The Nightmare of a Cuomo Presidency

From John Gilmore

Autism Action Network

Just when you think things are as bizarre as they can get something happens that moves the goal post. One of the latest political twists is the budding effort to dump Joe Biden as the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. When the New York Times runs editorials entitled, “Democrats, It’s Time to Consider Plan B” those efforts must be taken seriously.  

    This Action Alert is not about the merits of either Joe Biden, or the 1993 accusation of sexual assault leveled at him by former employee, Tara Reade, that is the ostensible reason for the need for Plan B. It is about who is “Plan B.” And the mostly likely Plan B for the Democrats, at this time, appears to be New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is currently riding high in the polls based on his daily television appearances, as opposed to his dismal real-world performance,  on the corona crisis. Cuomo has said he is not interested in running for President this year, but there are many people, some with a great deal of clout in the Democratic Party, who would love to see him replace Biden on the top of the ticket.

    The Autism Action Network focuses on issues that impact people dealing with autism and similar developmental disabilities, and vaccine rights. In those policy areas Cuomo has been a disaster for some of the most vulnerable people in New York, and we expect that if he was ever elected President he would replicate on the national level the policies he has implemented as Governor.

     Cuomo is responsible for repealing New York’s religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. As late as April in the 2019 legislative session Cuomo appeared to have a hands-off approach on a longstanding bill to repeal New York’s religious exemption, he even questioned the constitutionality of such a move. During the last week of the session, just days before for repeal was passed, Albany insiders said there were insufficient votes to pass the bill, but then on June 12, Merck announced a $48 million development deal in the Albany area, Cuomo suddenly committed his full clout to passing the bill. Deals were cut, arms were twisted, and enough votes were squeezed out of the Assembly to pass the bill. No hearings were held by either House. And in a single day on June 13, the Assembly Health Committee passed the bill (after Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie forced a junior member to change his vote when the measured initially failed), the bill passed on the Assembly floor,  the Senate Health Committee didn’t even bother to vote on the measure, it went straight to a floor vote held behind doors closed to the public, and Cuomo signed the bill into law 15 minutes after the Senate voted.

    Two weeks later implementation of the law began with throwing any not fully vaccinated disabled students out of their summer school programs. Fourteen (14) days. When California passed a similar law, parents were given up to 7 years to make alternate arrangements, in Maine three years.

   A few months later, in August, Cuomo rewrote the already stringent regulations and policies for obtaining a medical exemption to a vaccine. Now the only way to get a medical exemption is if a child has already had a documented near-death anaphylactic shock as the result of a previous vaccine. If a doctor believes a vaccine could injure a child there is no mechanism to protect the child. It only exists now as a means to prevent re-injury in limited circumstances. Fortunately, a number of recent court rulings are indicating that Cuomo’s regulation is illegal and could be overturned shortly.

    Cuomo has a similarly dismal record on autism and developmental disabilities.  Since 2011, when he first assumed office Cuomo, has slashed the budget of the primary state agency in New York that deals with developmental disabilities (Office of People with Developmental Disabilities) by more than 50% while the overall state budget has increased by 35%.

    As a result of the cuts disabled students aging out of schools usually have no services of any kind for a year or two. Processing times for new applications for disability services are usually 2 to 3 years now. An application submitted by Assemblyman Tom Abinanti for his disabled son took over a year to process. This is in a state among the top two or three in combined income, sales and property tax burdens.

     Cuomo closed the few remaining large residential institutions for people with developmental disabilities but did not replace them with any alternative housing, despite an annual 7% growth rate in the number of adults with development disabilities. Waiting times for adult placements in group homes is now more than 10 years.

    Since he came into office the rates of pay for therapists and teachers working in New York’s Early Intervention program for children less the 3 years old has remained the same. In fact, they haven’t got a raise since 1994, but Cuomo gave himself a 40% raise.  As a result of the low rates of pay some counties no longer have functioning programs, denying children with autism access to crucial services at the time of life when they can benefit the most from intervention.

     Cuomo placed a 2% annual cap on school budgets, which are determined locally, at a time when autism rates among students have increased at an average rate of about 13% per year, resulting in severe pressure on special education budgets which have not been matched by funding from the State.

     And, believe it or not, there has been no mechanism to investigate and prosecute crimes committed against residents of group homes and residential schools or facilities since the “New York Justice Center for People with Special Needs,” an agency created by Cuomo in response to a spate of scandals, was ruled un-Constitutional by the Courts in 2017. Cuomo has taken no action to replace or reform the agency to make it Constitutional. And Cuomo has done nothing to correct that for three years. In New York now there is no way, for example, to investigate and prosecute a sexual assault of a resident of a group home. Yet at the same time Cuomo was caught secretly placing convicted sex offenders in group homes for the disabled.

     It is hard to imagine a worse record on our issues. But that’s Andrew Cuomo. And he could be the Democrats “Plan B.”

8-year-old Queens Boy Almost Dies on a Ventilator

***Update – May 11, 2020 – 8-year-old Jayden Hardowar is still alive, thank god, according to ABC News. The boy flat lined, having no pulse at all after cardiac arrest, but he is well and recovering. My below report still stands with a few minor changes to it since the NY Post was wrong to report Jadyden had passed away.


May 8, 2020 — If you read the entire report from The NY Post, it seems far more likely this boy suffered of something “similar to toxic shock syndrome and/or Kawasaki disease,” not from the novel coronavirus. It is also questionable as to whether the ventilator helped or hindered his condition, as it is now an established fact 85% of all COVID-19 patients placed on a ventilator die.

However this boy was not a COVID-19 patient.

8-year-old Jayden Hardowar from Richmond Hill got sick, was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, then transferred to Cohen’s Children’s Hospital, placed on a ventilator and the NY Post incorrectly reported that the boy then died. The hospital ran a blood test and found antibodies for the novel coronavirus.

That is not a confirmation of illness from the coronavirus.

15 other NYC children have been hospitalized with a similar disease that according to The NY Post is “similar to toxic shock syndrome and/or Kawasaki disease” and only 4 of them tested positive for the novel coronavirus. That means 74% of these children were not infected with coronavirus when they were diagnosed with this mysterious illness. Nevertheless The NY Post – and the entire Mainstream Media (MSM) – feel very comfortable saying this “mystery disease” is linked to the coronavirus.

To be clear, it is possible the novel coronavirus is playing some contributive role in this rare illness in children. It is also very possible it is playing absolutely no role. However there are so many other factors and considerations that need to be discussed and investigated. The Post doesn’t discuss anything other than, “possibly linked to the coronavirus.” Other factors to investigate include:

  • What is the vaccine history of these 15 children?
  • Were any of these children recently vaccinated?
  • Were any of these children recently exposed to environmental toxins?
  • Have the children’s homes been inspected for possible toxins or mold?
  • How much electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) were in the children’s homes?

All of this – and more – needs to be investigated before anyone rushes to say these deaths are “possibly linked to the coronavirus.”

I’m going to do some speculation here. One thing I know a lot of Queens parents are doing to their children in lockdown is keeping them indoors 24/7. Jayden’s father is quoted in The Post article as saying they were all “practicing our social distancing very diligently.” I personally know dozens of children in NYC right now whose parents will not let them take even one step outside of their house, and I believe this to be true for at least many thousands of children in NYC. That means for over 50 days thousands of kids have been trapped in their homes.

If your home has an unknown mold or other toxin being released into the air regularly, and you keep your children in that home without ever getting any fresh air or sunlight, you can be doing irreparable damage to that child. Chronic exposure to toxins is precisely what causes Kawasaki disease. Children may also be getting much more exposure to electromagnetic frequencies within their homes from increased screen time, close proximity to routers, TV’s, smart devices (like an Amazon Firestick) or even electrical panels: all of these can be detrimental to health.

Spring is here and it is beautiful outside. Everyone needs to walk in the sun and breathe the air outdoors to maintain good health. If you feel the need to wear a mask and gloves as you do it, fine – BUT DO IT!


***Update — There are peer-reviewed studies in the medical literature showing Kawasaki disease can be caused from adverse reactions to vaccination:

Vaccines and Kawasaki Disease

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Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York

Working with Bill Gates to Out Source Education and Make Remote Learning Permanent

May 5, 2020 — The insanity and ignorance of Andrew Cuomo knows no bottom.

At his presser today Cuomo wondered why we even have children go to school anymore, and that he is partnering with Bill Gates to outsource public education and expand remote learning in New York. Perhaps Cuomo hasn’t heard the stories of morbidly depressed students, locked at home who feel they have to teach themselves even when their teacher is on the other end of the screen staring back at them, doing everything they can to reach that child.

Maybe Cuomo hasn’t heard about the children who have killed themselves due to the lockdown, such as 12-year-old Hayden Hunstable, whose father has publicly blamed his son’s suicide on the isolation inflicted on him by the lockdown.

“You have kids who can’t go run off their energy in PE class. They can’t get that one hug from their teacher that they needed,” said Hayden’s father, Brad Hunstable, in a Facebook video he posted in honor or his son’s memory.

COVID isolation is real – Hayden Hunstable commits suicide

15-year-old commits suicide likely over stress from coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus: Teen dies after suicide attempt due to isolation

Coronavirus: Mental health incidents rising during UK lockdown, police say

Haunting photos of family on coronavirus lockdown walk days before murder-suicide

Maybe Cuomo has no clue of the benefit that face-to-face, human interaction has on children and human beings in general.

Maybe Cuomo has no idea how easy it is for children to not show up to school on remote learning platforms, or how easy it is for students to “leave” or “cut class.”

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, about the stress and burden remote learning has put on parents.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have pedophiles in their homes, and school was their only escape; the only place where maybe, just maybe, one day they would find an adult who cared enough to listen between their words and make a call to ACS that would save and change their lives forever.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have physical abusers in their homes, and (insert everything said from last paragraph)

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that children with disabilities despise remote learning; they gain nothing and lose so much.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that Bill Gates has recently admitted Common Core – which is the baby of Gates himself – was and is a massive failure. But don’t worry, Gates has a plan for that. And tell me again – why the hell are we going to listen to a plan to fix a problem from the problem-maker!?

Cuomo is the man who called himself “the most progressive Governor” in the history of New York. There is nothing, absolutely nothing “progressive” with expanding remote learning in New York. This is a regressive, anti-child, anti-Union, anti-middle class tactic.

Cuomo – riddle me this: will children still have to adhere to your Draconian vaccination laws – that allow for no personal or religious exemptions – if they aren’t attending school?

Black and Brown COVID Patients Left to “Rot and Die” says Nurse

“No one cares because they are all minorities and we are in the f#cking hood!”

May 5, 2020 — A nurse named Nicole Sirotek at an NYC Hospital treating minority COVID-19 patients says her ICU has a 100% death rate, and that “No one cares because they are all minorities and we are in the f#cking hood.” She says these patients are not dying from COVID, but from multiple forms of medical malpractice she believes could be charged as murder.

The NY Post has recently confirmed Sirotek was working at Elmhurst hospital in Queens, NY, but was subsequently transferred after she posted her tearful video on youtube. Watch the video for yourself at the following link:

In a report titled Medical Protocols Killed More New Yorkers Than COVID-19 I have already documented the following:

  • COVID-19 patients are being placed on ventilators too frequently
  • This has led to an 80 to 90% death rate for COVID patients on ventilators
  • Hospitals can’t be sued if a ventilators kill a COVID patient due to the PREP Act
  • Frontline Doctors like Dr. Kyle-Sidell have blown the whistle on this

This nurse is not from New York. She is a volunteer transplant who came to NY when the call was put out for nurses to come help with NYC’s COVID disaster. We have heard plenty – including from Governor Cuomo himself – how minorities in New York are suffering and dying from COVID far more than others. It appears that has less to do with COVID and much more to do with Cuomo’s hospital system – which is currently run by him and NYDOH Commissioner Howard Zucker.

Cuomo and Zucker need to be investigated, pronto!

This video will likely be scrubbed from youtube soon. I already know people who are posting the video on other web platforms and you should do that too if you can. It is possible this may be an important piece of evidence moving forward. I had previously written in this post that we had sources working to authenticate this video; it appears the NY Post has been able to do that.

When I watch this nurse break down into tears and tell all of the ways she has seen Black & Brown COVID patients die of malpractice it starts to become painfully, heart-breakingly clear to me why so many front line workers facing the COVID crisis are committing suicide.

More updates soon.

NY Post covers Youtube video:

Dave Franklin Challenges Anna Kaplan for NY Senate Seat

May 3, 2020 — Port Washington Police Commissioner Dave Franklin is challenging Anna Kaplan for her New York Senate seat in District 7. Kaplan has proven herself to be completely against Heatlh Freedom and Vaccine Choice, as well as showing she is 100% in Cuomo’s pocket. The Fed Up Democrat strongly endorses Dave Franklin in this race!

Franklin has been running a food drive every Saturday in his District to help out of work residents deal with the COVID-19 crisis. He has been collaborating with Luis Mendez of Empowering Young Professionals. Learn more about that project at the following link:

Follow Franklin on Twitter –

Follow Franklin on Facebook –

Kaplan voted to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, which kicked 26,000 students out of all New York schools. This has forced these students to either be home schooled or their parents have effectively become religious refugees; forced to move to other states to maintain their religious faith. Ironically Kaplan herself was a religious refugee from Iran. She and her family fled in the 1980s and sought asylum in the United States because of religious persecution.

It’s been reported that Kaplan has repeatedly screamed at her constituents, and even refused to meet more than 50 mothers and fathers in her office whose children were expelled from school due to her voting YES to repeal the Religious Exemption to vaccination. Dave Franklin would have never voted to destroy the religious and medical freedoms of his constituents. Franklin made the following statement on March 10th:

“There is a misconception about parents who are referred to as “Anti-Vaxers”. I have had the opportunity to meet with several moms the past week. They are caring, loving mothers whose children have been adversely affected by certain vaccines. They represent thousands of frustrated parents with children who have suffered. They are not looking to abolish vaccines, just trying to prevent mandates by government.”

With Bill Gates stating publicly and repeatedly that America will never be able to fully open for business again without all 330 million of us being vaccinated for COVID, Kaplan is certain to be fully supportive of mass forced vaccination of every New Yorker regardless of how safe or effective the currently non-existent, experimental Gates-vaccine ends up being. Kaplan is a danger to the liberty and freedom of every single New Yorker. VOTE KAPLAN OUT!

Find out who else to support this election season:

The Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc:

Medical Fascism is HERE in NY

Know your bottom line and know it now!

May 1, 2020 — Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers have allowed him to hold New York hostage and now he is extorting us into accepting new public health laws that never would have been legally passed by the legislative body. Those new rules are in Cuomo’s “guidelines” for a phased reopening and the worst of them deal with contact tracing (which I cover below) and quarantine isolation measures (which I’ve already covered at this blog).

As James Corbett has recently stated on multiple occasions during his Corbett Report broadcast, everyone needs to know what their bottom line is and know it now! Will you take a forced vaccine? Will you answer questions when state officials call you and demand to know all of the “contacts” you made in the last 2 weeks? Will you go get tested for COVID when you feel completely fine but The State says you have to go get tested? Will you leave your home when local officials come to force you to be quarantined in isolation away from your family? Are you ready-and-willing to be arrested for defying any of these state-ordered mandates? No one can answer these questions for you; only you can do that, and you must do so now.

New York is the model for the rest of the country, and you will see this roll out in many other states as well. The more liberty-oriented states will resist this medical fascism; some will be successful, some will not. Recently in Michigan their House of Representatives refused to give another 28 days of emergency powers to their governor Gretchen Whitmer. That’s how checks-and-balances work in a Constitutional Republic. In New York we threw that safe-guard right out the window and anointed #DictatorCuomo until April of 2021. The New York legislature is too scared to oppose Cuomo and really represent the people. They are more comfortable bowing to #KingCuomo and wiping their hands of their responsibility to govern.


Benito Mussolini has been quoted as saying Fascism is the marriage of state and corporate power. That is what we are seeing here. Cuomo is not calling the shots. Other interests representing the most powerful Big Tech & Big Pharma forces on the planet have his ear, and those forces have co-written or completely written these new Fascist laws that will never go away unless WE THE PEOPLE force those laws out of existence. YES, as New York reopens for business we should use respect and caution in how that process unfolds. NO, we should not be accepting Medical-Fascism that resembles China far more than the Constitutional United States of America.


Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg – the eighth richest man on the planet according to Forbes – has teamed up with John’s Hopkins University to help unleash an “army” of contact tracers in New York that will number 6,400 to 17,000 people. Contact tracing is where someone who tests positive for COVID has everyone they “contacted” during the past 14 days traced. The most effective way you do that is through cell phone data – which is already tracking every phone through Google and other “private” software companies. Are those companies going to share all of our data with governments now? According to many such as NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden they already do share our info with the federal government. Oh but this time, it will only be for “public health” reasons, of course; trust them!

Over three weeks ago I received an email through my blog’s contact page from a Contact Tracing company named COVID Trace

Here is portion of the email I received from Wes Carr

We’re a volunteer effort having spent the past 3 weeks working on a unique way to do contact tracing. Our goal is to make an app that’s easy enough to use by everyone and sensitive to privacy concerns to have the majority of Americans comfortable with participating. Our challenge now is rolling out COVID Trace. Google and Apple are rightfully requiring partnerships with universities, health organizations, and governments. We’re searching for a partner to help shepherd the approval process and help with the next phase of working with a state or county to roll out contact tracing. As technologists not around public health or medicine, this is an area where we could use advice, guidance, and introductions. We’re happy to share details about our work. Let me know if it would be helpful to have a call to discuss further.

I emailed them back politely asking them what they would want me to do. They never contacted me again, which makes me believe this was an automated email that was searching for web platforms reporting on COVID-19 getting a high amounts of traffic. But this is what is coming to us. It is not coming on the federal level as I believe President Trump will get way too much push-back from his base if he backed an initiative like this. That is why it is coming out through state governors.

Based on Cuomo’s “guidance” for regional phased reopening, if your region in New York does not have a “contact tracing” plan in place, you will not be allowed to reopen to ‘normalcy.’ Is that even legal? Since Cuomo is a legal Dictator of New York now I suppose that question is moot. However Cuomo cannot defy federal laws – that’s where his dictatorship ends. It was somewhat hopeful to see Attorney General Barr release a recent memo saying that his office will be looking into Governors who violate the Constitution and people’s rights in the age of COVID. Don’t forget Barr has a history of covering up crimes for Iran Contra criminals, so everyone needs to be very cautious of him as well (the Deep State is not just made of Democrats).

Will the “army” of New York contact tracers be utilizing cell phone data to do their jobs, or will they only be conducting interviews and making phone calls? According to FOX News Bill Gates is recommending contact tracing be done through cell phones in a voluntary manner; where individuals choose whether or not to download the contact tracing app to their phone.

Contact tracing is certain to run into problems with HIPPA laws and the US Constitution, but it will be upon us very soon for sure. According to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler contact tracing was used during the first SARS outbreak in 2003. It is not new, but the scale coming from Cuomo and Bloomberg certainly is new. Will this “army” of up to 17,000 contact tracers just magically disappear after the COVID crisis is behind us? That is highly doubtful. I saw some on Twitter postulating that maybe the economic destruction is, in part, necessary to get the hiring pool for this massive effort. I’m not sure what I think of that, but it is certainly worth keeping in mind as we watch this all unfold

Make sure to read Cuomo’s 12 point plan for reopening New York one regions at a time. I’ve included points 5, 6, 7 and 12 below as I believe they are the most concerning for the Fascism descending upon New York right now.

5. Testing Regimen: Regions must implement a testing regimen that prioritizes symptomatic persons and individuals who came into contact with a known COVID-positive person, and conducts frequent tests of frontline and essential workers. Regions must maintain an appropriate number of testing sites to accommodate its population and must fully advertise where and how people can get tested. The region must also use the collected data to track and trace the spread of the virus.

6. Tracing System: There must be at least 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 people. The region must also monitor the regional infection rate throughout the re-opening plan.

7. Isolation Facilities: Regions must present plans to have rooms available for people who test positive for COVID-19 and who cannot self-isolate..

12. Regional Control Rooms: Each region must appoint an oversight institution as its control room to monitor regional indicators during the phased re-opening, including hospital capacity, rate of infection, PPE burn rate and businesses.

Dictator Cuomo Will Remove People From Their Homes

April 28, 2020 — If you test positive for coronavirus in New York after the “shelter-in place” order is lifted in your region local authorities could remove you from your home, based on Governor Andrew Cuomos plan to reopen sections of New York. It is listed as point #7:

7. Isolation Facilities: Regions must present plans to have rooms available for people who test positive for COVID-19 and who cannot self-isolate.

Will this be mandatory? Forced?

Dr. Michael Ryans of the World Health Organization (WHO) recently stated that “family members” – including children – may be forcibly removed from their homes and isolated if they test positive for the novel coronavirus. Tucker Carlson reported on this recently:

Does Cuomo plan on following the WHO/China model of forcibly removing people from their family homes? This is tyranny. It should be up to the family what does and does not happen to the family members within that household, not the state. New Yorkers have close to no recourse they can take to stop this. Governor Cuomo has “emergency powers” until April of 2021. The Senate and Assembly voted overwhelmingly to hand over virtually all authority to him, and King Cuomo certainly has become the end-all authority in New York.