NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!?

No Confirmed Cases of Measles in NY

New York chose to not confirm reported Measles Cases

Outbreak” was most likely from a Vaccine Strain

September 3, 2019 — New York State Department of Health purposefully failed to confirm reported cases of measles in the alleged outbreak that was said to occur from 2018 to 2019. Additionally all evidence we currently have strongly suggests that this “measles outbreak” was caused by an improperly attenuated vaccine strain of measles. Speaking in Huntington, NY at a New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights (NYAVR) gathering on August 31, 2019, Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky made the following public statement:

“On the CDC’s website there is a very strong recommendation that anytime a state or a community deems that there’s a possible outbreak of an infectious disease, it is a requirement by the Departments of Health to evaluate those children to see what kind of infectious disease they have. The New York State Department of Health did not follow the CDC’s recommendations.” (emphasis added)

Dr Palevesky went on to say there were over 800 kids who the New York State and New York City Departments of Health said were confirmed cases of measles but according to Palevsky, “We do not have that data.” The NY & NYC Departments of Health made a conscious choice to not verify what strain of measles the infected children in New York had.

Why is this important? Dr. Palevsky explained:

“It is important for the Department of Health to alert the public that it was a vaccine strain that caused the illness because a vaccine strain illness should not be equated with a public health emergency.”

When a live vaccine is attenuated its virulence (strength) is weakened so that it should not cause the infection it is being used to vaccinate against. However, according to Dr. Palevsky, there are cases where a specific vaccine strain is not properly attenuated (weakened), meaning the virus in the vaccine is more potent than it is supposed to be. This can cause, and has caused, reactions in children injected with the vaccine and can also spread, though it cannot spread as widely as wild measles can spread.

What would be a clue that the “outbreak” was from a vaccine strain? If the outbreak is only seen in a small number of communities, which is precisely what we saw in New York.

Dr. Palevsky explains, “When there is a vaccine strain measles “outbreak,” (emphasis added) meaning that the vaccine itself was not properly attenuated, meaning it was more active and virulent than just simply giving an antibody response in the body, when that occurs, an outbreak is almost always very, very close to the vest.”

Meaning that would explain why over 90% of the cases of measles were only in 2 out of 62 counties in all of New York. Dr. Palevsky continued:

“And if New York State had done the proper testing of the vaccine to see if it was too virulent and of the children who had the “measles infection” to see what type of measles virus they had, in all likelihood, this was a vaccine strain of measles infection which is known to be a side effect of the vaccine and not a public health emergency.” (emphasis added)

New York State Department of Health lied when they said there were confirmed cases of measles. So we don’t know what kind of infection the children we were told had measles really had. In fact Dr. Palevsky stated that doctors were told by the Department of Health to not report the measles cases for evaluation to determine precisely which strain of measles the children were infected with. Dr Palevsky said he received that information anecdotally when he was in the infected communities.

The majority of this information presented by Dr. Palvesky is being prepared for a new legal case that was recently filed in Nassau County, NY, by Attorneys Elizabeth Brehm, Kevin Barry & Jim Mermigis to stop the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. This case is separate from the case filed in Albany, NY by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Michael Sussman. The most notable difference is that the case filed in Albany is making federal claims while the more recent case only makes state-based arguments. The first case has the potential to rise all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. The new case does not, as it is only making New York state-based claims.

Watch Dr Palevsky make all of the above quoted statements at the following link: fhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=EcH8C6bamyk

Manipulation of the public to force vaccinate children is now moving forward to force vaccination of adults. Albany is getting ready to pass adult vaccination mandates. See Forced Vaccination of Teachers to find out how to prevent yet another over-reach:

Sign Petition to Stop Forced Vaccination of NY Educators: https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/08/16/forced-vaccination-of-teachers/

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  1. Greatly appreciated article – except for the implied description of (natural/wild) measles outbreaks as a public health emergency, instead of the manifestation of the body’s rather amazing ability to eliminate infection, cleanse, apparently make immunological repairs and return to wellness it is, the immune system learning and strengthening in the process.


    1. Thank you – I understand your comment and agree.

      Natural immunity from catching wild measles is an extremely healthy process for ones immune system to go through. This article was written specifically from the perspective of Dr. Larry Palevsky and the information he is presenting to the courts. So the language being referenced is that of the CDC’s out of necessity to prove a legal argument, not to prove the definitive truth when it comes to health and the immune system.

      Thank you for your comment!

      Fed Up Dem


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