COVID Vaccine Manufacturers Are Exempt From Liability

Parents Put Gigantic Sign Over Expressway in Queens, NY

November 29, 2020 — Parents and activists placed a gigantic sign over the Long Island Expressway in Queens, NY that read COVID VACCINE MANUFACTURERS ARE EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY. They also had hand held signs and flyers they gave to people on the street and in cars.

In less than 1 hour, Department of Transportation Security showed up stating the sign needed to be pulled down. There are plenty of other signs that have been up on overpasses throughout Queens for weeks and months, however this one was immediately noticed and required to be pulled down in less than one hour.


The truth is this sign is hardly controversial; it just states a plane fact.

All of the leading COVID vaccines have been granted immunity through the federal countermeasure classification system and the invoking of the PREP Act. You can read about that HERE

Police came as well saying there were “complaints.” Overall they were respectful and understanding but were “just doing their job.”