#CuomosGottaGo Protest

Monday, August 3rd, Albany NY

Cuomo’s Gotta Go Rally, Monday, Ayugust 3, 2020, Academy Park, Albany, NY

Rally in Albany

March to the Capitol

Monday, August 3, 10 am

Academy Park, corner of Eagle and Elk Streets

Followed by a march to the Capitol on State Street

On issue after issue Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the wrong side of history and basic human rights. From the carnage in the nursing homes, to squashing small business, to ruling by decree, to eliminating religious exemptions, to defunding the police, to bail reform, to allowing terminating full term pregnancies, to pending forced covid 19 shots for all, to school soverriding physician’s decisons for their patients, advocates from a broad range of groups working on a wide range of issues, who may not necessarily agree with each other on every issue,  agree on one thing: Cuomo’s gotta go.

The rally will take place on the first day of hearings on Cuomo’s handling of the covid 19 crisis beginning with the more than 10,000 deaths in New York’s nursing homes. Be there. 

Speakers include:

Kevin Barry, Civil rights attorney

Traci Belmonte, Voices for Seniors,

Michael Carpinelli, Sheriff of Lewis County, NY

Cara Castronuovo, Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, Liberate NY

Doug Esmond, Religious liberty advocate

Steve Felano, Second Amendment advocate, 2AWNY

Jonathan Gilliam, former Navy SEAL, former FBI Special Agent, author of Sheep No More, and commentator 

John Gilmore, Autism Action Network

Ali Hamideh, Parent whose child had their medical exemption pulled by the state but restored following a lawsuit

Mary Holland, Civil rights attorney

Stephanie Jackson, Candidate for the 128th Assembly District (Syracuse)

Brooke Jordan, Human rights advocate,

Danielle Messina, Voices for Seniors

Erin Olszewski, Elmhurst Hospital covid 19 whistle blower

Rita Palma, Parental Rights Advocate, My Kids My Choice

No forced covid 19 shots

 We want to use New York as a laboratory. We are ready, willing, in any way.” Andrew Cuomo, 4/15/20. Using an experimental medical product should be the individual and the parent’s choice not left to corrupt politicians.

End Cuomo’s dictatorial rule by Executive Order

He can rule by Executive Order until next April!

Independent investigation of the disaster in New York’s nursing homes

Cuomo still won’t say how many became ill in nursing homes but died in hospitals

Stop the destruction of New York’s small businesses

Who does Cuomo thinks pays taxes?

Support Law Enforcement

Murders in NYC have more than doubled

Restore religious exemptions from vaccine mandates

Just like 45 states have.

Medical exemptions from vaccines decided by doctors not bureaucrats

Just like 48 states have.

No forced masks, We do not need laws to enforce mask wearing.

Bring signs, bring friends and family, bring water.

Directions: https://www.mapquest.com/us/new-york/academy-park-413054344

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