Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14-year-old-girl

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Another Healthy Young Girl Gone After Gardasil

June 2, 2019 — Canada already has a law allowing children to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent, and that law has killed at least one young healthy girl. Her name was Annabel Morin. She was vaccinated in school and 16 days later had a severe adverse reaction but no one connected it to the vaccination. Her mother had no clue her daughter had been recently vaccinated. After she recovered and returned to school – despite the fact that Annabel told her school about her emergency room visit – the school vaccinated her again failing to connect the adverse reaction to the dangerous Gardasil vaccine. She died 15 days after her second dose of Gardasil. Her mother Linda had no knowledge when the vaccinations were given, which is perfectly legal in Canada. Read more about this at the following links:


If we want to see young, healthy girls in New York die like this, let’s pass Senate bill S3899. The bill is sponsored by New York Senator Brad Hoylman. This bill will allow girls (and boys) as young as 9 to get the dangerous Gardasil vaccine without parental knowledge or consent. To make matters worse, the law will end up targeting Black & Latino girls in the 200 school-based clinics located throughout NYC. Those clinics are in predominantly Black & Latino neighborhoods where they will have the vaccine on hand to give to children as young as 9 with no parental knowledge or consent. This is a dangerous, deadly policy that should never become law in New York or anywhere else on the planet.

***For more information on this insane bill in New York, go here***

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8 thoughts on “Vaccination Without Parental Knowledge Kills 14-year-old-girl

  1. There is no accountability by the medical profession for this vaccine when it goes wrong, nor do they have any knowledge or training when it goes wrong. The first stunt pulled is to get a psyc eval because it can cause sleep disturbance, loud noises become alarming, paranoia sets in because of lack of sleep, rashes and neuro damage. So their entire goal is the defense that your child already had emotional issues. Wasn’t true for my family and four years later the child still suffers with side effects. The family physician didn’t even report to the government, as they are suppose to do. Big pharma doesn’t care how many are hurt, they kick back the doctors and push the sales, lining their pockets while there are thousands of cases of damage on the government web site. CAUTION parents!


  2. Why is there not a much bigger outcry against this atrocity, it is diabolically wrong on every level !

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  3. asking myself this every day on tumblr!

    instead people in danger of being disabled/killed by this don’t seem to care/push the stuff.

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