Who is Fed Up Dem?

#FedUpwithNY !!!

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I am a Dad from New York fighting for #HealthFreedom, #ReligiousFreedom and #VaccineChoice.

I’ve been on this journey at this blog since April of 2019, and in a rather short time I’ve had the honor and privilege of interviewing New Jersey Assemblyman Jamel Holley, Dr. Gary Null, Del Bigtree, Curtis Cost, and Virstyne Henry. My Twitter followers include Children’s Health Defense, Sharyl Attkinsson, Rob Schneider, Maryam “The Bee Lady” Heinen, Laura Flanders, Darla Shine, Attorney Patricia Finn, Eileen Iorio and Sheila Ealey. There are also a number of elected officials in state capitols across the country who are passionate about Health Freedom that follow me on Twitter as well. I’ve developed relationships with many Vaccine Choice & Health Freedom Advocates on the internet and in the real world – lobbying and protesting in my community and in Albany, NY.

My entire life I’ve been a progressive, liberal Democrat. However there is nothing “progressive” about mandating anything to be put into my body or my children’s bodies without informed consent. I don’t care what any Democrat says, that is not progress, it is regression. I am completely blown away by the notion that vaccine mandates and forced vaccination have anything to do with “progressive” politics.

To see the Democrats – and most disturbingly those who call themselves “progressive” Democrats – embrace forced vaccination has enraged me. Starting this blog was a response to the rage I felt at my own political party. Many people tell me to #WalkAway from the Dems but I stay and fight an internal battle. Big Pharma has captured Democratic Leadership, but they have not captured every Democratic politician or voter. We need to fight this battle from multiple angles – Dems, Repubs, 3rd parties, independents – we need everyone to win this battle.

I keep the focus of this blog almost exclusively on Health Freedom, Religious Freedom and Vaccine Choice. On occasion I stray into a few other topics, but very rarely. I have a particular focus on Vaccine Choice in New York and the Northeast, but I do cover federal issues relating to vaccination as well. You can contact me through the contact page on this blog, or email me at thefedupdemocrat@ gmail.com.