Lady Gaga Cuomo De Blah Blah Mask Psyop


Why VMA Celebs Didn’t Get Quarantined

September 1, 2020 — I had no clue why Cuomo and De Blasio in New York gave special privileges to celebs coming to the VMAs where they were exempt from NY’s 14 day quarantine rule. But when Lady Gaga turned the event into a non-stop parade of masks it seemed to make sense to me.

Of course, Cuomo especially (and De Blah Blah too) will want to stay in the good graces of Entertainment Liberal elites for obvious reasons. But beyond that the Lady Gaga mask parade that was blasted across the globe from New York City was clearly a very well planned and calculated psyop event.

It was a psyop to promote mask wearing.

It was a psyop to promote the coming transhumanism agenda.

It was a psyop to promote the idea that being a slave is good.

It was a psyop to promote a sadomasochist agenda.

It was a psyop to have Gaga win 5 awards while promoting all of this.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest for Freedom Across the World

August 29, 2020 — Hundreds of thousands across the world took to the streets protesting against Bill Gates’ global agenda of lockdowns, mandatory masks and forced vaccination. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to hundreds of thousands of Germans in Berlin. In London it is being reported between 35,000 and 40,000 people gathered in protest. Thousands gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as across the pond in Ottawa, Canada and Albany, New York, in solidarity with the protests in Europe.

When Kennedy opened his speech to the German people he stated that the newspapers today were reporting he was coming to Germany to speak to “5,000 Nazis.” There was nearly 100 times that amount of people, and they sure as hell weren’t Nazis. Today if you stand up for freedom and liberty you are smeared as a far-right-wing ideologue. The truth is that Patriots are standing up for freedom and liberty – whether left, right, conservative, liberal, progressive, libertarian, independent or whatever everyone is showing up to have their voice heard.

Make no mistake about it, this is very big and gives a glimpse of the “showdown” that is brewing between common freedom-loving citizens and global elite forces that are anti-freedom and anti-liberty. Read the full report from Children’s Health Defense and watch Kennedy’s full speech here:

UPDATE – August 30, 2020 — As I get more updates many more countries are being added to the list of those who rose up in protest this weekend including France, New Zealand, Poland, Bolivia

Here is an interesting link covering the world-wide protests:


Australia Spiraling Fascism

Protests in Melbourne are Illegal


Lockdown protest planner arrested, faces $20,000 penalty

August 28, 2020 – Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius says police will not tolerate “batshit crazy” anti coronavirus theories and warned people planning on attending protests that their feet “won’t touch the ground” before they are arrested.

Mr Cornelius dismissed protesters on Friday as the “tinfoil hat-wearing brigade” after a Melbourne man was arrested and charged with incitement for allegedly helping to organise an anti-lockdown protest planned for next week.

Reported from The Age. Read entire report at the following link:

Twitter Suspends #Unity2020



August 28, 2020 — Twitter Suspended #Unity2020’s account – – on Twitter for amplifying the hashtag #JustSayNoToDonaldAndJoe just as President Trump was accepting the Republican Party’s nomination. While Twitter is notoriously known for censoring voices of conservatives, libertarians and health freedom advocates, in this instance the tech-giant is clearly attempting to protect the corrupt duopoly of the Republican-Democrat dictatorship of America. In fact I will even go as far to say Twitter went out of its way to protect Trump by suspending the account at a crucial moment for the Trump campaign.

I normally don’t give a crap about the presidency.

In New York we are seeing clearly that Dictator Cuomo is the #1 clear and present danger to NY residents. His dictatorial powers are on the books as “legal” until April 2021 in his emergency powers act S7919. And it is the New York legislature working with Cuomo to erode our rights at warp speed. However, as Professor Bret Weinstein has so clearly articulated and demonstrated, we stand at a moment in history where the American Republic itself may fall apart completely. The only office in the nation that can galvanize the will to prevent this is the presidency.

Seeing Twitter suspend @ArticlesOfUnity is a clear sign that it is a real threat to the corrupt Republican-Democrat duopoly dictatorship that just might choke the American Republic to death. Everyone who has spoken out against Twitter censorship in the past *must* speak out against this censorship as well, right now. Please don’t be hypocritical in this moment. I have spoken out for conservatives who have been suspended from Twitter who I did not like or support, but I firmly believe in the tenant of free speech and social media is the new public square. Even if you don’t believe in #Unity2020, I ask you to be courageous, bold and principled by tweeting to @Jack and @Twitter that they must stop their war on #FreeSpeech.

Bring Back @ArticlesOfUnity!


Learn more about Bret Weinstein here: Racism is Being Used to Divide and Conquer America

Learn more about #Unity2020 here:

Watch Bret Weinstein’s podcast –

Australia’s Blatant Fascism Gets Worse

Victoria Lockdown Extended for Full YEAR!

August 24, 2020 — In Australia the province of Victoria was placed on the hardest COVID lockdown of any western nation thus far for a duration of 6 weeks. I wrote about that in a report titled Australia’s Medical Fasicism on August 5.

Now that lockdown is being extended up to 12 more months! Let’s review what that means:

  • Cannot travel more than 5 km from your home
  • Can only leave home to exercise 1 hour per day
  • Only one person can go shopping per family each day
  • All shopping is to be done within 5 km
  • No visitors allowed in your home.
  • Schooling 100% remote with rare exception
  • Shutting down all businesses
  • Shutting down all services
  • Shutting down all construction
  • Shutting down all warehouses
  • Can’t leave Victoria

Global Warming & Resource Depletion

As I reported on August 5, I believe the true goal of this lockdown is demand destruction. Keeping people in place on lockdown will stop consumption of many resources especially oil and gas for travel. As the global elites continue to worry about Global Warming and resource depletion, I believe the lockdowns are the plan they are implementing to address it in secret, using COVID as cover.

Recently on WBAI 99.5fm radio in NYC a young eco-activist was being interviewed. When the COVID lockdown in New York was discussed she was very happy to state, “Everything we did during the lockdown in New York is exactly what environmental activists have been saying we need to do for years!” I believe she inadvertently hit the nail on the head with that statement. There are forces at play that are using COVID as a scapegoat to stop over-consumption as well as strip personal liberties. For more information on this theory read my report The REAL Agenda Behind COVID – DEMAND DESTRUCTION

Additionally Australia is currently facing environmental catastrophe.

The 2020 wild fires, droughts, and resource depletion (especially water depletion) has placed the nation in a very precarious position. The Powers That Be (TPTB) may have decided Australia needs to be brought to a stand-still to avoid the chaos and anarchy that will follow if their systems collapse. When you run out of water, reality gets really real, really quick!

Destruction of Our Liberties

Recently Canadian Constitutional Attorney Rocco Galati was interviewed about COVID lockdowns and was asked about Australia. He believes that country is a trial balloon for the west, and is an easy target because they can legally be ruled by what he called “Parliamentary Supremacy.” That can’t happen in Canada, America, or most European countries because the law-making bodies are not the supreme bodies of their respective countries. For example there cannot be congressional supremacy in the United States because it has been established that it is our Constitution, along with its Bill of Rights, which is the supreme law of the land in our republic.

Galati is absolutely correct. Australia has an easier time of destroying its citizens civil liberties since the citizenry has less to protect it. But paper is just paper. In the US we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, but for the past 19 years I have watched our rights erode starting with 9/11, now entering hyper drive in the age of COVID.