyne Henry is a vaccine-injured Health Freedom Activist. She has been researching the dangers of vaccines ever since she learned her asthma – which she thought was from birth – didn’t arise until after she was given a DTaP vaccine as an infant. Upon realizing this she researched the topic veraciously. Henry participated as a panelist in The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate in December of 2019. She continues to pursue all types of truths on where you can catch her interviewing many guests on a wide range of topics, especially on the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

(6) Nancy Turner Banks

Dr. Nancy Turner Banks MD is author of “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire,” and is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. Trained in surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and gynecological oncology, she practiced general obstetrics and gynecology for twenty-five years. In addition, she earned an MBA in finance. Banks is an extremely outspoken critic of the CDC’s vaccine schedule for children.

(7) Minister Louis Farrakhan

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is nothing if he is not controversial. When his name is mentioned the very first thought to all who devour mainstream media is “antisemitism.” Regardless of these controversies I know for a fact Minister Farrakhan is 100% correct on his stance regarding vaccination as well as fluoridation. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (NOI) have helped many truths regarding health and healing to access and assist the Black Community. There are at least two other members of NOI that need to be mentioned here as well.

(8) Tony Muhammad

Minister Tony Muhammad has been fighting to get the truth out regarding the dangers of vaccines for years. He has protested in front of the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia as well as lectured and given multiple interviews on the topic. To quote him directly from the speech he gave in front of CDC Headquarters: “The Pharmaceutical industry is very powerful. They are the richest lobby group in the world. Minister Farrakhan’s love is so deep for Black and oppressed people that no forces on earth can get him to sell our people out. He loves the truth and is a warner to our people.”

(9) Rizza Islam

Rizza Islam is a young NOI brother who speaks very clearly and boldly, and when it comes to vaccination he pulls no punches stating there is a plot to kill and disable Black men through the childhood vaccination schedule. As wild as that may sound to many people, the movie VAXXED uncovered that the CDC has known for years that the MMR vaccine given at 18 months of age results in an autism rate 340% higher in African American boys than in any other group. Rizza Islam is able to reach many Black youth regarding the dangers of vaccination, and he recognizes that fighting forced vaccination is a universal struggle for all regardless of race, ethnicity, social status, or class.

(10) Sheila Ealey

Sheila Ealey became internationally known from the movie VAXXED, where she was featured along side her autistic son Temple Ealey. She told her story of how her son was accidentally given 2 MMR shots at the same time. From that point on her boy was never the same again. Ealey has been a strong, passionate voice for Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice ever since. She has traveled the country and the world to help educate and advocate on the dangers of vaccines. To hear this Warrior Mom speak is a true spiritual experience!

(11) Dr. Phil Valentine

I first heard of the Reverend Dr. Phil Valentine at The Harlem Vaccine Forum. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped hundreds of African American families receive religious exemptions to vaccination in New York (before the religious exemption law was repealed). Valentine said his exemptions were challenged in court three times by the Department of Education, and all three times he won. When he went to the courts to receive the transcripts for those three cases either the court transcripts had been sealed or lost, according to Valentine. He has a powerful message that covers many topics, including child sex trafficking where he gives a little praise to President Donald Trump for combating the horrifying practice.

(12) Dead Prez

Stic Man & M1 form the Revolutionary Hip-Hop duo known as “Dead Prez.” While they have never explicitly spoken out against mandatory vaccination it is clearly & loudly implied through the lyrics in their songs and the vegan lifestyles they choose to live. In their song “Be Healthy” they say, Let your food be your medicine, no excederin, strictly herbs that I raise in the sun ’cause I got melanin…They say you are what you eat, so I strive to eat healthy. My goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy, ’cause true wealth comes from good health and wise ways, we got to start takin’ better care of ourselves. In their youth the duo would rhyme about atheism and Marxist Revolution, however as they matured I have been told they have gone deep into Eastern Mysticism exploring and expanding their spiritual quests.

(13) Charles Barron

Charles Barron is a former Black Panther Party member and a current state Assemblyman representing Brooklyn. He is a member of the Assembly Health Committee in Albany, NY. When the religious exemption to vaccination was up for repeal Barron voted NO in the Health Committee and NO on the floor of the assembly. His words in the Health Committee were clear and powerful. Unfortunately he did not lobby other New York Democrats to join him in voting NO, the way Jamel Holley did and continues to do in New Jersey.

(14) Rodneyse Bichotte

Rodneyse Bichotte is an Assemblywoman representing Brooklyn and, like Barron, is also a member of the Assembly Health Committee. She also voted NO to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination in both the committee and floor votes. Bichotte stated on the floor of the Assembly that she had been given the MMR vaccine as a child yet still got measles twice after that. She reminded everyone that when the HIV/AIDS epidemic first came on the scene it was wrongly blamed on Haitians, just as unvaccinated children were being blamed for spreading measles today; both of those claims are false and there is no evidence to support either of them. I only wish that the Assemblywoman will take the next, natural step of actively seeking support for Health Freedom from her fellow Democratic colleagues in Albany.

(15) Chantel Jackson

Chantel Jackson is a Bronx candidate for Assembly that is gaining major endorsements on her path to Albany. She is firmly, and completely, a Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice candidate. She is also a Democrat. The FED UP DEMOCRAT enthusiastically and completely endorses Chantel Jackson!

Jackson has spoken firmly in support of allowing religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination, she has spoken out against making the HPV vaccine mandatory to attend school, and she has expressed reservations regarding a potential coronavirus vaccine. The Daily News reported all of this as if Jackson was out of her mind.

However the reality is that Jackson is part of a growing voice of African American female politicians who believe in the principals of Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice. Rodneyse Bichotte and Tremaine Wright are two African American assemblymembers who voted against the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019. Both are from Brooklyn and already hold seats in Albany as they continue to be rising stars in the Democratic Party. Bichotte is now the Democratic Party Boss in Brooklyn, and Wright may be headed for the Senate this election season as Senator Velmanette Montgomery has announced she is leaving her Senate seat and has endorsed Wright to succeed her.

Jackson has also been endorsed by Assemblyman Michael Blake, Senator Luis Sepulveda and Senator Brian Benjamin. It is interesting to note all of these endorsements come from Democrats who voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019 even though Jackson would have never supported such a Draconian measure. The Democratic party in New York is split on this issue and – due to continued Health Freedom activism – the principals of parental choice and medical freedom are gaining traction within the party.


I am sure there are many important Health Freedom Fighters I left out that belong on this list.

NY Schools Targeting Black & Latino Kids for HIV-PrEP Drugs

Curtis Cost Has Inside Information

January 3, 2020 — Curtis Cost, author of Vaccines are Dangerous has information coming from sources inside the New York State Education Department stating that PrEP drugs for HIV are currently being prescribed to children without parental knowledge or consent, and that Black & Latino communities are being targeted.

This isn’t surprising, and it is technically – barely – “legal” by the skin of King Cuomo’s teeth. Cost messaged me the below information on New Years Eve of 2019, which helps to confirm all of my reporting on this issue over the past year, including:

Vaccine That Causes Infertility Being Pushed on Black & Latino Girls 

Bronx Corruption Targets Black & Latino Children

Cuomo Vaxxing & Drugging Kids With No Parental Knowledge

Message from Curtis Cost – 12/31/19

New York schools are ALREADY giving children HIV drugs without parental knowledge or consent!!!

I was speaking with a person this morning who told me her sources within the New York State public school system were saying that the schools have already started giving children HIV drugs without parental consent or knowledge!

She said this was being done especially in poor Latino communities where the level of English is limited as well as in poor African-American communities. She offered to write something about this so long as she and her sources could remain anonymous. In my book: Vaccines Are Dangerous, The first chapter is devoted to why the HIV drugs are so dangerous and even deadly! I know very well the horrific implications of giving this drug to children.

As fate would have it, as soon as I got off the phone with her, I checked my email and to my utter shock Fed Up Democrat just posted a story on exactly what we were talking about! His report reveals that children in New York State are in fact being given HIV drugs and others without parental consent or knowledge in the absence of any law authorizing this!  

I did not plan on writing anything like this on New Year’s Eve, but this is so explosive and important that I felt I had to put this out immediately. Please share this with your networks.

Cuomo Vaxxing & Drugging Kids With No Parental Knowledge