NY Children Sickened by Democrats Vaccine “Catch Up” Schedule

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September 21, 2019 — Children are falling ill when placed on the extremely dangerous New York “catch up” vaccine schedule. If you are considering having your child “catch up” quickly on vaccinations to not miss school I urge you to read the following account before doing so. What good is “catching up” if your child ends up too sick from the vaccines to even attend school, or live happy and healthy?

New York has issued the most aggressive and dangerous vaccine catch up schedule ever recommended in the United States with no medical literature to support the safety of such insanity. It is dangerous!

The website Vaxreacts.com collects stories of adverse reactions to vaccination. It can be “minor” reactions or major reactions all the way up to death. If you have a story to report please send it to VaxReactsContact@gmail.com. To read all of the reports collected so far of adverse reactions that are happening to New York children trying to “catch up” go to the following link:


The below account comes from the Vaxreacts.com website. It’s from the mother of a healthy 14 year old girl from New York (pictured above lying in a hospital bed with her face concealed) whose mother decided to place her on the “catch up” vaccination schedule so she could continue attending school. She did so against her better judgement and greatly regrets it. What happened to her daughter is very, very good business for biotech and the medical industrial complex.

Why is it “good” ?

This 14 year old girl had never been seriously ill, never required a serious rush to the emergency room, and never had a major medical intervention in her entire lifetime. In just a few weeks she has received multiple prescriptions drugs including a lidocaine patch on her back, had a spinal tap performed and had serious visits to the emergency room. She also may have been introduced to the wonderful world of chronic migraine headaches. All of these terrible adverse reactions are good for biotech & medical industries; they are profitable. Read the report for yourself below, pray for this young girl and her family, and do *not* place your child on the insanely dangerous Democrat “catch-up” vaccine schedule.

If your child is unvaccinated and you choose to change that listen to the emergency room doctor quoted below – SPACE THE VACCINES OUT! If that means your child misses school it is a price worth paying. That’s not advice from The Fed Up Democrat, that is medical advise from an ER Doctor quoted in the below report, and it is what any sane, rational doctor will tell you: Doctors like Larry Palevsky, Bob Sears and Paul Thomas, as well as many others who really do care about the health of children more than the profits they make. In my non-medical opinion don’t vaccinate your kids at all, they will be healthier for it.

The mother’s tragic account starts below in all italics:


My daughter was a vaccine free, 100% healthy 14 year old, until 9/9/19.  I started to comply & went against everything I believe in. At approximately 5:20 pm, my daughter received the MMR in one arm & the varicella in the other. I questioned her getting two live doses at once & her pediatrician assured me “she’ll be fine”. 

I explained my stance & my fears (I had a severe reaction to the Hep B when I was younger, my niece & 2 cousins had severe reactions to the Dtap & Measles vaccine). I was sobbing the entire time,I yelled out “wait”, but just as I said it, she was jabbed.  

Around 7:00 pm, she had a horrible headache.  By Wednesday, 9/11/19, she still had the headache & fatigue. (Motrin didn’t help), swollen glands & a sore throat.  I took her to City MD. They didn’t pay attention to anything I said regarding the vaccines, but the Medical Asst put a mask on as soon as I told her & slammed the door on her way out. Strep neg & their diagnosis was Sinusitis & Pharyngitis, they gave her Flonase.

The headaches were/are still constant. 

We went to our next “immunization appointment” on 9/17/2019, but I made it a sick visit instead. Dr told me “it’s just a virus & we’ll do polio today, Hep B Thursday & Dtap Monday morning”. I declined! My daughter said, “no way I’m doing that”. Dr tries to convince her that “your mom was so upset that day so it probably stressed you out which threw your immune system off & you caught something”.  My daughter went to wait in the car. Dr proceeds to try make feel awful by saying “I have never seen a parent act like that with vaccines.” I, again, explain why. She says,”well, I have to vaccinate her because the DOH is breathing down my neck & I’ll get in trouble”. I told her I thought that was ridiculous & if anything, they’d come after me. 

Fast forward to 9/17/2019, my daughter had a low grade fever, legs were achy, along with the constant headache. On 9/19/2019, I took her to the Hospital where Dr actually listened. He did blood work & a spinal tap as he felt she could have had “vaccine induced meningitis or encephalitis”. Thankfully, tests came back normal aside for a high monocyte level indicating a virus. In his words, “…you can’t argue with a headache 9 days in a row & she gets better after a spinal tap”. 

He thinks removing some spinal fluid relieved some pressure off her brain since her headache lessened after the procedure. He goes on to say “space (the vaccines) out, don’t stack them..” …”she got the shots & then that occupied her immune system & then one of the Long Island viruses snuck in & got her..” We ended up back in the ER at 1:49 am (I called ahead of time & he told me to come back). She was crying as the pain in her back & head were intolerable. They gave her Percocet & placed a lidocaine patch on her back.  As of 8:00 am this morning, she’s thrown up 4x & still has a headache. 

She has NEVER been sick like this, never even missed a day of school last year & now she has been late twice, absent once & picked up early already. She’s a very active girl & all she wants to do these last 10 days is sleep. It’s heartbreaking to see her like this.

As guilt ridden as I feel, please, share my story. I wish I had never complied & I don’t want other parents to make the same mistake I did. I was told 13 years ago to always go with your mother’s instinct. I failed to do that.

7 thoughts on “NY Children Sickened by Democrats Vaccine “Catch Up” Schedule

  1. so tragic, but PLEASE do not spread the dangerous advice of “spacing out” vaccines.. a single vaccine is plenty to kill or damage for life.. the aluminum reaches the brain in larger amounts when fewer doses are received, although it IS more dangerous overall to receive more doses at once.. the point is, ALL VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS IN ALL DOSES.. https://namelyliberty.com/delaying-mmr-isnt-enough/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPHZFQFpZrY&vl=en&fbclid=IwAR3z-T6XCJpH7LBwbNvhH6Axt7VeBOyFYAHVNgSUH3r3f6h9chpXZQdZYss


    1. I do not give any medical advise, just my opinion.

      You are correct that any vaccine has the potential to do damage to anyone it is injected into. Absolutely. The level of that danger is different for each and every individual person based on so many different factors I could hardly do justice to naming them all in this reply.

      Making these choices can be extremely tough. My point in voicing my opinion was simply no matter what DO NOT comply with stacking vaccines in the “catch up” schedule. All other options and decision I believe are on the table for parents and children to make their own choices. I am a strong proponent of choice – it is the cornerstone of #HealthFreedom

      It’s horrible that are choices are getting squeezed.

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  2. Have you recorded your story with Vaxxed? They can put you in touch with a local “host” who can interview you and video your story. The video can then be added to the growing library of vaccine-injury stories and thus reach a wider audience so that more parents can become aware of the serious, and NOT RARE problem of vaccine adverse events.


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