Big Pharma: “Trump Loves Me?”

He Love Me Nothe loves me?

August 12, 2020 – The day after Trump appointed Dr. Scott Atlas to his coronavirus task force,

he loves me not,

he then inks a $1.5 billion deal with Moderna to buy 100 million doses of their controversial m-RNA COVID vaccine.


On August 10th I reported that the shooting outside of the Whitehouse may have been a “warning shot” from Big Pharma interests against Trump appointing Dr. Atlas to advise his coronavirus task force. Atlas is adamant that children need to return to school and lockdowns are an ineffective way of dealing with COVID. Big Pharma clearly doesn’t like this guy, and when he was announced to be a close adviser to Trump – at that precise moment – there was a shooting outside the Whitehouse.

The appointment of Atlas was praised by Trump’s base, conservatives in general as well as Medical Freedom advocates. It is quite a big deal and a very good move. However it remains to be seen if Atlas will have any teeth against the monstrous Fauci who is a Medical Deep State insider for close to 4 decades and is clearly running the COVID-show at the Whitehouse.

After the Atlas appointment Trump made sure to show Big Pharma he is not their enemy very, very quickly by giving a billion-plus of taxpayer dollars to Moderna who has never brought a single product to market – using a technology never before deployed on the public – all while the company’s top executive have been cashing out their stock! Eileen Iorio has been doing fantastic work posting updates of the unfolding Moderna scandal on Twitter. Take a look at the following thread she began on July 27th, and regularly updates. (If you don’t have a Twitter account, GO CREATE ONE NOW and follow @eileeniorio; she is a phenomenal researcher.

Trump Flu Vaccine Task Force

Back in September of 2019 I reported on Trump starting a flu vaccine task force to create the “next generation” of flu vaccines. This was pre-COVID and has since disappeared from the news. I doubt any progress has been made in this direction as the world has been consumed with COVID-19 crisis management. But in the world of Trump and Big Pharma, POTUS continues to dance in the direction of two steps towards their interest, one step back, and thus far the one step back is merely to appease his supporters who know how corrupt and evil Big Pharma truly is on every level. The 5D chess Trump is rumored to be playing against the Deep State is real, except the opponent is in fact the American people.

2 thoughts on “Big Pharma: “Trump Loves Me?”

  1. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans still honor pharmaceutical drugs vs other solutions. I believe that Trump’s dance with Pharma is a survival tactic to maintain his presidency. They all bow to the majority, anything else is political suicide. However, when Trump wins his second term I firmly believe he will loosen up. He still firmly states that vaccines will not be mandated.

    And your comment “the opponent is in fact the American people” is entirely uncalled for, and certainly untrue. You don’t appear to be a fed up Democrat to me . . just another broadcaster of Trump hatred.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I am a Fed Up Democrat, but what I am not is a Republican. With Trump I call balls & strikes. I compliment him when he deserves it, and slam him when he deserves it. When he appointed Dr. Scott Atlas to his coronavirus task force I praised him as he well deserved. When he gives billions of taxpayer dollars to Moderna – who has never brought a single product to market and is clearly Fauci’s favorite COVID vax company – I slam him as he well deserves.

      Or when he said he is going to use the military to deploy the COVID vaccine – but it won’t be mandatory. The psychological operation that will be perpetrated on the American people will be intense, to say the least.

      I don’t hate Trump, but I don’t fawn over him either. He has many, many flaws and to pretend he doesn’t is as ridiculous as the Democrats who pretend he can’t do anything right.


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