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Top Stories of 2020

Medical Protocols Killed More New Yorkers Than COVID-19

(this may be the most important report I have ever published. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell should be nominated for the Nobel Prize)

Take Action: NY bill introduced to force Covid-19 vaccines on everyone


Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York


NY State Vaccination & Medical Laws.

Hoylman Will Force COVID19 Vaccine on Every New Yorker

COVID Vaccination without parental consent?

Cuomo and Zucker Continue Lies About Nursing Home Deaths

Dictator Cuomo Will Remove People From Their Homes

The People’s Movement to Stop Mandatory Vaccination

How Cuomo Gutted the New York Hospital System

Cuomo Vaxxing & Drugging Kids With No Parental Knowledge

Brad Hoylman is an Enemy of the People

Elizabeth Glass Challenges Brad Hoylman for NY Senate!

New COVID Nurse Blows Whistle on Elmhurst Hospital, NY

Cuomo Declares New Yorkers Are Lab Rats

The Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc

Bichotte Calls For Medical Exemption of Brooke Jordan’s Son on Twitter

Hevesi Cosponsors Forced HPV Vaccine of All NY Children

NY State Vaccine Court Battles

Democrats Assault on Disabled Children is Crumbling

Medical Freedom Court Battle

National & International Reports on Vaccination

Force Vaccinating Children Without Parental Consent

Pfizer and Media Lie About COVID Vaccine

Ex-Cons may be microchipped to be employed in Michigan

Going Back To School Is Safe


Why a Coronavirus Vaccine is Not the Solution

US Coronavirus Deaths Plummet

Coronavirus Vaccines Are Now COUNTERMEASURES

Fauci Hid Chloroquine Study Showing it Works on Coronavirus

CDC Encourages Data Fraud for COVID-19 Deaths

NYC ER Doctor Says COVID-19 is Not What We Are Told

Coronavirus Hysteria is About Force Vaccinating Adults

Nazi Germany and Injections: Nurses Murdering Children

African American Health Freedom Fighters

Interview With Health Freedom Fighter Jamel Holley

Coronavirus Man Made or Fraud?

Top Stories of 2019:

NY State Vaccination Laws.

Governor Cuomo Kicks Disabled Children Out of Public School

My Rep Kicked Disabled Children Out of Public School

VACCINATION LAW – How Did My Rep Vote in NY?

NY Republican Wants Religious Exemption to Vaccination Back

Vaccine Police in Suffolk County, NY

NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!?

Bronx Corruption Targets Black and Latino Children

NY State Vaccine Court Battles

Disabled Vaccine Injured 9 Year Old Boy Back in School

Sacrificing Children in New York – Targeting the Amish

National & International Reports on Vaccination

Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company

HPV Vaccine – Help Pay for VIOXX

Trump Orders Massive 5-Year Flu Vaccine Task Force

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Spread Among the Vaccinated

Interview with Del Bigtree: The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

Controversy at Harlem Vaccine Forum

Health Freedom in Harlem, NY

Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14-year-old Girl

Dr. Deisher’s Open Letter on Dangers of MMR Vaccine

NY Children Sickened by Democrats Vaccine “Catch Up” Schedule

Vaccine Injured Marine Running for Congress in California

Forced Vaccination of Teachers